UTF-8 code page (#10)

Unicode UTF-8 - characters 9000 (U+2328) to 9999 (U+270F)

UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8. UTF-8 is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters, one UTF-8 character uses 1 to 4 bytes.

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Dec Hex UTF-8 Hex Char Unicode description
9000U+2328E2 8C A8Keyboard
9001U+2329E2 8C A9Left-pointing Angle Bracket
9002U+232AE2 8C AARight-pointing Angle Bracket
9003U+232BE2 8C ABErase To The Left
9004U+232CE2 8C ACBenzene Ring
9005U+232DE2 8C ADCylindricity
9006U+232EE2 8C AEAll Around-profile
9007U+232FE2 8C AFSymmetry
9008U+2330E2 8C B0Total Runout
9009U+2331E2 8C B1Dimension Origin
9010U+2332E2 8C B2Conical Taper
9011U+2333E2 8C B3Slope
9012U+2334E2 8C B4Counterbore
9013U+2335E2 8C B5Countersink
9014U+2336E2 8C B6Apl Functional Symbol I-beam
9015U+2337E2 8C B7Apl Functional Symbol Squish Quad
9016U+2338E2 8C B8Apl Functional Symbol Quad Equal
9017U+2339E2 8C B9Apl Functional Symbol Quad Divide
9018U+233AE2 8C BAApl Functional Symbol Quad Diamond
9019U+233BE2 8C BBApl Functional Symbol Quad Jot
9020U+233CE2 8C BCApl Functional Symbol Quad Circle
9021U+233DE2 8C BDApl Functional Symbol Circle Stile
9022U+233EE2 8C BEApl Functional Symbol Circle Jot
9023U+233FE2 8C BFApl Functional Symbol Slash Bar
9024U+2340E2 8D 80Apl Functional Symbol Backslash Bar
9025U+2341E2 8D 81Apl Functional Symbol Quad Slash
9026U+2342E2 8D 82Apl Functional Symbol Quad Backslash
9027U+2343E2 8D 83Apl Functional Symbol Quad Less-than
9028U+2344E2 8D 84Apl Functional Symbol Quad Greater-than
9029U+2345E2 8D 85Apl Functional Symbol Leftwards Vane
9030U+2346E2 8D 86Apl Functional Symbol Rightwards Vane
9031U+2347E2 8D 87Apl Functional Symbol Quad Leftwards Arrow
9032U+2348E2 8D 88Apl Functional Symbol Quad Rightwards Arrow
9033U+2349E2 8D 89Apl Functional Symbol Circle Backslash
9034U+234AE2 8D 8AApl Functional Symbol Down Tack Underbar
9035U+234BE2 8D 8BApl Functional Symbol Delta Stile
9036U+234CE2 8D 8CApl Functional Symbol Quad Down Caret
9037U+234DE2 8D 8DApl Functional Symbol Quad Delta
9038U+234EE2 8D 8EApl Functional Symbol Down Tack Jot
9039U+234FE2 8D 8FApl Functional Symbol Upwards Vane
9040U+2350E2 8D 90Apl Functional Symbol Quad Upwards Arrow
9041U+2351E2 8D 91Apl Functional Symbol Up Tack Overbar
9042U+2352E2 8D 92Apl Functional Symbol Del Stile
9043U+2353E2 8D 93Apl Functional Symbol Quad Up Caret
9044U+2354E2 8D 94Apl Functional Symbol Quad Del
9045U+2355E2 8D 95Apl Functional Symbol Up Tack Jot
9046U+2356E2 8D 96Apl Functional Symbol Downwards Vane
9047U+2357E2 8D 97Apl Functional Symbol Quad Downwards Arrow
9048U+2358E2 8D 98Apl Functional Symbol Quote Underbar
9049U+2359E2 8D 99Apl Functional Symbol Delta Underbar
9050U+235AE2 8D 9AApl Functional Symbol Diamond Underbar
9051U+235BE2 8D 9BApl Functional Symbol Jot Underbar
9052U+235CE2 8D 9CApl Functional Symbol Circle Underbar
9053U+235DE2 8D 9DApl Functional Symbol Up Shoe Jot
9054U+235EE2 8D 9EApl Functional Symbol Quote Quad
9055U+235FE2 8D 9FApl Functional Symbol Circle Star
9056U+2360E2 8D A0Apl Functional Symbol Quad Colon
9057U+2361E2 8D A1Apl Functional Symbol Up Tack Diaeresis
9058U+2362E2 8D A2Apl Functional Symbol Del Diaeresis
9059U+2363E2 8D A3Apl Functional Symbol Star Diaeresis
9060U+2364E2 8D A4Apl Functional Symbol Jot Diaeresis
9061U+2365E2 8D A5Apl Functional Symbol Circle Diaeresis
9062U+2366E2 8D A6Apl Functional Symbol Down Shoe Stile
9063U+2367E2 8D A7Apl Functional Symbol Left Shoe Stile
9064U+2368E2 8D A8Apl Functional Symbol Tilde Diaeresis
9065U+2369E2 8D A9Apl Functional Symbol Greater-than Diaeresis
9066U+236AE2 8D AAApl Functional Symbol Comma Bar
9067U+236BE2 8D ABApl Functional Symbol Del Tilde
9068U+236CE2 8D ACApl Functional Symbol Zilde
9069U+236DE2 8D ADApl Functional Symbol Stile Tilde
9070U+236EE2 8D AEApl Functional Symbol Semicolon Underbar
9071U+236FE2 8D AFApl Functional Symbol Quad Not Equal
9072U+2370E2 8D B0Apl Functional Symbol Quad Question
9073U+2371E2 8D B1Apl Functional Symbol Down Caret Tilde
9074U+2372E2 8D B2Apl Functional Symbol Up Caret Tilde
9075U+2373E2 8D B3Apl Functional Symbol Iota
9076U+2374E2 8D B4Apl Functional Symbol Rho
9077U+2375E2 8D B5Apl Functional Symbol Omega
9078U+2376E2 8D B6Apl Functional Symbol Alpha Underbar
9079U+2377E2 8D B7Apl Functional Symbol Epsilon Underbar
9080U+2378E2 8D B8Apl Functional Symbol Iota Underbar
9081U+2379E2 8D B9Apl Functional Symbol Omega Underbar
9082U+237AE2 8D BAApl Functional Symbol Alpha
9083U+237BE2 8D BBNot Check Mark
9084U+237CE2 8D BCRight Angle With Downwards Zigzag Arrow
9085U+237DE2 8D BDShouldered Open Box
9086U+237EE2 8D BEBell Symbol
9087U+237FE2 8D BFVertical Line With Middle Dot
9088U+2380E2 8E 80Insertion Symbol
9089U+2381E2 8E 81Continuous Underline Symbol
9090U+2382E2 8E 82Discontinuous Underline Symbol
9091U+2383E2 8E 83Emphasis Symbol
9092U+2384E2 8E 84Composition Symbol
9093U+2385E2 8E 85White Square With Centre Vertical Line
9094U+2386E2 8E 86Enter Symbol
9095U+2387E2 8E 87Alternative Key Symbol
9096U+2388E2 8E 88Helm Symbol
9097U+2389E2 8E 89Circled Horizontal Bar With Notch
9098U+238AE2 8E 8ACircled Triangle Down
9099U+238BE2 8E 8BBroken Circle With Northwest Arrow
9100U+238CE2 8E 8CUndo Symbol
9101U+238DE2 8E 8DMonostable Symbol
9102U+238EE2 8E 8EHysteresis Symbol
9103U+238FE2 8E 8FOpen-circuit-output H-type Symbol
9104U+2390E2 8E 90Open-circuit-output L-type Symbol
9105U+2391E2 8E 91Passive-pull-down-output Symbol
9106U+2392E2 8E 92Passive-pull-up-output Symbol
9107U+2393E2 8E 93Direct Current Symbol Form Two
9108U+2394E2 8E 94Software-function Symbol
9109U+2395E2 8E 95Apl Functional Symbol Quad
9110U+2396E2 8E 96Decimal Separator Key Symbol
9111U+2397E2 8E 97Previous Page
9112U+2398E2 8E 98Next Page
9113U+2399E2 8E 99Print Screen Symbol
9114U+239AE2 8E 9AClear Screen Symbol
9115U+239BE2 8E 9BLeft Parenthesis Upper Hook
9116U+239CE2 8E 9CLeft Parenthesis Extension
9117U+239DE2 8E 9DLeft Parenthesis Lower Hook
9118U+239EE2 8E 9ERight Parenthesis Upper Hook
9119U+239FE2 8E 9FRight Parenthesis Extension
9120U+23A0E2 8E A0Right Parenthesis Lower Hook
9121U+23A1E2 8E A1Left Square Bracket Upper Corner
9122U+23A2E2 8E A2Left Square Bracket Extension
9123U+23A3E2 8E A3Left Square Bracket Lower Corner
9124U+23A4E2 8E A4Right Square Bracket Upper Corner
9125U+23A5E2 8E A5Right Square Bracket Extension
9126U+23A6E2 8E A6Right Square Bracket Lower Corner
9127U+23A7E2 8E A7Left Curly Bracket Upper Hook
9128U+23A8E2 8E A8Left Curly Bracket Middle Piece
9129U+23A9E2 8E A9Left Curly Bracket Lower Hook
9130U+23AAE2 8E AACurly Bracket Extension
9131U+23ABE2 8E ABRight Curly Bracket Upper Hook
9132U+23ACE2 8E ACRight Curly Bracket Middle Piece
9133U+23ADE2 8E ADRight Curly Bracket Lower Hook
9134U+23AEE2 8E AEIntegral Extension
9135U+23AFE2 8E AFHorizontal Line Extension
9136U+23B0E2 8E B0Upper Left Or Lower Right Curly Bracket Section
9137U+23B1E2 8E B1Upper Right Or Lower Left Curly Bracket Section
9138U+23B2E2 8E B2Summation Top
9139U+23B3E2 8E B3Summation Bottom
9140U+23B4E2 8E B4Top Square Bracket
9141U+23B5E2 8E B5Bottom Square Bracket
9142U+23B6E2 8E B6Bottom Square Bracket Over Top Square Bracket
9143U+23B7E2 8E B7Radical Symbol Bottom
9144U+23B8E2 8E B8Left Vertical Box Line
9145U+23B9E2 8E B9Right Vertical Box Line
9146U+23BAE2 8E BAHorizontal Scan Line-1
9147U+23BBE2 8E BBHorizontal Scan Line-3
9148U+23BCE2 8E BCHorizontal Scan Line-7
9149U+23BDE2 8E BDHorizontal Scan Line-9
9150U+23BEE2 8E BEDentistry Symbol Light Vertical And Top Right
9151U+23BFE2 8E BFDentistry Symbol Light Vertical And Bottom Right
9152U+23C0E2 8F 80Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical With Circle
9153U+23C1E2 8F 81Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal With Circle
9154U+23C2E2 8F 82Dentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal With Circle
9155U+23C3E2 8F 83Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical With Triangle
9156U+23C4E2 8F 84Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal With Triangle
9157U+23C5E2 8F 85Dentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal With Triangle
9158U+23C6E2 8F 86Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical And Wave
9159U+23C7E2 8F 87Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal With Wave
9160U+23C8E2 8F 88Dentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal With Wave
9161U+23C9E2 8F 89Dentistry Symbol Light Down And Horizontal
9162U+23CAE2 8F 8ADentistry Symbol Light Up And Horizontal
9163U+23CBE2 8F 8BDentistry Symbol Light Vertical And Top Left
9164U+23CCE2 8F 8CDentistry Symbol Light Vertical And Bottom Left
9165U+23CDE2 8F 8DSquare Foot
9166U+23CEE2 8F 8EReturn Symbol
9167U+23CFE2 8F 8FEject Symbol
9168U+23D0E2 8F 90Vertical Line Extension
9169U+23D1E2 8F 91Metrical Breve
9170U+23D2E2 8F 92Metrical Long Over Short
9171U+23D3E2 8F 93Metrical Short Over Long
9172U+23D4E2 8F 94Metrical Long Over Two Shorts
9173U+23D5E2 8F 95Metrical Two Shorts Over Long
9174U+23D6E2 8F 96Metrical Two Shorts Joined
9175U+23D7E2 8F 97Metrical Triseme
9176U+23D8E2 8F 98Metrical Tetraseme
9177U+23D9E2 8F 99Metrical Pentaseme
9178U+23DAE2 8F 9AEarth Ground
9179U+23DBE2 8F 9BFuse
9180U+23DCE2 8F 9CTop Parenthesis
9181U+23DDE2 8F 9DBottom Parenthesis
9182U+23DEE2 8F 9ETop Curly Bracket
9183U+23DFE2 8F 9FBottom Curly Bracket
9184U+23E0E2 8F A0Top Tortoise Shell Bracket
9185U+23E1E2 8F A1Bottom Tortoise Shell Bracket
9186U+23E2E2 8F A2White Trapezium
9187U+23E3E2 8F A3Benzene Ring With Circle
9188U+23E4E2 8F A4Straightness
9189U+23E5E2 8F A5Flatness
9190U+23E6E2 8F A6Ac Current
9191U+23E7E2 8F A7Electrical Intersection
9192U+23E8E2 8F A8Decimal Exponent Symbol
9193U+23E9E2 8F A9Black Right-pointing Double Triangle
9194U+23EAE2 8F AABlack Left-pointing Double Triangle
9195U+23EBE2 8F ABBlack Up-pointing Double Triangle
9196U+23ECE2 8F ACBlack Down-pointing Double Triangle
9197U+23EDE2 8F ADBlack Right-pointing Double Triangle With Vertical Bar
9198U+23EEE2 8F AEBlack Left-pointing Double Triangle With Vertical Bar
9199U+23EFE2 8F AFBlack Right-pointing Triangle With Double Vertical Bar
9200U+23F0E2 8F B0Alarm Clock
9201U+23F1E2 8F B1Stopwatch
9202U+23F2E2 8F B2Timer Clock
9203U+23F3E2 8F B3Hourglass With Flowing Sand
9204U+23F4E2 8F B4Black Medium Left-pointing Triangle
9205U+23F5E2 8F B5Black Medium Right-pointing Triangle
9206U+23F6E2 8F B6Black Medium Up-pointing Triangle
9207U+23F7E2 8F B7Black Medium Down-pointing Triangle
9208U+23F8E2 8F B8Double Vertical Bar
9209U+23F9E2 8F B9Black Square For Stop
9210U+23FAE2 8F BABlack Circle For Record
9211U+23FBE2 8F BBPower Symbol
9212U+23FCE2 8F BCPower On-off Symbol
9213U+23FDE2 8F BDPower On Symbol
9214U+23FEE2 8F BEPower Sleep Symbol
9215U+23FFE2 8F BF
9216U+2400E2 90 80Symbol For Null
9217U+2401E2 90 81Symbol For Start Of Heading
9218U+2402E2 90 82Symbol For Start Of Text
9219U+2403E2 90 83Symbol For End Of Text
9220U+2404E2 90 84Symbol For End Of Transmission
9221U+2405E2 90 85Symbol For Enquiry
9222U+2406E2 90 86Symbol For Acknowledge
9223U+2407E2 90 87Symbol For Bell
9224U+2408E2 90 88Symbol For Backspace
9225U+2409E2 90 89Symbol For Horizontal Tabulation
9226U+240AE2 90 8ASymbol For Line Feed
9227U+240BE2 90 8BSymbol For Vertical Tabulation
9228U+240CE2 90 8CSymbol For Form Feed
9229U+240DE2 90 8DSymbol For Carriage Return
9230U+240EE2 90 8ESymbol For Shift Out
9231U+240FE2 90 8FSymbol For Shift In
9232U+2410E2 90 90Symbol For Data Link Escape
9233U+2411E2 90 91Symbol For Device Control One
9234U+2412E2 90 92Symbol For Device Control Two
9235U+2413E2 90 93Symbol For Device Control Three
9236U+2414E2 90 94Symbol For Device Control Four
9237U+2415E2 90 95Symbol For Negative Acknowledge
9238U+2416E2 90 96Symbol For Synchronous Idle
9239U+2417E2 90 97Symbol For End Of Transmission Block
9240U+2418E2 90 98Symbol For Cancel
9241U+2419E2 90 99Symbol For End Of Medium
9242U+241AE2 90 9ASymbol For Substitute
9243U+241BE2 90 9BSymbol For Escape
9244U+241CE2 90 9CSymbol For File Separator
9245U+241DE2 90 9DSymbol For Group Separator
9246U+241EE2 90 9ESymbol For Record Separator
9247U+241FE2 90 9FSymbol For Unit Separator
9248U+2420E2 90 A0Symbol For Space
9249U+2421E2 90 A1Symbol For Delete
9250U+2422E2 90 A2Blank Symbol
9251U+2423E2 90 A3Open Box
9252U+2424E2 90 A4Symbol For Newline
9253U+2425E2 90 A5Symbol For Delete Form Two
9254U+2426E2 90 A6Symbol For Substitute Form Two
9255U+2427E2 90 A7
9256U+2428E2 90 A8
9257U+2429E2 90 A9
9258U+242AE2 90 AA
9259U+242BE2 90 AB
9260U+242CE2 90 AC
9261U+242DE2 90 AD
9262U+242EE2 90 AE
9263U+242FE2 90 AF
9264U+2430E2 90 B0
9265U+2431E2 90 B1
9266U+2432E2 90 B2
9267U+2433E2 90 B3
9268U+2434E2 90 B4
9269U+2435E2 90 B5
9270U+2436E2 90 B6
9271U+2437E2 90 B7
9272U+2438E2 90 B8
9273U+2439E2 90 B9
9274U+243AE2 90 BA
9275U+243BE2 90 BB
9276U+243CE2 90 BC
9277U+243DE2 90 BD
9278U+243EE2 90 BE
9279U+243FE2 90 BF
9280U+2440E2 91 80Ocr Hook
9281U+2441E2 91 81Ocr Chair
9282U+2442E2 91 82Ocr Fork
9283U+2443E2 91 83Ocr Inverted Fork
9284U+2444E2 91 84Ocr Belt Buckle
9285U+2445E2 91 85Ocr Bow Tie
9286U+2446E2 91 86Ocr Branch Bank Identification
9287U+2447E2 91 87Ocr Amount Of Check
9288U+2448E2 91 88Ocr Dash
9289U+2449E2 91 89Ocr Customer Account Number
9290U+244AE2 91 8AOcr Double Backslash
9291U+244BE2 91 8B
9292U+244CE2 91 8C
9293U+244DE2 91 8D
9294U+244EE2 91 8E
9295U+244FE2 91 8F
9296U+2450E2 91 90
9297U+2451E2 91 91
9298U+2452E2 91 92
9299U+2453E2 91 93
9300U+2454E2 91 94
9301U+2455E2 91 95
9302U+2456E2 91 96
9303U+2457E2 91 97
9304U+2458E2 91 98
9305U+2459E2 91 99
9306U+245AE2 91 9A
9307U+245BE2 91 9B
9308U+245CE2 91 9C
9309U+245DE2 91 9D
9310U+245EE2 91 9E
9311U+245FE2 91 9F
9312U+2460E2 91 A0Circled Digit One
9313U+2461E2 91 A1Circled Digit Two
9314U+2462E2 91 A2Circled Digit Three
9315U+2463E2 91 A3Circled Digit Four
9316U+2464E2 91 A4Circled Digit Five
9317U+2465E2 91 A5Circled Digit Six
9318U+2466E2 91 A6Circled Digit Seven
9319U+2467E2 91 A7Circled Digit Eight
9320U+2468E2 91 A8Circled Digit Nine
9321U+2469E2 91 A9Circled Number Ten
9322U+246AE2 91 AACircled Number Eleven
9323U+246BE2 91 ABCircled Number Twelve
9324U+246CE2 91 ACCircled Number Thirteen
9325U+246DE2 91 ADCircled Number Fourteen
9326U+246EE2 91 AECircled Number Fifteen
9327U+246FE2 91 AFCircled Number Sixteen
9328U+2470E2 91 B0Circled Number Seventeen
9329U+2471E2 91 B1Circled Number Eighteen
9330U+2472E2 91 B2Circled Number Nineteen
9331U+2473E2 91 B3Circled Number Twenty
9332U+2474E2 91 B4Parenthesized Digit One
9333U+2475E2 91 B5Parenthesized Digit Two
9334U+2476E2 91 B6Parenthesized Digit Three
9335U+2477E2 91 B7Parenthesized Digit Four
9336U+2478E2 91 B8Parenthesized Digit Five
9337U+2479E2 91 B9Parenthesized Digit Six
9338U+247AE2 91 BAParenthesized Digit Seven
9339U+247BE2 91 BBParenthesized Digit Eight
9340U+247CE2 91 BCParenthesized Digit Nine
9341U+247DE2 91 BDParenthesized Number Ten
9342U+247EE2 91 BEParenthesized Number Eleven
9343U+247FE2 91 BFParenthesized Number Twelve
9344U+2480E2 92 80Parenthesized Number Thirteen
9345U+2481E2 92 81Parenthesized Number Fourteen
9346U+2482E2 92 82Parenthesized Number Fifteen
9347U+2483E2 92 83Parenthesized Number Sixteen
9348U+2484E2 92 84Parenthesized Number Seventeen
9349U+2485E2 92 85Parenthesized Number Eighteen
9350U+2486E2 92 86Parenthesized Number Nineteen
9351U+2487E2 92 87Parenthesized Number Twenty
9352U+2488E2 92 88Digit One Full Stop
9353U+2489E2 92 89Digit Two Full Stop
9354U+248AE2 92 8ADigit Three Full Stop
9355U+248BE2 92 8BDigit Four Full Stop
9356U+248CE2 92 8CDigit Five Full Stop
9357U+248DE2 92 8DDigit Six Full Stop
9358U+248EE2 92 8EDigit Seven Full Stop
9359U+248FE2 92 8FDigit Eight Full Stop
9360U+2490E2 92 90Digit Nine Full Stop
9361U+2491E2 92 91Number Ten Full Stop
9362U+2492E2 92 92Number Eleven Full Stop
9363U+2493E2 92 93Number Twelve Full Stop
9364U+2494E2 92 94Number Thirteen Full Stop
9365U+2495E2 92 95Number Fourteen Full Stop
9366U+2496E2 92 96Number Fifteen Full Stop
9367U+2497E2 92 97Number Sixteen Full Stop
9368U+2498E2 92 98Number Seventeen Full Stop
9369U+2499E2 92 99Number Eighteen Full Stop
9370U+249AE2 92 9ANumber Nineteen Full Stop
9371U+249BE2 92 9BNumber Twenty Full Stop
9372U+249CE2 92 9CParenthesized Latin Small Letter A
9373U+249DE2 92 9DParenthesized Latin Small Letter B
9374U+249EE2 92 9EParenthesized Latin Small Letter C
9375U+249FE2 92 9FParenthesized Latin Small Letter D
9376U+24A0E2 92 A0Parenthesized Latin Small Letter E
9377U+24A1E2 92 A1Parenthesized Latin Small Letter F
9378U+24A2E2 92 A2Parenthesized Latin Small Letter G
9379U+24A3E2 92 A3Parenthesized Latin Small Letter H
9380U+24A4E2 92 A4Parenthesized Latin Small Letter I
9381U+24A5E2 92 A5Parenthesized Latin Small Letter J
9382U+24A6E2 92 A6Parenthesized Latin Small Letter K
9383U+24A7E2 92 A7Parenthesized Latin Small Letter L
9384U+24A8E2 92 A8Parenthesized Latin Small Letter M
9385U+24A9E2 92 A9Parenthesized Latin Small Letter N
9386U+24AAE2 92 AAParenthesized Latin Small Letter O
9387U+24ABE2 92 ABParenthesized Latin Small Letter P
9388U+24ACE2 92 ACParenthesized Latin Small Letter Q
9389U+24ADE2 92 ADParenthesized Latin Small Letter R
9390U+24AEE2 92 AEParenthesized Latin Small Letter S
9391U+24AFE2 92 AFParenthesized Latin Small Letter T
9392U+24B0E2 92 B0Parenthesized Latin Small Letter U
9393U+24B1E2 92 B1Parenthesized Latin Small Letter V
9394U+24B2E2 92 B2Parenthesized Latin Small Letter W
9395U+24B3E2 92 B3Parenthesized Latin Small Letter X
9396U+24B4E2 92 B4Parenthesized Latin Small Letter Y
9397U+24B5E2 92 B5Parenthesized Latin Small Letter Z
9398U+24B6E2 92 B6Circled Latin Capital Letter A
9399U+24B7E2 92 B7Circled Latin Capital Letter B
9400U+24B8E2 92 B8Circled Latin Capital Letter C
9401U+24B9E2 92 B9Circled Latin Capital Letter D
9402U+24BAE2 92 BACircled Latin Capital Letter E
9403U+24BBE2 92 BBCircled Latin Capital Letter F
9404U+24BCE2 92 BCCircled Latin Capital Letter G
9405U+24BDE2 92 BDCircled Latin Capital Letter H
9406U+24BEE2 92 BECircled Latin Capital Letter I
9407U+24BFE2 92 BFCircled Latin Capital Letter J
9408U+24C0E2 93 80Circled Latin Capital Letter K
9409U+24C1E2 93 81Circled Latin Capital Letter L
9410U+24C2E2 93 82Circled Latin Capital Letter M
9411U+24C3E2 93 83Circled Latin Capital Letter N
9412U+24C4E2 93 84Circled Latin Capital Letter O
9413U+24C5E2 93 85Circled Latin Capital Letter P
9414U+24C6E2 93 86Circled Latin Capital Letter Q
9415U+24C7E2 93 87Circled Latin Capital Letter R
9416U+24C8E2 93 88Circled Latin Capital Letter S
9417U+24C9E2 93 89Circled Latin Capital Letter T
9418U+24CAE2 93 8ACircled Latin Capital Letter U
9419U+24CBE2 93 8BCircled Latin Capital Letter V
9420U+24CCE2 93 8CCircled Latin Capital Letter W
9421U+24CDE2 93 8DCircled Latin Capital Letter X
9422U+24CEE2 93 8ECircled Latin Capital Letter Y
9423U+24CFE2 93 8FCircled Latin Capital Letter Z
9424U+24D0E2 93 90Circled Latin Small Letter A
9425U+24D1E2 93 91Circled Latin Small Letter B
9426U+24D2E2 93 92Circled Latin Small Letter C
9427U+24D3E2 93 93Circled Latin Small Letter D
9428U+24D4E2 93 94Circled Latin Small Letter E
9429U+24D5E2 93 95Circled Latin Small Letter F
9430U+24D6E2 93 96Circled Latin Small Letter G
9431U+24D7E2 93 97Circled Latin Small Letter H
9432U+24D8E2 93 98Circled Latin Small Letter I
9433U+24D9E2 93 99Circled Latin Small Letter J
9434U+24DAE2 93 9ACircled Latin Small Letter K
9435U+24DBE2 93 9BCircled Latin Small Letter L
9436U+24DCE2 93 9CCircled Latin Small Letter M
9437U+24DDE2 93 9DCircled Latin Small Letter N
9438U+24DEE2 93 9ECircled Latin Small Letter O
9439U+24DFE2 93 9FCircled Latin Small Letter P
9440U+24E0E2 93 A0Circled Latin Small Letter Q
9441U+24E1E2 93 A1Circled Latin Small Letter R
9442U+24E2E2 93 A2Circled Latin Small Letter S
9443U+24E3E2 93 A3Circled Latin Small Letter T
9444U+24E4E2 93 A4Circled Latin Small Letter U
9445U+24E5E2 93 A5Circled Latin Small Letter V
9446U+24E6E2 93 A6Circled Latin Small Letter W
9447U+24E7E2 93 A7Circled Latin Small Letter X
9448U+24E8E2 93 A8Circled Latin Small Letter Y
9449U+24E9E2 93 A9Circled Latin Small Letter Z
9450U+24EAE2 93 AACircled Digit Zero
9451U+24EBE2 93 ABNegative Circled Number Eleven
9452U+24ECE2 93 ACNegative Circled Number Twelve
9453U+24EDE2 93 ADNegative Circled Number Thirteen
9454U+24EEE2 93 AENegative Circled Number Fourteen
9455U+24EFE2 93 AFNegative Circled Number Fifteen
9456U+24F0E2 93 B0Negative Circled Number Sixteen
9457U+24F1E2 93 B1Negative Circled Number Seventeen
9458U+24F2E2 93 B2Negative Circled Number Eighteen
9459U+24F3E2 93 B3Negative Circled Number Nineteen
9460U+24F4E2 93 B4Negative Circled Number Twenty
9461U+24F5E2 93 B5Double Circled Digit One
9462U+24F6E2 93 B6Double Circled Digit Two
9463U+24F7E2 93 B7Double Circled Digit Three
9464U+24F8E2 93 B8Double Circled Digit Four
9465U+24F9E2 93 B9Double Circled Digit Five
9466U+24FAE2 93 BADouble Circled Digit Six
9467U+24FBE2 93 BBDouble Circled Digit Seven
9468U+24FCE2 93 BCDouble Circled Digit Eight
9469U+24FDE2 93 BDDouble Circled Digit Nine
9470U+24FEE2 93 BEDouble Circled Number Ten
9471U+24FFE2 93 BFNegative Circled Digit Zero
9472U+2500E2 94 80Box Drawings Light Horizontal
9473U+2501E2 94 81Box Drawings Heavy Horizontal
9474U+2502E2 94 82Box Drawings Light Vertical
9475U+2503E2 94 83Box Drawings Heavy Vertical
9476U+2504E2 94 84Box Drawings Light Triple Dash Horizontal
9477U+2505E2 94 85Box Drawings Heavy Triple Dash Horizontal
9478U+2506E2 94 86Box Drawings Light Triple Dash Vertical
9479U+2507E2 94 87Box Drawings Heavy Triple Dash Vertical
9480U+2508E2 94 88Box Drawings Light Quadruple Dash Horizontal
9481U+2509E2 94 89Box Drawings Heavy Quadruple Dash Horizontal
9482U+250AE2 94 8ABox Drawings Light Quadruple Dash Vertical
9483U+250BE2 94 8BBox Drawings Heavy Quadruple Dash Vertical
9484U+250CE2 94 8CBox Drawings Light Down And Right
9485U+250DE2 94 8DBox Drawings Down Light And Right Heavy
9486U+250EE2 94 8EBox Drawings Down Heavy And Right Light
9487U+250FE2 94 8FBox Drawings Heavy Down And Right
9488U+2510E2 94 90Box Drawings Light Down And Left
9489U+2511E2 94 91Box Drawings Down Light And Left Heavy
9490U+2512E2 94 92Box Drawings Down Heavy And Left Light
9491U+2513E2 94 93Box Drawings Heavy Down And Left
9492U+2514E2 94 94Box Drawings Light Up And Right
9493U+2515E2 94 95Box Drawings Up Light And Right Heavy
9494U+2516E2 94 96Box Drawings Up Heavy And Right Light
9495U+2517E2 94 97Box Drawings Heavy Up And Right
9496U+2518E2 94 98Box Drawings Light Up And Left
9497U+2519E2 94 99Box Drawings Up Light And Left Heavy
9498U+251AE2 94 9ABox Drawings Up Heavy And Left Light
9499U+251BE2 94 9BBox Drawings Heavy Up And Left
9500U+251CE2 94 9CBox Drawings Light Vertical And Right
9501U+251DE2 94 9DBox Drawings Vertical Light And Right Heavy
9502U+251EE2 94 9EBox Drawings Up Heavy And Right Down Light
9503U+251FE2 94 9FBox Drawings Down Heavy And Right Up Light
9504U+2520E2 94 A0Box Drawings Vertical Heavy And Right Light
9505U+2521E2 94 A1Box Drawings Down Light And Right Up Heavy
9506U+2522E2 94 A2Box Drawings Up Light And Right Down Heavy
9507U+2523E2 94 A3Box Drawings Heavy Vertical And Right
9508U+2524E2 94 A4Box Drawings Light Vertical And Left
9509U+2525E2 94 A5Box Drawings Vertical Light And Left Heavy
9510U+2526E2 94 A6Box Drawings Up Heavy And Left Down Light
9511U+2527E2 94 A7Box Drawings Down Heavy And Left Up Light
9512U+2528E2 94 A8Box Drawings Vertical Heavy And Left Light
9513U+2529E2 94 A9Box Drawings Down Light And Left Up Heavy
9514U+252AE2 94 AABox Drawings Up Light And Left Down Heavy
9515U+252BE2 94 ABBox Drawings Heavy Vertical And Left
9516U+252CE2 94 ACBox Drawings Light Down And Horizontal
9517U+252DE2 94 ADBox Drawings Left Heavy And Right Down Light
9518U+252EE2 94 AEBox Drawings Right Heavy And Left Down Light
9519U+252FE2 94 AFBox Drawings Down Light And Horizontal Heavy
9520U+2530E2 94 B0Box Drawings Down Heavy And Horizontal Light
9521U+2531E2 94 B1Box Drawings Right Light And Left Down Heavy
9522U+2532E2 94 B2Box Drawings Left Light And Right Down Heavy
9523U+2533E2 94 B3Box Drawings Heavy Down And Horizontal
9524U+2534E2 94 B4Box Drawings Light Up And Horizontal
9525U+2535E2 94 B5Box Drawings Left Heavy And Right Up Light
9526U+2536E2 94 B6Box Drawings Right Heavy And Left Up Light
9527U+2537E2 94 B7Box Drawings Up Light And Horizontal Heavy
9528U+2538E2 94 B8Box Drawings Up Heavy And Horizontal Light
9529U+2539E2 94 B9Box Drawings Right Light And Left Up Heavy
9530U+253AE2 94 BABox Drawings Left Light And Right Up Heavy
9531U+253BE2 94 BBBox Drawings Heavy Up And Horizontal
9532U+253CE2 94 BCBox Drawings Light Vertical And Horizontal
9533U+253DE2 94 BDBox Drawings Left Heavy And Right Vertical Light
9534U+253EE2 94 BEBox Drawings Right Heavy And Left Vertical Light
9535U+253FE2 94 BFBox Drawings Vertical Light And Horizontal Heavy
9536U+2540E2 95 80Box Drawings Up Heavy And Down Horizontal Light
9537U+2541E2 95 81Box Drawings Down Heavy And Up Horizontal Light
9538U+2542E2 95 82Box Drawings Vertical Heavy And Horizontal Light
9539U+2543E2 95 83Box Drawings Left Up Heavy And Right Down Light
9540U+2544E2 95 84Box Drawings Right Up Heavy And Left Down Light
9541U+2545E2 95 85Box Drawings Left Down Heavy And Right Up Light
9542U+2546E2 95 86Box Drawings Right Down Heavy And Left Up Light
9543U+2547E2 95 87Box Drawings Down Light And Up Horizontal Heavy
9544U+2548E2 95 88Box Drawings Up Light And Down Horizontal Heavy
9545U+2549E2 95 89Box Drawings Right Light And Left Vertical Heavy
9546U+254AE2 95 8ABox Drawings Left Light And Right Vertical Heavy
9547U+254BE2 95 8BBox Drawings Heavy Vertical And Horizontal
9548U+254CE2 95 8CBox Drawings Light Double Dash Horizontal
9549U+254DE2 95 8DBox Drawings Heavy Double Dash Horizontal
9550U+254EE2 95 8EBox Drawings Light Double Dash Vertical
9551U+254FE2 95 8FBox Drawings Heavy Double Dash Vertical
9552U+2550E2 95 90Box Drawings Double Horizontal
9553U+2551E2 95 91Box Drawings Double Vertical
9554U+2552E2 95 92Box Drawings Down Single And Right Double
9555U+2553E2 95 93Box Drawings Down Double And Right Single
9556U+2554E2 95 94Box Drawings Double Down And Right
9557U+2555E2 95 95Box Drawings Down Single And Left Double
9558U+2556E2 95 96Box Drawings Down Double And Left Single
9559U+2557E2 95 97Box Drawings Double Down And Left
9560U+2558E2 95 98Box Drawings Up Single And Right Double
9561U+2559E2 95 99Box Drawings Up Double And Right Single
9562U+255AE2 95 9ABox Drawings Double Up And Right
9563U+255BE2 95 9BBox Drawings Up Single And Left Double
9564U+255CE2 95 9CBox Drawings Up Double And Left Single
9565U+255DE2 95 9DBox Drawings Double Up And Left
9566U+255EE2 95 9EBox Drawings Vertical Single And Right Double
9567U+255FE2 95 9FBox Drawings Vertical Double And Right Single
9568U+2560E2 95 A0Box Drawings Double Vertical And Right
9569U+2561E2 95 A1Box Drawings Vertical Single And Left Double
9570U+2562E2 95 A2Box Drawings Vertical Double And Left Single
9571U+2563E2 95 A3Box Drawings Double Vertical And Left
9572U+2564E2 95 A4Box Drawings Down Single And Horizontal Double
9573U+2565E2 95 A5Box Drawings Down Double And Horizontal Single
9574U+2566E2 95 A6Box Drawings Double Down And Horizontal
9575U+2567E2 95 A7Box Drawings Up Single And Horizontal Double
9576U+2568E2 95 A8Box Drawings Up Double And Horizontal Single
9577U+2569E2 95 A9Box Drawings Double Up And Horizontal
9578U+256AE2 95 AABox Drawings Vertical Single And Horizontal Double
9579U+256BE2 95 ABBox Drawings Vertical Double And Horizontal Single
9580U+256CE2 95 ACBox Drawings Double Vertical And Horizontal
9581U+256DE2 95 ADBox Drawings Light Arc Down And Right
9582U+256EE2 95 AEBox Drawings Light Arc Down And Left
9583U+256FE2 95 AFBox Drawings Light Arc Up And Left
9584U+2570E2 95 B0Box Drawings Light Arc Up And Right
9585U+2571E2 95 B1Box Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Right To Lower Left
9586U+2572E2 95 B2Box Drawings Light Diagonal Upper Left To Lower Right
9587U+2573E2 95 B3Box Drawings Light Diagonal Cross
9588U+2574E2 95 B4Box Drawings Light Left
9589U+2575E2 95 B5Box Drawings Light Up
9590U+2576E2 95 B6Box Drawings Light Right
9591U+2577E2 95 B7Box Drawings Light Down
9592U+2578E2 95 B8Box Drawings Heavy Left
9593U+2579E2 95 B9Box Drawings Heavy Up
9594U+257AE2 95 BABox Drawings Heavy Right
9595U+257BE2 95 BBBox Drawings Heavy Down
9596U+257CE2 95 BCBox Drawings Light Left And Heavy Right
9597U+257DE2 95 BDBox Drawings Light Up And Heavy Down
9598U+257EE2 95 BEBox Drawings Heavy Left And Light Right
9599U+257FE2 95 BFBox Drawings Heavy Up And Light Down
9600U+2580E2 96 80Upper Half Block
9601U+2581E2 96 81Lower One Eighth Block
9602U+2582E2 96 82Lower One Quarter Block
9603U+2583E2 96 83Lower Three Eighths Block
9604U+2584E2 96 84Lower Half Block
9605U+2585E2 96 85Lower Five Eighths Block
9606U+2586E2 96 86Lower Three Quarters Block
9607U+2587E2 96 87Lower Seven Eighths Block
9608U+2588E2 96 88Full Block
9609U+2589E2 96 89Left Seven Eighths Block
9610U+258AE2 96 8ALeft Three Quarters Block
9611U+258BE2 96 8BLeft Five Eighths Block
9612U+258CE2 96 8CLeft Half Block
9613U+258DE2 96 8DLeft Three Eighths Block
9614U+258EE2 96 8ELeft One Quarter Block
9615U+258FE2 96 8FLeft One Eighth Block
9616U+2590E2 96 90Right Half Block
9617U+2591E2 96 91Light Shade
9618U+2592E2 96 92Medium Shade
9619U+2593E2 96 93Dark Shade
9620U+2594E2 96 94Upper One Eighth Block
9621U+2595E2 96 95Right One Eighth Block
9622U+2596E2 96 96Quadrant Lower Left
9623U+2597E2 96 97Quadrant Lower Right
9624U+2598E2 96 98Quadrant Upper Left
9625U+2599E2 96 99Quadrant Upper Left And Lower Left And Lower Right
9626U+259AE2 96 9AQuadrant Upper Left And Lower Right
9627U+259BE2 96 9BQuadrant Upper Left And Upper Right And Lower Left
9628U+259CE2 96 9CQuadrant Upper Left And Upper Right And Lower Right
9629U+259DE2 96 9DQuadrant Upper Right
9630U+259EE2 96 9EQuadrant Upper Right And Lower Left
9631U+259FE2 96 9FQuadrant Upper Right And Lower Left And Lower Right
9632U+25A0E2 96 A0Black Square
9633U+25A1E2 96 A1White Square
9634U+25A2E2 96 A2White Square With Rounded Corners
9635U+25A3E2 96 A3White Square Containing Black Small Square
9636U+25A4E2 96 A4Square With Horizontal Fill
9637U+25A5E2 96 A5Square With Vertical Fill
9638U+25A6E2 96 A6Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill
9639U+25A7E2 96 A7Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill
9640U+25A8E2 96 A8Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill
9641U+25A9E2 96 A9Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill
9642U+25AAE2 96 AABlack Small Square
9643U+25ABE2 96 ABWhite Small Square
9644U+25ACE2 96 ACBlack Rectangle
9645U+25ADE2 96 ADWhite Rectangle
9646U+25AEE2 96 AEBlack Vertical Rectangle
9647U+25AFE2 96 AFWhite Vertical Rectangle
9648U+25B0E2 96 B0Black Parallelogram
9649U+25B1E2 96 B1White Parallelogram
9650U+25B2E2 96 B2Black Up-pointing Triangle
9651U+25B3E2 96 B3White Up-pointing Triangle
9652U+25B4E2 96 B4Black Up-pointing Small Triangle
9653U+25B5E2 96 B5White Up-pointing Small Triangle
9654U+25B6E2 96 B6Black Right-pointing Triangle
9655U+25B7E2 96 B7White Right-pointing Triangle
9656U+25B8E2 96 B8Black Right-pointing Small Triangle
9657U+25B9E2 96 B9White Right-pointing Small Triangle
9658U+25BAE2 96 BABlack Right-pointing Pointer
9659U+25BBE2 96 BBWhite Right-pointing Pointer
9660U+25BCE2 96 BCBlack Down-pointing Triangle
9661U+25BDE2 96 BDWhite Down-pointing Triangle
9662U+25BEE2 96 BEBlack Down-pointing Small Triangle
9663U+25BFE2 96 BFWhite Down-pointing Small Triangle
9664U+25C0E2 97 80Black Left-pointing Triangle
9665U+25C1E2 97 81White Left-pointing Triangle
9666U+25C2E2 97 82Black Left-pointing Small Triangle
9667U+25C3E2 97 83White Left-pointing Small Triangle
9668U+25C4E2 97 84Black Left-pointing Pointer
9669U+25C5E2 97 85White Left-pointing Pointer
9670U+25C6E2 97 86Black Diamond
9671U+25C7E2 97 87White Diamond
9672U+25C8E2 97 88White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond
9673U+25C9E2 97 89Fisheye
9674U+25CAE2 97 8ALozenge
9675U+25CBE2 97 8BWhite Circle
9676U+25CCE2 97 8CDotted Circle
9677U+25CDE2 97 8DCircle With Vertical Fill
9678U+25CEE2 97 8EBullseye
9679U+25CFE2 97 8FBlack Circle
9680U+25D0E2 97 90Circle With Left Half Black
9681U+25D1E2 97 91Circle With Right Half Black
9682U+25D2E2 97 92Circle With Lower Half Black
9683U+25D3E2 97 93Circle With Upper Half Black
9684U+25D4E2 97 94Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black
9685U+25D5E2 97 95Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black
9686U+25D6E2 97 96Left Half Black Circle
9687U+25D7E2 97 97Right Half Black Circle
9688U+25D8E2 97 98Inverse Bullet
9689U+25D9E2 97 99Inverse White Circle
9690U+25DAE2 97 9AUpper Half Inverse White Circle
9691U+25DBE2 97 9BLower Half Inverse White Circle
9692U+25DCE2 97 9CUpper Left Quadrant Circular Arc
9693U+25DDE2 97 9DUpper Right Quadrant Circular Arc
9694U+25DEE2 97 9ELower Right Quadrant Circular Arc
9695U+25DFE2 97 9FLower Left Quadrant Circular Arc
9696U+25E0E2 97 A0Upper Half Circle
9697U+25E1E2 97 A1Lower Half Circle
9698U+25E2E2 97 A2Black Lower Right Triangle
9699U+25E3E2 97 A3Black Lower Left Triangle
9700U+25E4E2 97 A4Black Upper Left Triangle
9701U+25E5E2 97 A5Black Upper Right Triangle
9702U+25E6E2 97 A6White Bullet
9703U+25E7E2 97 A7Square With Left Half Black
9704U+25E8E2 97 A8Square With Right Half Black
9705U+25E9E2 97 A9Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black
9706U+25EAE2 97 AASquare With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black
9707U+25EBE2 97 ABWhite Square With Vertical Bisecting Line
9708U+25ECE2 97 ACWhite Up-pointing Triangle With Dot
9709U+25EDE2 97 ADUp-pointing Triangle With Left Half Black
9710U+25EEE2 97 AEUp-pointing Triangle With Right Half Black
9711U+25EFE2 97 AFLarge Circle
9712U+25F0E2 97 B0White Square With Upper Left Quadrant
9713U+25F1E2 97 B1White Square With Lower Left Quadrant
9714U+25F2E2 97 B2White Square With Lower Right Quadrant
9715U+25F3E2 97 B3White Square With Upper Right Quadrant
9716U+25F4E2 97 B4White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant
9717U+25F5E2 97 B5White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant
9718U+25F6E2 97 B6White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant
9719U+25F7E2 97 B7White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant
9720U+25F8E2 97 B8Upper Left Triangle
9721U+25F9E2 97 B9Upper Right Triangle
9722U+25FAE2 97 BALower Left Triangle
9723U+25FBE2 97 BBWhite Medium Square
9724U+25FCE2 97 BCBlack Medium Square
9725U+25FDE2 97 BDWhite Medium Small Square
9726U+25FEE2 97 BEBlack Medium Small Square
9727U+25FFE2 97 BFLower Right Triangle
9728U+2600E2 98 80Black Sun With Rays
9729U+2601E2 98 81Cloud
9730U+2602E2 98 82Umbrella
9731U+2603E2 98 83Snowman
9732U+2604E2 98 84Comet
9733U+2605E2 98 85Black Star
9734U+2606E2 98 86White Star
9735U+2607E2 98 87Lightning
9736U+2608E2 98 88Thunderstorm
9737U+2609E2 98 89Sun
9738U+260AE2 98 8AAscending Node
9739U+260BE2 98 8BDescending Node
9740U+260CE2 98 8CConjunction
9741U+260DE2 98 8DOpposition
9742U+260EE2 98 8EBlack Telephone
9743U+260FE2 98 8FWhite Telephone
9744U+2610E2 98 90Ballot Box
9745U+2611E2 98 91Ballot Box With Check
9746U+2612E2 98 92Ballot Box With X
9747U+2613E2 98 93Saltire
9748U+2614E2 98 94Umbrella With Rain Drops
9749U+2615E2 98 95Hot Beverage
9750U+2616E2 98 96White Shogi Piece
9751U+2617E2 98 97Black Shogi Piece
9752U+2618E2 98 98Shamrock
9753U+2619E2 98 99Reversed Rotated Floral Heart Bullet
9754U+261AE2 98 9ABlack Left Pointing Index
9755U+261BE2 98 9BBlack Right Pointing Index
9756U+261CE2 98 9CWhite Left Pointing Index
9757U+261DE2 98 9DWhite Up Pointing Index
9758U+261EE2 98 9EWhite Right Pointing Index
9759U+261FE2 98 9FWhite Down Pointing Index
9760U+2620E2 98 A0Skull And Crossbones
9761U+2621E2 98 A1Caution Sign
9762U+2622E2 98 A2Radioactive Sign
9763U+2623E2 98 A3Biohazard Sign
9764U+2624E2 98 A4Caduceus
9765U+2625E2 98 A5Ankh
9766U+2626E2 98 A6Orthodox Cross
9767U+2627E2 98 A7Chi Rho
9768U+2628E2 98 A8Cross Of Lorraine
9769U+2629E2 98 A9Cross Of Jerusalem
9770U+262AE2 98 AAStar And Crescent
9771U+262BE2 98 ABFarsi Symbol
9772U+262CE2 98 ACAdi Shakti
9773U+262DE2 98 ADHammer And Sickle
9774U+262EE2 98 AEPeace Symbol
9775U+262FE2 98 AFYin Yang
9776U+2630E2 98 B0Trigram For Heaven
9777U+2631E2 98 B1Trigram For Lake
9778U+2632E2 98 B2Trigram For Fire
9779U+2633E2 98 B3Trigram For Thunder
9780U+2634E2 98 B4Trigram For Wind
9781U+2635E2 98 B5Trigram For Water
9782U+2636E2 98 B6Trigram For Mountain
9783U+2637E2 98 B7Trigram For Earth
9784U+2638E2 98 B8Wheel Of Dharma
9785U+2639E2 98 B9White Frowning Face
9786U+263AE2 98 BAWhite Smiling Face
9787U+263BE2 98 BBBlack Smiling Face
9788U+263CE2 98 BCWhite Sun With Rays
9789U+263DE2 98 BDFirst Quarter Moon
9790U+263EE2 98 BELast Quarter Moon
9791U+263FE2 98 BFMercury
9792U+2640E2 99 80Female Sign
9793U+2641E2 99 81Earth
9794U+2642E2 99 82Male Sign
9795U+2643E2 99 83Jupiter
9796U+2644E2 99 84Saturn
9797U+2645E2 99 85Uranus
9798U+2646E2 99 86Neptune
9799U+2647E2 99 87Pluto
9800U+2648E2 99 88Aries
9801U+2649E2 99 89Taurus
9802U+264AE2 99 8AGemini
9803U+264BE2 99 8BCancer
9804U+264CE2 99 8CLeo
9805U+264DE2 99 8DVirgo
9806U+264EE2 99 8ELibra
9807U+264FE2 99 8FScorpius
9808U+2650E2 99 90Sagittarius
9809U+2651E2 99 91Capricorn
9810U+2652E2 99 92Aquarius
9811U+2653E2 99 93Pisces
9812U+2654E2 99 94White Chess King
9813U+2655E2 99 95White Chess Queen
9814U+2656E2 99 96White Chess Rook
9815U+2657E2 99 97White Chess Bishop
9816U+2658E2 99 98White Chess Knight
9817U+2659E2 99 99White Chess Pawn
9818U+265AE2 99 9ABlack Chess King
9819U+265BE2 99 9BBlack Chess Queen
9820U+265CE2 99 9CBlack Chess Rook
9821U+265DE2 99 9DBlack Chess Bishop
9822U+265EE2 99 9EBlack Chess Knight
9823U+265FE2 99 9FBlack Chess Pawn
9824U+2660E2 99 A0Black Spade Suit
9825U+2661E2 99 A1White Heart Suit
9826U+2662E2 99 A2White Diamond Suit
9827U+2663E2 99 A3Black Club Suit
9828U+2664E2 99 A4White Spade Suit
9829U+2665E2 99 A5Black Heart Suit
9830U+2666E2 99 A6Black Diamond Suit
9831U+2667E2 99 A7White Club Suit
9832U+2668E2 99 A8Hot Springs
9833U+2669E2 99 A9Quarter Note
9834U+266AE2 99 AAEighth Note
9835U+266BE2 99 ABBeamed Eighth Notes
9836U+266CE2 99 ACBeamed Sixteenth Notes
9837U+266DE2 99 ADMusic Flat Sign
9838U+266EE2 99 AEMusic Natural Sign
9839U+266FE2 99 AFMusic Sharp Sign
9840U+2670E2 99 B0West Syriac Cross
9841U+2671E2 99 B1East Syriac Cross
9842U+2672E2 99 B2Universal Recycling Symbol
9843U+2673E2 99 B3Recycling Symbol For Type-1 Plastics
9844U+2674E2 99 B4Recycling Symbol For Type-2 Plastics
9845U+2675E2 99 B5Recycling Symbol For Type-3 Plastics
9846U+2676E2 99 B6Recycling Symbol For Type-4 Plastics
9847U+2677E2 99 B7Recycling Symbol For Type-5 Plastics
9848U+2678E2 99 B8Recycling Symbol For Type-6 Plastics
9849U+2679E2 99 B9Recycling Symbol For Type-7 Plastics
9850U+267AE2 99 BARecycling Symbol For Generic Materials
9851U+267BE2 99 BBBlack Universal Recycling Symbol
9852U+267CE2 99 BCRecycled Paper Symbol
9853U+267DE2 99 BDPartially-recycled Paper Symbol
9854U+267EE2 99 BEPermanent Paper Sign
9855U+267FE2 99 BFWheelchair Symbol
9856U+2680E2 9A 80Die Face-1
9857U+2681E2 9A 81Die Face-2
9858U+2682E2 9A 82Die Face-3
9859U+2683E2 9A 83Die Face-4
9860U+2684E2 9A 84Die Face-5
9861U+2685E2 9A 85Die Face-6
9862U+2686E2 9A 86White Circle With Dot Right
9863U+2687E2 9A 87White Circle With Two Dots
9864U+2688E2 9A 88Black Circle With White Dot Right
9865U+2689E2 9A 89Black Circle With Two White Dots
9866U+268AE2 9A 8AMonogram For Yang
9867U+268BE2 9A 8BMonogram For Yin
9868U+268CE2 9A 8CDigram For Greater Yang
9869U+268DE2 9A 8DDigram For Lesser Yin
9870U+268EE2 9A 8EDigram For Lesser Yang
9871U+268FE2 9A 8FDigram For Greater Yin
9872U+2690E2 9A 90White Flag
9873U+2691E2 9A 91Black Flag
9874U+2692E2 9A 92Hammer And Pick
9875U+2693E2 9A 93Anchor
9876U+2694E2 9A 94Crossed Swords
9877U+2695E2 9A 95Staff Of Aesculapius
9878U+2696E2 9A 96Scales
9879U+2697E2 9A 97Alembic
9880U+2698E2 9A 98Flower
9881U+2699E2 9A 99Gear
9882U+269AE2 9A 9AStaff Of Hermes
9883U+269BE2 9A 9BAtom Symbol
9884U+269CE2 9A 9CFleur-de-lis
9885U+269DE2 9A 9DOutlined White Star
9886U+269EE2 9A 9EThree Lines Converging Right
9887U+269FE2 9A 9FThree Lines Converging Left
9888U+26A0E2 9A A0Warning Sign
9889U+26A1E2 9A A1High Voltage Sign
9890U+26A2E2 9A A2Doubled Female Sign
9891U+26A3E2 9A A3Doubled Male Sign
9892U+26A4E2 9A A4Interlocked Female And Male Sign
9893U+26A5E2 9A A5Male And Female Sign
9894U+26A6E2 9A A6Male With Stroke Sign
9895U+26A7E2 9A A7Male With Stroke And Male And Female Sign
9896U+26A8E2 9A A8Vertical Male With Stroke Sign
9897U+26A9E2 9A A9Horizontal Male With Stroke Sign
9898U+26AAE2 9A AAMedium White Circle
9899U+26ABE2 9A ABMedium Black Circle
9900U+26ACE2 9A ACMedium Small White Circle
9901U+26ADE2 9A ADMarriage Symbol
9902U+26AEE2 9A AEDivorce Symbol
9903U+26AFE2 9A AFUnmarried Partnership Symbol
9904U+26B0E2 9A B0Coffin
9905U+26B1E2 9A B1Funeral Urn
9906U+26B2E2 9A B2Neuter
9907U+26B3E2 9A B3Ceres
9908U+26B4E2 9A B4Pallas
9909U+26B5E2 9A B5Juno
9910U+26B6E2 9A B6Vesta
9911U+26B7E2 9A B7Chiron
9912U+26B8E2 9A B8Black Moon Lilith
9913U+26B9E2 9A B9Sextile
9914U+26BAE2 9A BASemisextile
9915U+26BBE2 9A BBQuincunx
9916U+26BCE2 9A BCSesquiquadrate
9917U+26BDE2 9A BDSoccer Ball
9918U+26BEE2 9A BEBaseball
9919U+26BFE2 9A BFSquared Key
9920U+26C0E2 9B 80White Draughts Man
9921U+26C1E2 9B 81White Draughts King
9922U+26C2E2 9B 82Black Draughts Man
9923U+26C3E2 9B 83Black Draughts King
9924U+26C4E2 9B 84Snowman Without Snow
9925U+26C5E2 9B 85Sun Behind Cloud
9926U+26C6E2 9B 86Rain
9927U+26C7E2 9B 87Black Snowman
9928U+26C8E2 9B 88Thunder Cloud And Rain
9929U+26C9E2 9B 89Turned White Shogi Piece
9930U+26CAE2 9B 8ATurned Black Shogi Piece
9931U+26CBE2 9B 8BWhite Diamond In Square
9932U+26CCE2 9B 8CCrossing Lanes
9933U+26CDE2 9B 8DDisabled Car
9934U+26CEE2 9B 8EOphiuchus
9935U+26CFE2 9B 8FPick
9936U+26D0E2 9B 90Car Sliding
9937U+26D1E2 9B 91Helmet With White Cross
9938U+26D2E2 9B 92Circled Crossing Lanes
9939U+26D3E2 9B 93Chains
9940U+26D4E2 9B 94No Entry
9941U+26D5E2 9B 95Alternate One-way Left Way Traffic
9942U+26D6E2 9B 96Black Two-way Left Way Traffic
9943U+26D7E2 9B 97White Two-way Left Way Traffic
9944U+26D8E2 9B 98Black Left Lane Merge
9945U+26D9E2 9B 99White Left Lane Merge
9946U+26DAE2 9B 9ADrive Slow Sign
9947U+26DBE2 9B 9BHeavy White Down-pointing Triangle
9948U+26DCE2 9B 9CLeft Closed Entry
9949U+26DDE2 9B 9DSquared Saltire
9950U+26DEE2 9B 9EFalling Diagonal In White Circle In Black Square
9951U+26DFE2 9B 9FBlack Truck
9952U+26E0E2 9B A0Restricted Left Entry-1
9953U+26E1E2 9B A1Restricted Left Entry-2
9954U+26E2E2 9B A2Astronomical Symbol For Uranus
9955U+26E3E2 9B A3Heavy Circle With Stroke And Two Dots Above
9956U+26E4E2 9B A4Pentagram
9957U+26E5E2 9B A5Right-handed Interlaced Pentagram
9958U+26E6E2 9B A6Left-handed Interlaced Pentagram
9959U+26E7E2 9B A7Inverted Pentagram
9960U+26E8E2 9B A8Black Cross On Shield
9961U+26E9E2 9B A9Shinto Shrine
9962U+26EAE2 9B AAChurch
9963U+26EBE2 9B ABCastle
9964U+26ECE2 9B ACHistoric Site
9965U+26EDE2 9B ADGear Without Hub
9966U+26EEE2 9B AEGear With Handles
9967U+26EFE2 9B AFMap Symbol For Lighthouse
9968U+26F0E2 9B B0Mountain
9969U+26F1E2 9B B1Umbrella On Ground
9970U+26F2E2 9B B2Fountain
9971U+26F3E2 9B B3Flag In Hole
9972U+26F4E2 9B B4Ferry
9973U+26F5E2 9B B5Sailboat
9974U+26F6E2 9B B6Square Four Corners
9975U+26F7E2 9B B7Skier
9976U+26F8E2 9B B8Ice Skate
9977U+26F9E2 9B B9Person With Ball
9978U+26FAE2 9B BATent
9979U+26FBE2 9B BBJapanese Bank Symbol
9980U+26FCE2 9B BCHeadstone Graveyard Symbol
9981U+26FDE2 9B BDFuel Pump
9982U+26FEE2 9B BECup On Black Square
9983U+26FFE2 9B BFWhite Flag With Horizontal Middle Black Stripe
9984U+2700E2 9C 80Black Safety Scissors
9985U+2701E2 9C 81Upper Blade Scissors
9986U+2702E2 9C 82Black Scissors
9987U+2703E2 9C 83Lower Blade Scissors
9988U+2704E2 9C 84White Scissors
9989U+2705E2 9C 85White Heavy Check Mark
9990U+2706E2 9C 86Telephone Location Sign
9991U+2707E2 9C 87Tape Drive
9992U+2708E2 9C 88Airplane
9993U+2709E2 9C 89Envelope
9994U+270AE2 9C 8ARaised Fist
9995U+270BE2 9C 8BRaised Hand
9996U+270CE2 9C 8CVictory Hand
9997U+270DE2 9C 8DWriting Hand
9998U+270EE2 9C 8ELower Right Pencil
9999U+270FE2 9C 8FPencil

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