UTF-8 code page (#12)

Unicode UTF-8 - characters 11000 (U+2AF8) to 11999 (U+2EDF)

UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8. UTF-8 is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters, one UTF-8 character uses 1 to 4 bytes.

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Dec Hex UTF-8 Hex Char Unicode description
11000U+2AF8E2 AB B8Triple Nested Greater-than
11001U+2AF9E2 AB B9Double-line Slanted Less-than Or Equal To
11002U+2AFAE2 AB BADouble-line Slanted Greater-than Or Equal To
11003U+2AFBE2 AB BBTriple Solidus Binary Relation
11004U+2AFCE2 AB BCLarge Triple Vertical Bar Operator
11005U+2AFDE2 AB BDDouble Solidus Operator
11006U+2AFEE2 AB BEWhite Vertical Bar
11007U+2AFFE2 AB BF⫿N-ary White Vertical Bar
11008U+2B00E2 AC 80North East White Arrow
11009U+2B01E2 AC 81North West White Arrow
11010U+2B02E2 AC 82South East White Arrow
11011U+2B03E2 AC 83South West White Arrow
11012U+2B04E2 AC 84Left Right White Arrow
11013U+2B05E2 AC 85Leftwards Black Arrow
11014U+2B06E2 AC 86Upwards Black Arrow
11015U+2B07E2 AC 87Downwards Black Arrow
11016U+2B08E2 AC 88North East Black Arrow
11017U+2B09E2 AC 89North West Black Arrow
11018U+2B0AE2 AC 8ASouth East Black Arrow
11019U+2B0BE2 AC 8BSouth West Black Arrow
11020U+2B0CE2 AC 8CLeft Right Black Arrow
11021U+2B0DE2 AC 8DUp Down Black Arrow
11022U+2B0EE2 AC 8ERightwards Arrow With Tip Downwards
11023U+2B0FE2 AC 8FRightwards Arrow With Tip Upwards
11024U+2B10E2 AC 90Leftwards Arrow With Tip Downwards
11025U+2B11E2 AC 91Leftwards Arrow With Tip Upwards
11026U+2B12E2 AC 92Square With Top Half Black
11027U+2B13E2 AC 93Square With Bottom Half Black
11028U+2B14E2 AC 94Square With Upper Right Diagonal Half Black
11029U+2B15E2 AC 95Square With Lower Left Diagonal Half Black
11030U+2B16E2 AC 96Diamond With Left Half Black
11031U+2B17E2 AC 97Diamond With Right Half Black
11032U+2B18E2 AC 98Diamond With Top Half Black
11033U+2B19E2 AC 99Diamond With Bottom Half Black
11034U+2B1AE2 AC 9ADotted Square
11035U+2B1BE2 AC 9BBlack Large Square
11036U+2B1CE2 AC 9CWhite Large Square
11037U+2B1DE2 AC 9DBlack Very Small Square
11038U+2B1EE2 AC 9EWhite Very Small Square
11039U+2B1FE2 AC 9FBlack Pentagon
11040U+2B20E2 AC A0White Pentagon
11041U+2B21E2 AC A1White Hexagon
11042U+2B22E2 AC A2Black Hexagon
11043U+2B23E2 AC A3Horizontal Black Hexagon
11044U+2B24E2 AC A4Black Large Circle
11045U+2B25E2 AC A5Black Medium Diamond
11046U+2B26E2 AC A6White Medium Diamond
11047U+2B27E2 AC A7Black Medium Lozenge
11048U+2B28E2 AC A8White Medium Lozenge
11049U+2B29E2 AC A9Black Small Diamond
11050U+2B2AE2 AC AABlack Small Lozenge
11051U+2B2BE2 AC ABWhite Small Lozenge
11052U+2B2CE2 AC ACBlack Horizontal Ellipse
11053U+2B2DE2 AC ADWhite Horizontal Ellipse
11054U+2B2EE2 AC AEBlack Vertical Ellipse
11055U+2B2FE2 AC AFWhite Vertical Ellipse
11056U+2B30E2 AC B0Left Arrow With Small Circle
11057U+2B31E2 AC B1Three Leftwards Arrows
11058U+2B32E2 AC B2Left Arrow With Circled Plus
11059U+2B33E2 AC B3Long Leftwards Squiggle Arrow
11060U+2B34E2 AC B4Leftwards Two-headed Arrow With Vertical Stroke
11061U+2B35E2 AC B5Leftwards Two-headed Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
11062U+2B36E2 AC B6Leftwards Two-headed Arrow From Bar
11063U+2B37E2 AC B7Leftwards Two-headed Triple Dash Arrow
11064U+2B38E2 AC B8Leftwards Arrow With Dotted Stem
11065U+2B39E2 AC B9Leftwards Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
11066U+2B3AE2 AC BALeftwards Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
11067U+2B3BE2 AC BBLeftwards Two-headed Arrow With Tail
11068U+2B3CE2 AC BCLeftwards Two-headed Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke
11069U+2B3DE2 AC BDLeftwards Two-headed Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke
11070U+2B3EE2 AC BELeftwards Arrow Through X
11071U+2B3FE2 AC BF⬿Wave Arrow Pointing Directly Left
11072U+2B40E2 AD 80Equals Sign Above Leftwards Arrow
11073U+2B41E2 AD 81Reverse Tilde Operator Above Leftwards Arrow
11074U+2B42E2 AD 82Leftwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To
11075U+2B43E2 AD 83Rightwards Arrow Through Greater-than
11076U+2B44E2 AD 84Rightwards Arrow Through Superset
11077U+2B45E2 AD 85Leftwards Quadruple Arrow
11078U+2B46E2 AD 86Rightwards Quadruple Arrow
11079U+2B47E2 AD 87Reverse Tilde Operator Above Rightwards Arrow
11080U+2B48E2 AD 88Rightwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To
11081U+2B49E2 AD 89Tilde Operator Above Leftwards Arrow
11082U+2B4AE2 AD 8ALeftwards Arrow Above Almost Equal To
11083U+2B4BE2 AD 8BLeftwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde Operator
11084U+2B4CE2 AD 8CRightwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde Operator
11085U+2B4DE2 AD 8DDownwards Triangle-headed Zigzag Arrow
11086U+2B4EE2 AD 8EShort Slanted North Arrow
11087U+2B4FE2 AD 8FShort Backslanted South Arrow
11088U+2B50E2 AD 90White Medium Star
11089U+2B51E2 AD 91Black Small Star
11090U+2B52E2 AD 92White Small Star
11091U+2B53E2 AD 93Black Right-pointing Pentagon
11092U+2B54E2 AD 94White Right-pointing Pentagon
11093U+2B55E2 AD 95Heavy Large Circle
11094U+2B56E2 AD 96Heavy Oval With Oval Inside
11095U+2B57E2 AD 97Heavy Circle With Circle Inside
11096U+2B58E2 AD 98Heavy Circle
11097U+2B59E2 AD 99Heavy Circled Saltire
11098U+2B5AE2 AD 9ASlanted North Arrow With Hooked Head
11099U+2B5BE2 AD 9BBackslanted South Arrow With Hooked Tail
11100U+2B5CE2 AD 9CSlanted North Arrow With Horizontal Tail
11101U+2B5DE2 AD 9DBackslanted South Arrow With Horizontal Tail
11102U+2B5EE2 AD 9EBent Arrow Pointing Downwards Then North East
11103U+2B5FE2 AD 9FShort Bent Arrow Pointing Downwards Then North East
11104U+2B60E2 AD A0Leftwards Triangle-headed Arrow
11105U+2B61E2 AD A1Upwards Triangle-headed Arrow
11106U+2B62E2 AD A2Rightwards Triangle-headed Arrow
11107U+2B63E2 AD A3Downwards Triangle-headed Arrow
11108U+2B64E2 AD A4Left Right Triangle-headed Arrow
11109U+2B65E2 AD A5Up Down Triangle-headed Arrow
11110U+2B66E2 AD A6North West Triangle-headed Arrow
11111U+2B67E2 AD A7North East Triangle-headed Arrow
11112U+2B68E2 AD A8South East Triangle-headed Arrow
11113U+2B69E2 AD A9South West Triangle-headed Arrow
11114U+2B6AE2 AD AALeftwards Triangle-headed Dashed Arrow
11115U+2B6BE2 AD ABUpwards Triangle-headed Dashed Arrow
11116U+2B6CE2 AD ACRightwards Triangle-headed Dashed Arrow
11117U+2B6DE2 AD ADDownwards Triangle-headed Dashed Arrow
11118U+2B6EE2 AD AEClockwise Triangle-headed Open Circle Arrow
11119U+2B6FE2 AD AFAnticlockwise Triangle-headed Open Circle Arrow
11120U+2B70E2 AD B0Leftwards Triangle-headed Arrow To Bar
11121U+2B71E2 AD B1Upwards Triangle-headed Arrow To Bar
11122U+2B72E2 AD B2Rightwards Triangle-headed Arrow To Bar
11123U+2B73E2 AD B3Downwards Triangle-headed Arrow To Bar
11124U+2B74E2 AD B4
11125U+2B75E2 AD B5
11126U+2B76E2 AD B6North West Triangle-headed Arrow To Bar
11127U+2B77E2 AD B7North East Triangle-headed Arrow To Bar
11128U+2B78E2 AD B8South East Triangle-headed Arrow To Bar
11129U+2B79E2 AD B9South West Triangle-headed Arrow To Bar
11130U+2B7AE2 AD BALeftwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Double Horizontal Stroke
11131U+2B7BE2 AD BBUpwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Double Horizontal Stroke
11132U+2B7CE2 AD BCRightwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Double Horizontal Stroke
11133U+2B7DE2 AD BDDownwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Double Horizontal Stroke
11134U+2B7EE2 AD BEHorizontal Tab Key
11135U+2B7FE2 AD BF⭿Vertical Tab Key
11136U+2B80E2 AE 80Leftwards Triangle-headed Arrow Over Rightwards Triangle-headed Arrow
11137U+2B81E2 AE 81Upwards Triangle-headed Arrow Leftwards Of Downwards Triangle-headed Arrow
11138U+2B82E2 AE 82Rightwards Triangle-headed Arrow Over Leftwards Triangle-headed Arrow
11139U+2B83E2 AE 83Downwards Triangle-headed Arrow Leftwards Of Upwards Triangle-headed Arrow
11140U+2B84E2 AE 84Leftwards Triangle-headed Paired Arrows
11141U+2B85E2 AE 85Upwards Triangle-headed Paired Arrows
11142U+2B86E2 AE 86Rightwards Triangle-headed Paired Arrows
11143U+2B87E2 AE 87Downwards Triangle-headed Paired Arrows
11144U+2B88E2 AE 88Leftwards Black Circled White Arrow
11145U+2B89E2 AE 89Upwards Black Circled White Arrow
11146U+2B8AE2 AE 8ARightwards Black Circled White Arrow
11147U+2B8BE2 AE 8BDownwards Black Circled White Arrow
11148U+2B8CE2 AE 8CAnticlockwise Triangle-headed Right U-shaped Arrow
11149U+2B8DE2 AE 8DAnticlockwise Triangle-headed Bottom U-shaped Arrow
11150U+2B8EE2 AE 8EAnticlockwise Triangle-headed Left U-shaped Arrow
11151U+2B8FE2 AE 8FAnticlockwise Triangle-headed Top U-shaped Arrow
11152U+2B90E2 AE 90Return Left
11153U+2B91E2 AE 91Return Right
11154U+2B92E2 AE 92Newline Left
11155U+2B93E2 AE 93Newline Right
11156U+2B94E2 AE 94Four Corner Arrows Circling Anticlockwise
11157U+2B95E2 AE 95Rightwards Black Arrow
11158U+2B96E2 AE 96
11159U+2B97E2 AE 97
11160U+2B98E2 AE 98Three-d Top-lighted Leftwards Equilateral Arrowhead
11161U+2B99E2 AE 99Three-d Right-lighted Upwards Equilateral Arrowhead
11162U+2B9AE2 AE 9AThree-d Top-lighted Rightwards Equilateral Arrowhead
11163U+2B9BE2 AE 9BThree-d Left-lighted Downwards Equilateral Arrowhead
11164U+2B9CE2 AE 9CBlack Leftwards Equilateral Arrowhead
11165U+2B9DE2 AE 9DBlack Upwards Equilateral Arrowhead
11166U+2B9EE2 AE 9EBlack Rightwards Equilateral Arrowhead
11167U+2B9FE2 AE 9FBlack Downwards Equilateral Arrowhead
11168U+2BA0E2 AE A0Downwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Long Tip Leftwards
11169U+2BA1E2 AE A1Downwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Long Tip Rightwards
11170U+2BA2E2 AE A2Upwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Long Tip Leftwards
11171U+2BA3E2 AE A3Upwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Long Tip Rightwards
11172U+2BA4E2 AE A4Leftwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Long Tip Upwards
11173U+2BA5E2 AE A5Rightwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Long Tip Upwards
11174U+2BA6E2 AE A6Leftwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Long Tip Downwards
11175U+2BA7E2 AE A7Rightwards Triangle-headed Arrow With Long Tip Downwards
11176U+2BA8E2 AE A8Black Curved Downwards And Leftwards Arrow
11177U+2BA9E2 AE A9Black Curved Downwards And Rightwards Arrow
11178U+2BAAE2 AE AABlack Curved Upwards And Leftwards Arrow
11179U+2BABE2 AE ABBlack Curved Upwards And Rightwards Arrow
11180U+2BACE2 AE ACBlack Curved Leftwards And Upwards Arrow
11181U+2BADE2 AE ADBlack Curved Rightwards And Upwards Arrow
11182U+2BAEE2 AE AEBlack Curved Leftwards And Downwards Arrow
11183U+2BAFE2 AE AFBlack Curved Rightwards And Downwards Arrow
11184U+2BB0E2 AE B0Ribbon Arrow Down Left
11185U+2BB1E2 AE B1Ribbon Arrow Down Right
11186U+2BB2E2 AE B2Ribbon Arrow Up Left
11187U+2BB3E2 AE B3Ribbon Arrow Up Right
11188U+2BB4E2 AE B4Ribbon Arrow Left Up
11189U+2BB5E2 AE B5Ribbon Arrow Right Up
11190U+2BB6E2 AE B6Ribbon Arrow Left Down
11191U+2BB7E2 AE B7Ribbon Arrow Right Down
11192U+2BB8E2 AE B8Upwards White Arrow From Bar With Horizontal Bar
11193U+2BB9E2 AE B9Up Arrowhead In A Rectangle Box
11194U+2BBAE2 AE BA
11195U+2BBBE2 AE BB
11196U+2BBCE2 AE BC
11197U+2BBDE2 AE BDBallot Box With Light X
11198U+2BBEE2 AE BECircled X
11199U+2BBFE2 AE BF⮿Circled Bold X
11200U+2BC0E2 AF 80Black Square Centred
11201U+2BC1E2 AF 81Black Diamond Centred
11202U+2BC2E2 AF 82Turned Black Pentagon
11203U+2BC3E2 AF 83Horizontal Black Octagon
11204U+2BC4E2 AF 84Black Octagon
11205U+2BC5E2 AF 85Black Medium Up-pointing Triangle Centred
11206U+2BC6E2 AF 86Black Medium Down-pointing Triangle Centred
11207U+2BC7E2 AF 87Black Medium Left-pointing Triangle Centred
11208U+2BC8E2 AF 88Black Medium Right-pointing Triangle Centred
11209U+2BC9E2 AF 89
11210U+2BCAE2 AF 8ATop Half Black Circle
11211U+2BCBE2 AF 8BBottom Half Black Circle
11212U+2BCCE2 AF 8CLight Four Pointed Black Cusp
11213U+2BCDE2 AF 8DRotated Light Four Pointed Black Cusp
11214U+2BCEE2 AF 8EWhite Four Pointed Cusp
11215U+2BCFE2 AF 8FRotated White Four Pointed Cusp
11216U+2BD0E2 AF 90Square Position Indicator
11217U+2BD1E2 AF 91Uncertainty Sign
11218U+2BD2E2 AF 92
11219U+2BD3E2 AF 93
11220U+2BD4E2 AF 94
11221U+2BD5E2 AF 95
11222U+2BD6E2 AF 96
11223U+2BD7E2 AF 97
11224U+2BD8E2 AF 98
11225U+2BD9E2 AF 99
11226U+2BDAE2 AF 9A
11227U+2BDBE2 AF 9B
11228U+2BDCE2 AF 9C
11229U+2BDDE2 AF 9D
11230U+2BDEE2 AF 9E
11231U+2BDFE2 AF 9F
11232U+2BE0E2 AF A0
11233U+2BE1E2 AF A1
11234U+2BE2E2 AF A2
11235U+2BE3E2 AF A3
11236U+2BE4E2 AF A4
11237U+2BE5E2 AF A5
11238U+2BE6E2 AF A6
11239U+2BE7E2 AF A7
11240U+2BE8E2 AF A8
11241U+2BE9E2 AF A9
11242U+2BEAE2 AF AA
11243U+2BEBE2 AF AB
11244U+2BECE2 AF ACLeftwards Two-headed Arrow With Triangle Arrowheads
11245U+2BEDE2 AF ADUpwards Two-headed Arrow With Triangle Arrowheads
11246U+2BEEE2 AF AERightwards Two-headed Arrow With Triangle Arrowheads
11247U+2BEFE2 AF AFDownwards Two-headed Arrow With Triangle Arrowheads
11248U+2BF0E2 AF B0
11249U+2BF1E2 AF B1
11250U+2BF2E2 AF B2
11251U+2BF3E2 AF B3
11252U+2BF4E2 AF B4
11253U+2BF5E2 AF B5
11254U+2BF6E2 AF B6
11255U+2BF7E2 AF B7
11256U+2BF8E2 AF B8
11257U+2BF9E2 AF B9
11258U+2BFAE2 AF BA
11259U+2BFBE2 AF BB
11260U+2BFCE2 AF BC
11261U+2BFDE2 AF BD
11262U+2BFEE2 AF BE
11263U+2BFFE2 AF BF⯿
11264U+2C00E2 B0 80Glagolitic Capital Letter Azu
11265U+2C01E2 B0 81Glagolitic Capital Letter Buky
11266U+2C02E2 B0 82Glagolitic Capital Letter Vede
11267U+2C03E2 B0 83Glagolitic Capital Letter Glagoli
11268U+2C04E2 B0 84Glagolitic Capital Letter Dobro
11269U+2C05E2 B0 85Glagolitic Capital Letter Yestu
11270U+2C06E2 B0 86Glagolitic Capital Letter Zhivete
11271U+2C07E2 B0 87Glagolitic Capital Letter Dzelo
11272U+2C08E2 B0 88Glagolitic Capital Letter Zemlja
11273U+2C09E2 B0 89Glagolitic Capital Letter Izhe
11274U+2C0AE2 B0 8AGlagolitic Capital Letter Initial Izhe
11275U+2C0BE2 B0 8BGlagolitic Capital Letter I
11276U+2C0CE2 B0 8CGlagolitic Capital Letter Djervi
11277U+2C0DE2 B0 8DGlagolitic Capital Letter Kako
11278U+2C0EE2 B0 8EGlagolitic Capital Letter Ljudije
11279U+2C0FE2 B0 8FGlagolitic Capital Letter Myslite
11280U+2C10E2 B0 90Glagolitic Capital Letter Nashi
11281U+2C11E2 B0 91Glagolitic Capital Letter Onu
11282U+2C12E2 B0 92Glagolitic Capital Letter Pokoji
11283U+2C13E2 B0 93Glagolitic Capital Letter Ritsi
11284U+2C14E2 B0 94Glagolitic Capital Letter Slovo
11285U+2C15E2 B0 95Glagolitic Capital Letter Tvrido
11286U+2C16E2 B0 96Glagolitic Capital Letter Uku
11287U+2C17E2 B0 97Glagolitic Capital Letter Fritu
11288U+2C18E2 B0 98Glagolitic Capital Letter Heru
11289U+2C19E2 B0 99Glagolitic Capital Letter Otu
11290U+2C1AE2 B0 9AGlagolitic Capital Letter Pe
11291U+2C1BE2 B0 9BGlagolitic Capital Letter Shta
11292U+2C1CE2 B0 9CGlagolitic Capital Letter Tsi
11293U+2C1DE2 B0 9DGlagolitic Capital Letter Chrivi
11294U+2C1EE2 B0 9EGlagolitic Capital Letter Sha
11295U+2C1FE2 B0 9FGlagolitic Capital Letter Yeru
11296U+2C20E2 B0 A0Glagolitic Capital Letter Yeri
11297U+2C21E2 B0 A1Glagolitic Capital Letter Yati
11298U+2C22E2 B0 A2Glagolitic Capital Letter Spidery Ha
11299U+2C23E2 B0 A3Glagolitic Capital Letter Yu
11300U+2C24E2 B0 A4Glagolitic Capital Letter Small Yus
11301U+2C25E2 B0 A5Glagolitic Capital Letter Small Yus With Tail
11302U+2C26E2 B0 A6Glagolitic Capital Letter Yo
11303U+2C27E2 B0 A7Glagolitic Capital Letter Iotated Small Yus
11304U+2C28E2 B0 A8Glagolitic Capital Letter Big Yus
11305U+2C29E2 B0 A9Glagolitic Capital Letter Iotated Big Yus
11306U+2C2AE2 B0 AAGlagolitic Capital Letter Fita
11307U+2C2BE2 B0 ABGlagolitic Capital Letter Izhitsa
11308U+2C2CE2 B0 ACGlagolitic Capital Letter Shtapic
11309U+2C2DE2 B0 ADGlagolitic Capital Letter Trokutasti A
11310U+2C2EE2 B0 AEGlagolitic Capital Letter Latinate Myslite
11311U+2C2FE2 B0 AF
11312U+2C30E2 B0 B0Glagolitic Small Letter Azu
11313U+2C31E2 B0 B1Glagolitic Small Letter Buky
11314U+2C32E2 B0 B2Glagolitic Small Letter Vede
11315U+2C33E2 B0 B3Glagolitic Small Letter Glagoli
11316U+2C34E2 B0 B4Glagolitic Small Letter Dobro
11317U+2C35E2 B0 B5Glagolitic Small Letter Yestu
11318U+2C36E2 B0 B6Glagolitic Small Letter Zhivete
11319U+2C37E2 B0 B7Glagolitic Small Letter Dzelo
11320U+2C38E2 B0 B8Glagolitic Small Letter Zemlja
11321U+2C39E2 B0 B9Glagolitic Small Letter Izhe
11322U+2C3AE2 B0 BAGlagolitic Small Letter Initial Izhe
11323U+2C3BE2 B0 BBGlagolitic Small Letter I
11324U+2C3CE2 B0 BCGlagolitic Small Letter Djervi
11325U+2C3DE2 B0 BDGlagolitic Small Letter Kako
11326U+2C3EE2 B0 BEGlagolitic Small Letter Ljudije
11327U+2C3FE2 B0 BFⰿGlagolitic Small Letter Myslite
11328U+2C40E2 B1 80Glagolitic Small Letter Nashi
11329U+2C41E2 B1 81Glagolitic Small Letter Onu
11330U+2C42E2 B1 82Glagolitic Small Letter Pokoji
11331U+2C43E2 B1 83Glagolitic Small Letter Ritsi
11332U+2C44E2 B1 84Glagolitic Small Letter Slovo
11333U+2C45E2 B1 85Glagolitic Small Letter Tvrido
11334U+2C46E2 B1 86Glagolitic Small Letter Uku
11335U+2C47E2 B1 87Glagolitic Small Letter Fritu
11336U+2C48E2 B1 88Glagolitic Small Letter Heru
11337U+2C49E2 B1 89Glagolitic Small Letter Otu
11338U+2C4AE2 B1 8AGlagolitic Small Letter Pe
11339U+2C4BE2 B1 8BGlagolitic Small Letter Shta
11340U+2C4CE2 B1 8CGlagolitic Small Letter Tsi
11341U+2C4DE2 B1 8DGlagolitic Small Letter Chrivi
11342U+2C4EE2 B1 8EGlagolitic Small Letter Sha
11343U+2C4FE2 B1 8FGlagolitic Small Letter Yeru
11344U+2C50E2 B1 90Glagolitic Small Letter Yeri
11345U+2C51E2 B1 91Glagolitic Small Letter Yati
11346U+2C52E2 B1 92Glagolitic Small Letter Spidery Ha
11347U+2C53E2 B1 93Glagolitic Small Letter Yu
11348U+2C54E2 B1 94Glagolitic Small Letter Small Yus
11349U+2C55E2 B1 95Glagolitic Small Letter Small Yus With Tail
11350U+2C56E2 B1 96Glagolitic Small Letter Yo
11351U+2C57E2 B1 97Glagolitic Small Letter Iotated Small Yus
11352U+2C58E2 B1 98Glagolitic Small Letter Big Yus
11353U+2C59E2 B1 99Glagolitic Small Letter Iotated Big Yus
11354U+2C5AE2 B1 9AGlagolitic Small Letter Fita
11355U+2C5BE2 B1 9BGlagolitic Small Letter Izhitsa
11356U+2C5CE2 B1 9CGlagolitic Small Letter Shtapic
11357U+2C5DE2 B1 9DGlagolitic Small Letter Trokutasti A
11358U+2C5EE2 B1 9EGlagolitic Small Letter Latinate Myslite
11359U+2C5FE2 B1 9F
11360U+2C60E2 B1 A0Latin Capital Letter L With Double Bar
11361U+2C61E2 B1 A1Latin Small Letter L With Double Bar
11362U+2C62E2 B1 A2Latin Capital Letter L With Middle Tilde
11363U+2C63E2 B1 A3Latin Capital Letter P With Stroke
11364U+2C64E2 B1 A4Latin Capital Letter R With Tail
11365U+2C65E2 B1 A5Latin Small Letter A With Stroke
11366U+2C66E2 B1 A6Latin Small Letter T With Diagonal Stroke
11367U+2C67E2 B1 A7Latin Capital Letter H With Descender
11368U+2C68E2 B1 A8Latin Small Letter H With Descender
11369U+2C69E2 B1 A9Latin Capital Letter K With Descender
11370U+2C6AE2 B1 AALatin Small Letter K With Descender
11371U+2C6BE2 B1 ABLatin Capital Letter Z With Descender
11372U+2C6CE2 B1 ACLatin Small Letter Z With Descender
11373U+2C6DE2 B1 ADLatin Capital Letter Alpha
11374U+2C6EE2 B1 AELatin Capital Letter M With Hook
11375U+2C6FE2 B1 AFLatin Capital Letter Turned A
11376U+2C70E2 B1 B0Latin Capital Letter Turned Alpha
11377U+2C71E2 B1 B1Latin Small Letter V With Right Hook
11378U+2C72E2 B1 B2Latin Capital Letter W With Hook
11379U+2C73E2 B1 B3Latin Small Letter W With Hook
11380U+2C74E2 B1 B4Latin Small Letter V With Curl
11381U+2C75E2 B1 B5Latin Capital Letter Half H
11382U+2C76E2 B1 B6Latin Small Letter Half H
11383U+2C77E2 B1 B7Latin Small Letter Tailless Phi
11384U+2C78E2 B1 B8Latin Small Letter E With Notch
11385U+2C79E2 B1 B9Latin Small Letter Turned R With Tail
11386U+2C7AE2 B1 BALatin Small Letter O With Low Ring Inside
11387U+2C7BE2 B1 BBLatin Letter Small Capital Turned E
11388U+2C7CE2 B1 BCLatin Subscript Small Letter J
11389U+2C7DE2 B1 BDModifier Letter Capital V
11390U+2C7EE2 B1 BELatin Capital Letter S With Swash Tail
11391U+2C7FE2 B1 BFⱿLatin Capital Letter Z With Swash Tail
11392U+2C80E2 B2 80Coptic Capital Letter Alfa
11393U+2C81E2 B2 81Coptic Small Letter Alfa
11394U+2C82E2 B2 82Coptic Capital Letter Vida
11395U+2C83E2 B2 83Coptic Small Letter Vida
11396U+2C84E2 B2 84Coptic Capital Letter Gamma
11397U+2C85E2 B2 85Coptic Small Letter Gamma
11398U+2C86E2 B2 86Coptic Capital Letter Dalda
11399U+2C87E2 B2 87Coptic Small Letter Dalda
11400U+2C88E2 B2 88Coptic Capital Letter Eie
11401U+2C89E2 B2 89Coptic Small Letter Eie
11402U+2C8AE2 B2 8ACoptic Capital Letter Sou
11403U+2C8BE2 B2 8BCoptic Small Letter Sou
11404U+2C8CE2 B2 8CCoptic Capital Letter Zata
11405U+2C8DE2 B2 8DCoptic Small Letter Zata
11406U+2C8EE2 B2 8ECoptic Capital Letter Hate
11407U+2C8FE2 B2 8FCoptic Small Letter Hate
11408U+2C90E2 B2 90Coptic Capital Letter Thethe
11409U+2C91E2 B2 91Coptic Small Letter Thethe
11410U+2C92E2 B2 92Coptic Capital Letter Iauda
11411U+2C93E2 B2 93Coptic Small Letter Iauda
11412U+2C94E2 B2 94Coptic Capital Letter Kapa
11413U+2C95E2 B2 95Coptic Small Letter Kapa
11414U+2C96E2 B2 96Coptic Capital Letter Laula
11415U+2C97E2 B2 97Coptic Small Letter Laula
11416U+2C98E2 B2 98Coptic Capital Letter Mi
11417U+2C99E2 B2 99Coptic Small Letter Mi
11418U+2C9AE2 B2 9ACoptic Capital Letter Ni
11419U+2C9BE2 B2 9BCoptic Small Letter Ni
11420U+2C9CE2 B2 9CCoptic Capital Letter Ksi
11421U+2C9DE2 B2 9DCoptic Small Letter Ksi
11422U+2C9EE2 B2 9ECoptic Capital Letter O
11423U+2C9FE2 B2 9FCoptic Small Letter O
11424U+2CA0E2 B2 A0Coptic Capital Letter Pi
11425U+2CA1E2 B2 A1Coptic Small Letter Pi
11426U+2CA2E2 B2 A2Coptic Capital Letter Ro
11427U+2CA3E2 B2 A3Coptic Small Letter Ro
11428U+2CA4E2 B2 A4Coptic Capital Letter Sima
11429U+2CA5E2 B2 A5Coptic Small Letter Sima
11430U+2CA6E2 B2 A6Coptic Capital Letter Tau
11431U+2CA7E2 B2 A7Coptic Small Letter Tau
11432U+2CA8E2 B2 A8Coptic Capital Letter Ua
11433U+2CA9E2 B2 A9Coptic Small Letter Ua
11434U+2CAAE2 B2 AACoptic Capital Letter Fi
11435U+2CABE2 B2 ABCoptic Small Letter Fi
11436U+2CACE2 B2 ACCoptic Capital Letter Khi
11437U+2CADE2 B2 ADCoptic Small Letter Khi
11438U+2CAEE2 B2 AECoptic Capital Letter Psi
11439U+2CAFE2 B2 AFCoptic Small Letter Psi
11440U+2CB0E2 B2 B0Coptic Capital Letter Oou
11441U+2CB1E2 B2 B1Coptic Small Letter Oou
11442U+2CB2E2 B2 B2Coptic Capital Letter Dialect-p Alef
11443U+2CB3E2 B2 B3Coptic Small Letter Dialect-p Alef
11444U+2CB4E2 B2 B4Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Ain
11445U+2CB5E2 B2 B5Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Ain
11446U+2CB6E2 B2 B6Coptic Capital Letter Cryptogrammic Eie
11447U+2CB7E2 B2 B7Coptic Small Letter Cryptogrammic Eie
11448U+2CB8E2 B2 B8Coptic Capital Letter Dialect-p Kapa
11449U+2CB9E2 B2 B9Coptic Small Letter Dialect-p Kapa
11450U+2CBAE2 B2 BACoptic Capital Letter Dialect-p Ni
11451U+2CBBE2 B2 BBCoptic Small Letter Dialect-p Ni
11452U+2CBCE2 B2 BCCoptic Capital Letter Cryptogrammic Ni
11453U+2CBDE2 B2 BDCoptic Small Letter Cryptogrammic Ni
11454U+2CBEE2 B2 BECoptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Oou
11455U+2CBFE2 B2 BFⲿCoptic Small Letter Old Coptic Oou
11456U+2CC0E2 B3 80Coptic Capital Letter Sampi
11457U+2CC1E2 B3 81Coptic Small Letter Sampi
11458U+2CC2E2 B3 82Coptic Capital Letter Crossed Shei
11459U+2CC3E2 B3 83Coptic Small Letter Crossed Shei
11460U+2CC4E2 B3 84Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Shei
11461U+2CC5E2 B3 85Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Shei
11462U+2CC6E2 B3 86Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Esh
11463U+2CC7E2 B3 87Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Esh
11464U+2CC8E2 B3 88Coptic Capital Letter Akhmimic Khei
11465U+2CC9E2 B3 89Coptic Small Letter Akhmimic Khei
11466U+2CCAE2 B3 8ACoptic Capital Letter Dialect-p Hori
11467U+2CCBE2 B3 8BCoptic Small Letter Dialect-p Hori
11468U+2CCCE2 B3 8CCoptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Hori
11469U+2CCDE2 B3 8DCoptic Small Letter Old Coptic Hori
11470U+2CCEE2 B3 8ECoptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Ha
11471U+2CCFE2 B3 8FCoptic Small Letter Old Coptic Ha
11472U+2CD0E2 B3 90Coptic Capital Letter L-shaped Ha
11473U+2CD1E2 B3 91Coptic Small Letter L-shaped Ha
11474U+2CD2E2 B3 92Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Hei
11475U+2CD3E2 B3 93Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Hei
11476U+2CD4E2 B3 94Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Hat
11477U+2CD5E2 B3 95Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Hat
11478U+2CD6E2 B3 96Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Gangia
11479U+2CD7E2 B3 97Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Gangia
11480U+2CD8E2 B3 98Coptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Dja
11481U+2CD9E2 B3 99Coptic Small Letter Old Coptic Dja
11482U+2CDAE2 B3 9ACoptic Capital Letter Old Coptic Shima
11483U+2CDBE2 B3 9BCoptic Small Letter Old Coptic Shima
11484U+2CDCE2 B3 9CCoptic Capital Letter Old Nubian Shima
11485U+2CDDE2 B3 9DCoptic Small Letter Old Nubian Shima
11486U+2CDEE2 B3 9ECoptic Capital Letter Old Nubian Ngi
11487U+2CDFE2 B3 9FCoptic Small Letter Old Nubian Ngi
11488U+2CE0E2 B3 A0Coptic Capital Letter Old Nubian Nyi
11489U+2CE1E2 B3 A1Coptic Small Letter Old Nubian Nyi
11490U+2CE2E2 B3 A2Coptic Capital Letter Old Nubian Wau
11491U+2CE3E2 B3 A3Coptic Small Letter Old Nubian Wau
11492U+2CE4E2 B3 A4Coptic Symbol Kai
11493U+2CE5E2 B3 A5Coptic Symbol Mi Ro
11494U+2CE6E2 B3 A6Coptic Symbol Pi Ro
11495U+2CE7E2 B3 A7Coptic Symbol Stauros
11496U+2CE8E2 B3 A8Coptic Symbol Tau Ro
11497U+2CE9E2 B3 A9Coptic Symbol Khi Ro
11498U+2CEAE2 B3 AACoptic Symbol Shima Sima
11499U+2CEBE2 B3 ABCoptic Capital Letter Cryptogrammic Shei
11500U+2CECE2 B3 ACCoptic Small Letter Cryptogrammic Shei
11501U+2CEDE2 B3 ADCoptic Capital Letter Cryptogrammic Gangia
11502U+2CEEE2 B3 AECoptic Small Letter Cryptogrammic Gangia
11503U+2CEFE2 B3 AFCoptic Combining Ni Above
11504U+2CF0E2 B3 B0Coptic Combining Spiritus Asper
11505U+2CF1E2 B3 B1Coptic Combining Spiritus Lenis
11506U+2CF2E2 B3 B2Coptic Capital Letter Bohairic Khei
11507U+2CF3E2 B3 B3Coptic Small Letter Bohairic Khei
11508U+2CF4E2 B3 B4
11509U+2CF5E2 B3 B5
11510U+2CF6E2 B3 B6
11511U+2CF7E2 B3 B7
11512U+2CF8E2 B3 B8
11513U+2CF9E2 B3 B9Coptic Old Nubian Full Stop
11514U+2CFAE2 B3 BACoptic Old Nubian Direct Question Mark
11515U+2CFBE2 B3 BBCoptic Old Nubian Indirect Question Mark
11516U+2CFCE2 B3 BCCoptic Old Nubian Verse Divider
11517U+2CFDE2 B3 BDCoptic Fraction One Half
11518U+2CFEE2 B3 BECoptic Full Stop
11519U+2CFFE2 B3 BF⳿Coptic Morphological Divider
11520U+2D00E2 B4 80Georgian Small Letter An
11521U+2D01E2 B4 81Georgian Small Letter Ban
11522U+2D02E2 B4 82Georgian Small Letter Gan
11523U+2D03E2 B4 83Georgian Small Letter Don
11524U+2D04E2 B4 84Georgian Small Letter En
11525U+2D05E2 B4 85Georgian Small Letter Vin
11526U+2D06E2 B4 86Georgian Small Letter Zen
11527U+2D07E2 B4 87Georgian Small Letter Tan
11528U+2D08E2 B4 88Georgian Small Letter In
11529U+2D09E2 B4 89Georgian Small Letter Kan
11530U+2D0AE2 B4 8AGeorgian Small Letter Las
11531U+2D0BE2 B4 8BGeorgian Small Letter Man
11532U+2D0CE2 B4 8CGeorgian Small Letter Nar
11533U+2D0DE2 B4 8DGeorgian Small Letter On
11534U+2D0EE2 B4 8EGeorgian Small Letter Par
11535U+2D0FE2 B4 8FGeorgian Small Letter Zhar
11536U+2D10E2 B4 90Georgian Small Letter Rae
11537U+2D11E2 B4 91Georgian Small Letter San
11538U+2D12E2 B4 92Georgian Small Letter Tar
11539U+2D13E2 B4 93Georgian Small Letter Un
11540U+2D14E2 B4 94Georgian Small Letter Phar
11541U+2D15E2 B4 95Georgian Small Letter Khar
11542U+2D16E2 B4 96Georgian Small Letter Ghan
11543U+2D17E2 B4 97Georgian Small Letter Qar
11544U+2D18E2 B4 98Georgian Small Letter Shin
11545U+2D19E2 B4 99Georgian Small Letter Chin
11546U+2D1AE2 B4 9AGeorgian Small Letter Can
11547U+2D1BE2 B4 9BGeorgian Small Letter Jil
11548U+2D1CE2 B4 9CGeorgian Small Letter Cil
11549U+2D1DE2 B4 9DGeorgian Small Letter Char
11550U+2D1EE2 B4 9EGeorgian Small Letter Xan
11551U+2D1FE2 B4 9FGeorgian Small Letter Jhan
11552U+2D20E2 B4 A0Georgian Small Letter Hae
11553U+2D21E2 B4 A1Georgian Small Letter He
11554U+2D22E2 B4 A2Georgian Small Letter Hie
11555U+2D23E2 B4 A3Georgian Small Letter We
11556U+2D24E2 B4 A4Georgian Small Letter Har
11557U+2D25E2 B4 A5Georgian Small Letter Hoe
11558U+2D26E2 B4 A6
11559U+2D27E2 B4 A7Georgian Small Letter Yn
11560U+2D28E2 B4 A8
11561U+2D29E2 B4 A9
11562U+2D2AE2 B4 AA
11563U+2D2BE2 B4 AB
11564U+2D2CE2 B4 AC
11565U+2D2DE2 B4 ADGeorgian Small Letter Aen
11566U+2D2EE2 B4 AE
11567U+2D2FE2 B4 AF
11568U+2D30E2 B4 B0Tifinagh Letter Ya
11569U+2D31E2 B4 B1Tifinagh Letter Yab
11570U+2D32E2 B4 B2Tifinagh Letter Yabh
11571U+2D33E2 B4 B3Tifinagh Letter Yag
11572U+2D34E2 B4 B4Tifinagh Letter Yaghh
11573U+2D35E2 B4 B5Tifinagh Letter Berber Academy Yaj
11574U+2D36E2 B4 B6Tifinagh Letter Yaj
11575U+2D37E2 B4 B7Tifinagh Letter Yad
11576U+2D38E2 B4 B8Tifinagh Letter Yadh
11577U+2D39E2 B4 B9Tifinagh Letter Yadd
11578U+2D3AE2 B4 BATifinagh Letter Yaddh
11579U+2D3BE2 B4 BBTifinagh Letter Yey
11580U+2D3CE2 B4 BCTifinagh Letter Yaf
11581U+2D3DE2 B4 BDTifinagh Letter Yak
11582U+2D3EE2 B4 BETifinagh Letter Tuareg Yak
11583U+2D3FE2 B4 BFⴿTifinagh Letter Yakhh
11584U+2D40E2 B5 80Tifinagh Letter Yah
11585U+2D41E2 B5 81Tifinagh Letter Berber Academy Yah
11586U+2D42E2 B5 82Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yah
11587U+2D43E2 B5 83Tifinagh Letter Yahh
11588U+2D44E2 B5 84Tifinagh Letter Yaa
11589U+2D45E2 B5 85Tifinagh Letter Yakh
11590U+2D46E2 B5 86Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yakh
11591U+2D47E2 B5 87Tifinagh Letter Yaq
11592U+2D48E2 B5 88Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yaq
11593U+2D49E2 B5 89Tifinagh Letter Yi
11594U+2D4AE2 B5 8ATifinagh Letter Yazh
11595U+2D4BE2 B5 8BTifinagh Letter Ahaggar Yazh
11596U+2D4CE2 B5 8CTifinagh Letter Tuareg Yazh
11597U+2D4DE2 B5 8DTifinagh Letter Yal
11598U+2D4EE2 B5 8ETifinagh Letter Yam
11599U+2D4FE2 B5 8FTifinagh Letter Yan
11600U+2D50E2 B5 90Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yagn
11601U+2D51E2 B5 91Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yang
11602U+2D52E2 B5 92Tifinagh Letter Yap
11603U+2D53E2 B5 93Tifinagh Letter Yu
11604U+2D54E2 B5 94Tifinagh Letter Yar
11605U+2D55E2 B5 95Tifinagh Letter Yarr
11606U+2D56E2 B5 96Tifinagh Letter Yagh
11607U+2D57E2 B5 97Tifinagh Letter Tuareg Yagh
11608U+2D58E2 B5 98Tifinagh Letter Ayer Yagh
11609U+2D59E2 B5 99Tifinagh Letter Yas
11610U+2D5AE2 B5 9ATifinagh Letter Yass
11611U+2D5BE2 B5 9BTifinagh Letter Yash
11612U+2D5CE2 B5 9CTifinagh Letter Yat
11613U+2D5DE2 B5 9DTifinagh Letter Yath
11614U+2D5EE2 B5 9ETifinagh Letter Yach
11615U+2D5FE2 B5 9FTifinagh Letter Yatt
11616U+2D60E2 B5 A0Tifinagh Letter Yav
11617U+2D61E2 B5 A1Tifinagh Letter Yaw
11618U+2D62E2 B5 A2Tifinagh Letter Yay
11619U+2D63E2 B5 A3Tifinagh Letter Yaz
11620U+2D64E2 B5 A4Tifinagh Letter Tawellemet Yaz
11621U+2D65E2 B5 A5Tifinagh Letter Yazz
11622U+2D66E2 B5 A6Tifinagh Letter Ye
11623U+2D67E2 B5 A7Tifinagh Letter Yo
11624U+2D68E2 B5 A8
11625U+2D69E2 B5 A9
11626U+2D6AE2 B5 AA
11627U+2D6BE2 B5 AB
11628U+2D6CE2 B5 AC
11629U+2D6DE2 B5 AD
11630U+2D6EE2 B5 AE
11631U+2D6FE2 B5 AFTifinagh Modifier Letter Labialization Mark
11632U+2D70E2 B5 B0Tifinagh Separator Mark
11633U+2D71E2 B5 B1
11634U+2D72E2 B5 B2
11635U+2D73E2 B5 B3
11636U+2D74E2 B5 B4
11637U+2D75E2 B5 B5
11638U+2D76E2 B5 B6
11639U+2D77E2 B5 B7
11640U+2D78E2 B5 B8
11641U+2D79E2 B5 B9
11642U+2D7AE2 B5 BA
11643U+2D7BE2 B5 BB
11644U+2D7CE2 B5 BC
11645U+2D7DE2 B5 BD
11646U+2D7EE2 B5 BE
11647U+2D7FE2 B5 BF⵿Tifinagh Consonant Joiner
11648U+2D80E2 B6 80Ethiopic Syllable Loa
11649U+2D81E2 B6 81Ethiopic Syllable Moa
11650U+2D82E2 B6 82Ethiopic Syllable Roa
11651U+2D83E2 B6 83Ethiopic Syllable Soa
11652U+2D84E2 B6 84Ethiopic Syllable Shoa
11653U+2D85E2 B6 85Ethiopic Syllable Boa
11654U+2D86E2 B6 86Ethiopic Syllable Toa
11655U+2D87E2 B6 87Ethiopic Syllable Coa
11656U+2D88E2 B6 88Ethiopic Syllable Noa
11657U+2D89E2 B6 89Ethiopic Syllable Nyoa
11658U+2D8AE2 B6 8AEthiopic Syllable Glottal Oa
11659U+2D8BE2 B6 8BEthiopic Syllable Zoa
11660U+2D8CE2 B6 8CEthiopic Syllable Doa
11661U+2D8DE2 B6 8DEthiopic Syllable Ddoa
11662U+2D8EE2 B6 8EEthiopic Syllable Joa
11663U+2D8FE2 B6 8FEthiopic Syllable Thoa
11664U+2D90E2 B6 90Ethiopic Syllable Choa
11665U+2D91E2 B6 91Ethiopic Syllable Phoa
11666U+2D92E2 B6 92Ethiopic Syllable Poa
11667U+2D93E2 B6 93Ethiopic Syllable Ggwa
11668U+2D94E2 B6 94Ethiopic Syllable Ggwi
11669U+2D95E2 B6 95Ethiopic Syllable Ggwee
11670U+2D96E2 B6 96Ethiopic Syllable Ggwe
11671U+2D97E2 B6 97
11672U+2D98E2 B6 98
11673U+2D99E2 B6 99
11674U+2D9AE2 B6 9A
11675U+2D9BE2 B6 9B
11676U+2D9CE2 B6 9C
11677U+2D9DE2 B6 9D
11678U+2D9EE2 B6 9E
11679U+2D9FE2 B6 9F
11680U+2DA0E2 B6 A0Ethiopic Syllable Ssa
11681U+2DA1E2 B6 A1Ethiopic Syllable Ssu
11682U+2DA2E2 B6 A2Ethiopic Syllable Ssi
11683U+2DA3E2 B6 A3Ethiopic Syllable Ssaa
11684U+2DA4E2 B6 A4Ethiopic Syllable Ssee
11685U+2DA5E2 B6 A5Ethiopic Syllable Sse
11686U+2DA6E2 B6 A6Ethiopic Syllable Sso
11687U+2DA7E2 B6 A7
11688U+2DA8E2 B6 A8Ethiopic Syllable Cca
11689U+2DA9E2 B6 A9Ethiopic Syllable Ccu
11690U+2DAAE2 B6 AAEthiopic Syllable Cci
11691U+2DABE2 B6 ABEthiopic Syllable Ccaa
11692U+2DACE2 B6 ACEthiopic Syllable Ccee
11693U+2DADE2 B6 ADEthiopic Syllable Cce
11694U+2DAEE2 B6 AEEthiopic Syllable Cco
11695U+2DAFE2 B6 AF
11696U+2DB0E2 B6 B0Ethiopic Syllable Zza
11697U+2DB1E2 B6 B1Ethiopic Syllable Zzu
11698U+2DB2E2 B6 B2Ethiopic Syllable Zzi
11699U+2DB3E2 B6 B3Ethiopic Syllable Zzaa
11700U+2DB4E2 B6 B4Ethiopic Syllable Zzee
11701U+2DB5E2 B6 B5Ethiopic Syllable Zze
11702U+2DB6E2 B6 B6Ethiopic Syllable Zzo
11703U+2DB7E2 B6 B7
11704U+2DB8E2 B6 B8Ethiopic Syllable Ccha
11705U+2DB9E2 B6 B9Ethiopic Syllable Cchu
11706U+2DBAE2 B6 BAEthiopic Syllable Cchi
11707U+2DBBE2 B6 BBEthiopic Syllable Cchaa
11708U+2DBCE2 B6 BCEthiopic Syllable Cchee
11709U+2DBDE2 B6 BDEthiopic Syllable Cche
11710U+2DBEE2 B6 BEEthiopic Syllable Ccho
11711U+2DBFE2 B6 BF⶿
11712U+2DC0E2 B7 80Ethiopic Syllable Qya
11713U+2DC1E2 B7 81Ethiopic Syllable Qyu
11714U+2DC2E2 B7 82Ethiopic Syllable Qyi
11715U+2DC3E2 B7 83Ethiopic Syllable Qyaa
11716U+2DC4E2 B7 84Ethiopic Syllable Qyee
11717U+2DC5E2 B7 85Ethiopic Syllable Qye
11718U+2DC6E2 B7 86Ethiopic Syllable Qyo
11719U+2DC7E2 B7 87
11720U+2DC8E2 B7 88Ethiopic Syllable Kya
11721U+2DC9E2 B7 89Ethiopic Syllable Kyu
11722U+2DCAE2 B7 8AEthiopic Syllable Kyi
11723U+2DCBE2 B7 8BEthiopic Syllable Kyaa
11724U+2DCCE2 B7 8CEthiopic Syllable Kyee
11725U+2DCDE2 B7 8DEthiopic Syllable Kye
11726U+2DCEE2 B7 8EEthiopic Syllable Kyo
11727U+2DCFE2 B7 8F
11728U+2DD0E2 B7 90Ethiopic Syllable Xya
11729U+2DD1E2 B7 91Ethiopic Syllable Xyu
11730U+2DD2E2 B7 92Ethiopic Syllable Xyi
11731U+2DD3E2 B7 93Ethiopic Syllable Xyaa
11732U+2DD4E2 B7 94Ethiopic Syllable Xyee
11733U+2DD5E2 B7 95Ethiopic Syllable Xye
11734U+2DD6E2 B7 96Ethiopic Syllable Xyo
11735U+2DD7E2 B7 97
11736U+2DD8E2 B7 98Ethiopic Syllable Gya
11737U+2DD9E2 B7 99Ethiopic Syllable Gyu
11738U+2DDAE2 B7 9AEthiopic Syllable Gyi
11739U+2DDBE2 B7 9BEthiopic Syllable Gyaa
11740U+2DDCE2 B7 9CEthiopic Syllable Gyee
11741U+2DDDE2 B7 9DEthiopic Syllable Gye
11742U+2DDEE2 B7 9EEthiopic Syllable Gyo
11743U+2DDFE2 B7 9F
11744U+2DE0E2 B7 A0Combining Cyrillic Letter Be
11745U+2DE1E2 B7 A1Combining Cyrillic Letter Ve
11746U+2DE2E2 B7 A2Combining Cyrillic Letter Ghe
11747U+2DE3E2 B7 A3Combining Cyrillic Letter De
11748U+2DE4E2 B7 A4Combining Cyrillic Letter Zhe
11749U+2DE5E2 B7 A5Combining Cyrillic Letter Ze
11750U+2DE6E2 B7 A6Combining Cyrillic Letter Ka
11751U+2DE7E2 B7 A7Combining Cyrillic Letter El
11752U+2DE8E2 B7 A8Combining Cyrillic Letter Em
11753U+2DE9E2 B7 A9Combining Cyrillic Letter En
11754U+2DEAE2 B7 AACombining Cyrillic Letter O
11755U+2DEBE2 B7 ABCombining Cyrillic Letter Pe
11756U+2DECE2 B7 ACCombining Cyrillic Letter Er
11757U+2DEDE2 B7 ADCombining Cyrillic Letter Es
11758U+2DEEE2 B7 AECombining Cyrillic Letter Te
11759U+2DEFE2 B7 AFCombining Cyrillic Letter Ha
11760U+2DF0E2 B7 B0Combining Cyrillic Letter Tse
11761U+2DF1E2 B7 B1Combining Cyrillic Letter Che
11762U+2DF2E2 B7 B2Combining Cyrillic Letter Sha
11763U+2DF3E2 B7 B3Combining Cyrillic Letter Shcha
11764U+2DF4E2 B7 B4Combining Cyrillic Letter Fita
11765U+2DF5E2 B7 B5Combining Cyrillic Letter Es-te
11766U+2DF6E2 B7 B6Combining Cyrillic Letter A
11767U+2DF7E2 B7 B7Combining Cyrillic Letter Ie
11768U+2DF8E2 B7 B8Combining Cyrillic Letter Djerv
11769U+2DF9E2 B7 B9Combining Cyrillic Letter Monograph Uk
11770U+2DFAE2 B7 BACombining Cyrillic Letter Yat
11771U+2DFBE2 B7 BBCombining Cyrillic Letter Yu
11772U+2DFCE2 B7 BCCombining Cyrillic Letter Iotified A
11773U+2DFDE2 B7 BDCombining Cyrillic Letter Little Yus
11774U+2DFEE2 B7 BECombining Cyrillic Letter Big Yus
11775U+2DFFE2 B7 BFⷿCombining Cyrillic Letter Iotified Big Yus
11776U+2E00E2 B8 80Right Angle Substitution Marker
11777U+2E01E2 B8 81Right Angle Dotted Substitution Marker
11778U+2E02E2 B8 82Left Substitution Bracket
11779U+2E03E2 B8 83Right Substitution Bracket
11780U+2E04E2 B8 84Left Dotted Substitution Bracket
11781U+2E05E2 B8 85Right Dotted Substitution Bracket
11782U+2E06E2 B8 86Raised Interpolation Marker
11783U+2E07E2 B8 87Raised Dotted Interpolation Marker
11784U+2E08E2 B8 88Dotted Transposition Marker
11785U+2E09E2 B8 89Left Transposition Bracket
11786U+2E0AE2 B8 8ARight Transposition Bracket
11787U+2E0BE2 B8 8BRaised Square
11788U+2E0CE2 B8 8CLeft Raised Omission Bracket
11789U+2E0DE2 B8 8DRight Raised Omission Bracket
11790U+2E0EE2 B8 8EEditorial Coronis
11791U+2E0FE2 B8 8FParagraphos
11792U+2E10E2 B8 90Forked Paragraphos
11793U+2E11E2 B8 91Reversed Forked Paragraphos
11794U+2E12E2 B8 92Hypodiastole
11795U+2E13E2 B8 93Dotted Obelos
11796U+2E14E2 B8 94Downwards Ancora
11797U+2E15E2 B8 95Upwards Ancora
11798U+2E16E2 B8 96Dotted Right-pointing Angle
11799U+2E17E2 B8 97Double Oblique Hyphen
11800U+2E18E2 B8 98Inverted Interrobang
11801U+2E19E2 B8 99Palm Branch
11802U+2E1AE2 B8 9AHyphen With Diaeresis
11803U+2E1BE2 B8 9BTilde With Ring Above
11804U+2E1CE2 B8 9CLeft Low Paraphrase Bracket
11805U+2E1DE2 B8 9DRight Low Paraphrase Bracket
11806U+2E1EE2 B8 9ETilde With Dot Above
11807U+2E1FE2 B8 9FTilde With Dot Below
11808U+2E20E2 B8 A0Left Vertical Bar With Quill
11809U+2E21E2 B8 A1Right Vertical Bar With Quill
11810U+2E22E2 B8 A2Top Left Half Bracket
11811U+2E23E2 B8 A3Top Right Half Bracket
11812U+2E24E2 B8 A4Bottom Left Half Bracket
11813U+2E25E2 B8 A5Bottom Right Half Bracket
11814U+2E26E2 B8 A6Left Sideways U Bracket
11815U+2E27E2 B8 A7Right Sideways U Bracket
11816U+2E28E2 B8 A8Left Double Parenthesis
11817U+2E29E2 B8 A9Right Double Parenthesis
11818U+2E2AE2 B8 AATwo Dots Over One Dot Punctuation
11819U+2E2BE2 B8 ABOne Dot Over Two Dots Punctuation
11820U+2E2CE2 B8 ACSquared Four Dot Punctuation
11821U+2E2DE2 B8 ADFive Dot Mark
11822U+2E2EE2 B8 AEReversed Question Mark
11823U+2E2FE2 B8 AFVertical Tilde
11824U+2E30E2 B8 B0Ring Point
11825U+2E31E2 B8 B1Word Separator Middle Dot
11826U+2E32E2 B8 B2Turned Comma
11827U+2E33E2 B8 B3Raised Dot
11828U+2E34E2 B8 B4Raised Comma
11829U+2E35E2 B8 B5Turned Semicolon
11830U+2E36E2 B8 B6Dagger With Left Guard
11831U+2E37E2 B8 B7Dagger With Right Guard
11832U+2E38E2 B8 B8Turned Dagger
11833U+2E39E2 B8 B9Top Half Section Sign
11834U+2E3AE2 B8 BATwo-em Dash
11835U+2E3BE2 B8 BBThree-em Dash
11836U+2E3CE2 B8 BCStenographic Full Stop
11837U+2E3DE2 B8 BDVertical Six Dots
11838U+2E3EE2 B8 BEWiggly Vertical Line
11839U+2E3FE2 B8 BF⸿Capitulum
11840U+2E40E2 B9 80Double Hyphen
11841U+2E41E2 B9 81Reversed Comma
11842U+2E42E2 B9 82Double Low-reversed-9 Quotation Mark
11843U+2E43E2 B9 83Dash With Left Upturn
11844U+2E44E2 B9 84Double Suspension Mark
11845U+2E45E2 B9 85
11846U+2E46E2 B9 86
11847U+2E47E2 B9 87
11848U+2E48E2 B9 88
11849U+2E49E2 B9 89
11850U+2E4AE2 B9 8A
11851U+2E4BE2 B9 8B
11852U+2E4CE2 B9 8C
11853U+2E4DE2 B9 8D
11854U+2E4EE2 B9 8E
11855U+2E4FE2 B9 8F
11856U+2E50E2 B9 90
11857U+2E51E2 B9 91
11858U+2E52E2 B9 92
11859U+2E53E2 B9 93
11860U+2E54E2 B9 94
11861U+2E55E2 B9 95
11862U+2E56E2 B9 96
11863U+2E57E2 B9 97
11864U+2E58E2 B9 98
11865U+2E59E2 B9 99
11866U+2E5AE2 B9 9A
11867U+2E5BE2 B9 9B
11868U+2E5CE2 B9 9C
11869U+2E5DE2 B9 9D
11870U+2E5EE2 B9 9E
11871U+2E5FE2 B9 9F
11872U+2E60E2 B9 A0
11873U+2E61E2 B9 A1
11874U+2E62E2 B9 A2
11875U+2E63E2 B9 A3
11876U+2E64E2 B9 A4
11877U+2E65E2 B9 A5
11878U+2E66E2 B9 A6
11879U+2E67E2 B9 A7
11880U+2E68E2 B9 A8
11881U+2E69E2 B9 A9
11882U+2E6AE2 B9 AA
11883U+2E6BE2 B9 AB
11884U+2E6CE2 B9 AC
11885U+2E6DE2 B9 AD
11886U+2E6EE2 B9 AE
11887U+2E6FE2 B9 AF
11888U+2E70E2 B9 B0
11889U+2E71E2 B9 B1
11890U+2E72E2 B9 B2
11891U+2E73E2 B9 B3
11892U+2E74E2 B9 B4
11893U+2E75E2 B9 B5
11894U+2E76E2 B9 B6
11895U+2E77E2 B9 B7
11896U+2E78E2 B9 B8
11897U+2E79E2 B9 B9
11898U+2E7AE2 B9 BA
11899U+2E7BE2 B9 BB
11900U+2E7CE2 B9 BC
11901U+2E7DE2 B9 BD
11902U+2E7EE2 B9 BE
11903U+2E7FE2 B9 BF⹿
11904U+2E80E2 BA 80Cjk Radical Repeat
11905U+2E81E2 BA 81Cjk Radical Cliff
11906U+2E82E2 BA 82Cjk Radical Second One
11907U+2E83E2 BA 83Cjk Radical Second Two
11908U+2E84E2 BA 84Cjk Radical Second Three
11909U+2E85E2 BA 85Cjk Radical Person
11910U+2E86E2 BA 86Cjk Radical Box
11911U+2E87E2 BA 87Cjk Radical Table
11912U+2E88E2 BA 88Cjk Radical Knife One
11913U+2E89E2 BA 89Cjk Radical Knife Two
11914U+2E8AE2 BA 8ACjk Radical Divination
11915U+2E8BE2 BA 8BCjk Radical Seal
11916U+2E8CE2 BA 8CCjk Radical Small One
11917U+2E8DE2 BA 8DCjk Radical Small Two
11918U+2E8EE2 BA 8ECjk Radical Lame One
11919U+2E8FE2 BA 8FCjk Radical Lame Two
11920U+2E90E2 BA 90Cjk Radical Lame Three
11921U+2E91E2 BA 91Cjk Radical Lame Four
11922U+2E92E2 BA 92Cjk Radical Snake
11923U+2E93E2 BA 93Cjk Radical Thread
11924U+2E94E2 BA 94Cjk Radical Snout One
11925U+2E95E2 BA 95Cjk Radical Snout Two
11926U+2E96E2 BA 96Cjk Radical Heart One
11927U+2E97E2 BA 97Cjk Radical Heart Two
11928U+2E98E2 BA 98Cjk Radical Hand
11929U+2E99E2 BA 99Cjk Radical Rap
11930U+2E9AE2 BA 9A
11931U+2E9BE2 BA 9BCjk Radical Choke
11932U+2E9CE2 BA 9CCjk Radical Sun
11933U+2E9DE2 BA 9DCjk Radical Moon
11934U+2E9EE2 BA 9ECjk Radical Death
11935U+2E9FE2 BA 9FCjk Radical Mother
11936U+2EA0E2 BA A0Cjk Radical Civilian
11937U+2EA1E2 BA A1Cjk Radical Water One
11938U+2EA2E2 BA A2Cjk Radical Water Two
11939U+2EA3E2 BA A3Cjk Radical Fire
11940U+2EA4E2 BA A4Cjk Radical Paw One
11941U+2EA5E2 BA A5Cjk Radical Paw Two
11942U+2EA6E2 BA A6Cjk Radical Simplified Half Tree Trunk
11943U+2EA7E2 BA A7Cjk Radical Cow
11944U+2EA8E2 BA A8Cjk Radical Dog
11945U+2EA9E2 BA A9Cjk Radical Jade
11946U+2EAAE2 BA AACjk Radical Bolt Of Cloth
11947U+2EABE2 BA ABCjk Radical Eye
11948U+2EACE2 BA ACCjk Radical Spirit One
11949U+2EADE2 BA ADCjk Radical Spirit Two
11950U+2EAEE2 BA AECjk Radical Bamboo
11951U+2EAFE2 BA AFCjk Radical Silk
11952U+2EB0E2 BA B0Cjk Radical C-simplified Silk
11953U+2EB1E2 BA B1Cjk Radical Net One
11954U+2EB2E2 BA B2Cjk Radical Net Two
11955U+2EB3E2 BA B3Cjk Radical Net Three
11956U+2EB4E2 BA B4Cjk Radical Net Four
11957U+2EB5E2 BA B5Cjk Radical Mesh
11958U+2EB6E2 BA B6Cjk Radical Sheep
11959U+2EB7E2 BA B7Cjk Radical Ram
11960U+2EB8E2 BA B8Cjk Radical Ewe
11961U+2EB9E2 BA B9Cjk Radical Old
11962U+2EBAE2 BA BACjk Radical Brush One
11963U+2EBBE2 BA BBCjk Radical Brush Two
11964U+2EBCE2 BA BCCjk Radical Meat
11965U+2EBDE2 BA BDCjk Radical Mortar
11966U+2EBEE2 BA BECjk Radical Grass One
11967U+2EBFE2 BA BF⺿Cjk Radical Grass Two
11968U+2EC0E2 BB 80Cjk Radical Grass Three
11969U+2EC1E2 BB 81Cjk Radical Tiger
11970U+2EC2E2 BB 82Cjk Radical Clothes
11971U+2EC3E2 BB 83Cjk Radical West One
11972U+2EC4E2 BB 84Cjk Radical West Two
11973U+2EC5E2 BB 85Cjk Radical C-simplified See
11974U+2EC6E2 BB 86Cjk Radical Simplified Horn
11975U+2EC7E2 BB 87Cjk Radical Horn
11976U+2EC8E2 BB 88Cjk Radical C-simplified Speech
11977U+2EC9E2 BB 89Cjk Radical C-simplified Shell
11978U+2ECAE2 BB 8ACjk Radical Foot
11979U+2ECBE2 BB 8BCjk Radical C-simplified Cart
11980U+2ECCE2 BB 8CCjk Radical Simplified Walk
11981U+2ECDE2 BB 8DCjk Radical Walk One
11982U+2ECEE2 BB 8ECjk Radical Walk Two
11983U+2ECFE2 BB 8FCjk Radical City
11984U+2ED0E2 BB 90Cjk Radical C-simplified Gold
11985U+2ED1E2 BB 91Cjk Radical Long One
11986U+2ED2E2 BB 92Cjk Radical Long Two
11987U+2ED3E2 BB 93Cjk Radical C-simplified Long
11988U+2ED4E2 BB 94Cjk Radical C-simplified Gate
11989U+2ED5E2 BB 95Cjk Radical Mound One
11990U+2ED6E2 BB 96Cjk Radical Mound Two
11991U+2ED7E2 BB 97Cjk Radical Rain
11992U+2ED8E2 BB 98Cjk Radical Blue
11993U+2ED9E2 BB 99Cjk Radical C-simplified Tanned Leather
11994U+2EDAE2 BB 9ACjk Radical C-simplified Leaf
11995U+2EDBE2 BB 9BCjk Radical C-simplified Wind
11996U+2EDCE2 BB 9CCjk Radical C-simplified Fly
11997U+2EDDE2 BB 9DCjk Radical Eat One
11998U+2EDEE2 BB 9ECjk Radical Eat Two
11999U+2EDFE2 BB 9FCjk Radical Eat Three

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