UTF-8 code page (#9)

Unicode UTF-8 - characters 8000 (U+1F40) to 8999 (U+2327)

UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8. UTF-8 is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters, one UTF-8 character uses 1 to 4 bytes.

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Dec Hex UTF-8 Hex Char Unicode description
8000U+1F40E1 BD 80Greek Small Letter Omicron With Psili
8001U+1F41E1 BD 81Greek Small Letter Omicron With Dasia
8002U+1F42E1 BD 82Greek Small Letter Omicron With Psili And Varia
8003U+1F43E1 BD 83Greek Small Letter Omicron With Dasia And Varia
8004U+1F44E1 BD 84Greek Small Letter Omicron With Psili And Oxia
8005U+1F45E1 BD 85Greek Small Letter Omicron With Dasia And Oxia
8006U+1F46E1 BD 86
8007U+1F47E1 BD 87
8008U+1F48E1 BD 88Greek Capital Letter Omicron With Psili
8009U+1F49E1 BD 89Greek Capital Letter Omicron With Dasia
8010U+1F4AE1 BD 8AGreek Capital Letter Omicron With Psili And Varia
8011U+1F4BE1 BD 8BGreek Capital Letter Omicron With Dasia And Varia
8012U+1F4CE1 BD 8CGreek Capital Letter Omicron With Psili And Oxia
8013U+1F4DE1 BD 8DGreek Capital Letter Omicron With Dasia And Oxia
8014U+1F4EE1 BD 8E
8015U+1F4FE1 BD 8F
8016U+1F50E1 BD 90Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Psili
8017U+1F51E1 BD 91Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Dasia
8018U+1F52E1 BD 92Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Psili And Varia
8019U+1F53E1 BD 93Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Dasia And Varia
8020U+1F54E1 BD 94Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Psili And Oxia
8021U+1F55E1 BD 95Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Dasia And Oxia
8022U+1F56E1 BD 96Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Psili And Perispomeni
8023U+1F57E1 BD 97Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Dasia And Perispomeni
8024U+1F58E1 BD 98
8025U+1F59E1 BD 99Greek Capital Letter Upsilon With Dasia
8026U+1F5AE1 BD 9A
8027U+1F5BE1 BD 9BGreek Capital Letter Upsilon With Dasia And Varia
8028U+1F5CE1 BD 9C
8029U+1F5DE1 BD 9DGreek Capital Letter Upsilon With Dasia And Oxia
8030U+1F5EE1 BD 9E
8031U+1F5FE1 BD 9FGreek Capital Letter Upsilon With Dasia And Perispomeni
8032U+1F60E1 BD A0Greek Small Letter Omega With Psili
8033U+1F61E1 BD A1Greek Small Letter Omega With Dasia
8034U+1F62E1 BD A2Greek Small Letter Omega With Psili And Varia
8035U+1F63E1 BD A3Greek Small Letter Omega With Dasia And Varia
8036U+1F64E1 BD A4Greek Small Letter Omega With Psili And Oxia
8037U+1F65E1 BD A5Greek Small Letter Omega With Dasia And Oxia
8038U+1F66E1 BD A6Greek Small Letter Omega With Psili And Perispomeni
8039U+1F67E1 BD A7Greek Small Letter Omega With Dasia And Perispomeni
8040U+1F68E1 BD A8Greek Capital Letter Omega With Psili
8041U+1F69E1 BD A9Greek Capital Letter Omega With Dasia
8042U+1F6AE1 BD AAGreek Capital Letter Omega With Psili And Varia
8043U+1F6BE1 BD ABGreek Capital Letter Omega With Dasia And Varia
8044U+1F6CE1 BD ACGreek Capital Letter Omega With Psili And Oxia
8045U+1F6DE1 BD ADGreek Capital Letter Omega With Dasia And Oxia
8046U+1F6EE1 BD AEGreek Capital Letter Omega With Psili And Perispomeni
8047U+1F6FE1 BD AFGreek Capital Letter Omega With Dasia And Perispomeni
8048U+1F70E1 BD B0Greek Small Letter Alpha With Varia
8049U+1F71E1 BD B1Greek Small Letter Alpha With Oxia
8050U+1F72E1 BD B2Greek Small Letter Epsilon With Varia
8051U+1F73E1 BD B3Greek Small Letter Epsilon With Oxia
8052U+1F74E1 BD B4Greek Small Letter Eta With Varia
8053U+1F75E1 BD B5Greek Small Letter Eta With Oxia
8054U+1F76E1 BD B6Greek Small Letter Iota With Varia
8055U+1F77E1 BD B7Greek Small Letter Iota With Oxia
8056U+1F78E1 BD B8Greek Small Letter Omicron With Varia
8057U+1F79E1 BD B9Greek Small Letter Omicron With Oxia
8058U+1F7AE1 BD BAGreek Small Letter Upsilon With Varia
8059U+1F7BE1 BD BBGreek Small Letter Upsilon With Oxia
8060U+1F7CE1 BD BCGreek Small Letter Omega With Varia
8061U+1F7DE1 BD BDGreek Small Letter Omega With Oxia
8062U+1F7EE1 BD BE
8063U+1F7FE1 BD BF὿
8064U+1F80E1 BE 80Greek Small Letter Alpha With Psili And Ypogegrammeni
8065U+1F81E1 BE 81Greek Small Letter Alpha With Dasia And Ypogegrammeni
8066U+1F82E1 BE 82Greek Small Letter Alpha With Psili And Varia And Ypogegrammeni
8067U+1F83E1 BE 83Greek Small Letter Alpha With Dasia And Varia And Ypogegrammeni
8068U+1F84E1 BE 84Greek Small Letter Alpha With Psili And Oxia And Ypogegrammeni
8069U+1F85E1 BE 85Greek Small Letter Alpha With Dasia And Oxia And Ypogegrammeni
8070U+1F86E1 BE 86Greek Small Letter Alpha With Psili And Perispomeni And Ypogegrammeni
8071U+1F87E1 BE 87Greek Small Letter Alpha With Dasia And Perispomeni And Ypogegrammeni
8072U+1F88E1 BE 88Greek Capital Letter Alpha With Psili And Prosgegrammeni
8073U+1F89E1 BE 89Greek Capital Letter Alpha With Dasia And Prosgegrammeni
8074U+1F8AE1 BE 8AGreek Capital Letter Alpha With Psili And Varia And Prosgegrammeni
8075U+1F8BE1 BE 8BGreek Capital Letter Alpha With Dasia And Varia And Prosgegrammeni
8076U+1F8CE1 BE 8CGreek Capital Letter Alpha With Psili And Oxia And Prosgegrammeni
8077U+1F8DE1 BE 8DGreek Capital Letter Alpha With Dasia And Oxia And Prosgegrammeni
8078U+1F8EE1 BE 8EGreek Capital Letter Alpha With Psili And Perispomeni And Prosgegrammeni
8079U+1F8FE1 BE 8FGreek Capital Letter Alpha With Dasia And Perispomeni And Prosgegrammeni
8080U+1F90E1 BE 90Greek Small Letter Eta With Psili And Ypogegrammeni
8081U+1F91E1 BE 91Greek Small Letter Eta With Dasia And Ypogegrammeni
8082U+1F92E1 BE 92Greek Small Letter Eta With Psili And Varia And Ypogegrammeni
8083U+1F93E1 BE 93Greek Small Letter Eta With Dasia And Varia And Ypogegrammeni
8084U+1F94E1 BE 94Greek Small Letter Eta With Psili And Oxia And Ypogegrammeni
8085U+1F95E1 BE 95Greek Small Letter Eta With Dasia And Oxia And Ypogegrammeni
8086U+1F96E1 BE 96Greek Small Letter Eta With Psili And Perispomeni And Ypogegrammeni
8087U+1F97E1 BE 97Greek Small Letter Eta With Dasia And Perispomeni And Ypogegrammeni
8088U+1F98E1 BE 98Greek Capital Letter Eta With Psili And Prosgegrammeni
8089U+1F99E1 BE 99Greek Capital Letter Eta With Dasia And Prosgegrammeni
8090U+1F9AE1 BE 9AGreek Capital Letter Eta With Psili And Varia And Prosgegrammeni
8091U+1F9BE1 BE 9BGreek Capital Letter Eta With Dasia And Varia And Prosgegrammeni
8092U+1F9CE1 BE 9CGreek Capital Letter Eta With Psili And Oxia And Prosgegrammeni
8093U+1F9DE1 BE 9DGreek Capital Letter Eta With Dasia And Oxia And Prosgegrammeni
8094U+1F9EE1 BE 9EGreek Capital Letter Eta With Psili And Perispomeni And Prosgegrammeni
8095U+1F9FE1 BE 9FGreek Capital Letter Eta With Dasia And Perispomeni And Prosgegrammeni
8096U+1FA0E1 BE A0Greek Small Letter Omega With Psili And Ypogegrammeni
8097U+1FA1E1 BE A1Greek Small Letter Omega With Dasia And Ypogegrammeni
8098U+1FA2E1 BE A2Greek Small Letter Omega With Psili And Varia And Ypogegrammeni
8099U+1FA3E1 BE A3Greek Small Letter Omega With Dasia And Varia And Ypogegrammeni
8100U+1FA4E1 BE A4Greek Small Letter Omega With Psili And Oxia And Ypogegrammeni
8101U+1FA5E1 BE A5Greek Small Letter Omega With Dasia And Oxia And Ypogegrammeni
8102U+1FA6E1 BE A6Greek Small Letter Omega With Psili And Perispomeni And Ypogegrammeni
8103U+1FA7E1 BE A7Greek Small Letter Omega With Dasia And Perispomeni And Ypogegrammeni
8104U+1FA8E1 BE A8Greek Capital Letter Omega With Psili And Prosgegrammeni
8105U+1FA9E1 BE A9Greek Capital Letter Omega With Dasia And Prosgegrammeni
8106U+1FAAE1 BE AAGreek Capital Letter Omega With Psili And Varia And Prosgegrammeni
8107U+1FABE1 BE ABGreek Capital Letter Omega With Dasia And Varia And Prosgegrammeni
8108U+1FACE1 BE ACGreek Capital Letter Omega With Psili And Oxia And Prosgegrammeni
8109U+1FADE1 BE ADGreek Capital Letter Omega With Dasia And Oxia And Prosgegrammeni
8110U+1FAEE1 BE AEGreek Capital Letter Omega With Psili And Perispomeni And Prosgegrammeni
8111U+1FAFE1 BE AFGreek Capital Letter Omega With Dasia And Perispomeni And Prosgegrammeni
8112U+1FB0E1 BE B0Greek Small Letter Alpha With Vrachy
8113U+1FB1E1 BE B1Greek Small Letter Alpha With Macron
8114U+1FB2E1 BE B2Greek Small Letter Alpha With Varia And Ypogegrammeni
8115U+1FB3E1 BE B3Greek Small Letter Alpha With Ypogegrammeni
8116U+1FB4E1 BE B4Greek Small Letter Alpha With Oxia And Ypogegrammeni
8117U+1FB5E1 BE B5
8118U+1FB6E1 BE B6Greek Small Letter Alpha With Perispomeni
8119U+1FB7E1 BE B7Greek Small Letter Alpha With Perispomeni And Ypogegrammeni
8120U+1FB8E1 BE B8Greek Capital Letter Alpha With Vrachy
8121U+1FB9E1 BE B9Greek Capital Letter Alpha With Macron
8122U+1FBAE1 BE BAGreek Capital Letter Alpha With Varia
8123U+1FBBE1 BE BBGreek Capital Letter Alpha With Oxia
8124U+1FBCE1 BE BCGreek Capital Letter Alpha With Prosgegrammeni
8125U+1FBDE1 BE BDGreek Koronis
8126U+1FBEE1 BE BEGreek Prosgegrammeni
8127U+1FBFE1 BE BF᾿Greek Psili
8128U+1FC0E1 BF 80Greek Perispomeni
8129U+1FC1E1 BF 81Greek Dialytika And Perispomeni
8130U+1FC2E1 BF 82Greek Small Letter Eta With Varia And Ypogegrammeni
8131U+1FC3E1 BF 83Greek Small Letter Eta With Ypogegrammeni
8132U+1FC4E1 BF 84Greek Small Letter Eta With Oxia And Ypogegrammeni
8133U+1FC5E1 BF 85
8134U+1FC6E1 BF 86Greek Small Letter Eta With Perispomeni
8135U+1FC7E1 BF 87Greek Small Letter Eta With Perispomeni And Ypogegrammeni
8136U+1FC8E1 BF 88Greek Capital Letter Epsilon With Varia
8137U+1FC9E1 BF 89Greek Capital Letter Epsilon With Oxia
8138U+1FCAE1 BF 8AGreek Capital Letter Eta With Varia
8139U+1FCBE1 BF 8BGreek Capital Letter Eta With Oxia
8140U+1FCCE1 BF 8CGreek Capital Letter Eta With Prosgegrammeni
8141U+1FCDE1 BF 8DGreek Psili And Varia
8142U+1FCEE1 BF 8EGreek Psili And Oxia
8143U+1FCFE1 BF 8FGreek Psili And Perispomeni
8144U+1FD0E1 BF 90Greek Small Letter Iota With Vrachy
8145U+1FD1E1 BF 91Greek Small Letter Iota With Macron
8146U+1FD2E1 BF 92Greek Small Letter Iota With Dialytika And Varia
8147U+1FD3E1 BF 93Greek Small Letter Iota With Dialytika And Oxia
8148U+1FD4E1 BF 94
8149U+1FD5E1 BF 95
8150U+1FD6E1 BF 96Greek Small Letter Iota With Perispomeni
8151U+1FD7E1 BF 97Greek Small Letter Iota With Dialytika And Perispomeni
8152U+1FD8E1 BF 98Greek Capital Letter Iota With Vrachy
8153U+1FD9E1 BF 99Greek Capital Letter Iota With Macron
8154U+1FDAE1 BF 9AGreek Capital Letter Iota With Varia
8155U+1FDBE1 BF 9BGreek Capital Letter Iota With Oxia
8156U+1FDCE1 BF 9C
8157U+1FDDE1 BF 9DGreek Dasia And Varia
8158U+1FDEE1 BF 9EGreek Dasia And Oxia
8159U+1FDFE1 BF 9FGreek Dasia And Perispomeni
8160U+1FE0E1 BF A0Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Vrachy
8161U+1FE1E1 BF A1Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Macron
8162U+1FE2E1 BF A2Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Dialytika And Varia
8163U+1FE3E1 BF A3Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Dialytika And Oxia
8164U+1FE4E1 BF A4Greek Small Letter Rho With Psili
8165U+1FE5E1 BF A5Greek Small Letter Rho With Dasia
8166U+1FE6E1 BF A6Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Perispomeni
8167U+1FE7E1 BF A7Greek Small Letter Upsilon With Dialytika And Perispomeni
8168U+1FE8E1 BF A8Greek Capital Letter Upsilon With Vrachy
8169U+1FE9E1 BF A9Greek Capital Letter Upsilon With Macron
8170U+1FEAE1 BF AAGreek Capital Letter Upsilon With Varia
8171U+1FEBE1 BF ABGreek Capital Letter Upsilon With Oxia
8172U+1FECE1 BF ACGreek Capital Letter Rho With Dasia
8173U+1FEDE1 BF ADGreek Dialytika And Varia
8174U+1FEEE1 BF AEGreek Dialytika And Oxia
8175U+1FEFE1 BF AFGreek Varia
8176U+1FF0E1 BF B0
8177U+1FF1E1 BF B1
8178U+1FF2E1 BF B2Greek Small Letter Omega With Varia And Ypogegrammeni
8179U+1FF3E1 BF B3Greek Small Letter Omega With Ypogegrammeni
8180U+1FF4E1 BF B4Greek Small Letter Omega With Oxia And Ypogegrammeni
8181U+1FF5E1 BF B5
8182U+1FF6E1 BF B6Greek Small Letter Omega With Perispomeni
8183U+1FF7E1 BF B7Greek Small Letter Omega With Perispomeni And Ypogegrammeni
8184U+1FF8E1 BF B8Greek Capital Letter Omicron With Varia
8185U+1FF9E1 BF B9Greek Capital Letter Omicron With Oxia
8186U+1FFAE1 BF BAGreek Capital Letter Omega With Varia
8187U+1FFBE1 BF BBGreek Capital Letter Omega With Oxia
8188U+1FFCE1 BF BCGreek Capital Letter Omega With Prosgegrammeni
8189U+1FFDE1 BF BDGreek Oxia
8190U+1FFEE1 BF BEGreek Dasia
8191U+1FFFE1 BF BF῿
8192U+2000E2 80 80 En Quad
8193U+2001E2 80 81Em Quad
8194U+2002E2 80 82En Space
8195U+2003E2 80 83Em Space
8196U+2004E2 80 84Three-per-em Space
8197U+2005E2 80 85Four-per-em Space
8198U+2006E2 80 86Six-per-em Space
8199U+2007E2 80 87Figure Space
8200U+2008E2 80 88Punctuation Space
8201U+2009E2 80 89Thin Space
8202U+200AE2 80 8AHair Space
8203U+200BE2 80 8BZero Width Space
8204U+200CE2 80 8CZero Width Non-joiner
8205U+200DE2 80 8DZero Width Joiner
8206U+200EE2 80 8ELeft-to-right Mark
8207U+200FE2 80 8FRight-to-left Mark
8208U+2010E2 80 90Hyphen
8209U+2011E2 80 91Non-breaking Hyphen
8210U+2012E2 80 92Figure Dash
8211U+2013E2 80 93En Dash
8212U+2014E2 80 94Em Dash
8213U+2015E2 80 95Horizontal Bar
8214U+2016E2 80 96Double Vertical Line
8215U+2017E2 80 97Double Low Line
8216U+2018E2 80 98Left Single Quotation Mark
8217U+2019E2 80 99Right Single Quotation Mark
8218U+201AE2 80 9ASingle Low-9 Quotation Mark
8219U+201BE2 80 9BSingle High-reversed-9 Quotation Mark
8220U+201CE2 80 9CLeft Double Quotation Mark
8221U+201DE2 80 9DRight Double Quotation Mark
8222U+201EE2 80 9EDouble Low-9 Quotation Mark
8223U+201FE2 80 9FDouble High-reversed-9 Quotation Mark
8224U+2020E2 80 A0Dagger
8225U+2021E2 80 A1Double Dagger
8226U+2022E2 80 A2Bullet
8227U+2023E2 80 A3Triangular Bullet
8228U+2024E2 80 A4One Dot Leader
8229U+2025E2 80 A5Two Dot Leader
8230U+2026E2 80 A6Horizontal Ellipsis
8231U+2027E2 80 A7Hyphenation Point
8232U+2028E2 80 A8Line Separator
8233U+2029E2 80 A9Paragraph Separator
8234U+202AE2 80 AALeft-to-right Embedding
8235U+202BE2 80 ABRight-to-left Embedding
8236U+202CE2 80 ACPop Directional Formatting
8237U+202DE2 80 ADLeft-to-right Override
8238U+202EE2 80 AERight-to-left Override
8239U+202FE2 80 AFNarrow No-break Space
8240U+2030E2 80 B0Per Mille Sign
8241U+2031E2 80 B1Per Ten Thousand Sign
8242U+2032E2 80 B2Prime
8243U+2033E2 80 B3Double Prime
8244U+2034E2 80 B4Triple Prime
8245U+2035E2 80 B5Reversed Prime
8246U+2036E2 80 B6Reversed Double Prime
8247U+2037E2 80 B7Reversed Triple Prime
8248U+2038E2 80 B8Caret
8249U+2039E2 80 B9Single Left-pointing Angle Quotation Mark
8250U+203AE2 80 BASingle Right-pointing Angle Quotation Mark
8251U+203BE2 80 BBReference Mark
8252U+203CE2 80 BCDouble Exclamation Mark
8253U+203DE2 80 BDInterrobang
8254U+203EE2 80 BEOverline
8255U+203FE2 80 BFUndertie
8256U+2040E2 81 80Character Tie
8257U+2041E2 81 81Caret Insertion Point
8258U+2042E2 81 82Asterism
8259U+2043E2 81 83Hyphen Bullet
8260U+2044E2 81 84Fraction Slash
8261U+2045E2 81 85Left Square Bracket With Quill
8262U+2046E2 81 86Right Square Bracket With Quill
8263U+2047E2 81 87Double Question Mark
8264U+2048E2 81 88Question Exclamation Mark
8265U+2049E2 81 89Exclamation Question Mark
8266U+204AE2 81 8ATironian Sign Et
8267U+204BE2 81 8BReversed Pilcrow Sign
8268U+204CE2 81 8CBlack Leftwards Bullet
8269U+204DE2 81 8DBlack Rightwards Bullet
8270U+204EE2 81 8ELow Asterisk
8271U+204FE2 81 8FReversed Semicolon
8272U+2050E2 81 90Close Up
8273U+2051E2 81 91Two Asterisks Aligned Vertically
8274U+2052E2 81 92Commercial Minus Sign
8275U+2053E2 81 93Swung Dash
8276U+2054E2 81 94Inverted Undertie
8277U+2055E2 81 95Flower Punctuation Mark
8278U+2056E2 81 96Three Dot Punctuation
8279U+2057E2 81 97Quadruple Prime
8280U+2058E2 81 98Four Dot Punctuation
8281U+2059E2 81 99Five Dot Punctuation
8282U+205AE2 81 9ATwo Dot Punctuation
8283U+205BE2 81 9BFour Dot Mark
8284U+205CE2 81 9CDotted Cross
8285U+205DE2 81 9DTricolon
8286U+205EE2 81 9EVertical Four Dots
8287U+205FE2 81 9FMedium Mathematical Space
8288U+2060E2 81 A0Word Joiner
8289U+2061E2 81 A1Function Application
8290U+2062E2 81 A2Invisible Times
8291U+2063E2 81 A3Invisible Separator
8292U+2064E2 81 A4Invisible Plus
8293U+2065E2 81 A5
8294U+2066E2 81 A6Left-to-right Isolate
8295U+2067E2 81 A7Right-to-left Isolate
8296U+2068E2 81 A8First Strong Isolate
8297U+2069E2 81 A9Pop Directional Isolate
8298U+206AE2 81 AAInhibit Symmetric Swapping
8299U+206BE2 81 ABActivate Symmetric Swapping
8300U+206CE2 81 ACInhibit Arabic Form Shaping
8301U+206DE2 81 ADActivate Arabic Form Shaping
8302U+206EE2 81 AENational Digit Shapes
8303U+206FE2 81 AFNominal Digit Shapes
8304U+2070E2 81 B0Superscript Zero
8305U+2071E2 81 B1Superscript Latin Small Letter I
8306U+2072E2 81 B2
8307U+2073E2 81 B3
8308U+2074E2 81 B4Superscript Four
8309U+2075E2 81 B5Superscript Five
8310U+2076E2 81 B6Superscript Six
8311U+2077E2 81 B7Superscript Seven
8312U+2078E2 81 B8Superscript Eight
8313U+2079E2 81 B9Superscript Nine
8314U+207AE2 81 BASuperscript Plus Sign
8315U+207BE2 81 BBSuperscript Minus
8316U+207CE2 81 BCSuperscript Equals Sign
8317U+207DE2 81 BDSuperscript Left Parenthesis
8318U+207EE2 81 BESuperscript Right Parenthesis
8319U+207FE2 81 BFSuperscript Latin Small Letter N
8320U+2080E2 82 80Subscript Zero
8321U+2081E2 82 81Subscript One
8322U+2082E2 82 82Subscript Two
8323U+2083E2 82 83Subscript Three
8324U+2084E2 82 84Subscript Four
8325U+2085E2 82 85Subscript Five
8326U+2086E2 82 86Subscript Six
8327U+2087E2 82 87Subscript Seven
8328U+2088E2 82 88Subscript Eight
8329U+2089E2 82 89Subscript Nine
8330U+208AE2 82 8ASubscript Plus Sign
8331U+208BE2 82 8BSubscript Minus
8332U+208CE2 82 8CSubscript Equals Sign
8333U+208DE2 82 8DSubscript Left Parenthesis
8334U+208EE2 82 8ESubscript Right Parenthesis
8335U+208FE2 82 8F
8336U+2090E2 82 90Latin Subscript Small Letter A
8337U+2091E2 82 91Latin Subscript Small Letter E
8338U+2092E2 82 92Latin Subscript Small Letter O
8339U+2093E2 82 93Latin Subscript Small Letter X
8340U+2094E2 82 94Latin Subscript Small Letter Schwa
8341U+2095E2 82 95Latin Subscript Small Letter H
8342U+2096E2 82 96Latin Subscript Small Letter K
8343U+2097E2 82 97Latin Subscript Small Letter L
8344U+2098E2 82 98Latin Subscript Small Letter M
8345U+2099E2 82 99Latin Subscript Small Letter N
8346U+209AE2 82 9ALatin Subscript Small Letter P
8347U+209BE2 82 9BLatin Subscript Small Letter S
8348U+209CE2 82 9CLatin Subscript Small Letter T
8349U+209DE2 82 9D
8350U+209EE2 82 9E
8351U+209FE2 82 9F
8352U+20A0E2 82 A0Euro-currency Sign
8353U+20A1E2 82 A1Colon Sign
8354U+20A2E2 82 A2Cruzeiro Sign
8355U+20A3E2 82 A3French Franc Sign
8356U+20A4E2 82 A4Lira Sign
8357U+20A5E2 82 A5Mill Sign
8358U+20A6E2 82 A6Naira Sign
8359U+20A7E2 82 A7Peseta Sign
8360U+20A8E2 82 A8Rupee Sign
8361U+20A9E2 82 A9Won Sign
8362U+20AAE2 82 AANew Sheqel Sign
8363U+20ABE2 82 ABDong Sign
8364U+20ACE2 82 ACEuro Sign
8365U+20ADE2 82 ADKip Sign
8366U+20AEE2 82 AETugrik Sign
8367U+20AFE2 82 AFDrachma Sign
8368U+20B0E2 82 B0German Penny Sign
8369U+20B1E2 82 B1Peso Sign
8370U+20B2E2 82 B2Guarani Sign
8371U+20B3E2 82 B3Austral Sign
8372U+20B4E2 82 B4Hryvnia Sign
8373U+20B5E2 82 B5Cedi Sign
8374U+20B6E2 82 B6Livre Tournois Sign
8375U+20B7E2 82 B7Spesmilo Sign
8376U+20B8E2 82 B8Tenge Sign
8377U+20B9E2 82 B9Indian Rupee Sign
8378U+20BAE2 82 BATurkish Lira Sign
8379U+20BBE2 82 BBNordic Mark Sign
8380U+20BCE2 82 BCManat Sign
8381U+20BDE2 82 BDRuble Sign
8382U+20BEE2 82 BELari Sign
8383U+20BFE2 82 BF
8384U+20C0E2 83 80
8385U+20C1E2 83 81
8386U+20C2E2 83 82
8387U+20C3E2 83 83
8388U+20C4E2 83 84
8389U+20C5E2 83 85
8390U+20C6E2 83 86
8391U+20C7E2 83 87
8392U+20C8E2 83 88
8393U+20C9E2 83 89
8394U+20CAE2 83 8A
8395U+20CBE2 83 8B
8396U+20CCE2 83 8C
8397U+20CDE2 83 8D
8398U+20CEE2 83 8E
8399U+20CFE2 83 8F
8400U+20D0E2 83 90Combining Left Harpoon Above
8401U+20D1E2 83 91Combining Right Harpoon Above
8402U+20D2E2 83 92Combining Long Vertical Line Overlay
8403U+20D3E2 83 93Combining Short Vertical Line Overlay
8404U+20D4E2 83 94Combining Anticlockwise Arrow Above
8405U+20D5E2 83 95Combining Clockwise Arrow Above
8406U+20D6E2 83 96Combining Left Arrow Above
8407U+20D7E2 83 97Combining Right Arrow Above
8408U+20D8E2 83 98Combining Ring Overlay
8409U+20D9E2 83 99Combining Clockwise Ring Overlay
8410U+20DAE2 83 9ACombining Anticlockwise Ring Overlay
8411U+20DBE2 83 9BCombining Three Dots Above
8412U+20DCE2 83 9CCombining Four Dots Above
8413U+20DDE2 83 9DCombining Enclosing Circle
8414U+20DEE2 83 9ECombining Enclosing Square
8415U+20DFE2 83 9FCombining Enclosing Diamond
8416U+20E0E2 83 A0Combining Enclosing Circle Backslash
8417U+20E1E2 83 A1Combining Left Right Arrow Above
8418U+20E2E2 83 A2Combining Enclosing Screen
8419U+20E3E2 83 A3Combining Enclosing Keycap
8420U+20E4E2 83 A4Combining Enclosing Upward Pointing Triangle
8421U+20E5E2 83 A5Combining Reverse Solidus Overlay
8422U+20E6E2 83 A6Combining Double Vertical Stroke Overlay
8423U+20E7E2 83 A7Combining Annuity Symbol
8424U+20E8E2 83 A8Combining Triple Underdot
8425U+20E9E2 83 A9Combining Wide Bridge Above
8426U+20EAE2 83 AACombining Leftwards Arrow Overlay
8427U+20EBE2 83 ABCombining Long Double Solidus Overlay
8428U+20ECE2 83 ACCombining Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
8429U+20EDE2 83 ADCombining Leftwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
8430U+20EEE2 83 AECombining Left Arrow Below
8431U+20EFE2 83 AFCombining Right Arrow Below
8432U+20F0E2 83 B0Combining Asterisk Above
8433U+20F1E2 83 B1
8434U+20F2E2 83 B2
8435U+20F3E2 83 B3
8436U+20F4E2 83 B4
8437U+20F5E2 83 B5
8438U+20F6E2 83 B6
8439U+20F7E2 83 B7
8440U+20F8E2 83 B8
8441U+20F9E2 83 B9
8442U+20FAE2 83 BA
8443U+20FBE2 83 BB
8444U+20FCE2 83 BC
8445U+20FDE2 83 BD
8446U+20FEE2 83 BE
8447U+20FFE2 83 BF
8448U+2100E2 84 80Account Of
8449U+2101E2 84 81Addressed To The Subject
8450U+2102E2 84 82Double-struck Capital C
8451U+2103E2 84 83Degree Celsius
8452U+2104E2 84 84Centre Line Symbol
8453U+2105E2 84 85Care Of
8454U+2106E2 84 86Cada Una
8455U+2107E2 84 87Euler Constant
8456U+2108E2 84 88Scruple
8457U+2109E2 84 89Degree Fahrenheit
8458U+210AE2 84 8AScript Small G
8459U+210BE2 84 8BScript Capital H
8460U+210CE2 84 8CBlack-letter Capital H
8461U+210DE2 84 8DDouble-struck Capital H
8462U+210EE2 84 8EPlanck Constant
8463U+210FE2 84 8FPlanck Constant Over Two Pi
8464U+2110E2 84 90Script Capital I
8465U+2111E2 84 91Black-letter Capital I
8466U+2112E2 84 92Script Capital L
8467U+2113E2 84 93Script Small L
8468U+2114E2 84 94L B Bar Symbol
8469U+2115E2 84 95Double-struck Capital N
8470U+2116E2 84 96Numero Sign
8471U+2117E2 84 97Sound Recording Copyright
8472U+2118E2 84 98Script Capital P
8473U+2119E2 84 99Double-struck Capital P
8474U+211AE2 84 9ADouble-struck Capital Q
8475U+211BE2 84 9BScript Capital R
8476U+211CE2 84 9CBlack-letter Capital R
8477U+211DE2 84 9DDouble-struck Capital R
8478U+211EE2 84 9EPrescription Take
8479U+211FE2 84 9FResponse
8480U+2120E2 84 A0Service Mark
8481U+2121E2 84 A1Telephone Sign
8482U+2122E2 84 A2Trade Mark Sign
8483U+2123E2 84 A3Versicle
8484U+2124E2 84 A4Double-struck Capital Z
8485U+2125E2 84 A5Ounce Sign
8486U+2126E2 84 A6Ohm Sign
8487U+2127E2 84 A7Inverted Ohm Sign
8488U+2128E2 84 A8Black-letter Capital Z
8489U+2129E2 84 A9Turned Greek Small Letter Iota
8490U+212AE2 84 AAKelvin Sign
8491U+212BE2 84 ABAngstrom Sign
8492U+212CE2 84 ACScript Capital B
8493U+212DE2 84 ADBlack-letter Capital C
8494U+212EE2 84 AEEstimated Symbol
8495U+212FE2 84 AFScript Small E
8496U+2130E2 84 B0Script Capital E
8497U+2131E2 84 B1Script Capital F
8498U+2132E2 84 B2Turned Capital F
8499U+2133E2 84 B3Script Capital M
8500U+2134E2 84 B4Script Small O
8501U+2135E2 84 B5Alef Symbol
8502U+2136E2 84 B6Bet Symbol
8503U+2137E2 84 B7Gimel Symbol
8504U+2138E2 84 B8Dalet Symbol
8505U+2139E2 84 B9Information Source
8506U+213AE2 84 BARotated Capital Q
8507U+213BE2 84 BBFacsimile Sign
8508U+213CE2 84 BCDouble-struck Small Pi
8509U+213DE2 84 BDDouble-struck Small Gamma
8510U+213EE2 84 BEDouble-struck Capital Gamma
8511U+213FE2 84 BFDouble-struck Capital Pi
8512U+2140E2 85 80Double-struck N-ary Summation
8513U+2141E2 85 81Turned Sans-serif Capital G
8514U+2142E2 85 82Turned Sans-serif Capital L
8515U+2143E2 85 83Reversed Sans-serif Capital L
8516U+2144E2 85 84Turned Sans-serif Capital Y
8517U+2145E2 85 85Double-struck Italic Capital D
8518U+2146E2 85 86Double-struck Italic Small D
8519U+2147E2 85 87Double-struck Italic Small E
8520U+2148E2 85 88Double-struck Italic Small I
8521U+2149E2 85 89Double-struck Italic Small J
8522U+214AE2 85 8AProperty Line
8523U+214BE2 85 8BTurned Ampersand
8524U+214CE2 85 8CPer Sign
8525U+214DE2 85 8DAktieselskab
8526U+214EE2 85 8ETurned Small F
8527U+214FE2 85 8FSymbol For Samaritan Source
8528U+2150E2 85 90Vulgar Fraction One Seventh
8529U+2151E2 85 91Vulgar Fraction One Ninth
8530U+2152E2 85 92Vulgar Fraction One Tenth
8531U+2153E2 85 93Vulgar Fraction One Third
8532U+2154E2 85 94Vulgar Fraction Two Thirds
8533U+2155E2 85 95Vulgar Fraction One Fifth
8534U+2156E2 85 96Vulgar Fraction Two Fifths
8535U+2157E2 85 97Vulgar Fraction Three Fifths
8536U+2158E2 85 98Vulgar Fraction Four Fifths
8537U+2159E2 85 99Vulgar Fraction One Sixth
8538U+215AE2 85 9AVulgar Fraction Five Sixths
8539U+215BE2 85 9BVulgar Fraction One Eighth
8540U+215CE2 85 9CVulgar Fraction Three Eighths
8541U+215DE2 85 9DVulgar Fraction Five Eighths
8542U+215EE2 85 9EVulgar Fraction Seven Eighths
8543U+215FE2 85 9FFraction Numerator One
8544U+2160E2 85 A0Roman Numeral One
8545U+2161E2 85 A1Roman Numeral Two
8546U+2162E2 85 A2Roman Numeral Three
8547U+2163E2 85 A3Roman Numeral Four
8548U+2164E2 85 A4Roman Numeral Five
8549U+2165E2 85 A5Roman Numeral Six
8550U+2166E2 85 A6Roman Numeral Seven
8551U+2167E2 85 A7Roman Numeral Eight
8552U+2168E2 85 A8Roman Numeral Nine
8553U+2169E2 85 A9Roman Numeral Ten
8554U+216AE2 85 AARoman Numeral Eleven
8555U+216BE2 85 ABRoman Numeral Twelve
8556U+216CE2 85 ACRoman Numeral Fifty
8557U+216DE2 85 ADRoman Numeral One Hundred
8558U+216EE2 85 AERoman Numeral Five Hundred
8559U+216FE2 85 AFRoman Numeral One Thousand
8560U+2170E2 85 B0Small Roman Numeral One
8561U+2171E2 85 B1Small Roman Numeral Two
8562U+2172E2 85 B2Small Roman Numeral Three
8563U+2173E2 85 B3Small Roman Numeral Four
8564U+2174E2 85 B4Small Roman Numeral Five
8565U+2175E2 85 B5Small Roman Numeral Six
8566U+2176E2 85 B6Small Roman Numeral Seven
8567U+2177E2 85 B7Small Roman Numeral Eight
8568U+2178E2 85 B8Small Roman Numeral Nine
8569U+2179E2 85 B9Small Roman Numeral Ten
8570U+217AE2 85 BASmall Roman Numeral Eleven
8571U+217BE2 85 BBSmall Roman Numeral Twelve
8572U+217CE2 85 BCSmall Roman Numeral Fifty
8573U+217DE2 85 BDSmall Roman Numeral One Hundred
8574U+217EE2 85 BESmall Roman Numeral Five Hundred
8575U+217FE2 85 BFSmall Roman Numeral One Thousand
8576U+2180E2 86 80Roman Numeral One Thousand C D
8577U+2181E2 86 81Roman Numeral Five Thousand
8578U+2182E2 86 82Roman Numeral Ten Thousand
8579U+2183E2 86 83Roman Numeral Reversed One Hundred
8580U+2184E2 86 84Latin Small Letter Reversed C
8581U+2185E2 86 85Roman Numeral Six Late Form
8582U+2186E2 86 86Roman Numeral Fifty Early Form
8583U+2187E2 86 87Roman Numeral Fifty Thousand
8584U+2188E2 86 88Roman Numeral One Hundred Thousand
8585U+2189E2 86 89Vulgar Fraction Zero Thirds
8586U+218AE2 86 8ATurned Digit Two
8587U+218BE2 86 8BTurned Digit Three
8588U+218CE2 86 8C
8589U+218DE2 86 8D
8590U+218EE2 86 8E
8591U+218FE2 86 8F
8592U+2190E2 86 90Leftwards Arrow
8593U+2191E2 86 91Upwards Arrow
8594U+2192E2 86 92Rightwards Arrow
8595U+2193E2 86 93Downwards Arrow
8596U+2194E2 86 94Left Right Arrow
8597U+2195E2 86 95Up Down Arrow
8598U+2196E2 86 96North West Arrow
8599U+2197E2 86 97North East Arrow
8600U+2198E2 86 98South East Arrow
8601U+2199E2 86 99South West Arrow
8602U+219AE2 86 9ALeftwards Arrow With Stroke
8603U+219BE2 86 9BRightwards Arrow With Stroke
8604U+219CE2 86 9CLeftwards Wave Arrow
8605U+219DE2 86 9DRightwards Wave Arrow
8606U+219EE2 86 9ELeftwards Two Headed Arrow
8607U+219FE2 86 9FUpwards Two Headed Arrow
8608U+21A0E2 86 A0Rightwards Two Headed Arrow
8609U+21A1E2 86 A1Downwards Two Headed Arrow
8610U+21A2E2 86 A2Leftwards Arrow With Tail
8611U+21A3E2 86 A3Rightwards Arrow With Tail
8612U+21A4E2 86 A4Leftwards Arrow From Bar
8613U+21A5E2 86 A5Upwards Arrow From Bar
8614U+21A6E2 86 A6Rightwards Arrow From Bar
8615U+21A7E2 86 A7Downwards Arrow From Bar
8616U+21A8E2 86 A8Up Down Arrow With Base
8617U+21A9E2 86 A9Leftwards Arrow With Hook
8618U+21AAE2 86 AARightwards Arrow With Hook
8619U+21ABE2 86 ABLeftwards Arrow With Loop
8620U+21ACE2 86 ACRightwards Arrow With Loop
8621U+21ADE2 86 ADLeft Right Wave Arrow
8622U+21AEE2 86 AELeft Right Arrow With Stroke
8623U+21AFE2 86 AFDownwards Zigzag Arrow
8624U+21B0E2 86 B0Upwards Arrow With Tip Leftwards
8625U+21B1E2 86 B1Upwards Arrow With Tip Rightwards
8626U+21B2E2 86 B2Downwards Arrow With Tip Leftwards
8627U+21B3E2 86 B3Downwards Arrow With Tip Rightwards
8628U+21B4E2 86 B4Rightwards Arrow With Corner Downwards
8629U+21B5E2 86 B5Downwards Arrow With Corner Leftwards
8630U+21B6E2 86 B6Anticlockwise Top Semicircle Arrow
8631U+21B7E2 86 B7Clockwise Top Semicircle Arrow
8632U+21B8E2 86 B8North West Arrow To Long Bar
8633U+21B9E2 86 B9Leftwards Arrow To Bar Over Rightwards Arrow To Bar
8634U+21BAE2 86 BAAnticlockwise Open Circle Arrow
8635U+21BBE2 86 BBClockwise Open Circle Arrow
8636U+21BCE2 86 BCLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Upwards
8637U+21BDE2 86 BDLeftwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
8638U+21BEE2 86 BEUpwards Harpoon With Barb Rightwards
8639U+21BFE2 86 BFUpwards Harpoon With Barb Leftwards
8640U+21C0E2 87 80Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Upwards
8641U+21C1E2 87 81Rightwards Harpoon With Barb Downwards
8642U+21C2E2 87 82Downwards Harpoon With Barb Rightwards
8643U+21C3E2 87 83Downwards Harpoon With Barb Leftwards
8644U+21C4E2 87 84Rightwards Arrow Over Leftwards Arrow
8645U+21C5E2 87 85Upwards Arrow Leftwards Of Downwards Arrow
8646U+21C6E2 87 86Leftwards Arrow Over Rightwards Arrow
8647U+21C7E2 87 87Leftwards Paired Arrows
8648U+21C8E2 87 88Upwards Paired Arrows
8649U+21C9E2 87 89Rightwards Paired Arrows
8650U+21CAE2 87 8ADownwards Paired Arrows
8651U+21CBE2 87 8BLeftwards Harpoon Over Rightwards Harpoon
8652U+21CCE2 87 8CRightwards Harpoon Over Leftwards Harpoon
8653U+21CDE2 87 8DLeftwards Double Arrow With Stroke
8654U+21CEE2 87 8ELeft Right Double Arrow With Stroke
8655U+21CFE2 87 8FRightwards Double Arrow With Stroke
8656U+21D0E2 87 90Leftwards Double Arrow
8657U+21D1E2 87 91Upwards Double Arrow
8658U+21D2E2 87 92Rightwards Double Arrow
8659U+21D3E2 87 93Downwards Double Arrow
8660U+21D4E2 87 94Left Right Double Arrow
8661U+21D5E2 87 95Up Down Double Arrow
8662U+21D6E2 87 96North West Double Arrow
8663U+21D7E2 87 97North East Double Arrow
8664U+21D8E2 87 98South East Double Arrow
8665U+21D9E2 87 99South West Double Arrow
8666U+21DAE2 87 9ALeftwards Triple Arrow
8667U+21DBE2 87 9BRightwards Triple Arrow
8668U+21DCE2 87 9CLeftwards Squiggle Arrow
8669U+21DDE2 87 9DRightwards Squiggle Arrow
8670U+21DEE2 87 9EUpwards Arrow With Double Stroke
8671U+21DFE2 87 9FDownwards Arrow With Double Stroke
8672U+21E0E2 87 A0Leftwards Dashed Arrow
8673U+21E1E2 87 A1Upwards Dashed Arrow
8674U+21E2E2 87 A2Rightwards Dashed Arrow
8675U+21E3E2 87 A3Downwards Dashed Arrow
8676U+21E4E2 87 A4Leftwards Arrow To Bar
8677U+21E5E2 87 A5Rightwards Arrow To Bar
8678U+21E6E2 87 A6Leftwards White Arrow
8679U+21E7E2 87 A7Upwards White Arrow
8680U+21E8E2 87 A8Rightwards White Arrow
8681U+21E9E2 87 A9Downwards White Arrow
8682U+21EAE2 87 AAUpwards White Arrow From Bar
8683U+21EBE2 87 ABUpwards White Arrow On Pedestal
8684U+21ECE2 87 ACUpwards White Arrow On Pedestal With Horizontal Bar
8685U+21EDE2 87 ADUpwards White Arrow On Pedestal With Vertical Bar
8686U+21EEE2 87 AEUpwards White Double Arrow
8687U+21EFE2 87 AFUpwards White Double Arrow On Pedestal
8688U+21F0E2 87 B0Rightwards White Arrow From Wall
8689U+21F1E2 87 B1North West Arrow To Corner
8690U+21F2E2 87 B2South East Arrow To Corner
8691U+21F3E2 87 B3Up Down White Arrow
8692U+21F4E2 87 B4Right Arrow With Small Circle
8693U+21F5E2 87 B5Downwards Arrow Leftwards Of Upwards Arrow
8694U+21F6E2 87 B6Three Rightwards Arrows
8695U+21F7E2 87 B7Leftwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke
8696U+21F8E2 87 B8Rightwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke
8697U+21F9E2 87 B9Left Right Arrow With Vertical Stroke
8698U+21FAE2 87 BALeftwards Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
8699U+21FBE2 87 BBRightwards Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
8700U+21FCE2 87 BCLeft Right Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke
8701U+21FDE2 87 BDLeftwards Open-headed Arrow
8702U+21FEE2 87 BERightwards Open-headed Arrow
8703U+21FFE2 87 BFLeft Right Open-headed Arrow
8704U+2200E2 88 80For All
8705U+2201E2 88 81Complement
8706U+2202E2 88 82Partial Differential
8707U+2203E2 88 83There Exists
8708U+2204E2 88 84There Does Not Exist
8709U+2205E2 88 85Empty Set
8710U+2206E2 88 86Increment
8711U+2207E2 88 87Nabla
8712U+2208E2 88 88Element Of
8713U+2209E2 88 89Not An Element Of
8714U+220AE2 88 8ASmall Element Of
8715U+220BE2 88 8BContains As Member
8716U+220CE2 88 8CDoes Not Contain As Member
8717U+220DE2 88 8DSmall Contains As Member
8718U+220EE2 88 8EEnd Of Proof
8719U+220FE2 88 8FN-ary Product
8720U+2210E2 88 90N-ary Coproduct
8721U+2211E2 88 91N-ary Summation
8722U+2212E2 88 92Minus Sign
8723U+2213E2 88 93Minus-or-plus Sign
8724U+2214E2 88 94Dot Plus
8725U+2215E2 88 95Division Slash
8726U+2216E2 88 96Set Minus
8727U+2217E2 88 97Asterisk Operator
8728U+2218E2 88 98Ring Operator
8729U+2219E2 88 99Bullet Operator
8730U+221AE2 88 9ASquare Root
8731U+221BE2 88 9BCube Root
8732U+221CE2 88 9CFourth Root
8733U+221DE2 88 9DProportional To
8734U+221EE2 88 9EInfinity
8735U+221FE2 88 9FRight Angle
8736U+2220E2 88 A0Angle
8737U+2221E2 88 A1Measured Angle
8738U+2222E2 88 A2Spherical Angle
8739U+2223E2 88 A3Divides
8740U+2224E2 88 A4Does Not Divide
8741U+2225E2 88 A5Parallel To
8742U+2226E2 88 A6Not Parallel To
8743U+2227E2 88 A7Logical And
8744U+2228E2 88 A8Logical Or
8745U+2229E2 88 A9Intersection
8746U+222AE2 88 AAUnion
8747U+222BE2 88 ABIntegral
8748U+222CE2 88 ACDouble Integral
8749U+222DE2 88 ADTriple Integral
8750U+222EE2 88 AEContour Integral
8751U+222FE2 88 AFSurface Integral
8752U+2230E2 88 B0Volume Integral
8753U+2231E2 88 B1Clockwise Integral
8754U+2232E2 88 B2Clockwise Contour Integral
8755U+2233E2 88 B3Anticlockwise Contour Integral
8756U+2234E2 88 B4Therefore
8757U+2235E2 88 B5Because
8758U+2236E2 88 B6Ratio
8759U+2237E2 88 B7Proportion
8760U+2238E2 88 B8Dot Minus
8761U+2239E2 88 B9Excess
8762U+223AE2 88 BAGeometric Proportion
8763U+223BE2 88 BBHomothetic
8764U+223CE2 88 BCTilde Operator
8765U+223DE2 88 BDReversed Tilde
8766U+223EE2 88 BEInverted Lazy S
8767U+223FE2 88 BFSine Wave
8768U+2240E2 89 80Wreath Product
8769U+2241E2 89 81Not Tilde
8770U+2242E2 89 82Minus Tilde
8771U+2243E2 89 83Asymptotically Equal To
8772U+2244E2 89 84Not Asymptotically Equal To
8773U+2245E2 89 85Approximately Equal To
8774U+2246E2 89 86Approximately But Not Actually Equal To
8775U+2247E2 89 87Neither Approximately Nor Actually Equal To
8776U+2248E2 89 88Almost Equal To
8777U+2249E2 89 89Not Almost Equal To
8778U+224AE2 89 8AAlmost Equal Or Equal To
8779U+224BE2 89 8BTriple Tilde
8780U+224CE2 89 8CAll Equal To
8781U+224DE2 89 8DEquivalent To
8782U+224EE2 89 8EGeometrically Equivalent To
8783U+224FE2 89 8FDifference Between
8784U+2250E2 89 90Approaches The Limit
8785U+2251E2 89 91Geometrically Equal To
8786U+2252E2 89 92Approximately Equal To Or The Image Of
8787U+2253E2 89 93Image Of Or Approximately Equal To
8788U+2254E2 89 94Colon Equals
8789U+2255E2 89 95Equals Colon
8790U+2256E2 89 96Ring In Equal To
8791U+2257E2 89 97Ring Equal To
8792U+2258E2 89 98Corresponds To
8793U+2259E2 89 99Estimates
8794U+225AE2 89 9AEquiangular To
8795U+225BE2 89 9BStar Equals
8796U+225CE2 89 9CDelta Equal To
8797U+225DE2 89 9DEqual To By Definition
8798U+225EE2 89 9EMeasured By
8799U+225FE2 89 9FQuestioned Equal To
8800U+2260E2 89 A0Not Equal To
8801U+2261E2 89 A1Identical To
8802U+2262E2 89 A2Not Identical To
8803U+2263E2 89 A3Strictly Equivalent To
8804U+2264E2 89 A4Less-than Or Equal To
8805U+2265E2 89 A5Greater-than Or Equal To
8806U+2266E2 89 A6Less-than Over Equal To
8807U+2267E2 89 A7Greater-than Over Equal To
8808U+2268E2 89 A8Less-than But Not Equal To
8809U+2269E2 89 A9Greater-than But Not Equal To
8810U+226AE2 89 AAMuch Less-than
8811U+226BE2 89 ABMuch Greater-than
8812U+226CE2 89 ACBetween
8813U+226DE2 89 ADNot Equivalent To
8814U+226EE2 89 AENot Less-than
8815U+226FE2 89 AFNot Greater-than
8816U+2270E2 89 B0Neither Less-than Nor Equal To
8817U+2271E2 89 B1Neither Greater-than Nor Equal To
8818U+2272E2 89 B2Less-than Or Equivalent To
8819U+2273E2 89 B3Greater-than Or Equivalent To
8820U+2274E2 89 B4Neither Less-than Nor Equivalent To
8821U+2275E2 89 B5Neither Greater-than Nor Equivalent To
8822U+2276E2 89 B6Less-than Or Greater-than
8823U+2277E2 89 B7Greater-than Or Less-than
8824U+2278E2 89 B8Neither Less-than Nor Greater-than
8825U+2279E2 89 B9Neither Greater-than Nor Less-than
8826U+227AE2 89 BAPrecedes
8827U+227BE2 89 BBSucceeds
8828U+227CE2 89 BCPrecedes Or Equal To
8829U+227DE2 89 BDSucceeds Or Equal To
8830U+227EE2 89 BEPrecedes Or Equivalent To
8831U+227FE2 89 BFSucceeds Or Equivalent To
8832U+2280E2 8A 80Does Not Precede
8833U+2281E2 8A 81Does Not Succeed
8834U+2282E2 8A 82Subset Of
8835U+2283E2 8A 83Superset Of
8836U+2284E2 8A 84Not A Subset Of
8837U+2285E2 8A 85Not A Superset Of
8838U+2286E2 8A 86Subset Of Or Equal To
8839U+2287E2 8A 87Superset Of Or Equal To
8840U+2288E2 8A 88Neither A Subset Of Nor Equal To
8841U+2289E2 8A 89Neither A Superset Of Nor Equal To
8842U+228AE2 8A 8ASubset Of With Not Equal To
8843U+228BE2 8A 8BSuperset Of With Not Equal To
8844U+228CE2 8A 8CMultiset
8845U+228DE2 8A 8DMultiset Multiplication
8846U+228EE2 8A 8EMultiset Union
8847U+228FE2 8A 8FSquare Image Of
8848U+2290E2 8A 90Square Original Of
8849U+2291E2 8A 91Square Image Of Or Equal To
8850U+2292E2 8A 92Square Original Of Or Equal To
8851U+2293E2 8A 93Square Cap
8852U+2294E2 8A 94Square Cup
8853U+2295E2 8A 95Circled Plus
8854U+2296E2 8A 96Circled Minus
8855U+2297E2 8A 97Circled Times
8856U+2298E2 8A 98Circled Division Slash
8857U+2299E2 8A 99Circled Dot Operator
8858U+229AE2 8A 9ACircled Ring Operator
8859U+229BE2 8A 9BCircled Asterisk Operator
8860U+229CE2 8A 9CCircled Equals
8861U+229DE2 8A 9DCircled Dash
8862U+229EE2 8A 9ESquared Plus
8863U+229FE2 8A 9FSquared Minus
8864U+22A0E2 8A A0Squared Times
8865U+22A1E2 8A A1Squared Dot Operator
8866U+22A2E2 8A A2Right Tack
8867U+22A3E2 8A A3Left Tack
8868U+22A4E2 8A A4Down Tack
8869U+22A5E2 8A A5Up Tack
8870U+22A6E2 8A A6Assertion
8871U+22A7E2 8A A7Models
8872U+22A8E2 8A A8True
8873U+22A9E2 8A A9Forces
8874U+22AAE2 8A AATriple Vertical Bar Right Turnstile
8875U+22ABE2 8A ABDouble Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
8876U+22ACE2 8A ACDoes Not Prove
8877U+22ADE2 8A ADNot True
8878U+22AEE2 8A AEDoes Not Force
8879U+22AFE2 8A AFNegated Double Vertical Bar Double Right Turnstile
8880U+22B0E2 8A B0Precedes Under Relation
8881U+22B1E2 8A B1Succeeds Under Relation
8882U+22B2E2 8A B2Normal Subgroup Of
8883U+22B3E2 8A B3Contains As Normal Subgroup
8884U+22B4E2 8A B4Normal Subgroup Of Or Equal To
8885U+22B5E2 8A B5Contains As Normal Subgroup Or Equal To
8886U+22B6E2 8A B6Original Of
8887U+22B7E2 8A B7Image Of
8888U+22B8E2 8A B8Multimap
8889U+22B9E2 8A B9Hermitian Conjugate Matrix
8890U+22BAE2 8A BAIntercalate
8891U+22BBE2 8A BBXor
8892U+22BCE2 8A BCNand
8893U+22BDE2 8A BDNor
8894U+22BEE2 8A BERight Angle With Arc
8895U+22BFE2 8A BFRight Triangle
8896U+22C0E2 8B 80N-ary Logical And
8897U+22C1E2 8B 81N-ary Logical Or
8898U+22C2E2 8B 82N-ary Intersection
8899U+22C3E2 8B 83N-ary Union
8900U+22C4E2 8B 84Diamond Operator
8901U+22C5E2 8B 85Dot Operator
8902U+22C6E2 8B 86Star Operator
8903U+22C7E2 8B 87Division Times
8904U+22C8E2 8B 88Bowtie
8905U+22C9E2 8B 89Left Normal Factor Semidirect Product
8906U+22CAE2 8B 8ARight Normal Factor Semidirect Product
8907U+22CBE2 8B 8BLeft Semidirect Product
8908U+22CCE2 8B 8CRight Semidirect Product
8909U+22CDE2 8B 8DReversed Tilde Equals
8910U+22CEE2 8B 8ECurly Logical Or
8911U+22CFE2 8B 8FCurly Logical And
8912U+22D0E2 8B 90Double Subset
8913U+22D1E2 8B 91Double Superset
8914U+22D2E2 8B 92Double Intersection
8915U+22D3E2 8B 93Double Union
8916U+22D4E2 8B 94Pitchfork
8917U+22D5E2 8B 95Equal And Parallel To
8918U+22D6E2 8B 96Less-than With Dot
8919U+22D7E2 8B 97Greater-than With Dot
8920U+22D8E2 8B 98Very Much Less-than
8921U+22D9E2 8B 99Very Much Greater-than
8922U+22DAE2 8B 9ALess-than Equal To Or Greater-than
8923U+22DBE2 8B 9BGreater-than Equal To Or Less-than
8924U+22DCE2 8B 9CEqual To Or Less-than
8925U+22DDE2 8B 9DEqual To Or Greater-than
8926U+22DEE2 8B 9EEqual To Or Precedes
8927U+22DFE2 8B 9FEqual To Or Succeeds
8928U+22E0E2 8B A0Does Not Precede Or Equal
8929U+22E1E2 8B A1Does Not Succeed Or Equal
8930U+22E2E2 8B A2Not Square Image Of Or Equal To
8931U+22E3E2 8B A3Not Square Original Of Or Equal To
8932U+22E4E2 8B A4Square Image Of Or Not Equal To
8933U+22E5E2 8B A5Square Original Of Or Not Equal To
8934U+22E6E2 8B A6Less-than But Not Equivalent To
8935U+22E7E2 8B A7Greater-than But Not Equivalent To
8936U+22E8E2 8B A8Precedes But Not Equivalent To
8937U+22E9E2 8B A9Succeeds But Not Equivalent To
8938U+22EAE2 8B AANot Normal Subgroup Of
8939U+22EBE2 8B ABDoes Not Contain As Normal Subgroup
8940U+22ECE2 8B ACNot Normal Subgroup Of Or Equal To
8941U+22EDE2 8B ADDoes Not Contain As Normal Subgroup Or Equal
8942U+22EEE2 8B AEVertical Ellipsis
8943U+22EFE2 8B AFMidline Horizontal Ellipsis
8944U+22F0E2 8B B0Up Right Diagonal Ellipsis
8945U+22F1E2 8B B1Down Right Diagonal Ellipsis
8946U+22F2E2 8B B2Element Of With Long Horizontal Stroke
8947U+22F3E2 8B B3Element Of With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
8948U+22F4E2 8B B4Small Element Of With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
8949U+22F5E2 8B B5Element Of With Dot Above
8950U+22F6E2 8B B6Element Of With Overbar
8951U+22F7E2 8B B7Small Element Of With Overbar
8952U+22F8E2 8B B8Element Of With Underbar
8953U+22F9E2 8B B9Element Of With Two Horizontal Strokes
8954U+22FAE2 8B BAContains With Long Horizontal Stroke
8955U+22FBE2 8B BBContains With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
8956U+22FCE2 8B BCSmall Contains With Vertical Bar At End Of Horizontal Stroke
8957U+22FDE2 8B BDContains With Overbar
8958U+22FEE2 8B BESmall Contains With Overbar
8959U+22FFE2 8B BFZ Notation Bag Membership
8960U+2300E2 8C 80Diameter Sign
8961U+2301E2 8C 81Electric Arrow
8962U+2302E2 8C 82House
8963U+2303E2 8C 83Up Arrowhead
8964U+2304E2 8C 84Down Arrowhead
8965U+2305E2 8C 85Projective
8966U+2306E2 8C 86Perspective
8967U+2307E2 8C 87Wavy Line
8968U+2308E2 8C 88Left Ceiling
8969U+2309E2 8C 89Right Ceiling
8970U+230AE2 8C 8ALeft Floor
8971U+230BE2 8C 8BRight Floor
8972U+230CE2 8C 8CBottom Right Crop
8973U+230DE2 8C 8DBottom Left Crop
8974U+230EE2 8C 8ETop Right Crop
8975U+230FE2 8C 8FTop Left Crop
8976U+2310E2 8C 90Reversed Not Sign
8977U+2311E2 8C 91Square Lozenge
8978U+2312E2 8C 92Arc
8979U+2313E2 8C 93Segment
8980U+2314E2 8C 94Sector
8981U+2315E2 8C 95Telephone Recorder
8982U+2316E2 8C 96Position Indicator
8983U+2317E2 8C 97Viewdata Square
8984U+2318E2 8C 98Place Of Interest Sign
8985U+2319E2 8C 99Turned Not Sign
8986U+231AE2 8C 9AWatch
8987U+231BE2 8C 9BHourglass
8988U+231CE2 8C 9CTop Left Corner
8989U+231DE2 8C 9DTop Right Corner
8990U+231EE2 8C 9EBottom Left Corner
8991U+231FE2 8C 9FBottom Right Corner
8992U+2320E2 8C A0Top Half Integral
8993U+2321E2 8C A1Bottom Half Integral
8994U+2322E2 8C A2Frown
8995U+2323E2 8C A3Smile
8996U+2324E2 8C A4Up Arrowhead Between Two Horizontal Bars
8997U+2325E2 8C A5Option Key
8998U+2326E2 8C A6Erase To The Right
8999U+2327E2 8C A7X In A Rectangle Box

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