UTF-8 code page (#13)

Unicode UTF-8 - characters 12000 (U+2EE0) to 12999 (U+32C7)

UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8. UTF-8 is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters, one UTF-8 character uses 1 to 4 bytes.

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Dec Hex UTF-8 Hex Char Unicode description
12000U+2EE0E2 BB A0Cjk Radical C-simplified Eat
12001U+2EE1E2 BB A1Cjk Radical Head
12002U+2EE2E2 BB A2Cjk Radical C-simplified Horse
12003U+2EE3E2 BB A3Cjk Radical Bone
12004U+2EE4E2 BB A4Cjk Radical Ghost
12005U+2EE5E2 BB A5Cjk Radical C-simplified Fish
12006U+2EE6E2 BB A6Cjk Radical C-simplified Bird
12007U+2EE7E2 BB A7Cjk Radical C-simplified Salt
12008U+2EE8E2 BB A8Cjk Radical Simplified Wheat
12009U+2EE9E2 BB A9Cjk Radical Simplified Yellow
12010U+2EEAE2 BB AACjk Radical C-simplified Frog
12011U+2EEBE2 BB ABCjk Radical J-simplified Even
12012U+2EECE2 BB ACCjk Radical C-simplified Even
12013U+2EEDE2 BB ADCjk Radical J-simplified Tooth
12014U+2EEEE2 BB AECjk Radical C-simplified Tooth
12015U+2EEFE2 BB AFCjk Radical J-simplified Dragon
12016U+2EF0E2 BB B0Cjk Radical C-simplified Dragon
12017U+2EF1E2 BB B1Cjk Radical Turtle
12018U+2EF2E2 BB B2Cjk Radical J-simplified Turtle
12019U+2EF3E2 BB B3Cjk Radical C-simplified Turtle
12020U+2EF4E2 BB B4
12021U+2EF5E2 BB B5
12022U+2EF6E2 BB B6
12023U+2EF7E2 BB B7
12024U+2EF8E2 BB B8
12025U+2EF9E2 BB B9
12026U+2EFAE2 BB BA
12027U+2EFBE2 BB BB
12028U+2EFCE2 BB BC
12029U+2EFDE2 BB BD
12030U+2EFEE2 BB BE
12031U+2EFFE2 BB BF⻿
12032U+2F00E2 BC 80Kangxi Radical One
12033U+2F01E2 BC 81Kangxi Radical Line
12034U+2F02E2 BC 82Kangxi Radical Dot
12035U+2F03E2 BC 83Kangxi Radical Slash
12036U+2F04E2 BC 84Kangxi Radical Second
12037U+2F05E2 BC 85Kangxi Radical Hook
12038U+2F06E2 BC 86Kangxi Radical Two
12039U+2F07E2 BC 87Kangxi Radical Lid
12040U+2F08E2 BC 88Kangxi Radical Man
12041U+2F09E2 BC 89Kangxi Radical Legs
12042U+2F0AE2 BC 8AKangxi Radical Enter
12043U+2F0BE2 BC 8BKangxi Radical Eight
12044U+2F0CE2 BC 8CKangxi Radical Down Box
12045U+2F0DE2 BC 8DKangxi Radical Cover
12046U+2F0EE2 BC 8EKangxi Radical Ice
12047U+2F0FE2 BC 8FKangxi Radical Table
12048U+2F10E2 BC 90Kangxi Radical Open Box
12049U+2F11E2 BC 91Kangxi Radical Knife
12050U+2F12E2 BC 92Kangxi Radical Power
12051U+2F13E2 BC 93Kangxi Radical Wrap
12052U+2F14E2 BC 94Kangxi Radical Spoon
12053U+2F15E2 BC 95Kangxi Radical Right Open Box
12054U+2F16E2 BC 96Kangxi Radical Hiding Enclosure
12055U+2F17E2 BC 97Kangxi Radical Ten
12056U+2F18E2 BC 98Kangxi Radical Divination
12057U+2F19E2 BC 99Kangxi Radical Seal
12058U+2F1AE2 BC 9AKangxi Radical Cliff
12059U+2F1BE2 BC 9BKangxi Radical Private
12060U+2F1CE2 BC 9CKangxi Radical Again
12061U+2F1DE2 BC 9DKangxi Radical Mouth
12062U+2F1EE2 BC 9EKangxi Radical Enclosure
12063U+2F1FE2 BC 9FKangxi Radical Earth
12064U+2F20E2 BC A0Kangxi Radical Scholar
12065U+2F21E2 BC A1Kangxi Radical Go
12066U+2F22E2 BC A2Kangxi Radical Go Slowly
12067U+2F23E2 BC A3Kangxi Radical Evening
12068U+2F24E2 BC A4Kangxi Radical Big
12069U+2F25E2 BC A5Kangxi Radical Woman
12070U+2F26E2 BC A6Kangxi Radical Child
12071U+2F27E2 BC A7Kangxi Radical Roof
12072U+2F28E2 BC A8Kangxi Radical Inch
12073U+2F29E2 BC A9Kangxi Radical Small
12074U+2F2AE2 BC AAKangxi Radical Lame
12075U+2F2BE2 BC ABKangxi Radical Corpse
12076U+2F2CE2 BC ACKangxi Radical Sprout
12077U+2F2DE2 BC ADKangxi Radical Mountain
12078U+2F2EE2 BC AEKangxi Radical River
12079U+2F2FE2 BC AFKangxi Radical Work
12080U+2F30E2 BC B0Kangxi Radical Oneself
12081U+2F31E2 BC B1Kangxi Radical Turban
12082U+2F32E2 BC B2Kangxi Radical Dry
12083U+2F33E2 BC B3Kangxi Radical Short Thread
12084U+2F34E2 BC B4Kangxi Radical Dotted Cliff
12085U+2F35E2 BC B5Kangxi Radical Long Stride
12086U+2F36E2 BC B6Kangxi Radical Two Hands
12087U+2F37E2 BC B7Kangxi Radical Shoot
12088U+2F38E2 BC B8Kangxi Radical Bow
12089U+2F39E2 BC B9Kangxi Radical Snout
12090U+2F3AE2 BC BAKangxi Radical Bristle
12091U+2F3BE2 BC BBKangxi Radical Step
12092U+2F3CE2 BC BCKangxi Radical Heart
12093U+2F3DE2 BC BDKangxi Radical Halberd
12094U+2F3EE2 BC BEKangxi Radical Door
12095U+2F3FE2 BC BF⼿Kangxi Radical Hand
12096U+2F40E2 BD 80Kangxi Radical Branch
12097U+2F41E2 BD 81Kangxi Radical Rap
12098U+2F42E2 BD 82Kangxi Radical Script
12099U+2F43E2 BD 83Kangxi Radical Dipper
12100U+2F44E2 BD 84Kangxi Radical Axe
12101U+2F45E2 BD 85Kangxi Radical Square
12102U+2F46E2 BD 86Kangxi Radical Not
12103U+2F47E2 BD 87Kangxi Radical Sun
12104U+2F48E2 BD 88Kangxi Radical Say
12105U+2F49E2 BD 89Kangxi Radical Moon
12106U+2F4AE2 BD 8AKangxi Radical Tree
12107U+2F4BE2 BD 8BKangxi Radical Lack
12108U+2F4CE2 BD 8CKangxi Radical Stop
12109U+2F4DE2 BD 8DKangxi Radical Death
12110U+2F4EE2 BD 8EKangxi Radical Weapon
12111U+2F4FE2 BD 8FKangxi Radical Do Not
12112U+2F50E2 BD 90Kangxi Radical Compare
12113U+2F51E2 BD 91Kangxi Radical Fur
12114U+2F52E2 BD 92Kangxi Radical Clan
12115U+2F53E2 BD 93Kangxi Radical Steam
12116U+2F54E2 BD 94Kangxi Radical Water
12117U+2F55E2 BD 95Kangxi Radical Fire
12118U+2F56E2 BD 96Kangxi Radical Claw
12119U+2F57E2 BD 97Kangxi Radical Father
12120U+2F58E2 BD 98Kangxi Radical Double X
12121U+2F59E2 BD 99Kangxi Radical Half Tree Trunk
12122U+2F5AE2 BD 9AKangxi Radical Slice
12123U+2F5BE2 BD 9BKangxi Radical Fang
12124U+2F5CE2 BD 9CKangxi Radical Cow
12125U+2F5DE2 BD 9DKangxi Radical Dog
12126U+2F5EE2 BD 9EKangxi Radical Profound
12127U+2F5FE2 BD 9FKangxi Radical Jade
12128U+2F60E2 BD A0Kangxi Radical Melon
12129U+2F61E2 BD A1Kangxi Radical Tile
12130U+2F62E2 BD A2Kangxi Radical Sweet
12131U+2F63E2 BD A3Kangxi Radical Life
12132U+2F64E2 BD A4Kangxi Radical Use
12133U+2F65E2 BD A5Kangxi Radical Field
12134U+2F66E2 BD A6Kangxi Radical Bolt Of Cloth
12135U+2F67E2 BD A7Kangxi Radical Sickness
12136U+2F68E2 BD A8Kangxi Radical Dotted Tent
12137U+2F69E2 BD A9Kangxi Radical White
12138U+2F6AE2 BD AAKangxi Radical Skin
12139U+2F6BE2 BD ABKangxi Radical Dish
12140U+2F6CE2 BD ACKangxi Radical Eye
12141U+2F6DE2 BD ADKangxi Radical Spear
12142U+2F6EE2 BD AEKangxi Radical Arrow
12143U+2F6FE2 BD AFKangxi Radical Stone
12144U+2F70E2 BD B0Kangxi Radical Spirit
12145U+2F71E2 BD B1Kangxi Radical Track
12146U+2F72E2 BD B2Kangxi Radical Grain
12147U+2F73E2 BD B3Kangxi Radical Cave
12148U+2F74E2 BD B4Kangxi Radical Stand
12149U+2F75E2 BD B5Kangxi Radical Bamboo
12150U+2F76E2 BD B6Kangxi Radical Rice
12151U+2F77E2 BD B7Kangxi Radical Silk
12152U+2F78E2 BD B8Kangxi Radical Jar
12153U+2F79E2 BD B9Kangxi Radical Net
12154U+2F7AE2 BD BAKangxi Radical Sheep
12155U+2F7BE2 BD BBKangxi Radical Feather
12156U+2F7CE2 BD BCKangxi Radical Old
12157U+2F7DE2 BD BDKangxi Radical And
12158U+2F7EE2 BD BEKangxi Radical Plow
12159U+2F7FE2 BD BF⽿Kangxi Radical Ear
12160U+2F80E2 BE 80Kangxi Radical Brush
12161U+2F81E2 BE 81Kangxi Radical Meat
12162U+2F82E2 BE 82Kangxi Radical Minister
12163U+2F83E2 BE 83Kangxi Radical Self
12164U+2F84E2 BE 84Kangxi Radical Arrive
12165U+2F85E2 BE 85Kangxi Radical Mortar
12166U+2F86E2 BE 86Kangxi Radical Tongue
12167U+2F87E2 BE 87Kangxi Radical Oppose
12168U+2F88E2 BE 88Kangxi Radical Boat
12169U+2F89E2 BE 89Kangxi Radical Stopping
12170U+2F8AE2 BE 8AKangxi Radical Color
12171U+2F8BE2 BE 8BKangxi Radical Grass
12172U+2F8CE2 BE 8CKangxi Radical Tiger
12173U+2F8DE2 BE 8DKangxi Radical Insect
12174U+2F8EE2 BE 8EKangxi Radical Blood
12175U+2F8FE2 BE 8FKangxi Radical Walk Enclosure
12176U+2F90E2 BE 90Kangxi Radical Clothes
12177U+2F91E2 BE 91Kangxi Radical West
12178U+2F92E2 BE 92Kangxi Radical See
12179U+2F93E2 BE 93Kangxi Radical Horn
12180U+2F94E2 BE 94Kangxi Radical Speech
12181U+2F95E2 BE 95Kangxi Radical Valley
12182U+2F96E2 BE 96Kangxi Radical Bean
12183U+2F97E2 BE 97Kangxi Radical Pig
12184U+2F98E2 BE 98Kangxi Radical Badger
12185U+2F99E2 BE 99Kangxi Radical Shell
12186U+2F9AE2 BE 9AKangxi Radical Red
12187U+2F9BE2 BE 9BKangxi Radical Run
12188U+2F9CE2 BE 9CKangxi Radical Foot
12189U+2F9DE2 BE 9DKangxi Radical Body
12190U+2F9EE2 BE 9EKangxi Radical Cart
12191U+2F9FE2 BE 9FKangxi Radical Bitter
12192U+2FA0E2 BE A0Kangxi Radical Morning
12193U+2FA1E2 BE A1Kangxi Radical Walk
12194U+2FA2E2 BE A2Kangxi Radical City
12195U+2FA3E2 BE A3Kangxi Radical Wine
12196U+2FA4E2 BE A4Kangxi Radical Distinguish
12197U+2FA5E2 BE A5Kangxi Radical Village
12198U+2FA6E2 BE A6Kangxi Radical Gold
12199U+2FA7E2 BE A7Kangxi Radical Long
12200U+2FA8E2 BE A8Kangxi Radical Gate
12201U+2FA9E2 BE A9Kangxi Radical Mound
12202U+2FAAE2 BE AAKangxi Radical Slave
12203U+2FABE2 BE ABKangxi Radical Short Tailed Bird
12204U+2FACE2 BE ACKangxi Radical Rain
12205U+2FADE2 BE ADKangxi Radical Blue
12206U+2FAEE2 BE AEKangxi Radical Wrong
12207U+2FAFE2 BE AFKangxi Radical Face
12208U+2FB0E2 BE B0Kangxi Radical Leather
12209U+2FB1E2 BE B1Kangxi Radical Tanned Leather
12210U+2FB2E2 BE B2Kangxi Radical Leek
12211U+2FB3E2 BE B3Kangxi Radical Sound
12212U+2FB4E2 BE B4Kangxi Radical Leaf
12213U+2FB5E2 BE B5Kangxi Radical Wind
12214U+2FB6E2 BE B6Kangxi Radical Fly
12215U+2FB7E2 BE B7Kangxi Radical Eat
12216U+2FB8E2 BE B8Kangxi Radical Head
12217U+2FB9E2 BE B9Kangxi Radical Fragrant
12218U+2FBAE2 BE BAKangxi Radical Horse
12219U+2FBBE2 BE BBKangxi Radical Bone
12220U+2FBCE2 BE BCKangxi Radical Tall
12221U+2FBDE2 BE BDKangxi Radical Hair
12222U+2FBEE2 BE BEKangxi Radical Fight
12223U+2FBFE2 BE BF⾿Kangxi Radical Sacrificial Wine
12224U+2FC0E2 BF 80Kangxi Radical Cauldron
12225U+2FC1E2 BF 81Kangxi Radical Ghost
12226U+2FC2E2 BF 82Kangxi Radical Fish
12227U+2FC3E2 BF 83Kangxi Radical Bird
12228U+2FC4E2 BF 84Kangxi Radical Salt
12229U+2FC5E2 BF 85Kangxi Radical Deer
12230U+2FC6E2 BF 86Kangxi Radical Wheat
12231U+2FC7E2 BF 87Kangxi Radical Hemp
12232U+2FC8E2 BF 88Kangxi Radical Yellow
12233U+2FC9E2 BF 89Kangxi Radical Millet
12234U+2FCAE2 BF 8AKangxi Radical Black
12235U+2FCBE2 BF 8BKangxi Radical Embroidery
12236U+2FCCE2 BF 8CKangxi Radical Frog
12237U+2FCDE2 BF 8DKangxi Radical Tripod
12238U+2FCEE2 BF 8EKangxi Radical Drum
12239U+2FCFE2 BF 8FKangxi Radical Rat
12240U+2FD0E2 BF 90Kangxi Radical Nose
12241U+2FD1E2 BF 91Kangxi Radical Even
12242U+2FD2E2 BF 92Kangxi Radical Tooth
12243U+2FD3E2 BF 93Kangxi Radical Dragon
12244U+2FD4E2 BF 94Kangxi Radical Turtle
12245U+2FD5E2 BF 95Kangxi Radical Flute
12246U+2FD6E2 BF 96
12247U+2FD7E2 BF 97
12248U+2FD8E2 BF 98
12249U+2FD9E2 BF 99
12250U+2FDAE2 BF 9A
12251U+2FDBE2 BF 9B
12252U+2FDCE2 BF 9C
12253U+2FDDE2 BF 9D
12254U+2FDEE2 BF 9E
12255U+2FDFE2 BF 9F
12256U+2FE0E2 BF A0
12257U+2FE1E2 BF A1
12258U+2FE2E2 BF A2
12259U+2FE3E2 BF A3
12260U+2FE4E2 BF A4
12261U+2FE5E2 BF A5
12262U+2FE6E2 BF A6
12263U+2FE7E2 BF A7
12264U+2FE8E2 BF A8
12265U+2FE9E2 BF A9
12266U+2FEAE2 BF AA
12267U+2FEBE2 BF AB
12268U+2FECE2 BF AC
12269U+2FEDE2 BF AD
12270U+2FEEE2 BF AE
12271U+2FEFE2 BF AF
12272U+2FF0E2 BF B0Ideographic Description Character Left To Right
12273U+2FF1E2 BF B1Ideographic Description Character Above To Below
12274U+2FF2E2 BF B2Ideographic Description Character Left To Middle And Right
12275U+2FF3E2 BF B3Ideographic Description Character Above To Middle And Below
12276U+2FF4E2 BF B4Ideographic Description Character Full Surround
12277U+2FF5E2 BF B5Ideographic Description Character Surround From Above
12278U+2FF6E2 BF B6Ideographic Description Character Surround From Below
12279U+2FF7E2 BF B7Ideographic Description Character Surround From Left
12280U+2FF8E2 BF B8Ideographic Description Character Surround From Upper Left
12281U+2FF9E2 BF B9Ideographic Description Character Surround From Upper Right
12282U+2FFAE2 BF BAIdeographic Description Character Surround From Lower Left
12283U+2FFBE2 BF BBIdeographic Description Character Overlaid
12284U+2FFCE2 BF BC
12285U+2FFDE2 BF BD
12286U+2FFEE2 BF BE
12287U+2FFFE2 BF BF⿿
12288U+3000E3 80 80 Ideographic Space
12289U+3001E3 80 81Ideographic Comma
12290U+3002E3 80 82Ideographic Full Stop
12291U+3003E3 80 83Ditto Mark
12292U+3004E3 80 84Japanese Industrial Standard Symbol
12293U+3005E3 80 85Ideographic Iteration Mark
12294U+3006E3 80 86Ideographic Closing Mark
12295U+3007E3 80 87Ideographic Number Zero
12296U+3008E3 80 88Left Angle Bracket
12297U+3009E3 80 89Right Angle Bracket
12298U+300AE3 80 8ALeft Double Angle Bracket
12299U+300BE3 80 8BRight Double Angle Bracket
12300U+300CE3 80 8CLeft Corner Bracket
12301U+300DE3 80 8DRight Corner Bracket
12302U+300EE3 80 8ELeft White Corner Bracket
12303U+300FE3 80 8FRight White Corner Bracket
12304U+3010E3 80 90Left Black Lenticular Bracket
12305U+3011E3 80 91Right Black Lenticular Bracket
12306U+3012E3 80 92Postal Mark
12307U+3013E3 80 93Geta Mark
12308U+3014E3 80 94Left Tortoise Shell Bracket
12309U+3015E3 80 95Right Tortoise Shell Bracket
12310U+3016E3 80 96Left White Lenticular Bracket
12311U+3017E3 80 97Right White Lenticular Bracket
12312U+3018E3 80 98Left White Tortoise Shell Bracket
12313U+3019E3 80 99Right White Tortoise Shell Bracket
12314U+301AE3 80 9ALeft White Square Bracket
12315U+301BE3 80 9BRight White Square Bracket
12316U+301CE3 80 9CWave Dash
12317U+301DE3 80 9DReversed Double Prime Quotation Mark
12318U+301EE3 80 9EDouble Prime Quotation Mark
12319U+301FE3 80 9FLow Double Prime Quotation Mark
12320U+3020E3 80 A0Postal Mark Face
12321U+3021E3 80 A1Hangzhou Numeral One
12322U+3022E3 80 A2Hangzhou Numeral Two
12323U+3023E3 80 A3Hangzhou Numeral Three
12324U+3024E3 80 A4Hangzhou Numeral Four
12325U+3025E3 80 A5Hangzhou Numeral Five
12326U+3026E3 80 A6Hangzhou Numeral Six
12327U+3027E3 80 A7Hangzhou Numeral Seven
12328U+3028E3 80 A8Hangzhou Numeral Eight
12329U+3029E3 80 A9Hangzhou Numeral Nine
12330U+302AE3 80 AAIdeographic Level Tone Mark
12331U+302BE3 80 ABIdeographic Rising Tone Mark
12332U+302CE3 80 ACIdeographic Departing Tone Mark
12333U+302DE3 80 ADIdeographic Entering Tone Mark
12334U+302EE3 80 AEHangul Single Dot Tone Mark
12335U+302FE3 80 AFHangul Double Dot Tone Mark
12336U+3030E3 80 B0Wavy Dash
12337U+3031E3 80 B1Vertical Kana Repeat Mark
12338U+3032E3 80 B2Vertical Kana Repeat With Voiced Sound Mark
12339U+3033E3 80 B3Vertical Kana Repeat Mark Upper Half
12340U+3034E3 80 B4Vertical Kana Repeat With Voiced Sound Mark Upper Half
12341U+3035E3 80 B5Vertical Kana Repeat Mark Lower Half
12342U+3036E3 80 B6Circled Postal Mark
12343U+3037E3 80 B7Ideographic Telegraph Line Feed Separator Symbol
12344U+3038E3 80 B8Hangzhou Numeral Ten
12345U+3039E3 80 B9Hangzhou Numeral Twenty
12346U+303AE3 80 BAHangzhou Numeral Thirty
12347U+303BE3 80 BBVertical Ideographic Iteration Mark
12348U+303CE3 80 BCMasu Mark
12349U+303DE3 80 BDPart Alternation Mark
12350U+303EE3 80 BEIdeographic Variation Indicator
12351U+303FE3 80 BFIdeographic Half Fill Space
12352U+3040E3 81 80
12353U+3041E3 81 81Hiragana Letter Small A
12354U+3042E3 81 82Hiragana Letter A
12355U+3043E3 81 83Hiragana Letter Small I
12356U+3044E3 81 84Hiragana Letter I
12357U+3045E3 81 85Hiragana Letter Small U
12358U+3046E3 81 86Hiragana Letter U
12359U+3047E3 81 87Hiragana Letter Small E
12360U+3048E3 81 88Hiragana Letter E
12361U+3049E3 81 89Hiragana Letter Small O
12362U+304AE3 81 8AHiragana Letter O
12363U+304BE3 81 8BHiragana Letter Ka
12364U+304CE3 81 8CHiragana Letter Ga
12365U+304DE3 81 8DHiragana Letter Ki
12366U+304EE3 81 8EHiragana Letter Gi
12367U+304FE3 81 8FHiragana Letter Ku
12368U+3050E3 81 90Hiragana Letter Gu
12369U+3051E3 81 91Hiragana Letter Ke
12370U+3052E3 81 92Hiragana Letter Ge
12371U+3053E3 81 93Hiragana Letter Ko
12372U+3054E3 81 94Hiragana Letter Go
12373U+3055E3 81 95Hiragana Letter Sa
12374U+3056E3 81 96Hiragana Letter Za
12375U+3057E3 81 97Hiragana Letter Si
12376U+3058E3 81 98Hiragana Letter Zi
12377U+3059E3 81 99Hiragana Letter Su
12378U+305AE3 81 9AHiragana Letter Zu
12379U+305BE3 81 9BHiragana Letter Se
12380U+305CE3 81 9CHiragana Letter Ze
12381U+305DE3 81 9DHiragana Letter So
12382U+305EE3 81 9EHiragana Letter Zo
12383U+305FE3 81 9FHiragana Letter Ta
12384U+3060E3 81 A0Hiragana Letter Da
12385U+3061E3 81 A1Hiragana Letter Ti
12386U+3062E3 81 A2Hiragana Letter Di
12387U+3063E3 81 A3Hiragana Letter Small Tu
12388U+3064E3 81 A4Hiragana Letter Tu
12389U+3065E3 81 A5Hiragana Letter Du
12390U+3066E3 81 A6Hiragana Letter Te
12391U+3067E3 81 A7Hiragana Letter De
12392U+3068E3 81 A8Hiragana Letter To
12393U+3069E3 81 A9Hiragana Letter Do
12394U+306AE3 81 AAHiragana Letter Na
12395U+306BE3 81 ABHiragana Letter Ni
12396U+306CE3 81 ACHiragana Letter Nu
12397U+306DE3 81 ADHiragana Letter Ne
12398U+306EE3 81 AEHiragana Letter No
12399U+306FE3 81 AFHiragana Letter Ha
12400U+3070E3 81 B0Hiragana Letter Ba
12401U+3071E3 81 B1Hiragana Letter Pa
12402U+3072E3 81 B2Hiragana Letter Hi
12403U+3073E3 81 B3Hiragana Letter Bi
12404U+3074E3 81 B4Hiragana Letter Pi
12405U+3075E3 81 B5Hiragana Letter Hu
12406U+3076E3 81 B6Hiragana Letter Bu
12407U+3077E3 81 B7Hiragana Letter Pu
12408U+3078E3 81 B8Hiragana Letter He
12409U+3079E3 81 B9Hiragana Letter Be
12410U+307AE3 81 BAHiragana Letter Pe
12411U+307BE3 81 BBHiragana Letter Ho
12412U+307CE3 81 BCHiragana Letter Bo
12413U+307DE3 81 BDHiragana Letter Po
12414U+307EE3 81 BEHiragana Letter Ma
12415U+307FE3 81 BFHiragana Letter Mi
12416U+3080E3 82 80Hiragana Letter Mu
12417U+3081E3 82 81Hiragana Letter Me
12418U+3082E3 82 82Hiragana Letter Mo
12419U+3083E3 82 83Hiragana Letter Small Ya
12420U+3084E3 82 84Hiragana Letter Ya
12421U+3085E3 82 85Hiragana Letter Small Yu
12422U+3086E3 82 86Hiragana Letter Yu
12423U+3087E3 82 87Hiragana Letter Small Yo
12424U+3088E3 82 88Hiragana Letter Yo
12425U+3089E3 82 89Hiragana Letter Ra
12426U+308AE3 82 8AHiragana Letter Ri
12427U+308BE3 82 8BHiragana Letter Ru
12428U+308CE3 82 8CHiragana Letter Re
12429U+308DE3 82 8DHiragana Letter Ro
12430U+308EE3 82 8EHiragana Letter Small Wa
12431U+308FE3 82 8FHiragana Letter Wa
12432U+3090E3 82 90Hiragana Letter Wi
12433U+3091E3 82 91Hiragana Letter We
12434U+3092E3 82 92Hiragana Letter Wo
12435U+3093E3 82 93Hiragana Letter N
12436U+3094E3 82 94Hiragana Letter Vu
12437U+3095E3 82 95Hiragana Letter Small Ka
12438U+3096E3 82 96Hiragana Letter Small Ke
12439U+3097E3 82 97
12440U+3098E3 82 98
12441U+3099E3 82 99Combining Katakana-hiragana Voiced Sound Mark
12442U+309AE3 82 9ACombining Katakana-hiragana Semi-voiced Sound Mark
12443U+309BE3 82 9BKatakana-hiragana Voiced Sound Mark
12444U+309CE3 82 9CKatakana-hiragana Semi-voiced Sound Mark
12445U+309DE3 82 9DHiragana Iteration Mark
12446U+309EE3 82 9EHiragana Voiced Iteration Mark
12447U+309FE3 82 9FHiragana Digraph Yori
12448U+30A0E3 82 A0Katakana-hiragana Double Hyphen
12449U+30A1E3 82 A1Katakana Letter Small A
12450U+30A2E3 82 A2Katakana Letter A
12451U+30A3E3 82 A3Katakana Letter Small I
12452U+30A4E3 82 A4Katakana Letter I
12453U+30A5E3 82 A5Katakana Letter Small U
12454U+30A6E3 82 A6Katakana Letter U
12455U+30A7E3 82 A7Katakana Letter Small E
12456U+30A8E3 82 A8Katakana Letter E
12457U+30A9E3 82 A9Katakana Letter Small O
12458U+30AAE3 82 AAKatakana Letter O
12459U+30ABE3 82 ABKatakana Letter Ka
12460U+30ACE3 82 ACKatakana Letter Ga
12461U+30ADE3 82 ADKatakana Letter Ki
12462U+30AEE3 82 AEKatakana Letter Gi
12463U+30AFE3 82 AFKatakana Letter Ku
12464U+30B0E3 82 B0Katakana Letter Gu
12465U+30B1E3 82 B1Katakana Letter Ke
12466U+30B2E3 82 B2Katakana Letter Ge
12467U+30B3E3 82 B3Katakana Letter Ko
12468U+30B4E3 82 B4Katakana Letter Go
12469U+30B5E3 82 B5Katakana Letter Sa
12470U+30B6E3 82 B6Katakana Letter Za
12471U+30B7E3 82 B7Katakana Letter Si
12472U+30B8E3 82 B8Katakana Letter Zi
12473U+30B9E3 82 B9Katakana Letter Su
12474U+30BAE3 82 BAKatakana Letter Zu
12475U+30BBE3 82 BBKatakana Letter Se
12476U+30BCE3 82 BCKatakana Letter Ze
12477U+30BDE3 82 BDKatakana Letter So
12478U+30BEE3 82 BEKatakana Letter Zo
12479U+30BFE3 82 BFKatakana Letter Ta
12480U+30C0E3 83 80Katakana Letter Da
12481U+30C1E3 83 81Katakana Letter Ti
12482U+30C2E3 83 82Katakana Letter Di
12483U+30C3E3 83 83Katakana Letter Small Tu
12484U+30C4E3 83 84Katakana Letter Tu
12485U+30C5E3 83 85Katakana Letter Du
12486U+30C6E3 83 86Katakana Letter Te
12487U+30C7E3 83 87Katakana Letter De
12488U+30C8E3 83 88Katakana Letter To
12489U+30C9E3 83 89Katakana Letter Do
12490U+30CAE3 83 8AKatakana Letter Na
12491U+30CBE3 83 8BKatakana Letter Ni
12492U+30CCE3 83 8CKatakana Letter Nu
12493U+30CDE3 83 8DKatakana Letter Ne
12494U+30CEE3 83 8EKatakana Letter No
12495U+30CFE3 83 8FKatakana Letter Ha
12496U+30D0E3 83 90Katakana Letter Ba
12497U+30D1E3 83 91Katakana Letter Pa
12498U+30D2E3 83 92Katakana Letter Hi
12499U+30D3E3 83 93Katakana Letter Bi
12500U+30D4E3 83 94Katakana Letter Pi
12501U+30D5E3 83 95Katakana Letter Hu
12502U+30D6E3 83 96Katakana Letter Bu
12503U+30D7E3 83 97Katakana Letter Pu
12504U+30D8E3 83 98Katakana Letter He
12505U+30D9E3 83 99Katakana Letter Be
12506U+30DAE3 83 9AKatakana Letter Pe
12507U+30DBE3 83 9BKatakana Letter Ho
12508U+30DCE3 83 9CKatakana Letter Bo
12509U+30DDE3 83 9DKatakana Letter Po
12510U+30DEE3 83 9EKatakana Letter Ma
12511U+30DFE3 83 9FKatakana Letter Mi
12512U+30E0E3 83 A0Katakana Letter Mu
12513U+30E1E3 83 A1Katakana Letter Me
12514U+30E2E3 83 A2Katakana Letter Mo
12515U+30E3E3 83 A3Katakana Letter Small Ya
12516U+30E4E3 83 A4Katakana Letter Ya
12517U+30E5E3 83 A5Katakana Letter Small Yu
12518U+30E6E3 83 A6Katakana Letter Yu
12519U+30E7E3 83 A7Katakana Letter Small Yo
12520U+30E8E3 83 A8Katakana Letter Yo
12521U+30E9E3 83 A9Katakana Letter Ra
12522U+30EAE3 83 AAKatakana Letter Ri
12523U+30EBE3 83 ABKatakana Letter Ru
12524U+30ECE3 83 ACKatakana Letter Re
12525U+30EDE3 83 ADKatakana Letter Ro
12526U+30EEE3 83 AEKatakana Letter Small Wa
12527U+30EFE3 83 AFKatakana Letter Wa
12528U+30F0E3 83 B0Katakana Letter Wi
12529U+30F1E3 83 B1Katakana Letter We
12530U+30F2E3 83 B2Katakana Letter Wo
12531U+30F3E3 83 B3Katakana Letter N
12532U+30F4E3 83 B4Katakana Letter Vu
12533U+30F5E3 83 B5Katakana Letter Small Ka
12534U+30F6E3 83 B6Katakana Letter Small Ke
12535U+30F7E3 83 B7Katakana Letter Va
12536U+30F8E3 83 B8Katakana Letter Vi
12537U+30F9E3 83 B9Katakana Letter Ve
12538U+30FAE3 83 BAKatakana Letter Vo
12539U+30FBE3 83 BBKatakana Middle Dot
12540U+30FCE3 83 BCKatakana-hiragana Prolonged Sound Mark
12541U+30FDE3 83 BDKatakana Iteration Mark
12542U+30FEE3 83 BEKatakana Voiced Iteration Mark
12543U+30FFE3 83 BFKatakana Digraph Koto
12544U+3100E3 84 80
12545U+3101E3 84 81
12546U+3102E3 84 82
12547U+3103E3 84 83
12548U+3104E3 84 84
12549U+3105E3 84 85Bopomofo Letter B
12550U+3106E3 84 86Bopomofo Letter P
12551U+3107E3 84 87Bopomofo Letter M
12552U+3108E3 84 88Bopomofo Letter F
12553U+3109E3 84 89Bopomofo Letter D
12554U+310AE3 84 8ABopomofo Letter T
12555U+310BE3 84 8BBopomofo Letter N
12556U+310CE3 84 8CBopomofo Letter L
12557U+310DE3 84 8DBopomofo Letter G
12558U+310EE3 84 8EBopomofo Letter K
12559U+310FE3 84 8FBopomofo Letter H
12560U+3110E3 84 90Bopomofo Letter J
12561U+3111E3 84 91Bopomofo Letter Q
12562U+3112E3 84 92Bopomofo Letter X
12563U+3113E3 84 93Bopomofo Letter Zh
12564U+3114E3 84 94Bopomofo Letter Ch
12565U+3115E3 84 95Bopomofo Letter Sh
12566U+3116E3 84 96Bopomofo Letter R
12567U+3117E3 84 97Bopomofo Letter Z
12568U+3118E3 84 98Bopomofo Letter C
12569U+3119E3 84 99Bopomofo Letter S
12570U+311AE3 84 9ABopomofo Letter A
12571U+311BE3 84 9BBopomofo Letter O
12572U+311CE3 84 9CBopomofo Letter E
12573U+311DE3 84 9DBopomofo Letter Eh
12574U+311EE3 84 9EBopomofo Letter Ai
12575U+311FE3 84 9FBopomofo Letter Ei
12576U+3120E3 84 A0Bopomofo Letter Au
12577U+3121E3 84 A1Bopomofo Letter Ou
12578U+3122E3 84 A2Bopomofo Letter An
12579U+3123E3 84 A3Bopomofo Letter En
12580U+3124E3 84 A4Bopomofo Letter Ang
12581U+3125E3 84 A5Bopomofo Letter Eng
12582U+3126E3 84 A6Bopomofo Letter Er
12583U+3127E3 84 A7Bopomofo Letter I
12584U+3128E3 84 A8Bopomofo Letter U
12585U+3129E3 84 A9Bopomofo Letter Iu
12586U+312AE3 84 AABopomofo Letter V
12587U+312BE3 84 ABBopomofo Letter Ng
12588U+312CE3 84 ACBopomofo Letter Gn
12589U+312DE3 84 ADBopomofo Letter Ih
12590U+312EE3 84 AE
12591U+312FE3 84 AF
12592U+3130E3 84 B0
12593U+3131E3 84 B1Hangul Letter Kiyeok
12594U+3132E3 84 B2Hangul Letter Ssangkiyeok
12595U+3133E3 84 B3Hangul Letter Kiyeok-sios
12596U+3134E3 84 B4Hangul Letter Nieun
12597U+3135E3 84 B5Hangul Letter Nieun-cieuc
12598U+3136E3 84 B6Hangul Letter Nieun-hieuh
12599U+3137E3 84 B7Hangul Letter Tikeut
12600U+3138E3 84 B8Hangul Letter Ssangtikeut
12601U+3139E3 84 B9Hangul Letter Rieul
12602U+313AE3 84 BAHangul Letter Rieul-kiyeok
12603U+313BE3 84 BBHangul Letter Rieul-mieum
12604U+313CE3 84 BCHangul Letter Rieul-pieup
12605U+313DE3 84 BDHangul Letter Rieul-sios
12606U+313EE3 84 BEHangul Letter Rieul-thieuth
12607U+313FE3 84 BFHangul Letter Rieul-phieuph
12608U+3140E3 85 80Hangul Letter Rieul-hieuh
12609U+3141E3 85 81Hangul Letter Mieum
12610U+3142E3 85 82Hangul Letter Pieup
12611U+3143E3 85 83Hangul Letter Ssangpieup
12612U+3144E3 85 84Hangul Letter Pieup-sios
12613U+3145E3 85 85Hangul Letter Sios
12614U+3146E3 85 86Hangul Letter Ssangsios
12615U+3147E3 85 87Hangul Letter Ieung
12616U+3148E3 85 88Hangul Letter Cieuc
12617U+3149E3 85 89Hangul Letter Ssangcieuc
12618U+314AE3 85 8AHangul Letter Chieuch
12619U+314BE3 85 8BHangul Letter Khieukh
12620U+314CE3 85 8CHangul Letter Thieuth
12621U+314DE3 85 8DHangul Letter Phieuph
12622U+314EE3 85 8EHangul Letter Hieuh
12623U+314FE3 85 8FHangul Letter A
12624U+3150E3 85 90Hangul Letter Ae
12625U+3151E3 85 91Hangul Letter Ya
12626U+3152E3 85 92Hangul Letter Yae
12627U+3153E3 85 93Hangul Letter Eo
12628U+3154E3 85 94Hangul Letter E
12629U+3155E3 85 95Hangul Letter Yeo
12630U+3156E3 85 96Hangul Letter Ye
12631U+3157E3 85 97Hangul Letter O
12632U+3158E3 85 98Hangul Letter Wa
12633U+3159E3 85 99Hangul Letter Wae
12634U+315AE3 85 9AHangul Letter Oe
12635U+315BE3 85 9BHangul Letter Yo
12636U+315CE3 85 9CHangul Letter U
12637U+315DE3 85 9DHangul Letter Weo
12638U+315EE3 85 9EHangul Letter We
12639U+315FE3 85 9FHangul Letter Wi
12640U+3160E3 85 A0Hangul Letter Yu
12641U+3161E3 85 A1Hangul Letter Eu
12642U+3162E3 85 A2Hangul Letter Yi
12643U+3163E3 85 A3Hangul Letter I
12644U+3164E3 85 A4Hangul Filler
12645U+3165E3 85 A5Hangul Letter Ssangnieun
12646U+3166E3 85 A6Hangul Letter Nieun-tikeut
12647U+3167E3 85 A7Hangul Letter Nieun-sios
12648U+3168E3 85 A8Hangul Letter Nieun-pansios
12649U+3169E3 85 A9Hangul Letter Rieul-kiyeok-sios
12650U+316AE3 85 AAHangul Letter Rieul-tikeut
12651U+316BE3 85 ABHangul Letter Rieul-pieup-sios
12652U+316CE3 85 ACHangul Letter Rieul-pansios
12653U+316DE3 85 ADHangul Letter Rieul-yeorinhieuh
12654U+316EE3 85 AEHangul Letter Mieum-pieup
12655U+316FE3 85 AFHangul Letter Mieum-sios
12656U+3170E3 85 B0Hangul Letter Mieum-pansios
12657U+3171E3 85 B1Hangul Letter Kapyeounmieum
12658U+3172E3 85 B2Hangul Letter Pieup-kiyeok
12659U+3173E3 85 B3Hangul Letter Pieup-tikeut
12660U+3174E3 85 B4Hangul Letter Pieup-sios-kiyeok
12661U+3175E3 85 B5Hangul Letter Pieup-sios-tikeut
12662U+3176E3 85 B6Hangul Letter Pieup-cieuc
12663U+3177E3 85 B7Hangul Letter Pieup-thieuth
12664U+3178E3 85 B8Hangul Letter Kapyeounpieup
12665U+3179E3 85 B9Hangul Letter Kapyeounssangpieup
12666U+317AE3 85 BAHangul Letter Sios-kiyeok
12667U+317BE3 85 BBHangul Letter Sios-nieun
12668U+317CE3 85 BCHangul Letter Sios-tikeut
12669U+317DE3 85 BDHangul Letter Sios-pieup
12670U+317EE3 85 BEHangul Letter Sios-cieuc
12671U+317FE3 85 BFHangul Letter Pansios
12672U+3180E3 86 80Hangul Letter Ssangieung
12673U+3181E3 86 81Hangul Letter Yesieung
12674U+3182E3 86 82Hangul Letter Yesieung-sios
12675U+3183E3 86 83Hangul Letter Yesieung-pansios
12676U+3184E3 86 84Hangul Letter Kapyeounphieuph
12677U+3185E3 86 85Hangul Letter Ssanghieuh
12678U+3186E3 86 86Hangul Letter Yeorinhieuh
12679U+3187E3 86 87Hangul Letter Yo-ya
12680U+3188E3 86 88Hangul Letter Yo-yae
12681U+3189E3 86 89Hangul Letter Yo-i
12682U+318AE3 86 8AHangul Letter Yu-yeo
12683U+318BE3 86 8BHangul Letter Yu-ye
12684U+318CE3 86 8CHangul Letter Yu-i
12685U+318DE3 86 8DHangul Letter Araea
12686U+318EE3 86 8EHangul Letter Araeae
12687U+318FE3 86 8F
12688U+3190E3 86 90Ideographic Annotation Linking Mark
12689U+3191E3 86 91Ideographic Annotation Reverse Mark
12690U+3192E3 86 92Ideographic Annotation One Mark
12691U+3193E3 86 93Ideographic Annotation Two Mark
12692U+3194E3 86 94Ideographic Annotation Three Mark
12693U+3195E3 86 95Ideographic Annotation Four Mark
12694U+3196E3 86 96Ideographic Annotation Top Mark
12695U+3197E3 86 97Ideographic Annotation Middle Mark
12696U+3198E3 86 98Ideographic Annotation Bottom Mark
12697U+3199E3 86 99Ideographic Annotation First Mark
12698U+319AE3 86 9AIdeographic Annotation Second Mark
12699U+319BE3 86 9BIdeographic Annotation Third Mark
12700U+319CE3 86 9CIdeographic Annotation Fourth Mark
12701U+319DE3 86 9DIdeographic Annotation Heaven Mark
12702U+319EE3 86 9EIdeographic Annotation Earth Mark
12703U+319FE3 86 9FIdeographic Annotation Man Mark
12704U+31A0E3 86 A0Bopomofo Letter Bu
12705U+31A1E3 86 A1Bopomofo Letter Zi
12706U+31A2E3 86 A2Bopomofo Letter Ji
12707U+31A3E3 86 A3Bopomofo Letter Gu
12708U+31A4E3 86 A4Bopomofo Letter Ee
12709U+31A5E3 86 A5Bopomofo Letter Enn
12710U+31A6E3 86 A6Bopomofo Letter Oo
12711U+31A7E3 86 A7Bopomofo Letter Onn
12712U+31A8E3 86 A8Bopomofo Letter Ir
12713U+31A9E3 86 A9Bopomofo Letter Ann
12714U+31AAE3 86 AABopomofo Letter Inn
12715U+31ABE3 86 ABBopomofo Letter Unn
12716U+31ACE3 86 ACBopomofo Letter Im
12717U+31ADE3 86 ADBopomofo Letter Ngg
12718U+31AEE3 86 AEBopomofo Letter Ainn
12719U+31AFE3 86 AFBopomofo Letter Aunn
12720U+31B0E3 86 B0Bopomofo Letter Am
12721U+31B1E3 86 B1Bopomofo Letter Om
12722U+31B2E3 86 B2Bopomofo Letter Ong
12723U+31B3E3 86 B3Bopomofo Letter Innn
12724U+31B4E3 86 B4Bopomofo Final Letter P
12725U+31B5E3 86 B5Bopomofo Final Letter T
12726U+31B6E3 86 B6Bopomofo Final Letter K
12727U+31B7E3 86 B7Bopomofo Final Letter H
12728U+31B8E3 86 B8Bopomofo Letter Gh
12729U+31B9E3 86 B9Bopomofo Letter Lh
12730U+31BAE3 86 BABopomofo Letter Zy
12731U+31BBE3 86 BB
12732U+31BCE3 86 BC
12733U+31BDE3 86 BD
12734U+31BEE3 86 BE
12735U+31BFE3 86 BF
12736U+31C0E3 87 80Cjk Stroke T
12737U+31C1E3 87 81Cjk Stroke Wg
12738U+31C2E3 87 82Cjk Stroke Xg
12739U+31C3E3 87 83Cjk Stroke Bxg
12740U+31C4E3 87 84Cjk Stroke Sw
12741U+31C5E3 87 85Cjk Stroke Hzz
12742U+31C6E3 87 86Cjk Stroke Hzg
12743U+31C7E3 87 87Cjk Stroke Hp
12744U+31C8E3 87 88Cjk Stroke Hzwg
12745U+31C9E3 87 89Cjk Stroke Szwg
12746U+31CAE3 87 8ACjk Stroke Hzt
12747U+31CBE3 87 8BCjk Stroke Hzzp
12748U+31CCE3 87 8CCjk Stroke Hpwg
12749U+31CDE3 87 8DCjk Stroke Hzw
12750U+31CEE3 87 8ECjk Stroke Hzzz
12751U+31CFE3 87 8FCjk Stroke N
12752U+31D0E3 87 90Cjk Stroke H
12753U+31D1E3 87 91Cjk Stroke S
12754U+31D2E3 87 92Cjk Stroke P
12755U+31D3E3 87 93Cjk Stroke Sp
12756U+31D4E3 87 94Cjk Stroke D
12757U+31D5E3 87 95Cjk Stroke Hz
12758U+31D6E3 87 96Cjk Stroke Hg
12759U+31D7E3 87 97Cjk Stroke Sz
12760U+31D8E3 87 98Cjk Stroke Swz
12761U+31D9E3 87 99Cjk Stroke St
12762U+31DAE3 87 9ACjk Stroke Sg
12763U+31DBE3 87 9BCjk Stroke Pd
12764U+31DCE3 87 9CCjk Stroke Pz
12765U+31DDE3 87 9DCjk Stroke Tn
12766U+31DEE3 87 9ECjk Stroke Szz
12767U+31DFE3 87 9FCjk Stroke Swg
12768U+31E0E3 87 A0Cjk Stroke Hxwg
12769U+31E1E3 87 A1Cjk Stroke Hzzzg
12770U+31E2E3 87 A2Cjk Stroke Pg
12771U+31E3E3 87 A3Cjk Stroke Q
12772U+31E4E3 87 A4
12773U+31E5E3 87 A5
12774U+31E6E3 87 A6
12775U+31E7E3 87 A7
12776U+31E8E3 87 A8
12777U+31E9E3 87 A9
12778U+31EAE3 87 AA
12779U+31EBE3 87 AB
12780U+31ECE3 87 AC
12781U+31EDE3 87 AD
12782U+31EEE3 87 AE
12783U+31EFE3 87 AF
12784U+31F0E3 87 B0Katakana Letter Small Ku
12785U+31F1E3 87 B1Katakana Letter Small Si
12786U+31F2E3 87 B2Katakana Letter Small Su
12787U+31F3E3 87 B3Katakana Letter Small To
12788U+31F4E3 87 B4Katakana Letter Small Nu
12789U+31F5E3 87 B5Katakana Letter Small Ha
12790U+31F6E3 87 B6Katakana Letter Small Hi
12791U+31F7E3 87 B7Katakana Letter Small Hu
12792U+31F8E3 87 B8Katakana Letter Small He
12793U+31F9E3 87 B9Katakana Letter Small Ho
12794U+31FAE3 87 BAKatakana Letter Small Mu
12795U+31FBE3 87 BBKatakana Letter Small Ra
12796U+31FCE3 87 BCKatakana Letter Small Ri
12797U+31FDE3 87 BDKatakana Letter Small Ru
12798U+31FEE3 87 BEKatakana Letter Small Re
12799U+31FFE3 87 BFKatakana Letter Small Ro
12800U+3200E3 88 80Parenthesized Hangul Kiyeok
12801U+3201E3 88 81Parenthesized Hangul Nieun
12802U+3202E3 88 82Parenthesized Hangul Tikeut
12803U+3203E3 88 83Parenthesized Hangul Rieul
12804U+3204E3 88 84Parenthesized Hangul Mieum
12805U+3205E3 88 85Parenthesized Hangul Pieup
12806U+3206E3 88 86Parenthesized Hangul Sios
12807U+3207E3 88 87Parenthesized Hangul Ieung
12808U+3208E3 88 88Parenthesized Hangul Cieuc
12809U+3209E3 88 89Parenthesized Hangul Chieuch
12810U+320AE3 88 8AParenthesized Hangul Khieukh
12811U+320BE3 88 8BParenthesized Hangul Thieuth
12812U+320CE3 88 8CParenthesized Hangul Phieuph
12813U+320DE3 88 8DParenthesized Hangul Hieuh
12814U+320EE3 88 8EParenthesized Hangul Kiyeok A
12815U+320FE3 88 8FParenthesized Hangul Nieun A
12816U+3210E3 88 90Parenthesized Hangul Tikeut A
12817U+3211E3 88 91Parenthesized Hangul Rieul A
12818U+3212E3 88 92Parenthesized Hangul Mieum A
12819U+3213E3 88 93Parenthesized Hangul Pieup A
12820U+3214E3 88 94Parenthesized Hangul Sios A
12821U+3215E3 88 95Parenthesized Hangul Ieung A
12822U+3216E3 88 96Parenthesized Hangul Cieuc A
12823U+3217E3 88 97Parenthesized Hangul Chieuch A
12824U+3218E3 88 98Parenthesized Hangul Khieukh A
12825U+3219E3 88 99Parenthesized Hangul Thieuth A
12826U+321AE3 88 9AParenthesized Hangul Phieuph A
12827U+321BE3 88 9BParenthesized Hangul Hieuh A
12828U+321CE3 88 9CParenthesized Hangul Cieuc U
12829U+321DE3 88 9DParenthesized Korean Character Ojeon
12830U+321EE3 88 9EParenthesized Korean Character O Hu
12831U+321FE3 88 9F
12832U+3220E3 88 A0Parenthesized Ideograph One
12833U+3221E3 88 A1Parenthesized Ideograph Two
12834U+3222E3 88 A2Parenthesized Ideograph Three
12835U+3223E3 88 A3Parenthesized Ideograph Four
12836U+3224E3 88 A4Parenthesized Ideograph Five
12837U+3225E3 88 A5Parenthesized Ideograph Six
12838U+3226E3 88 A6Parenthesized Ideograph Seven
12839U+3227E3 88 A7Parenthesized Ideograph Eight
12840U+3228E3 88 A8Parenthesized Ideograph Nine
12841U+3229E3 88 A9Parenthesized Ideograph Ten
12842U+322AE3 88 AAParenthesized Ideograph Moon
12843U+322BE3 88 ABParenthesized Ideograph Fire
12844U+322CE3 88 ACParenthesized Ideograph Water
12845U+322DE3 88 ADParenthesized Ideograph Wood
12846U+322EE3 88 AEParenthesized Ideograph Metal
12847U+322FE3 88 AFParenthesized Ideograph Earth
12848U+3230E3 88 B0Parenthesized Ideograph Sun
12849U+3231E3 88 B1Parenthesized Ideograph Stock
12850U+3232E3 88 B2Parenthesized Ideograph Have
12851U+3233E3 88 B3Parenthesized Ideograph Society
12852U+3234E3 88 B4Parenthesized Ideograph Name
12853U+3235E3 88 B5Parenthesized Ideograph Special
12854U+3236E3 88 B6Parenthesized Ideograph Financial
12855U+3237E3 88 B7Parenthesized Ideograph Congratulation
12856U+3238E3 88 B8Parenthesized Ideograph Labor
12857U+3239E3 88 B9Parenthesized Ideograph Represent
12858U+323AE3 88 BAParenthesized Ideograph Call
12859U+323BE3 88 BBParenthesized Ideograph Study
12860U+323CE3 88 BCParenthesized Ideograph Supervise
12861U+323DE3 88 BDParenthesized Ideograph Enterprise
12862U+323EE3 88 BEParenthesized Ideograph Resource
12863U+323FE3 88 BFParenthesized Ideograph Alliance
12864U+3240E3 89 80Parenthesized Ideograph Festival
12865U+3241E3 89 81Parenthesized Ideograph Rest
12866U+3242E3 89 82Parenthesized Ideograph Self
12867U+3243E3 89 83Parenthesized Ideograph Reach
12868U+3244E3 89 84Circled Ideograph Question
12869U+3245E3 89 85Circled Ideograph Kindergarten
12870U+3246E3 89 86Circled Ideograph School
12871U+3247E3 89 87Circled Ideograph Koto
12872U+3248E3 89 88Circled Number Ten On Black Square
12873U+3249E3 89 89Circled Number Twenty On Black Square
12874U+324AE3 89 8ACircled Number Thirty On Black Square
12875U+324BE3 89 8BCircled Number Forty On Black Square
12876U+324CE3 89 8CCircled Number Fifty On Black Square
12877U+324DE3 89 8DCircled Number Sixty On Black Square
12878U+324EE3 89 8ECircled Number Seventy On Black Square
12879U+324FE3 89 8FCircled Number Eighty On Black Square
12880U+3250E3 89 90Partnership Sign
12881U+3251E3 89 91Circled Number Twenty One
12882U+3252E3 89 92Circled Number Twenty Two
12883U+3253E3 89 93Circled Number Twenty Three
12884U+3254E3 89 94Circled Number Twenty Four
12885U+3255E3 89 95Circled Number Twenty Five
12886U+3256E3 89 96Circled Number Twenty Six
12887U+3257E3 89 97Circled Number Twenty Seven
12888U+3258E3 89 98Circled Number Twenty Eight
12889U+3259E3 89 99Circled Number Twenty Nine
12890U+325AE3 89 9ACircled Number Thirty
12891U+325BE3 89 9BCircled Number Thirty One
12892U+325CE3 89 9CCircled Number Thirty Two
12893U+325DE3 89 9DCircled Number Thirty Three
12894U+325EE3 89 9ECircled Number Thirty Four
12895U+325FE3 89 9FCircled Number Thirty Five
12896U+3260E3 89 A0Circled Hangul Kiyeok
12897U+3261E3 89 A1Circled Hangul Nieun
12898U+3262E3 89 A2Circled Hangul Tikeut
12899U+3263E3 89 A3Circled Hangul Rieul
12900U+3264E3 89 A4Circled Hangul Mieum
12901U+3265E3 89 A5Circled Hangul Pieup
12902U+3266E3 89 A6Circled Hangul Sios
12903U+3267E3 89 A7Circled Hangul Ieung
12904U+3268E3 89 A8Circled Hangul Cieuc
12905U+3269E3 89 A9Circled Hangul Chieuch
12906U+326AE3 89 AACircled Hangul Khieukh
12907U+326BE3 89 ABCircled Hangul Thieuth
12908U+326CE3 89 ACCircled Hangul Phieuph
12909U+326DE3 89 ADCircled Hangul Hieuh
12910U+326EE3 89 AECircled Hangul Kiyeok A
12911U+326FE3 89 AFCircled Hangul Nieun A
12912U+3270E3 89 B0Circled Hangul Tikeut A
12913U+3271E3 89 B1Circled Hangul Rieul A
12914U+3272E3 89 B2Circled Hangul Mieum A
12915U+3273E3 89 B3Circled Hangul Pieup A
12916U+3274E3 89 B4Circled Hangul Sios A
12917U+3275E3 89 B5Circled Hangul Ieung A
12918U+3276E3 89 B6Circled Hangul Cieuc A
12919U+3277E3 89 B7Circled Hangul Chieuch A
12920U+3278E3 89 B8Circled Hangul Khieukh A
12921U+3279E3 89 B9Circled Hangul Thieuth A
12922U+327AE3 89 BACircled Hangul Phieuph A
12923U+327BE3 89 BBCircled Hangul Hieuh A
12924U+327CE3 89 BCCircled Korean Character Chamko
12925U+327DE3 89 BDCircled Korean Character Jueui
12926U+327EE3 89 BECircled Hangul Ieung U
12927U+327FE3 89 BFKorean Standard Symbol
12928U+3280E3 8A 80Circled Ideograph One
12929U+3281E3 8A 81Circled Ideograph Two
12930U+3282E3 8A 82Circled Ideograph Three
12931U+3283E3 8A 83Circled Ideograph Four
12932U+3284E3 8A 84Circled Ideograph Five
12933U+3285E3 8A 85Circled Ideograph Six
12934U+3286E3 8A 86Circled Ideograph Seven
12935U+3287E3 8A 87Circled Ideograph Eight
12936U+3288E3 8A 88Circled Ideograph Nine
12937U+3289E3 8A 89Circled Ideograph Ten
12938U+328AE3 8A 8ACircled Ideograph Moon
12939U+328BE3 8A 8BCircled Ideograph Fire
12940U+328CE3 8A 8CCircled Ideograph Water
12941U+328DE3 8A 8DCircled Ideograph Wood
12942U+328EE3 8A 8ECircled Ideograph Metal
12943U+328FE3 8A 8FCircled Ideograph Earth
12944U+3290E3 8A 90Circled Ideograph Sun
12945U+3291E3 8A 91Circled Ideograph Stock
12946U+3292E3 8A 92Circled Ideograph Have
12947U+3293E3 8A 93Circled Ideograph Society
12948U+3294E3 8A 94Circled Ideograph Name
12949U+3295E3 8A 95Circled Ideograph Special
12950U+3296E3 8A 96Circled Ideograph Financial
12951U+3297E3 8A 97Circled Ideograph Congratulation
12952U+3298E3 8A 98Circled Ideograph Labor
12953U+3299E3 8A 99Circled Ideograph Secret
12954U+329AE3 8A 9ACircled Ideograph Male
12955U+329BE3 8A 9BCircled Ideograph Female
12956U+329CE3 8A 9CCircled Ideograph Suitable
12957U+329DE3 8A 9DCircled Ideograph Excellent
12958U+329EE3 8A 9ECircled Ideograph Print
12959U+329FE3 8A 9FCircled Ideograph Attention
12960U+32A0E3 8A A0Circled Ideograph Item
12961U+32A1E3 8A A1Circled Ideograph Rest
12962U+32A2E3 8A A2Circled Ideograph Copy
12963U+32A3E3 8A A3Circled Ideograph Correct
12964U+32A4E3 8A A4Circled Ideograph High
12965U+32A5E3 8A A5Circled Ideograph Centre
12966U+32A6E3 8A A6Circled Ideograph Low
12967U+32A7E3 8A A7Circled Ideograph Left
12968U+32A8E3 8A A8Circled Ideograph Right
12969U+32A9E3 8A A9Circled Ideograph Medicine
12970U+32AAE3 8A AACircled Ideograph Religion
12971U+32ABE3 8A ABCircled Ideograph Study
12972U+32ACE3 8A ACCircled Ideograph Supervise
12973U+32ADE3 8A ADCircled Ideograph Enterprise
12974U+32AEE3 8A AECircled Ideograph Resource
12975U+32AFE3 8A AFCircled Ideograph Alliance
12976U+32B0E3 8A B0Circled Ideograph Night
12977U+32B1E3 8A B1Circled Number Thirty Six
12978U+32B2E3 8A B2Circled Number Thirty Seven
12979U+32B3E3 8A B3Circled Number Thirty Eight
12980U+32B4E3 8A B4Circled Number Thirty Nine
12981U+32B5E3 8A B5Circled Number Forty
12982U+32B6E3 8A B6Circled Number Forty One
12983U+32B7E3 8A B7Circled Number Forty Two
12984U+32B8E3 8A B8Circled Number Forty Three
12985U+32B9E3 8A B9Circled Number Forty Four
12986U+32BAE3 8A BACircled Number Forty Five
12987U+32BBE3 8A BBCircled Number Forty Six
12988U+32BCE3 8A BCCircled Number Forty Seven
12989U+32BDE3 8A BDCircled Number Forty Eight
12990U+32BEE3 8A BECircled Number Forty Nine
12991U+32BFE3 8A BFCircled Number Fifty
12992U+32C0E3 8B 80Ideographic Telegraph Symbol For January
12993U+32C1E3 8B 81Ideographic Telegraph Symbol For February
12994U+32C2E3 8B 82Ideographic Telegraph Symbol For March
12995U+32C3E3 8B 83Ideographic Telegraph Symbol For April
12996U+32C4E3 8B 84Ideographic Telegraph Symbol For May
12997U+32C5E3 8B 85Ideographic Telegraph Symbol For June
12998U+32C6E3 8B 86Ideographic Telegraph Symbol For July
12999U+32C7E3 8B 87Ideographic Telegraph Symbol For August

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