UTF-8 code page (#43)

Unicode UTF-8 - characters 42000 (U+A410) to 42999 (U+A7F7)

UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8. UTF-8 is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters, one UTF-8 character uses 1 to 4 bytes.

This website lists the first 100,000 characters on 100 pages. Your browser and the fonts this website uses will not be able to display all characters properly. Hover over a character to enlarge.

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Dec Hex UTF-8 Hex Char Unicode description
42000U+A410EA 90 90Yi Syllable Qurx
42001U+A411EA 90 91Yi Syllable Qur
42002U+A412EA 90 92Yi Syllable Qyt
42003U+A413EA 90 93Yi Syllable Qyx
42004U+A414EA 90 94Yi Syllable Qy
42005U+A415EA 90 95Yi Syllable Qyp
42006U+A416EA 90 96Yi Syllable Qyrx
42007U+A417EA 90 97Yi Syllable Qyr
42008U+A418EA 90 98Yi Syllable Jjit
42009U+A419EA 90 99Yi Syllable Jjix
42010U+A41AEA 90 9AYi Syllable Jji
42011U+A41BEA 90 9BYi Syllable Jjip
42012U+A41CEA 90 9CYi Syllable Jjiet
42013U+A41DEA 90 9DYi Syllable Jjiex
42014U+A41EEA 90 9EYi Syllable Jjie
42015U+A41FEA 90 9FYi Syllable Jjiep
42016U+A420EA 90 A0Yi Syllable Jjuox
42017U+A421EA 90 A1Yi Syllable Jjuo
42018U+A422EA 90 A2Yi Syllable Jjuop
42019U+A423EA 90 A3Yi Syllable Jjot
42020U+A424EA 90 A4Yi Syllable Jjox
42021U+A425EA 90 A5Yi Syllable Jjo
42022U+A426EA 90 A6Yi Syllable Jjop
42023U+A427EA 90 A7Yi Syllable Jjut
42024U+A428EA 90 A8Yi Syllable Jjux
42025U+A429EA 90 A9Yi Syllable Jju
42026U+A42AEA 90 AAYi Syllable Jjup
42027U+A42BEA 90 ABYi Syllable Jjurx
42028U+A42CEA 90 ACYi Syllable Jjur
42029U+A42DEA 90 ADYi Syllable Jjyt
42030U+A42EEA 90 AEYi Syllable Jjyx
42031U+A42FEA 90 AFYi Syllable Jjy
42032U+A430EA 90 B0Yi Syllable Jjyp
42033U+A431EA 90 B1Yi Syllable Njit
42034U+A432EA 90 B2Yi Syllable Njix
42035U+A433EA 90 B3Yi Syllable Nji
42036U+A434EA 90 B4Yi Syllable Njip
42037U+A435EA 90 B5Yi Syllable Njiet
42038U+A436EA 90 B6Yi Syllable Njiex
42039U+A437EA 90 B7Yi Syllable Njie
42040U+A438EA 90 B8Yi Syllable Njiep
42041U+A439EA 90 B9Yi Syllable Njuox
42042U+A43AEA 90 BAYi Syllable Njuo
42043U+A43BEA 90 BBYi Syllable Njot
42044U+A43CEA 90 BCYi Syllable Njox
42045U+A43DEA 90 BDYi Syllable Njo
42046U+A43EEA 90 BEYi Syllable Njop
42047U+A43FEA 90 BFYi Syllable Njux
42048U+A440EA 91 80Yi Syllable Nju
42049U+A441EA 91 81Yi Syllable Njup
42050U+A442EA 91 82Yi Syllable Njurx
42051U+A443EA 91 83Yi Syllable Njur
42052U+A444EA 91 84Yi Syllable Njyt
42053U+A445EA 91 85Yi Syllable Njyx
42054U+A446EA 91 86Yi Syllable Njy
42055U+A447EA 91 87Yi Syllable Njyp
42056U+A448EA 91 88Yi Syllable Njyrx
42057U+A449EA 91 89Yi Syllable Njyr
42058U+A44AEA 91 8AYi Syllable Nyit
42059U+A44BEA 91 8BYi Syllable Nyix
42060U+A44CEA 91 8CYi Syllable Nyi
42061U+A44DEA 91 8DYi Syllable Nyip
42062U+A44EEA 91 8EYi Syllable Nyiet
42063U+A44FEA 91 8FYi Syllable Nyiex
42064U+A450EA 91 90Yi Syllable Nyie
42065U+A451EA 91 91Yi Syllable Nyiep
42066U+A452EA 91 92Yi Syllable Nyuox
42067U+A453EA 91 93Yi Syllable Nyuo
42068U+A454EA 91 94Yi Syllable Nyuop
42069U+A455EA 91 95Yi Syllable Nyot
42070U+A456EA 91 96Yi Syllable Nyox
42071U+A457EA 91 97Yi Syllable Nyo
42072U+A458EA 91 98Yi Syllable Nyop
42073U+A459EA 91 99Yi Syllable Nyut
42074U+A45AEA 91 9AYi Syllable Nyux
42075U+A45BEA 91 9BYi Syllable Nyu
42076U+A45CEA 91 9CYi Syllable Nyup
42077U+A45DEA 91 9DYi Syllable Xit
42078U+A45EEA 91 9EYi Syllable Xix
42079U+A45FEA 91 9FYi Syllable Xi
42080U+A460EA 91 A0Yi Syllable Xip
42081U+A461EA 91 A1Yi Syllable Xiet
42082U+A462EA 91 A2Yi Syllable Xiex
42083U+A463EA 91 A3Yi Syllable Xie
42084U+A464EA 91 A4Yi Syllable Xiep
42085U+A465EA 91 A5Yi Syllable Xuox
42086U+A466EA 91 A6Yi Syllable Xuo
42087U+A467EA 91 A7Yi Syllable Xot
42088U+A468EA 91 A8Yi Syllable Xox
42089U+A469EA 91 A9Yi Syllable Xo
42090U+A46AEA 91 AAYi Syllable Xop
42091U+A46BEA 91 ABYi Syllable Xyt
42092U+A46CEA 91 ACYi Syllable Xyx
42093U+A46DEA 91 ADYi Syllable Xy
42094U+A46EEA 91 AEYi Syllable Xyp
42095U+A46FEA 91 AFYi Syllable Xyrx
42096U+A470EA 91 B0Yi Syllable Xyr
42097U+A471EA 91 B1Yi Syllable Yit
42098U+A472EA 91 B2Yi Syllable Yix
42099U+A473EA 91 B3Yi Syllable Yi
42100U+A474EA 91 B4Yi Syllable Yip
42101U+A475EA 91 B5Yi Syllable Yiet
42102U+A476EA 91 B6Yi Syllable Yiex
42103U+A477EA 91 B7Yi Syllable Yie
42104U+A478EA 91 B8Yi Syllable Yiep
42105U+A479EA 91 B9Yi Syllable Yuot
42106U+A47AEA 91 BAYi Syllable Yuox
42107U+A47BEA 91 BBYi Syllable Yuo
42108U+A47CEA 91 BCYi Syllable Yuop
42109U+A47DEA 91 BDYi Syllable Yot
42110U+A47EEA 91 BEYi Syllable Yox
42111U+A47FEA 91 BFYi Syllable Yo
42112U+A480EA 92 80Yi Syllable Yop
42113U+A481EA 92 81Yi Syllable Yut
42114U+A482EA 92 82Yi Syllable Yux
42115U+A483EA 92 83Yi Syllable Yu
42116U+A484EA 92 84Yi Syllable Yup
42117U+A485EA 92 85Yi Syllable Yurx
42118U+A486EA 92 86Yi Syllable Yur
42119U+A487EA 92 87Yi Syllable Yyt
42120U+A488EA 92 88Yi Syllable Yyx
42121U+A489EA 92 89Yi Syllable Yy
42122U+A48AEA 92 8AYi Syllable Yyp
42123U+A48BEA 92 8BYi Syllable Yyrx
42124U+A48CEA 92 8CYi Syllable Yyr
42125U+A48DEA 92 8D
42126U+A48EEA 92 8E
42127U+A48FEA 92 8F
42128U+A490EA 92 90Yi Radical Qot
42129U+A491EA 92 91Yi Radical Li
42130U+A492EA 92 92Yi Radical Kit
42131U+A493EA 92 93Yi Radical Nyip
42132U+A494EA 92 94Yi Radical Cyp
42133U+A495EA 92 95Yi Radical Ssi
42134U+A496EA 92 96Yi Radical Ggop
42135U+A497EA 92 97Yi Radical Gep
42136U+A498EA 92 98Yi Radical Mi
42137U+A499EA 92 99Yi Radical Hxit
42138U+A49AEA 92 9AYi Radical Lyr
42139U+A49BEA 92 9BYi Radical Bbut
42140U+A49CEA 92 9CYi Radical Mop
42141U+A49DEA 92 9DYi Radical Yo
42142U+A49EEA 92 9EYi Radical Put
42143U+A49FEA 92 9FYi Radical Hxuo
42144U+A4A0EA 92 A0Yi Radical Tat
42145U+A4A1EA 92 A1Yi Radical Ga
42146U+A4A2EA 92 A2Yi Radical Zup
42147U+A4A3EA 92 A3Yi Radical Cyt
42148U+A4A4EA 92 A4Yi Radical Ddur
42149U+A4A5EA 92 A5Yi Radical Bur
42150U+A4A6EA 92 A6Yi Radical Gguo
42151U+A4A7EA 92 A7Yi Radical Nyop
42152U+A4A8EA 92 A8Yi Radical Tu
42153U+A4A9EA 92 A9Yi Radical Op
42154U+A4AAEA 92 AAYi Radical Jjut
42155U+A4ABEA 92 ABYi Radical Zot
42156U+A4ACEA 92 ACYi Radical Pyt
42157U+A4ADEA 92 ADYi Radical Hmo
42158U+A4AEEA 92 AEYi Radical Yit
42159U+A4AFEA 92 AFYi Radical Vur
42160U+A4B0EA 92 B0Yi Radical Shy
42161U+A4B1EA 92 B1Yi Radical Vep
42162U+A4B2EA 92 B2Yi Radical Za
42163U+A4B3EA 92 B3Yi Radical Jo
42164U+A4B4EA 92 B4Yi Radical Nzup
42165U+A4B5EA 92 B5Yi Radical Jjy
42166U+A4B6EA 92 B6Yi Radical Got
42167U+A4B7EA 92 B7Yi Radical Jjie
42168U+A4B8EA 92 B8Yi Radical Wo
42169U+A4B9EA 92 B9Yi Radical Du
42170U+A4BAEA 92 BAYi Radical Shur
42171U+A4BBEA 92 BBYi Radical Lie
42172U+A4BCEA 92 BCYi Radical Cy
42173U+A4BDEA 92 BDYi Radical Cuop
42174U+A4BEEA 92 BEYi Radical Cip
42175U+A4BFEA 92 BFYi Radical Hxop
42176U+A4C0EA 93 80Yi Radical Shat
42177U+A4C1EA 93 81Yi Radical Zur
42178U+A4C2EA 93 82Yi Radical Shop
42179U+A4C3EA 93 83Yi Radical Che
42180U+A4C4EA 93 84Yi Radical Zziet
42181U+A4C5EA 93 85Yi Radical Nbie
42182U+A4C6EA 93 86Yi Radical Ke
42183U+A4C7EA 93 87
42184U+A4C8EA 93 88
42185U+A4C9EA 93 89
42186U+A4CAEA 93 8A
42187U+A4CBEA 93 8B
42188U+A4CCEA 93 8C
42189U+A4CDEA 93 8D
42190U+A4CEEA 93 8E
42191U+A4CFEA 93 8F
42192U+A4D0EA 93 90Lisu Letter Ba
42193U+A4D1EA 93 91Lisu Letter Pa
42194U+A4D2EA 93 92Lisu Letter Pha
42195U+A4D3EA 93 93Lisu Letter Da
42196U+A4D4EA 93 94Lisu Letter Ta
42197U+A4D5EA 93 95Lisu Letter Tha
42198U+A4D6EA 93 96Lisu Letter Ga
42199U+A4D7EA 93 97Lisu Letter Ka
42200U+A4D8EA 93 98Lisu Letter Kha
42201U+A4D9EA 93 99Lisu Letter Ja
42202U+A4DAEA 93 9ALisu Letter Ca
42203U+A4DBEA 93 9BLisu Letter Cha
42204U+A4DCEA 93 9CLisu Letter Dza
42205U+A4DDEA 93 9DLisu Letter Tsa
42206U+A4DEEA 93 9ELisu Letter Tsha
42207U+A4DFEA 93 9FLisu Letter Ma
42208U+A4E0EA 93 A0Lisu Letter Na
42209U+A4E1EA 93 A1Lisu Letter La
42210U+A4E2EA 93 A2Lisu Letter Sa
42211U+A4E3EA 93 A3Lisu Letter Zha
42212U+A4E4EA 93 A4Lisu Letter Za
42213U+A4E5EA 93 A5Lisu Letter Nga
42214U+A4E6EA 93 A6Lisu Letter Ha
42215U+A4E7EA 93 A7Lisu Letter Xa
42216U+A4E8EA 93 A8Lisu Letter Hha
42217U+A4E9EA 93 A9Lisu Letter Fa
42218U+A4EAEA 93 AALisu Letter Wa
42219U+A4EBEA 93 ABLisu Letter Sha
42220U+A4ECEA 93 ACLisu Letter Ya
42221U+A4EDEA 93 ADLisu Letter Gha
42222U+A4EEEA 93 AELisu Letter A
42223U+A4EFEA 93 AFLisu Letter Ae
42224U+A4F0EA 93 B0Lisu Letter E
42225U+A4F1EA 93 B1Lisu Letter Eu
42226U+A4F2EA 93 B2Lisu Letter I
42227U+A4F3EA 93 B3Lisu Letter O
42228U+A4F4EA 93 B4Lisu Letter U
42229U+A4F5EA 93 B5Lisu Letter Ue
42230U+A4F6EA 93 B6Lisu Letter Uh
42231U+A4F7EA 93 B7Lisu Letter Oe
42232U+A4F8EA 93 B8Lisu Letter Tone Mya Ti
42233U+A4F9EA 93 B9Lisu Letter Tone Na Po
42234U+A4FAEA 93 BALisu Letter Tone Mya Cya
42235U+A4FBEA 93 BBLisu Letter Tone Mya Bo
42236U+A4FCEA 93 BCLisu Letter Tone Mya Na
42237U+A4FDEA 93 BDLisu Letter Tone Mya Jeu
42238U+A4FEEA 93 BELisu Punctuation Comma
42239U+A4FFEA 93 BFLisu Punctuation Full Stop
42240U+A500EA 94 80Vai Syllable Ee
42241U+A501EA 94 81Vai Syllable Een
42242U+A502EA 94 82Vai Syllable Hee
42243U+A503EA 94 83Vai Syllable Wee
42244U+A504EA 94 84Vai Syllable Ween
42245U+A505EA 94 85Vai Syllable Pee
42246U+A506EA 94 86Vai Syllable Bhee
42247U+A507EA 94 87Vai Syllable Bee
42248U+A508EA 94 88Vai Syllable Mbee
42249U+A509EA 94 89Vai Syllable Kpee
42250U+A50AEA 94 8AVai Syllable Mgbee
42251U+A50BEA 94 8BVai Syllable Gbee
42252U+A50CEA 94 8CVai Syllable Fee
42253U+A50DEA 94 8DVai Syllable Vee
42254U+A50EEA 94 8EVai Syllable Tee
42255U+A50FEA 94 8FVai Syllable Thee
42256U+A510EA 94 90Vai Syllable Dhee
42257U+A511EA 94 91Vai Syllable Dhhee
42258U+A512EA 94 92Vai Syllable Lee
42259U+A513EA 94 93Vai Syllable Ree
42260U+A514EA 94 94Vai Syllable Dee
42261U+A515EA 94 95Vai Syllable Ndee
42262U+A516EA 94 96Vai Syllable See
42263U+A517EA 94 97Vai Syllable Shee
42264U+A518EA 94 98Vai Syllable Zee
42265U+A519EA 94 99Vai Syllable Zhee
42266U+A51AEA 94 9AVai Syllable Cee
42267U+A51BEA 94 9BVai Syllable Jee
42268U+A51CEA 94 9CVai Syllable Njee
42269U+A51DEA 94 9DVai Syllable Yee
42270U+A51EEA 94 9EVai Syllable Kee
42271U+A51FEA 94 9FVai Syllable Nggee
42272U+A520EA 94 A0Vai Syllable Gee
42273U+A521EA 94 A1Vai Syllable Mee
42274U+A522EA 94 A2Vai Syllable Nee
42275U+A523EA 94 A3Vai Syllable Nyee
42276U+A524EA 94 A4Vai Syllable I
42277U+A525EA 94 A5Vai Syllable In
42278U+A526EA 94 A6Vai Syllable Hi
42279U+A527EA 94 A7Vai Syllable Hin
42280U+A528EA 94 A8Vai Syllable Wi
42281U+A529EA 94 A9Vai Syllable Win
42282U+A52AEA 94 AAVai Syllable Pi
42283U+A52BEA 94 ABVai Syllable Bhi
42284U+A52CEA 94 ACVai Syllable Bi
42285U+A52DEA 94 ADVai Syllable Mbi
42286U+A52EEA 94 AEVai Syllable Kpi
42287U+A52FEA 94 AFVai Syllable Mgbi
42288U+A530EA 94 B0Vai Syllable Gbi
42289U+A531EA 94 B1Vai Syllable Fi
42290U+A532EA 94 B2Vai Syllable Vi
42291U+A533EA 94 B3Vai Syllable Ti
42292U+A534EA 94 B4Vai Syllable Thi
42293U+A535EA 94 B5Vai Syllable Dhi
42294U+A536EA 94 B6Vai Syllable Dhhi
42295U+A537EA 94 B7Vai Syllable Li
42296U+A538EA 94 B8Vai Syllable Ri
42297U+A539EA 94 B9Vai Syllable Di
42298U+A53AEA 94 BAVai Syllable Ndi
42299U+A53BEA 94 BBVai Syllable Si
42300U+A53CEA 94 BCVai Syllable Shi
42301U+A53DEA 94 BDVai Syllable Zi
42302U+A53EEA 94 BEVai Syllable Zhi
42303U+A53FEA 94 BFVai Syllable Ci
42304U+A540EA 95 80Vai Syllable Ji
42305U+A541EA 95 81Vai Syllable Nji
42306U+A542EA 95 82Vai Syllable Yi
42307U+A543EA 95 83Vai Syllable Ki
42308U+A544EA 95 84Vai Syllable Nggi
42309U+A545EA 95 85Vai Syllable Gi
42310U+A546EA 95 86Vai Syllable Mi
42311U+A547EA 95 87Vai Syllable Ni
42312U+A548EA 95 88Vai Syllable Nyi
42313U+A549EA 95 89Vai Syllable A
42314U+A54AEA 95 8AVai Syllable An
42315U+A54BEA 95 8BVai Syllable Ngan
42316U+A54CEA 95 8CVai Syllable Ha
42317U+A54DEA 95 8DVai Syllable Han
42318U+A54EEA 95 8EVai Syllable Wa
42319U+A54FEA 95 8FVai Syllable Wan
42320U+A550EA 95 90Vai Syllable Pa
42321U+A551EA 95 91Vai Syllable Bha
42322U+A552EA 95 92Vai Syllable Ba
42323U+A553EA 95 93Vai Syllable Mba
42324U+A554EA 95 94Vai Syllable Kpa
42325U+A555EA 95 95Vai Syllable Kpan
42326U+A556EA 95 96Vai Syllable Mgba
42327U+A557EA 95 97Vai Syllable Gba
42328U+A558EA 95 98Vai Syllable Fa
42329U+A559EA 95 99Vai Syllable Va
42330U+A55AEA 95 9AVai Syllable Ta
42331U+A55BEA 95 9BVai Syllable Tha
42332U+A55CEA 95 9CVai Syllable Dha
42333U+A55DEA 95 9DVai Syllable Dhha
42334U+A55EEA 95 9EVai Syllable La
42335U+A55FEA 95 9FVai Syllable Ra
42336U+A560EA 95 A0Vai Syllable Da
42337U+A561EA 95 A1Vai Syllable Nda
42338U+A562EA 95 A2Vai Syllable Sa
42339U+A563EA 95 A3Vai Syllable Sha
42340U+A564EA 95 A4Vai Syllable Za
42341U+A565EA 95 A5Vai Syllable Zha
42342U+A566EA 95 A6Vai Syllable Ca
42343U+A567EA 95 A7Vai Syllable Ja
42344U+A568EA 95 A8Vai Syllable Nja
42345U+A569EA 95 A9Vai Syllable Ya
42346U+A56AEA 95 AAVai Syllable Ka
42347U+A56BEA 95 ABVai Syllable Kan
42348U+A56CEA 95 ACVai Syllable Ngga
42349U+A56DEA 95 ADVai Syllable Ga
42350U+A56EEA 95 AEVai Syllable Ma
42351U+A56FEA 95 AFVai Syllable Na
42352U+A570EA 95 B0Vai Syllable Nya
42353U+A571EA 95 B1Vai Syllable Oo
42354U+A572EA 95 B2Vai Syllable Oon
42355U+A573EA 95 B3Vai Syllable Hoo
42356U+A574EA 95 B4Vai Syllable Woo
42357U+A575EA 95 B5Vai Syllable Woon
42358U+A576EA 95 B6Vai Syllable Poo
42359U+A577EA 95 B7Vai Syllable Bhoo
42360U+A578EA 95 B8Vai Syllable Boo
42361U+A579EA 95 B9Vai Syllable Mboo
42362U+A57AEA 95 BAVai Syllable Kpoo
42363U+A57BEA 95 BBVai Syllable Mgboo
42364U+A57CEA 95 BCVai Syllable Gboo
42365U+A57DEA 95 BDVai Syllable Foo
42366U+A57EEA 95 BEVai Syllable Voo
42367U+A57FEA 95 BFVai Syllable Too
42368U+A580EA 96 80Vai Syllable Thoo
42369U+A581EA 96 81Vai Syllable Dhoo
42370U+A582EA 96 82Vai Syllable Dhhoo
42371U+A583EA 96 83Vai Syllable Loo
42372U+A584EA 96 84Vai Syllable Roo
42373U+A585EA 96 85Vai Syllable Doo
42374U+A586EA 96 86Vai Syllable Ndoo
42375U+A587EA 96 87Vai Syllable Soo
42376U+A588EA 96 88Vai Syllable Shoo
42377U+A589EA 96 89Vai Syllable Zoo
42378U+A58AEA 96 8AVai Syllable Zhoo
42379U+A58BEA 96 8BVai Syllable Coo
42380U+A58CEA 96 8CVai Syllable Joo
42381U+A58DEA 96 8DVai Syllable Njoo
42382U+A58EEA 96 8EVai Syllable Yoo
42383U+A58FEA 96 8FVai Syllable Koo
42384U+A590EA 96 90Vai Syllable Nggoo
42385U+A591EA 96 91Vai Syllable Goo
42386U+A592EA 96 92Vai Syllable Moo
42387U+A593EA 96 93Vai Syllable Noo
42388U+A594EA 96 94Vai Syllable Nyoo
42389U+A595EA 96 95Vai Syllable U
42390U+A596EA 96 96Vai Syllable Un
42391U+A597EA 96 97Vai Syllable Hu
42392U+A598EA 96 98Vai Syllable Hun
42393U+A599EA 96 99Vai Syllable Wu
42394U+A59AEA 96 9AVai Syllable Wun
42395U+A59BEA 96 9BVai Syllable Pu
42396U+A59CEA 96 9CVai Syllable Bhu
42397U+A59DEA 96 9DVai Syllable Bu
42398U+A59EEA 96 9EVai Syllable Mbu
42399U+A59FEA 96 9FVai Syllable Kpu
42400U+A5A0EA 96 A0Vai Syllable Mgbu
42401U+A5A1EA 96 A1Vai Syllable Gbu
42402U+A5A2EA 96 A2Vai Syllable Fu
42403U+A5A3EA 96 A3Vai Syllable Vu
42404U+A5A4EA 96 A4Vai Syllable Tu
42405U+A5A5EA 96 A5Vai Syllable Thu
42406U+A5A6EA 96 A6Vai Syllable Dhu
42407U+A5A7EA 96 A7Vai Syllable Dhhu
42408U+A5A8EA 96 A8Vai Syllable Lu
42409U+A5A9EA 96 A9Vai Syllable Ru
42410U+A5AAEA 96 AAVai Syllable Du
42411U+A5ABEA 96 ABVai Syllable Ndu
42412U+A5ACEA 96 ACVai Syllable Su
42413U+A5ADEA 96 ADVai Syllable Shu
42414U+A5AEEA 96 AEVai Syllable Zu
42415U+A5AFEA 96 AFVai Syllable Zhu
42416U+A5B0EA 96 B0Vai Syllable Cu
42417U+A5B1EA 96 B1Vai Syllable Ju
42418U+A5B2EA 96 B2Vai Syllable Nju
42419U+A5B3EA 96 B3Vai Syllable Yu
42420U+A5B4EA 96 B4Vai Syllable Ku
42421U+A5B5EA 96 B5Vai Syllable Nggu
42422U+A5B6EA 96 B6Vai Syllable Gu
42423U+A5B7EA 96 B7Vai Syllable Mu
42424U+A5B8EA 96 B8Vai Syllable Nu
42425U+A5B9EA 96 B9Vai Syllable Nyu
42426U+A5BAEA 96 BAVai Syllable O
42427U+A5BBEA 96 BBVai Syllable On
42428U+A5BCEA 96 BCVai Syllable Ngon
42429U+A5BDEA 96 BDVai Syllable Ho
42430U+A5BEEA 96 BEVai Syllable Hon
42431U+A5BFEA 96 BFVai Syllable Wo
42432U+A5C0EA 97 80Vai Syllable Won
42433U+A5C1EA 97 81Vai Syllable Po
42434U+A5C2EA 97 82Vai Syllable Bho
42435U+A5C3EA 97 83Vai Syllable Bo
42436U+A5C4EA 97 84Vai Syllable Mbo
42437U+A5C5EA 97 85Vai Syllable Kpo
42438U+A5C6EA 97 86Vai Syllable Mgbo
42439U+A5C7EA 97 87Vai Syllable Gbo
42440U+A5C8EA 97 88Vai Syllable Gbon
42441U+A5C9EA 97 89Vai Syllable Fo
42442U+A5CAEA 97 8AVai Syllable Vo
42443U+A5CBEA 97 8BVai Syllable To
42444U+A5CCEA 97 8CVai Syllable Tho
42445U+A5CDEA 97 8DVai Syllable Dho
42446U+A5CEEA 97 8EVai Syllable Dhho
42447U+A5CFEA 97 8FVai Syllable Lo
42448U+A5D0EA 97 90Vai Syllable Ro
42449U+A5D1EA 97 91Vai Syllable Do
42450U+A5D2EA 97 92Vai Syllable Ndo
42451U+A5D3EA 97 93Vai Syllable So
42452U+A5D4EA 97 94Vai Syllable Sho
42453U+A5D5EA 97 95Vai Syllable Zo
42454U+A5D6EA 97 96Vai Syllable Zho
42455U+A5D7EA 97 97Vai Syllable Co
42456U+A5D8EA 97 98Vai Syllable Jo
42457U+A5D9EA 97 99Vai Syllable Njo
42458U+A5DAEA 97 9AVai Syllable Yo
42459U+A5DBEA 97 9BVai Syllable Ko
42460U+A5DCEA 97 9CVai Syllable Nggo
42461U+A5DDEA 97 9DVai Syllable Go
42462U+A5DEEA 97 9EVai Syllable Mo
42463U+A5DFEA 97 9FVai Syllable No
42464U+A5E0EA 97 A0Vai Syllable Nyo
42465U+A5E1EA 97 A1Vai Syllable E
42466U+A5E2EA 97 A2Vai Syllable En
42467U+A5E3EA 97 A3Vai Syllable Ngen
42468U+A5E4EA 97 A4Vai Syllable He
42469U+A5E5EA 97 A5Vai Syllable Hen
42470U+A5E6EA 97 A6Vai Syllable We
42471U+A5E7EA 97 A7Vai Syllable Wen
42472U+A5E8EA 97 A8Vai Syllable Pe
42473U+A5E9EA 97 A9Vai Syllable Bhe
42474U+A5EAEA 97 AAVai Syllable Be
42475U+A5EBEA 97 ABVai Syllable Mbe
42476U+A5ECEA 97 ACVai Syllable Kpe
42477U+A5EDEA 97 ADVai Syllable Kpen
42478U+A5EEEA 97 AEVai Syllable Mgbe
42479U+A5EFEA 97 AFVai Syllable Gbe
42480U+A5F0EA 97 B0Vai Syllable Gben
42481U+A5F1EA 97 B1Vai Syllable Fe
42482U+A5F2EA 97 B2Vai Syllable Ve
42483U+A5F3EA 97 B3Vai Syllable Te
42484U+A5F4EA 97 B4Vai Syllable The
42485U+A5F5EA 97 B5Vai Syllable Dhe
42486U+A5F6EA 97 B6Vai Syllable Dhhe
42487U+A5F7EA 97 B7Vai Syllable Le
42488U+A5F8EA 97 B8Vai Syllable Re
42489U+A5F9EA 97 B9Vai Syllable De
42490U+A5FAEA 97 BAVai Syllable Nde
42491U+A5FBEA 97 BBVai Syllable Se
42492U+A5FCEA 97 BCVai Syllable She
42493U+A5FDEA 97 BDVai Syllable Ze
42494U+A5FEEA 97 BEVai Syllable Zhe
42495U+A5FFEA 97 BFVai Syllable Ce
42496U+A600EA 98 80Vai Syllable Je
42497U+A601EA 98 81Vai Syllable Nje
42498U+A602EA 98 82Vai Syllable Ye
42499U+A603EA 98 83Vai Syllable Ke
42500U+A604EA 98 84Vai Syllable Ngge
42501U+A605EA 98 85Vai Syllable Nggen
42502U+A606EA 98 86Vai Syllable Ge
42503U+A607EA 98 87Vai Syllable Gen
42504U+A608EA 98 88Vai Syllable Me
42505U+A609EA 98 89Vai Syllable Ne
42506U+A60AEA 98 8AVai Syllable Nye
42507U+A60BEA 98 8BVai Syllable Ng
42508U+A60CEA 98 8CVai Syllable Lengthener
42509U+A60DEA 98 8DVai Comma
42510U+A60EEA 98 8EVai Full Stop
42511U+A60FEA 98 8FVai Question Mark
42512U+A610EA 98 90Vai Syllable Ndole Fa
42513U+A611EA 98 91Vai Syllable Ndole Ka
42514U+A612EA 98 92Vai Syllable Ndole Soo
42515U+A613EA 98 93Vai Symbol Feeng
42516U+A614EA 98 94Vai Symbol Keeng
42517U+A615EA 98 95Vai Symbol Ting
42518U+A616EA 98 96Vai Symbol Nii
42519U+A617EA 98 97Vai Symbol Bang
42520U+A618EA 98 98Vai Symbol Faa
42521U+A619EA 98 99Vai Symbol Taa
42522U+A61AEA 98 9AVai Symbol Dang
42523U+A61BEA 98 9BVai Symbol Doong
42524U+A61CEA 98 9CVai Symbol Kung
42525U+A61DEA 98 9DVai Symbol Tong
42526U+A61EEA 98 9EVai Symbol Do-o
42527U+A61FEA 98 9FVai Symbol Jong
42528U+A620EA 98 A0Vai Digit Zero
42529U+A621EA 98 A1Vai Digit One
42530U+A622EA 98 A2Vai Digit Two
42531U+A623EA 98 A3Vai Digit Three
42532U+A624EA 98 A4Vai Digit Four
42533U+A625EA 98 A5Vai Digit Five
42534U+A626EA 98 A6Vai Digit Six
42535U+A627EA 98 A7Vai Digit Seven
42536U+A628EA 98 A8Vai Digit Eight
42537U+A629EA 98 A9Vai Digit Nine
42538U+A62AEA 98 AAVai Syllable Ndole Ma
42539U+A62BEA 98 ABVai Syllable Ndole Do
42540U+A62CEA 98 AC
42541U+A62DEA 98 AD
42542U+A62EEA 98 AE
42543U+A62FEA 98 AF
42544U+A630EA 98 B0
42545U+A631EA 98 B1
42546U+A632EA 98 B2
42547U+A633EA 98 B3
42548U+A634EA 98 B4
42549U+A635EA 98 B5
42550U+A636EA 98 B6
42551U+A637EA 98 B7
42552U+A638EA 98 B8
42553U+A639EA 98 B9
42554U+A63AEA 98 BA
42555U+A63BEA 98 BB
42556U+A63CEA 98 BC
42557U+A63DEA 98 BD
42558U+A63EEA 98 BE
42559U+A63FEA 98 BF
42560U+A640EA 99 80Cyrillic Capital Letter Zemlya
42561U+A641EA 99 81Cyrillic Small Letter Zemlya
42562U+A642EA 99 82Cyrillic Capital Letter Dzelo
42563U+A643EA 99 83Cyrillic Small Letter Dzelo
42564U+A644EA 99 84Cyrillic Capital Letter Reversed Dze
42565U+A645EA 99 85Cyrillic Small Letter Reversed Dze
42566U+A646EA 99 86Cyrillic Capital Letter Iota
42567U+A647EA 99 87Cyrillic Small Letter Iota
42568U+A648EA 99 88Cyrillic Capital Letter Djerv
42569U+A649EA 99 89Cyrillic Small Letter Djerv
42570U+A64AEA 99 8ACyrillic Capital Letter Monograph Uk
42571U+A64BEA 99 8BCyrillic Small Letter Monograph Uk
42572U+A64CEA 99 8CCyrillic Capital Letter Broad Omega
42573U+A64DEA 99 8DCyrillic Small Letter Broad Omega
42574U+A64EEA 99 8ECyrillic Capital Letter Neutral Yer
42575U+A64FEA 99 8FCyrillic Small Letter Neutral Yer
42576U+A650EA 99 90Cyrillic Capital Letter Yeru With Back Yer
42577U+A651EA 99 91Cyrillic Small Letter Yeru With Back Yer
42578U+A652EA 99 92Cyrillic Capital Letter Iotified Yat
42579U+A653EA 99 93Cyrillic Small Letter Iotified Yat
42580U+A654EA 99 94Cyrillic Capital Letter Reversed Yu
42581U+A655EA 99 95Cyrillic Small Letter Reversed Yu
42582U+A656EA 99 96Cyrillic Capital Letter Iotified A
42583U+A657EA 99 97Cyrillic Small Letter Iotified A
42584U+A658EA 99 98Cyrillic Capital Letter Closed Little Yus
42585U+A659EA 99 99Cyrillic Small Letter Closed Little Yus
42586U+A65AEA 99 9ACyrillic Capital Letter Blended Yus
42587U+A65BEA 99 9BCyrillic Small Letter Blended Yus
42588U+A65CEA 99 9CCyrillic Capital Letter Iotified Closed Little Yus
42589U+A65DEA 99 9DCyrillic Small Letter Iotified Closed Little Yus
42590U+A65EEA 99 9ECyrillic Capital Letter Yn
42591U+A65FEA 99 9FCyrillic Small Letter Yn
42592U+A660EA 99 A0Cyrillic Capital Letter Reversed Tse
42593U+A661EA 99 A1Cyrillic Small Letter Reversed Tse
42594U+A662EA 99 A2Cyrillic Capital Letter Soft De
42595U+A663EA 99 A3Cyrillic Small Letter Soft De
42596U+A664EA 99 A4Cyrillic Capital Letter Soft El
42597U+A665EA 99 A5Cyrillic Small Letter Soft El
42598U+A666EA 99 A6Cyrillic Capital Letter Soft Em
42599U+A667EA 99 A7Cyrillic Small Letter Soft Em
42600U+A668EA 99 A8Cyrillic Capital Letter Monocular O
42601U+A669EA 99 A9Cyrillic Small Letter Monocular O
42602U+A66AEA 99 AACyrillic Capital Letter Binocular O
42603U+A66BEA 99 ABCyrillic Small Letter Binocular O
42604U+A66CEA 99 ACCyrillic Capital Letter Double Monocular O
42605U+A66DEA 99 ADCyrillic Small Letter Double Monocular O
42606U+A66EEA 99 AECyrillic Letter Multiocular O
42607U+A66FEA 99 AFCombining Cyrillic Vzmet
42608U+A670EA 99 B0Combining Cyrillic Ten Millions Sign
42609U+A671EA 99 B1Combining Cyrillic Hundred Millions Sign
42610U+A672EA 99 B2Combining Cyrillic Thousand Millions Sign
42611U+A673EA 99 B3Slavonic Asterisk
42612U+A674EA 99 B4Combining Cyrillic Letter Ukrainian Ie
42613U+A675EA 99 B5Combining Cyrillic Letter I
42614U+A676EA 99 B6Combining Cyrillic Letter Yi
42615U+A677EA 99 B7Combining Cyrillic Letter U
42616U+A678EA 99 B8Combining Cyrillic Letter Hard Sign
42617U+A679EA 99 B9Combining Cyrillic Letter Yeru
42618U+A67AEA 99 BACombining Cyrillic Letter Soft Sign
42619U+A67BEA 99 BBCombining Cyrillic Letter Omega
42620U+A67CEA 99 BCCombining Cyrillic Kavyka
42621U+A67DEA 99 BDCombining Cyrillic Payerok
42622U+A67EEA 99 BECyrillic Kavyka
42623U+A67FEA 99 BFCyrillic Payerok
42624U+A680EA 9A 80Cyrillic Capital Letter Dwe
42625U+A681EA 9A 81Cyrillic Small Letter Dwe
42626U+A682EA 9A 82Cyrillic Capital Letter Dzwe
42627U+A683EA 9A 83Cyrillic Small Letter Dzwe
42628U+A684EA 9A 84Cyrillic Capital Letter Zhwe
42629U+A685EA 9A 85Cyrillic Small Letter Zhwe
42630U+A686EA 9A 86Cyrillic Capital Letter Cche
42631U+A687EA 9A 87Cyrillic Small Letter Cche
42632U+A688EA 9A 88Cyrillic Capital Letter Dzze
42633U+A689EA 9A 89Cyrillic Small Letter Dzze
42634U+A68AEA 9A 8ACyrillic Capital Letter Te With Middle Hook
42635U+A68BEA 9A 8BCyrillic Small Letter Te With Middle Hook
42636U+A68CEA 9A 8CCyrillic Capital Letter Twe
42637U+A68DEA 9A 8DCyrillic Small Letter Twe
42638U+A68EEA 9A 8ECyrillic Capital Letter Tswe
42639U+A68FEA 9A 8FCyrillic Small Letter Tswe
42640U+A690EA 9A 90Cyrillic Capital Letter Tsse
42641U+A691EA 9A 91Cyrillic Small Letter Tsse
42642U+A692EA 9A 92Cyrillic Capital Letter Tche
42643U+A693EA 9A 93Cyrillic Small Letter Tche
42644U+A694EA 9A 94Cyrillic Capital Letter Hwe
42645U+A695EA 9A 95Cyrillic Small Letter Hwe
42646U+A696EA 9A 96Cyrillic Capital Letter Shwe
42647U+A697EA 9A 97Cyrillic Small Letter Shwe
42648U+A698EA 9A 98Cyrillic Capital Letter Double O
42649U+A699EA 9A 99Cyrillic Small Letter Double O
42650U+A69AEA 9A 9ACyrillic Capital Letter Crossed O
42651U+A69BEA 9A 9BCyrillic Small Letter Crossed O
42652U+A69CEA 9A 9CModifier Letter Cyrillic Hard Sign
42653U+A69DEA 9A 9DModifier Letter Cyrillic Soft Sign
42654U+A69EEA 9A 9ECombining Cyrillic Letter Ef
42655U+A69FEA 9A 9FCombining Cyrillic Letter Iotified E
42656U+A6A0EA 9A A0Bamum Letter A
42657U+A6A1EA 9A A1Bamum Letter Ka
42658U+A6A2EA 9A A2Bamum Letter U
42659U+A6A3EA 9A A3Bamum Letter Ku
42660U+A6A4EA 9A A4Bamum Letter Ee
42661U+A6A5EA 9A A5Bamum Letter Ree
42662U+A6A6EA 9A A6Bamum Letter Tae
42663U+A6A7EA 9A A7Bamum Letter O
42664U+A6A8EA 9A A8Bamum Letter Nyi
42665U+A6A9EA 9A A9Bamum Letter I
42666U+A6AAEA 9A AABamum Letter La
42667U+A6ABEA 9A ABBamum Letter Pa
42668U+A6ACEA 9A ACBamum Letter Rii
42669U+A6ADEA 9A ADBamum Letter Riee
42670U+A6AEEA 9A AEBamum Letter Leeee
42671U+A6AFEA 9A AFBamum Letter Meeee
42672U+A6B0EA 9A B0Bamum Letter Taa
42673U+A6B1EA 9A B1Bamum Letter Ndaa
42674U+A6B2EA 9A B2Bamum Letter Njaem
42675U+A6B3EA 9A B3Bamum Letter M
42676U+A6B4EA 9A B4Bamum Letter Suu
42677U+A6B5EA 9A B5Bamum Letter Mu
42678U+A6B6EA 9A B6Bamum Letter Shii
42679U+A6B7EA 9A B7Bamum Letter Si
42680U+A6B8EA 9A B8Bamum Letter Sheux
42681U+A6B9EA 9A B9Bamum Letter Seux
42682U+A6BAEA 9A BABamum Letter Kyee
42683U+A6BBEA 9A BBBamum Letter Ket
42684U+A6BCEA 9A BCBamum Letter Nuae
42685U+A6BDEA 9A BDBamum Letter Nu
42686U+A6BEEA 9A BEBamum Letter Njuae
42687U+A6BFEA 9A BFBamum Letter Yoq
42688U+A6C0EA 9B 80Bamum Letter Shu
42689U+A6C1EA 9B 81Bamum Letter Yuq
42690U+A6C2EA 9B 82Bamum Letter Ya
42691U+A6C3EA 9B 83Bamum Letter Nsha
42692U+A6C4EA 9B 84Bamum Letter Keux
42693U+A6C5EA 9B 85Bamum Letter Peux
42694U+A6C6EA 9B 86Bamum Letter Njee
42695U+A6C7EA 9B 87Bamum Letter Ntee
42696U+A6C8EA 9B 88Bamum Letter Pue
42697U+A6C9EA 9B 89Bamum Letter Wue
42698U+A6CAEA 9B 8ABamum Letter Pee
42699U+A6CBEA 9B 8BBamum Letter Fee
42700U+A6CCEA 9B 8CBamum Letter Ru
42701U+A6CDEA 9B 8DBamum Letter Lu
42702U+A6CEEA 9B 8EBamum Letter Mi
42703U+A6CFEA 9B 8FBamum Letter Ni
42704U+A6D0EA 9B 90Bamum Letter Reux
42705U+A6D1EA 9B 91Bamum Letter Rae
42706U+A6D2EA 9B 92Bamum Letter Ken
42707U+A6D3EA 9B 93Bamum Letter Ngkwaen
42708U+A6D4EA 9B 94Bamum Letter Ngga
42709U+A6D5EA 9B 95Bamum Letter Nga
42710U+A6D6EA 9B 96Bamum Letter Sho
42711U+A6D7EA 9B 97Bamum Letter Puae
42712U+A6D8EA 9B 98Bamum Letter Fu
42713U+A6D9EA 9B 99Bamum Letter Fom
42714U+A6DAEA 9B 9ABamum Letter Wa
42715U+A6DBEA 9B 9BBamum Letter Na
42716U+A6DCEA 9B 9CBamum Letter Li
42717U+A6DDEA 9B 9DBamum Letter Pi
42718U+A6DEEA 9B 9EBamum Letter Loq
42719U+A6DFEA 9B 9FBamum Letter Ko
42720U+A6E0EA 9B A0Bamum Letter Mben
42721U+A6E1EA 9B A1Bamum Letter Ren
42722U+A6E2EA 9B A2Bamum Letter Men
42723U+A6E3EA 9B A3Bamum Letter Ma
42724U+A6E4EA 9B A4Bamum Letter Ti
42725U+A6E5EA 9B A5Bamum Letter Ki
42726U+A6E6EA 9B A6Bamum Letter Mo
42727U+A6E7EA 9B A7Bamum Letter Mbaa
42728U+A6E8EA 9B A8Bamum Letter Tet
42729U+A6E9EA 9B A9Bamum Letter Kpa
42730U+A6EAEA 9B AABamum Letter Ten
42731U+A6EBEA 9B ABBamum Letter Ntuu
42732U+A6ECEA 9B ACBamum Letter Samba
42733U+A6EDEA 9B ADBamum Letter Faamae
42734U+A6EEEA 9B AEBamum Letter Kovuu
42735U+A6EFEA 9B AFBamum Letter Koghom
42736U+A6F0EA 9B B0Bamum Combining Mark Koqndon
42737U+A6F1EA 9B B1Bamum Combining Mark Tukwentis
42738U+A6F2EA 9B B2Bamum Njaemli
42739U+A6F3EA 9B B3Bamum Full Stop
42740U+A6F4EA 9B B4Bamum Colon
42741U+A6F5EA 9B B5Bamum Comma
42742U+A6F6EA 9B B6Bamum Semicolon
42743U+A6F7EA 9B B7Bamum Question Mark
42744U+A6F8EA 9B B8
42745U+A6F9EA 9B B9
42746U+A6FAEA 9B BA
42747U+A6FBEA 9B BB
42748U+A6FCEA 9B BC
42749U+A6FDEA 9B BD
42750U+A6FEEA 9B BE
42751U+A6FFEA 9B BF
42752U+A700EA 9C 80Modifier Letter Chinese Tone Yin Ping
42753U+A701EA 9C 81Modifier Letter Chinese Tone Yang Ping
42754U+A702EA 9C 82Modifier Letter Chinese Tone Yin Shang
42755U+A703EA 9C 83Modifier Letter Chinese Tone Yang Shang
42756U+A704EA 9C 84Modifier Letter Chinese Tone Yin Qu
42757U+A705EA 9C 85Modifier Letter Chinese Tone Yang Qu
42758U+A706EA 9C 86Modifier Letter Chinese Tone Yin Ru
42759U+A707EA 9C 87Modifier Letter Chinese Tone Yang Ru
42760U+A708EA 9C 88Modifier Letter Extra-high Dotted Tone Bar
42761U+A709EA 9C 89Modifier Letter High Dotted Tone Bar
42762U+A70AEA 9C 8AModifier Letter Mid Dotted Tone Bar
42763U+A70BEA 9C 8BModifier Letter Low Dotted Tone Bar
42764U+A70CEA 9C 8CModifier Letter Extra-low Dotted Tone Bar
42765U+A70DEA 9C 8DModifier Letter Extra-high Dotted Left-stem Tone Bar
42766U+A70EEA 9C 8EModifier Letter High Dotted Left-stem Tone Bar
42767U+A70FEA 9C 8FModifier Letter Mid Dotted Left-stem Tone Bar
42768U+A710EA 9C 90Modifier Letter Low Dotted Left-stem Tone Bar
42769U+A711EA 9C 91Modifier Letter Extra-low Dotted Left-stem Tone Bar
42770U+A712EA 9C 92Modifier Letter Extra-high Left-stem Tone Bar
42771U+A713EA 9C 93Modifier Letter High Left-stem Tone Bar
42772U+A714EA 9C 94Modifier Letter Mid Left-stem Tone Bar
42773U+A715EA 9C 95Modifier Letter Low Left-stem Tone Bar
42774U+A716EA 9C 96Modifier Letter Extra-low Left-stem Tone Bar
42775U+A717EA 9C 97Modifier Letter Dot Vertical Bar
42776U+A718EA 9C 98Modifier Letter Dot Slash
42777U+A719EA 9C 99Modifier Letter Dot Horizontal Bar
42778U+A71AEA 9C 9AModifier Letter Lower Right Corner Angle
42779U+A71BEA 9C 9BModifier Letter Raised Up Arrow
42780U+A71CEA 9C 9CModifier Letter Raised Down Arrow
42781U+A71DEA 9C 9DModifier Letter Raised Exclamation Mark
42782U+A71EEA 9C 9EModifier Letter Raised Inverted Exclamation Mark
42783U+A71FEA 9C 9FModifier Letter Low Inverted Exclamation Mark
42784U+A720EA 9C A0Modifier Letter Stress And High Tone
42785U+A721EA 9C A1Modifier Letter Stress And Low Tone
42786U+A722EA 9C A2Latin Capital Letter Egyptological Alef
42787U+A723EA 9C A3Latin Small Letter Egyptological Alef
42788U+A724EA 9C A4Latin Capital Letter Egyptological Ain
42789U+A725EA 9C A5Latin Small Letter Egyptological Ain
42790U+A726EA 9C A6Latin Capital Letter Heng
42791U+A727EA 9C A7Latin Small Letter Heng
42792U+A728EA 9C A8Latin Capital Letter Tz
42793U+A729EA 9C A9Latin Small Letter Tz
42794U+A72AEA 9C AALatin Capital Letter Tresillo
42795U+A72BEA 9C ABLatin Small Letter Tresillo
42796U+A72CEA 9C ACLatin Capital Letter Cuatrillo
42797U+A72DEA 9C ADLatin Small Letter Cuatrillo
42798U+A72EEA 9C AELatin Capital Letter Cuatrillo With Comma
42799U+A72FEA 9C AFLatin Small Letter Cuatrillo With Comma
42800U+A730EA 9C B0Latin Letter Small Capital F
42801U+A731EA 9C B1Latin Letter Small Capital S
42802U+A732EA 9C B2Latin Capital Letter Aa
42803U+A733EA 9C B3Latin Small Letter Aa
42804U+A734EA 9C B4Latin Capital Letter Ao
42805U+A735EA 9C B5Latin Small Letter Ao
42806U+A736EA 9C B6Latin Capital Letter Au
42807U+A737EA 9C B7Latin Small Letter Au
42808U+A738EA 9C B8Latin Capital Letter Av
42809U+A739EA 9C B9Latin Small Letter Av
42810U+A73AEA 9C BALatin Capital Letter Av With Horizontal Bar
42811U+A73BEA 9C BBLatin Small Letter Av With Horizontal Bar
42812U+A73CEA 9C BCLatin Capital Letter Ay
42813U+A73DEA 9C BDLatin Small Letter Ay
42814U+A73EEA 9C BELatin Capital Letter Reversed C With Dot
42815U+A73FEA 9C BFLatin Small Letter Reversed C With Dot
42816U+A740EA 9D 80Latin Capital Letter K With Stroke
42817U+A741EA 9D 81Latin Small Letter K With Stroke
42818U+A742EA 9D 82Latin Capital Letter K With Diagonal Stroke
42819U+A743EA 9D 83Latin Small Letter K With Diagonal Stroke
42820U+A744EA 9D 84Latin Capital Letter K With Stroke And Diagonal Stroke
42821U+A745EA 9D 85Latin Small Letter K With Stroke And Diagonal Stroke
42822U+A746EA 9D 86Latin Capital Letter Broken L
42823U+A747EA 9D 87Latin Small Letter Broken L
42824U+A748EA 9D 88Latin Capital Letter L With High Stroke
42825U+A749EA 9D 89Latin Small Letter L With High Stroke
42826U+A74AEA 9D 8ALatin Capital Letter O With Long Stroke Overlay
42827U+A74BEA 9D 8BLatin Small Letter O With Long Stroke Overlay
42828U+A74CEA 9D 8CLatin Capital Letter O With Loop
42829U+A74DEA 9D 8DLatin Small Letter O With Loop
42830U+A74EEA 9D 8ELatin Capital Letter Oo
42831U+A74FEA 9D 8FLatin Small Letter Oo
42832U+A750EA 9D 90Latin Capital Letter P With Stroke Through Descender
42833U+A751EA 9D 91Latin Small Letter P With Stroke Through Descender
42834U+A752EA 9D 92Latin Capital Letter P With Flourish
42835U+A753EA 9D 93Latin Small Letter P With Flourish
42836U+A754EA 9D 94Latin Capital Letter P With Squirrel Tail
42837U+A755EA 9D 95Latin Small Letter P With Squirrel Tail
42838U+A756EA 9D 96Latin Capital Letter Q With Stroke Through Descender
42839U+A757EA 9D 97Latin Small Letter Q With Stroke Through Descender
42840U+A758EA 9D 98Latin Capital Letter Q With Diagonal Stroke
42841U+A759EA 9D 99Latin Small Letter Q With Diagonal Stroke
42842U+A75AEA 9D 9ALatin Capital Letter R Rotunda
42843U+A75BEA 9D 9BLatin Small Letter R Rotunda
42844U+A75CEA 9D 9CLatin Capital Letter Rum Rotunda
42845U+A75DEA 9D 9DLatin Small Letter Rum Rotunda
42846U+A75EEA 9D 9ELatin Capital Letter V With Diagonal Stroke
42847U+A75FEA 9D 9FLatin Small Letter V With Diagonal Stroke
42848U+A760EA 9D A0Latin Capital Letter Vy
42849U+A761EA 9D A1Latin Small Letter Vy
42850U+A762EA 9D A2Latin Capital Letter Visigothic Z
42851U+A763EA 9D A3Latin Small Letter Visigothic Z
42852U+A764EA 9D A4Latin Capital Letter Thorn With Stroke
42853U+A765EA 9D A5Latin Small Letter Thorn With Stroke
42854U+A766EA 9D A6Latin Capital Letter Thorn With Stroke Through Descender
42855U+A767EA 9D A7Latin Small Letter Thorn With Stroke Through Descender
42856U+A768EA 9D A8Latin Capital Letter Vend
42857U+A769EA 9D A9Latin Small Letter Vend
42858U+A76AEA 9D AALatin Capital Letter Et
42859U+A76BEA 9D ABLatin Small Letter Et
42860U+A76CEA 9D ACLatin Capital Letter Is
42861U+A76DEA 9D ADLatin Small Letter Is
42862U+A76EEA 9D AELatin Capital Letter Con
42863U+A76FEA 9D AFLatin Small Letter Con
42864U+A770EA 9D B0Modifier Letter Us
42865U+A771EA 9D B1Latin Small Letter Dum
42866U+A772EA 9D B2Latin Small Letter Lum
42867U+A773EA 9D B3Latin Small Letter Mum
42868U+A774EA 9D B4Latin Small Letter Num
42869U+A775EA 9D B5Latin Small Letter Rum
42870U+A776EA 9D B6Latin Letter Small Capital Rum
42871U+A777EA 9D B7Latin Small Letter Tum
42872U+A778EA 9D B8Latin Small Letter Um
42873U+A779EA 9D B9Latin Capital Letter Insular D
42874U+A77AEA 9D BALatin Small Letter Insular D
42875U+A77BEA 9D BBLatin Capital Letter Insular F
42876U+A77CEA 9D BCLatin Small Letter Insular F
42877U+A77DEA 9D BDLatin Capital Letter Insular G
42878U+A77EEA 9D BELatin Capital Letter Turned Insular G
42879U+A77FEA 9D BFLatin Small Letter Turned Insular G
42880U+A780EA 9E 80Latin Capital Letter Turned L
42881U+A781EA 9E 81Latin Small Letter Turned L
42882U+A782EA 9E 82Latin Capital Letter Insular R
42883U+A783EA 9E 83Latin Small Letter Insular R
42884U+A784EA 9E 84Latin Capital Letter Insular S
42885U+A785EA 9E 85Latin Small Letter Insular S
42886U+A786EA 9E 86Latin Capital Letter Insular T
42887U+A787EA 9E 87Latin Small Letter Insular T
42888U+A788EA 9E 88Modifier Letter Low Circumflex Accent
42889U+A789EA 9E 89Modifier Letter Colon
42890U+A78AEA 9E 8AModifier Letter Short Equals Sign
42891U+A78BEA 9E 8BLatin Capital Letter Saltillo
42892U+A78CEA 9E 8CLatin Small Letter Saltillo
42893U+A78DEA 9E 8DLatin Capital Letter Turned H
42894U+A78EEA 9E 8ELatin Small Letter L With Retroflex Hook And Belt
42895U+A78FEA 9E 8FLatin Letter Sinological Dot
42896U+A790EA 9E 90Latin Capital Letter N With Descender
42897U+A791EA 9E 91Latin Small Letter N With Descender
42898U+A792EA 9E 92Latin Capital Letter C With Bar
42899U+A793EA 9E 93Latin Small Letter C With Bar
42900U+A794EA 9E 94Latin Small Letter C With Palatal Hook
42901U+A795EA 9E 95Latin Small Letter H With Palatal Hook
42902U+A796EA 9E 96Latin Capital Letter B With Flourish
42903U+A797EA 9E 97Latin Small Letter B With Flourish
42904U+A798EA 9E 98Latin Capital Letter F With Stroke
42905U+A799EA 9E 99Latin Small Letter F With Stroke
42906U+A79AEA 9E 9ALatin Capital Letter Volapuk Ae
42907U+A79BEA 9E 9BLatin Small Letter Volapuk Ae
42908U+A79CEA 9E 9CLatin Capital Letter Volapuk Oe
42909U+A79DEA 9E 9DLatin Small Letter Volapuk Oe
42910U+A79EEA 9E 9ELatin Capital Letter Volapuk Ue
42911U+A79FEA 9E 9FLatin Small Letter Volapuk Ue
42912U+A7A0EA 9E A0Latin Capital Letter G With Oblique Stroke
42913U+A7A1EA 9E A1Latin Small Letter G With Oblique Stroke
42914U+A7A2EA 9E A2Latin Capital Letter K With Oblique Stroke
42915U+A7A3EA 9E A3Latin Small Letter K With Oblique Stroke
42916U+A7A4EA 9E A4Latin Capital Letter N With Oblique Stroke
42917U+A7A5EA 9E A5Latin Small Letter N With Oblique Stroke
42918U+A7A6EA 9E A6Latin Capital Letter R With Oblique Stroke
42919U+A7A7EA 9E A7Latin Small Letter R With Oblique Stroke
42920U+A7A8EA 9E A8Latin Capital Letter S With Oblique Stroke
42921U+A7A9EA 9E A9Latin Small Letter S With Oblique Stroke
42922U+A7AAEA 9E AALatin Capital Letter H With Hook
42923U+A7ABEA 9E ABLatin Capital Letter Reversed Open E
42924U+A7ACEA 9E ACLatin Capital Letter Script G
42925U+A7ADEA 9E ADLatin Capital Letter L With Belt
42926U+A7AEEA 9E AELatin Capital Letter Small Capital I
42927U+A7AFEA 9E AF
42928U+A7B0EA 9E B0Latin Capital Letter Turned K
42929U+A7B1EA 9E B1Latin Capital Letter Turned T
42930U+A7B2EA 9E B2Latin Capital Letter J With Crossed-tail
42931U+A7B3EA 9E B3Latin Capital Letter Chi
42932U+A7B4EA 9E B4Latin Capital Letter Beta
42933U+A7B5EA 9E B5Latin Small Letter Beta
42934U+A7B6EA 9E B6Latin Capital Letter Omega
42935U+A7B7EA 9E B7Latin Small Letter Omega
42936U+A7B8EA 9E B8
42937U+A7B9EA 9E B9
42938U+A7BAEA 9E BA
42939U+A7BBEA 9E BB
42940U+A7BCEA 9E BC
42941U+A7BDEA 9E BD
42942U+A7BEEA 9E BE
42943U+A7BFEA 9E BF
42944U+A7C0EA 9F 80
42945U+A7C1EA 9F 81
42946U+A7C2EA 9F 82
42947U+A7C3EA 9F 83
42948U+A7C4EA 9F 84
42949U+A7C5EA 9F 85
42950U+A7C6EA 9F 86
42951U+A7C7EA 9F 87
42952U+A7C8EA 9F 88
42953U+A7C9EA 9F 89
42954U+A7CAEA 9F 8A
42955U+A7CBEA 9F 8B
42956U+A7CCEA 9F 8C
42957U+A7CDEA 9F 8D
42958U+A7CEEA 9F 8E
42959U+A7CFEA 9F 8F
42960U+A7D0EA 9F 90
42961U+A7D1EA 9F 91
42962U+A7D2EA 9F 92
42963U+A7D3EA 9F 93
42964U+A7D4EA 9F 94
42965U+A7D5EA 9F 95
42966U+A7D6EA 9F 96
42967U+A7D7EA 9F 97
42968U+A7D8EA 9F 98
42969U+A7D9EA 9F 99
42970U+A7DAEA 9F 9A
42971U+A7DBEA 9F 9B
42972U+A7DCEA 9F 9C
42973U+A7DDEA 9F 9D
42974U+A7DEEA 9F 9E
42975U+A7DFEA 9F 9F
42976U+A7E0EA 9F A0
42977U+A7E1EA 9F A1
42978U+A7E2EA 9F A2
42979U+A7E3EA 9F A3
42980U+A7E4EA 9F A4
42981U+A7E5EA 9F A5
42982U+A7E6EA 9F A6
42983U+A7E7EA 9F A7
42984U+A7E8EA 9F A8
42985U+A7E9EA 9F A9
42986U+A7EAEA 9F AA
42987U+A7EBEA 9F AB
42988U+A7ECEA 9F AC
42989U+A7EDEA 9F AD
42990U+A7EEEA 9F AE
42991U+A7EFEA 9F AF
42992U+A7F0EA 9F B0
42993U+A7F1EA 9F B1
42994U+A7F2EA 9F B2
42995U+A7F3EA 9F B3
42996U+A7F4EA 9F B4
42997U+A7F5EA 9F B5
42998U+A7F6EA 9F B6
42999U+A7F7EA 9F B7Latin Epigraphic Letter Sideways I

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