UTF-8 code page (#93)

Unicode UTF-8 - characters 92000 (U+16760) to 92999 (U+16B47)

UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8. UTF-8 is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters, one UTF-8 character uses 1 to 4 bytes.

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Dec Hex UTF-8 Hex Char Unicode description
92000U+16760F0 96 9D A0𖝠
92001U+16761F0 96 9D A1𖝡
92002U+16762F0 96 9D A2𖝢
92003U+16763F0 96 9D A3𖝣
92004U+16764F0 96 9D A4𖝤
92005U+16765F0 96 9D A5𖝥
92006U+16766F0 96 9D A6𖝦
92007U+16767F0 96 9D A7𖝧
92008U+16768F0 96 9D A8𖝨
92009U+16769F0 96 9D A9𖝩
92010U+1676AF0 96 9D AA𖝪
92011U+1676BF0 96 9D AB𖝫
92012U+1676CF0 96 9D AC𖝬
92013U+1676DF0 96 9D AD𖝭
92014U+1676EF0 96 9D AE𖝮
92015U+1676FF0 96 9D AF𖝯
92016U+16770F0 96 9D B0𖝰
92017U+16771F0 96 9D B1𖝱
92018U+16772F0 96 9D B2𖝲
92019U+16773F0 96 9D B3𖝳
92020U+16774F0 96 9D B4𖝴
92021U+16775F0 96 9D B5𖝵
92022U+16776F0 96 9D B6𖝶
92023U+16777F0 96 9D B7𖝷
92024U+16778F0 96 9D B8𖝸
92025U+16779F0 96 9D B9𖝹
92026U+1677AF0 96 9D BA𖝺
92027U+1677BF0 96 9D BB𖝻
92028U+1677CF0 96 9D BC𖝼
92029U+1677DF0 96 9D BD𖝽
92030U+1677EF0 96 9D BE𖝾
92031U+1677FF0 96 9D BF𖝿
92032U+16780F0 96 9E 80𖞀
92033U+16781F0 96 9E 81𖞁
92034U+16782F0 96 9E 82𖞂
92035U+16783F0 96 9E 83𖞃
92036U+16784F0 96 9E 84𖞄
92037U+16785F0 96 9E 85𖞅
92038U+16786F0 96 9E 86𖞆
92039U+16787F0 96 9E 87𖞇
92040U+16788F0 96 9E 88𖞈
92041U+16789F0 96 9E 89𖞉
92042U+1678AF0 96 9E 8A𖞊
92043U+1678BF0 96 9E 8B𖞋
92044U+1678CF0 96 9E 8C𖞌
92045U+1678DF0 96 9E 8D𖞍
92046U+1678EF0 96 9E 8E𖞎
92047U+1678FF0 96 9E 8F𖞏
92048U+16790F0 96 9E 90𖞐
92049U+16791F0 96 9E 91𖞑
92050U+16792F0 96 9E 92𖞒
92051U+16793F0 96 9E 93𖞓
92052U+16794F0 96 9E 94𖞔
92053U+16795F0 96 9E 95𖞕
92054U+16796F0 96 9E 96𖞖
92055U+16797F0 96 9E 97𖞗
92056U+16798F0 96 9E 98𖞘
92057U+16799F0 96 9E 99𖞙
92058U+1679AF0 96 9E 9A𖞚
92059U+1679BF0 96 9E 9B𖞛
92060U+1679CF0 96 9E 9C𖞜
92061U+1679DF0 96 9E 9D𖞝
92062U+1679EF0 96 9E 9E𖞞
92063U+1679FF0 96 9E 9F𖞟
92064U+167A0F0 96 9E A0𖞠
92065U+167A1F0 96 9E A1𖞡
92066U+167A2F0 96 9E A2𖞢
92067U+167A3F0 96 9E A3𖞣
92068U+167A4F0 96 9E A4𖞤
92069U+167A5F0 96 9E A5𖞥
92070U+167A6F0 96 9E A6𖞦
92071U+167A7F0 96 9E A7𖞧
92072U+167A8F0 96 9E A8𖞨
92073U+167A9F0 96 9E A9𖞩
92074U+167AAF0 96 9E AA𖞪
92075U+167ABF0 96 9E AB𖞫
92076U+167ACF0 96 9E AC𖞬
92077U+167ADF0 96 9E AD𖞭
92078U+167AEF0 96 9E AE𖞮
92079U+167AFF0 96 9E AF𖞯
92080U+167B0F0 96 9E B0𖞰
92081U+167B1F0 96 9E B1𖞱
92082U+167B2F0 96 9E B2𖞲
92083U+167B3F0 96 9E B3𖞳
92084U+167B4F0 96 9E B4𖞴
92085U+167B5F0 96 9E B5𖞵
92086U+167B6F0 96 9E B6𖞶
92087U+167B7F0 96 9E B7𖞷
92088U+167B8F0 96 9E B8𖞸
92089U+167B9F0 96 9E B9𖞹
92090U+167BAF0 96 9E BA𖞺
92091U+167BBF0 96 9E BB𖞻
92092U+167BCF0 96 9E BC𖞼
92093U+167BDF0 96 9E BD𖞽
92094U+167BEF0 96 9E BE𖞾
92095U+167BFF0 96 9E BF𖞿
92096U+167C0F0 96 9F 80𖟀
92097U+167C1F0 96 9F 81𖟁
92098U+167C2F0 96 9F 82𖟂
92099U+167C3F0 96 9F 83𖟃
92100U+167C4F0 96 9F 84𖟄
92101U+167C5F0 96 9F 85𖟅
92102U+167C6F0 96 9F 86𖟆
92103U+167C7F0 96 9F 87𖟇
92104U+167C8F0 96 9F 88𖟈
92105U+167C9F0 96 9F 89𖟉
92106U+167CAF0 96 9F 8A𖟊
92107U+167CBF0 96 9F 8B𖟋
92108U+167CCF0 96 9F 8C𖟌
92109U+167CDF0 96 9F 8D𖟍
92110U+167CEF0 96 9F 8E𖟎
92111U+167CFF0 96 9F 8F𖟏
92112U+167D0F0 96 9F 90𖟐
92113U+167D1F0 96 9F 91𖟑
92114U+167D2F0 96 9F 92𖟒
92115U+167D3F0 96 9F 93𖟓
92116U+167D4F0 96 9F 94𖟔
92117U+167D5F0 96 9F 95𖟕
92118U+167D6F0 96 9F 96𖟖
92119U+167D7F0 96 9F 97𖟗
92120U+167D8F0 96 9F 98𖟘
92121U+167D9F0 96 9F 99𖟙
92122U+167DAF0 96 9F 9A𖟚
92123U+167DBF0 96 9F 9B𖟛
92124U+167DCF0 96 9F 9C𖟜
92125U+167DDF0 96 9F 9D𖟝
92126U+167DEF0 96 9F 9E𖟞
92127U+167DFF0 96 9F 9F𖟟
92128U+167E0F0 96 9F A0𖟠
92129U+167E1F0 96 9F A1𖟡
92130U+167E2F0 96 9F A2𖟢
92131U+167E3F0 96 9F A3𖟣
92132U+167E4F0 96 9F A4𖟤
92133U+167E5F0 96 9F A5𖟥
92134U+167E6F0 96 9F A6𖟦
92135U+167E7F0 96 9F A7𖟧
92136U+167E8F0 96 9F A8𖟨
92137U+167E9F0 96 9F A9𖟩
92138U+167EAF0 96 9F AA𖟪
92139U+167EBF0 96 9F AB𖟫
92140U+167ECF0 96 9F AC𖟬
92141U+167EDF0 96 9F AD𖟭
92142U+167EEF0 96 9F AE𖟮
92143U+167EFF0 96 9F AF𖟯
92144U+167F0F0 96 9F B0𖟰
92145U+167F1F0 96 9F B1𖟱
92146U+167F2F0 96 9F B2𖟲
92147U+167F3F0 96 9F B3𖟳
92148U+167F4F0 96 9F B4𖟴
92149U+167F5F0 96 9F B5𖟵
92150U+167F6F0 96 9F B6𖟶
92151U+167F7F0 96 9F B7𖟷
92152U+167F8F0 96 9F B8𖟸
92153U+167F9F0 96 9F B9𖟹
92154U+167FAF0 96 9F BA𖟺
92155U+167FBF0 96 9F BB𖟻
92156U+167FCF0 96 9F BC𖟼
92157U+167FDF0 96 9F BD𖟽
92158U+167FEF0 96 9F BE𖟾
92159U+167FFF0 96 9F BF𖟿
92160U+16800F0 96 A0 80𖠀Bamum Letter Phase-a Ngkue Mfon
92161U+16801F0 96 A0 81𖠁Bamum Letter Phase-a Gbiee Fon
92162U+16802F0 96 A0 82𖠂Bamum Letter Phase-a Pon Mfon Pipaemgbiee
92163U+16803F0 96 A0 83𖠃Bamum Letter Phase-a Pon Mfon Pipaemba
92164U+16804F0 96 A0 84𖠄Bamum Letter Phase-a Naa Mfon
92165U+16805F0 96 A0 85𖠅Bamum Letter Phase-a Shuenshuet
92166U+16806F0 96 A0 86𖠆Bamum Letter Phase-a Tita Mfon
92167U+16807F0 96 A0 87𖠇Bamum Letter Phase-a Nza Mfon
92168U+16808F0 96 A0 88𖠈Bamum Letter Phase-a Shinda Pa Nji
92169U+16809F0 96 A0 89𖠉Bamum Letter Phase-a Pon Pa Nji Pipaemgbiee
92170U+1680AF0 96 A0 8A𖠊Bamum Letter Phase-a Pon Pa Nji Pipaemba
92171U+1680BF0 96 A0 8B𖠋Bamum Letter Phase-a Maembgbiee
92172U+1680CF0 96 A0 8C𖠌Bamum Letter Phase-a Tu Maemba
92173U+1680DF0 96 A0 8D𖠍Bamum Letter Phase-a Ngangu
92174U+1680EF0 96 A0 8E𖠎Bamum Letter Phase-a Maemveux
92175U+1680FF0 96 A0 8F𖠏Bamum Letter Phase-a Mansuae
92176U+16810F0 96 A0 90𖠐Bamum Letter Phase-a Mveuaengam
92177U+16811F0 96 A0 91𖠑Bamum Letter Phase-a Seunyam
92178U+16812F0 96 A0 92𖠒Bamum Letter Phase-a Ntoqpen
92179U+16813F0 96 A0 93𖠓Bamum Letter Phase-a Keukeutnda
92180U+16814F0 96 A0 94𖠔Bamum Letter Phase-a Nkindi
92181U+16815F0 96 A0 95𖠕Bamum Letter Phase-a Suu
92182U+16816F0 96 A0 96𖠖Bamum Letter Phase-a Ngkuenzeum
92183U+16817F0 96 A0 97𖠗Bamum Letter Phase-a Lapaq
92184U+16818F0 96 A0 98𖠘Bamum Letter Phase-a Let Kut
92185U+16819F0 96 A0 99𖠙Bamum Letter Phase-a Ntap Mfaa
92186U+1681AF0 96 A0 9A𖠚Bamum Letter Phase-a Maekeup
92187U+1681BF0 96 A0 9B𖠛Bamum Letter Phase-a Pashae
92188U+1681CF0 96 A0 9C𖠜Bamum Letter Phase-a Gheuaerae
92189U+1681DF0 96 A0 9D𖠝Bamum Letter Phase-a Pamshae
92190U+1681EF0 96 A0 9E𖠞Bamum Letter Phase-a Mon Nggeuaet
92191U+1681FF0 96 A0 9F𖠟Bamum Letter Phase-a Nzun Meut
92192U+16820F0 96 A0 A0𖠠Bamum Letter Phase-a U Yuq Nae
92193U+16821F0 96 A0 A1𖠡Bamum Letter Phase-a Gheuaegheuae
92194U+16822F0 96 A0 A2𖠢Bamum Letter Phase-a Ntap Ntaa
92195U+16823F0 96 A0 A3𖠣Bamum Letter Phase-a Sisa
92196U+16824F0 96 A0 A4𖠤Bamum Letter Phase-a Mgbasa
92197U+16825F0 96 A0 A5𖠥Bamum Letter Phase-a Meunjomndeuq
92198U+16826F0 96 A0 A6𖠦Bamum Letter Phase-a Moompuq
92199U+16827F0 96 A0 A7𖠧Bamum Letter Phase-a Kafa
92200U+16828F0 96 A0 A8𖠨Bamum Letter Phase-a Pa Leeraewa
92201U+16829F0 96 A0 A9𖠩Bamum Letter Phase-a Nda Leeraewa
92202U+1682AF0 96 A0 AA𖠪Bamum Letter Phase-a Pet
92203U+1682BF0 96 A0 AB𖠫Bamum Letter Phase-a Maemkpen
92204U+1682CF0 96 A0 AC𖠬Bamum Letter Phase-a Nika
92205U+1682DF0 96 A0 AD𖠭Bamum Letter Phase-a Pup
92206U+1682EF0 96 A0 AE𖠮Bamum Letter Phase-a Tuaep
92207U+1682FF0 96 A0 AF𖠯Bamum Letter Phase-a Luaep
92208U+16830F0 96 A0 B0𖠰Bamum Letter Phase-a Sonjam
92209U+16831F0 96 A0 B1𖠱Bamum Letter Phase-a Teuteuwen
92210U+16832F0 96 A0 B2𖠲Bamum Letter Phase-a Maenyi
92211U+16833F0 96 A0 B3𖠳Bamum Letter Phase-a Ket
92212U+16834F0 96 A0 B4𖠴Bamum Letter Phase-a Ndaanggeuaet
92213U+16835F0 96 A0 B5𖠵Bamum Letter Phase-a Kuoq
92214U+16836F0 96 A0 B6𖠶Bamum Letter Phase-a Moomeut
92215U+16837F0 96 A0 B7𖠷Bamum Letter Phase-a Shum
92216U+16838F0 96 A0 B8𖠸Bamum Letter Phase-a Lommae
92217U+16839F0 96 A0 B9𖠹Bamum Letter Phase-a Firi
92218U+1683AF0 96 A0 BA𖠺Bamum Letter Phase-a Rom
92219U+1683BF0 96 A0 BB𖠻Bamum Letter Phase-a Kpoq
92220U+1683CF0 96 A0 BC𖠼Bamum Letter Phase-a Soq
92221U+1683DF0 96 A0 BD𖠽Bamum Letter Phase-a Map Pieet
92222U+1683EF0 96 A0 BE𖠾Bamum Letter Phase-a Shirae
92223U+1683FF0 96 A0 BF𖠿Bamum Letter Phase-a Ntap
92224U+16840F0 96 A1 80𖡀Bamum Letter Phase-a Shoq Nshut Yum
92225U+16841F0 96 A1 81𖡁Bamum Letter Phase-a Nyit Mongkeuaeq
92226U+16842F0 96 A1 82𖡂Bamum Letter Phase-a Paarae
92227U+16843F0 96 A1 83𖡃Bamum Letter Phase-a Nkaarae
92228U+16844F0 96 A1 84𖡄Bamum Letter Phase-a Unknown
92229U+16845F0 96 A1 85𖡅Bamum Letter Phase-a Nggen
92230U+16846F0 96 A1 86𖡆Bamum Letter Phase-a Maesi
92231U+16847F0 96 A1 87𖡇Bamum Letter Phase-a Njam
92232U+16848F0 96 A1 88𖡈Bamum Letter Phase-a Mbanyi
92233U+16849F0 96 A1 89𖡉Bamum Letter Phase-a Nyet
92234U+1684AF0 96 A1 8A𖡊Bamum Letter Phase-a Teuaen
92235U+1684BF0 96 A1 8B𖡋Bamum Letter Phase-a Sot
92236U+1684CF0 96 A1 8C𖡌Bamum Letter Phase-a Paam
92237U+1684DF0 96 A1 8D𖡍Bamum Letter Phase-a Nshiee
92238U+1684EF0 96 A1 8E𖡎Bamum Letter Phase-a Maem
92239U+1684FF0 96 A1 8F𖡏Bamum Letter Phase-a Nyi
92240U+16850F0 96 A1 90𖡐Bamum Letter Phase-a Kaq
92241U+16851F0 96 A1 91𖡑Bamum Letter Phase-a Nsha
92242U+16852F0 96 A1 92𖡒Bamum Letter Phase-a Vee
92243U+16853F0 96 A1 93𖡓Bamum Letter Phase-a Lu
92244U+16854F0 96 A1 94𖡔Bamum Letter Phase-a Nen
92245U+16855F0 96 A1 95𖡕Bamum Letter Phase-a Naq
92246U+16856F0 96 A1 96𖡖Bamum Letter Phase-a Mbaq
92247U+16857F0 96 A1 97𖡗Bamum Letter Phase-b Nshuet
92248U+16858F0 96 A1 98𖡘Bamum Letter Phase-b Tu Maemgbiee
92249U+16859F0 96 A1 99𖡙Bamum Letter Phase-b Siee
92250U+1685AF0 96 A1 9A𖡚Bamum Letter Phase-b Set Tu
92251U+1685BF0 96 A1 9B𖡛Bamum Letter Phase-b Lom Nteum
92252U+1685CF0 96 A1 9C𖡜Bamum Letter Phase-b Mba Maelee
92253U+1685DF0 96 A1 9D𖡝Bamum Letter Phase-b Kieem
92254U+1685EF0 96 A1 9E𖡞Bamum Letter Phase-b Yeurae
92255U+1685FF0 96 A1 9F𖡟Bamum Letter Phase-b Mbaarae
92256U+16860F0 96 A1 A0𖡠Bamum Letter Phase-b Kam
92257U+16861F0 96 A1 A1𖡡Bamum Letter Phase-b Peeshi
92258U+16862F0 96 A1 A2𖡢Bamum Letter Phase-b Yafu Leeraewa
92259U+16863F0 96 A1 A3𖡣Bamum Letter Phase-b Lam Nshut Nyam
92260U+16864F0 96 A1 A4𖡤Bamum Letter Phase-b Ntiee Sheuoq
92261U+16865F0 96 A1 A5𖡥Bamum Letter Phase-b Ndu Njaa
92262U+16866F0 96 A1 A6𖡦Bamum Letter Phase-b Gheugheuaem
92263U+16867F0 96 A1 A7𖡧Bamum Letter Phase-b Pit
92264U+16868F0 96 A1 A8𖡨Bamum Letter Phase-b Tu Nsiee
92265U+16869F0 96 A1 A9𖡩Bamum Letter Phase-b Shet Njaq
92266U+1686AF0 96 A1 AA𖡪Bamum Letter Phase-b Sheuaeqtu
92267U+1686BF0 96 A1 AB𖡫Bamum Letter Phase-b Mfon Teuaeq
92268U+1686CF0 96 A1 AC𖡬Bamum Letter Phase-b Mbit Mbaaket
92269U+1686DF0 96 A1 AD𖡭Bamum Letter Phase-b Nyi Nteum
92270U+1686EF0 96 A1 AE𖡮Bamum Letter Phase-b Keupuq
92271U+1686FF0 96 A1 AF𖡯Bamum Letter Phase-b Gheughen
92272U+16870F0 96 A1 B0𖡰Bamum Letter Phase-b Keuyeux
92273U+16871F0 96 A1 B1𖡱Bamum Letter Phase-b Laanae
92274U+16872F0 96 A1 B2𖡲Bamum Letter Phase-b Parum
92275U+16873F0 96 A1 B3𖡳Bamum Letter Phase-b Veum
92276U+16874F0 96 A1 B4𖡴Bamum Letter Phase-b Ngkindi Mvop
92277U+16875F0 96 A1 B5𖡵Bamum Letter Phase-b Nggeu Mbu
92278U+16876F0 96 A1 B6𖡶Bamum Letter Phase-b Wuaet
92279U+16877F0 96 A1 B7𖡷Bamum Letter Phase-b Sakeuae
92280U+16878F0 96 A1 B8𖡸Bamum Letter Phase-b Taam
92281U+16879F0 96 A1 B9𖡹Bamum Letter Phase-b Meuq
92282U+1687AF0 96 A1 BA𖡺Bamum Letter Phase-b Ngguoq
92283U+1687BF0 96 A1 BB𖡻Bamum Letter Phase-b Ngguoq Large
92284U+1687CF0 96 A1 BC𖡼Bamum Letter Phase-b Mfiyaq
92285U+1687DF0 96 A1 BD𖡽Bamum Letter Phase-b Sue
92286U+1687EF0 96 A1 BE𖡾Bamum Letter Phase-b Mbeuri
92287U+1687FF0 96 A1 BF𖡿Bamum Letter Phase-b Montieen
92288U+16880F0 96 A2 80𖢀Bamum Letter Phase-b Nyaemae
92289U+16881F0 96 A2 81𖢁Bamum Letter Phase-b Pungaam
92290U+16882F0 96 A2 82𖢂Bamum Letter Phase-b Meut Nggeet
92291U+16883F0 96 A2 83𖢃Bamum Letter Phase-b Feux
92292U+16884F0 96 A2 84𖢄Bamum Letter Phase-b Mbuoq
92293U+16885F0 96 A2 85𖢅Bamum Letter Phase-b Fee
92294U+16886F0 96 A2 86𖢆Bamum Letter Phase-b Keuaem
92295U+16887F0 96 A2 87𖢇Bamum Letter Phase-b Ma Njeuaena
92296U+16888F0 96 A2 88𖢈Bamum Letter Phase-b Ma Njuqa
92297U+16889F0 96 A2 89𖢉Bamum Letter Phase-b Let
92298U+1688AF0 96 A2 8A𖢊Bamum Letter Phase-b Nggaam
92299U+1688BF0 96 A2 8B𖢋Bamum Letter Phase-b Nsen
92300U+1688CF0 96 A2 8C𖢌Bamum Letter Phase-b Ma
92301U+1688DF0 96 A2 8D𖢍Bamum Letter Phase-b Kiq
92302U+1688EF0 96 A2 8E𖢎Bamum Letter Phase-b Ngom
92303U+1688FF0 96 A2 8F𖢏Bamum Letter Phase-c Ngkue Maemba
92304U+16890F0 96 A2 90𖢐Bamum Letter Phase-c Nza
92305U+16891F0 96 A2 91𖢑Bamum Letter Phase-c Yum
92306U+16892F0 96 A2 92𖢒Bamum Letter Phase-c Wangkuoq
92307U+16893F0 96 A2 93𖢓Bamum Letter Phase-c Nggen
92308U+16894F0 96 A2 94𖢔Bamum Letter Phase-c Ndeuaeree
92309U+16895F0 96 A2 95𖢕Bamum Letter Phase-c Ngkaq
92310U+16896F0 96 A2 96𖢖Bamum Letter Phase-c Gharae
92311U+16897F0 96 A2 97𖢗Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbeekeet
92312U+16898F0 96 A2 98𖢘Bamum Letter Phase-c Gbayi
92313U+16899F0 96 A2 99𖢙Bamum Letter Phase-c Nyir Mkparaq Meun
92314U+1689AF0 96 A2 9A𖢚Bamum Letter Phase-c Ntu Mbit
92315U+1689BF0 96 A2 9B𖢛Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbeum
92316U+1689CF0 96 A2 9C𖢜Bamum Letter Phase-c Pirieen
92317U+1689DF0 96 A2 9D𖢝Bamum Letter Phase-c Ndombu
92318U+1689EF0 96 A2 9E𖢞Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbaa Cabbage-tree
92319U+1689FF0 96 A2 9F𖢟Bamum Letter Phase-c Keusheuaep
92320U+168A0F0 96 A2 A0𖢠Bamum Letter Phase-c Ghap
92321U+168A1F0 96 A2 A1𖢡Bamum Letter Phase-c Keukaq
92322U+168A2F0 96 A2 A2𖢢Bamum Letter Phase-c Yu Muomae
92323U+168A3F0 96 A2 A3𖢣Bamum Letter Phase-c Nzeum
92324U+168A4F0 96 A2 A4𖢤Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbue
92325U+168A5F0 96 A2 A5𖢥Bamum Letter Phase-c Nseuaen
92326U+168A6F0 96 A2 A6𖢦Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbit
92327U+168A7F0 96 A2 A7𖢧Bamum Letter Phase-c Yeuq
92328U+168A8F0 96 A2 A8𖢨Bamum Letter Phase-c Kparaq
92329U+168A9F0 96 A2 A9𖢩Bamum Letter Phase-c Kaa
92330U+168AAF0 96 A2 AA𖢪Bamum Letter Phase-c Seux
92331U+168ABF0 96 A2 AB𖢫Bamum Letter Phase-c Ndida
92332U+168ACF0 96 A2 AC𖢬Bamum Letter Phase-c Taashae
92333U+168ADF0 96 A2 AD𖢭Bamum Letter Phase-c Njueq
92334U+168AEF0 96 A2 AE𖢮Bamum Letter Phase-c Tita Yue
92335U+168AFF0 96 A2 AF𖢯Bamum Letter Phase-c Suaet
92336U+168B0F0 96 A2 B0𖢰Bamum Letter Phase-c Ngguaen Nyam
92337U+168B1F0 96 A2 B1𖢱Bamum Letter Phase-c Veux
92338U+168B2F0 96 A2 B2𖢲Bamum Letter Phase-c Nansanaq
92339U+168B3F0 96 A2 B3𖢳Bamum Letter Phase-c Ma Keuaeri
92340U+168B4F0 96 A2 B4𖢴Bamum Letter Phase-c Ntaa
92341U+168B5F0 96 A2 B5𖢵Bamum Letter Phase-c Ngguon
92342U+168B6F0 96 A2 B6𖢶Bamum Letter Phase-c Lap
92343U+168B7F0 96 A2 B7𖢷Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbirieen
92344U+168B8F0 96 A2 B8𖢸Bamum Letter Phase-c Mgbasaq
92345U+168B9F0 96 A2 B9𖢹Bamum Letter Phase-c Nteungba
92346U+168BAF0 96 A2 BA𖢺Bamum Letter Phase-c Teuteux
92347U+168BBF0 96 A2 BB𖢻Bamum Letter Phase-c Nggum
92348U+168BCF0 96 A2 BC𖢼Bamum Letter Phase-c Fue
92349U+168BDF0 96 A2 BD𖢽Bamum Letter Phase-c Ndeut
92350U+168BEF0 96 A2 BE𖢾Bamum Letter Phase-c Nsa
92351U+168BFF0 96 A2 BF𖢿Bamum Letter Phase-c Nshaq
92352U+168C0F0 96 A3 80𖣀Bamum Letter Phase-c Bung
92353U+168C1F0 96 A3 81𖣁Bamum Letter Phase-c Veuaepen
92354U+168C2F0 96 A3 82𖣂Bamum Letter Phase-c Mberae
92355U+168C3F0 96 A3 83𖣃Bamum Letter Phase-c Ru
92356U+168C4F0 96 A3 84𖣄Bamum Letter Phase-c Njaem
92357U+168C5F0 96 A3 85𖣅Bamum Letter Phase-c Lam
92358U+168C6F0 96 A3 86𖣆Bamum Letter Phase-c Tituaep
92359U+168C7F0 96 A3 87𖣇Bamum Letter Phase-c Nsuot Ngom
92360U+168C8F0 96 A3 88𖣈Bamum Letter Phase-c Njeeee
92361U+168C9F0 96 A3 89𖣉Bamum Letter Phase-c Ket
92362U+168CAF0 96 A3 8A𖣊Bamum Letter Phase-c Nggu
92363U+168CBF0 96 A3 8B𖣋Bamum Letter Phase-c Maesi
92364U+168CCF0 96 A3 8C𖣌Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbuaem
92365U+168CDF0 96 A3 8D𖣍Bamum Letter Phase-c Lu
92366U+168CEF0 96 A3 8E𖣎Bamum Letter Phase-c Kut
92367U+168CFF0 96 A3 8F𖣏Bamum Letter Phase-c Njam
92368U+168D0F0 96 A3 90𖣐Bamum Letter Phase-c Ngom
92369U+168D1F0 96 A3 91𖣑Bamum Letter Phase-c Wup
92370U+168D2F0 96 A3 92𖣒Bamum Letter Phase-c Nggueet
92371U+168D3F0 96 A3 93𖣓Bamum Letter Phase-c Nsom
92372U+168D4F0 96 A3 94𖣔Bamum Letter Phase-c Nten
92373U+168D5F0 96 A3 95𖣕Bamum Letter Phase-c Kuop Nkaarae
92374U+168D6F0 96 A3 96𖣖Bamum Letter Phase-c Nsun
92375U+168D7F0 96 A3 97𖣗Bamum Letter Phase-c Ndam
92376U+168D8F0 96 A3 98𖣘Bamum Letter Phase-c Ma Nsiee
92377U+168D9F0 96 A3 99𖣙Bamum Letter Phase-c Yaa
92378U+168DAF0 96 A3 9A𖣚Bamum Letter Phase-c Ndap
92379U+168DBF0 96 A3 9B𖣛Bamum Letter Phase-c Shueq
92380U+168DCF0 96 A3 9C𖣜Bamum Letter Phase-c Setfon
92381U+168DDF0 96 A3 9D𖣝Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbi
92382U+168DEF0 96 A3 9E𖣞Bamum Letter Phase-c Maemba
92383U+168DFF0 96 A3 9F𖣟Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbanyi
92384U+168E0F0 96 A3 A0𖣠Bamum Letter Phase-c Keuseux
92385U+168E1F0 96 A3 A1𖣡Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbeux
92386U+168E2F0 96 A3 A2𖣢Bamum Letter Phase-c Keum
92387U+168E3F0 96 A3 A3𖣣Bamum Letter Phase-c Mbaa Picket
92388U+168E4F0 96 A3 A4𖣤Bamum Letter Phase-c Yuwoq
92389U+168E5F0 96 A3 A5𖣥Bamum Letter Phase-c Njeux
92390U+168E6F0 96 A3 A6𖣦Bamum Letter Phase-c Miee
92391U+168E7F0 96 A3 A7𖣧Bamum Letter Phase-c Muae
92392U+168E8F0 96 A3 A8𖣨Bamum Letter Phase-c Shiq
92393U+168E9F0 96 A3 A9𖣩Bamum Letter Phase-c Ken Law
92394U+168EAF0 96 A3 AA𖣪Bamum Letter Phase-c Ken Fatigue
92395U+168EBF0 96 A3 AB𖣫Bamum Letter Phase-c Ngaq
92396U+168ECF0 96 A3 AC𖣬Bamum Letter Phase-c Naq
92397U+168EDF0 96 A3 AD𖣭Bamum Letter Phase-c Liq
92398U+168EEF0 96 A3 AE𖣮Bamum Letter Phase-c Pin
92399U+168EFF0 96 A3 AF𖣯Bamum Letter Phase-c Pen
92400U+168F0F0 96 A3 B0𖣰Bamum Letter Phase-c Tet
92401U+168F1F0 96 A3 B1𖣱Bamum Letter Phase-d Mbuo
92402U+168F2F0 96 A3 B2𖣲Bamum Letter Phase-d Wap
92403U+168F3F0 96 A3 B3𖣳Bamum Letter Phase-d Nji
92404U+168F4F0 96 A3 B4𖣴Bamum Letter Phase-d Mfon
92405U+168F5F0 96 A3 B5𖣵Bamum Letter Phase-d Njiee
92406U+168F6F0 96 A3 B6𖣶Bamum Letter Phase-d Liee
92407U+168F7F0 96 A3 B7𖣷Bamum Letter Phase-d Njeut
92408U+168F8F0 96 A3 B8𖣸Bamum Letter Phase-d Nshee
92409U+168F9F0 96 A3 B9𖣹Bamum Letter Phase-d Nggaamae
92410U+168FAF0 96 A3 BA𖣺Bamum Letter Phase-d Nyam
92411U+168FBF0 96 A3 BB𖣻Bamum Letter Phase-d Wuaen
92412U+168FCF0 96 A3 BC𖣼Bamum Letter Phase-d Ngkun
92413U+168FDF0 96 A3 BD𖣽Bamum Letter Phase-d Shee
92414U+168FEF0 96 A3 BE𖣾Bamum Letter Phase-d Ngkap
92415U+168FFF0 96 A3 BF𖣿Bamum Letter Phase-d Keuaetmeun
92416U+16900F0 96 A4 80𖤀Bamum Letter Phase-d Teut
92417U+16901F0 96 A4 81𖤁Bamum Letter Phase-d Sheuae
92418U+16902F0 96 A4 82𖤂Bamum Letter Phase-d Njap
92419U+16903F0 96 A4 83𖤃Bamum Letter Phase-d Sue
92420U+16904F0 96 A4 84𖤄Bamum Letter Phase-d Ket
92421U+16905F0 96 A4 85𖤅Bamum Letter Phase-d Yaemmae
92422U+16906F0 96 A4 86𖤆Bamum Letter Phase-d Kuom
92423U+16907F0 96 A4 87𖤇Bamum Letter Phase-d Sap
92424U+16908F0 96 A4 88𖤈Bamum Letter Phase-d Mfeut
92425U+16909F0 96 A4 89𖤉Bamum Letter Phase-d Ndeux
92426U+1690AF0 96 A4 8A𖤊Bamum Letter Phase-d Maleeri
92427U+1690BF0 96 A4 8B𖤋Bamum Letter Phase-d Meut
92428U+1690CF0 96 A4 8C𖤌Bamum Letter Phase-d Seuaeq
92429U+1690DF0 96 A4 8D𖤍Bamum Letter Phase-d Yen
92430U+1690EF0 96 A4 8E𖤎Bamum Letter Phase-d Njeuaem
92431U+1690FF0 96 A4 8F𖤏Bamum Letter Phase-d Keuot Mbuae
92432U+16910F0 96 A4 90𖤐Bamum Letter Phase-d Ngkeuri
92433U+16911F0 96 A4 91𖤑Bamum Letter Phase-d Tu
92434U+16912F0 96 A4 92𖤒Bamum Letter Phase-d Ghaa
92435U+16913F0 96 A4 93𖤓Bamum Letter Phase-d Ngkyee
92436U+16914F0 96 A4 94𖤔Bamum Letter Phase-d Feufeuaet
92437U+16915F0 96 A4 95𖤕Bamum Letter Phase-d Ndee
92438U+16916F0 96 A4 96𖤖Bamum Letter Phase-d Mgbofum
92439U+16917F0 96 A4 97𖤗Bamum Letter Phase-d Leuaep
92440U+16918F0 96 A4 98𖤘Bamum Letter Phase-d Ndon
92441U+16919F0 96 A4 99𖤙Bamum Letter Phase-d Moni
92442U+1691AF0 96 A4 9A𖤚Bamum Letter Phase-d Mgbeun
92443U+1691BF0 96 A4 9B𖤛Bamum Letter Phase-d Puut
92444U+1691CF0 96 A4 9C𖤜Bamum Letter Phase-d Mgbiee
92445U+1691DF0 96 A4 9D𖤝Bamum Letter Phase-d Mfo
92446U+1691EF0 96 A4 9E𖤞Bamum Letter Phase-d Lum
92447U+1691FF0 96 A4 9F𖤟Bamum Letter Phase-d Nsieep
92448U+16920F0 96 A4 A0𖤠Bamum Letter Phase-d Mbaa
92449U+16921F0 96 A4 A1𖤡Bamum Letter Phase-d Kwaet
92450U+16922F0 96 A4 A2𖤢Bamum Letter Phase-d Nyet
92451U+16923F0 96 A4 A3𖤣Bamum Letter Phase-d Teuaen
92452U+16924F0 96 A4 A4𖤤Bamum Letter Phase-d Sot
92453U+16925F0 96 A4 A5𖤥Bamum Letter Phase-d Yuwoq
92454U+16926F0 96 A4 A6𖤦Bamum Letter Phase-d Keum
92455U+16927F0 96 A4 A7𖤧Bamum Letter Phase-d Raem
92456U+16928F0 96 A4 A8𖤨Bamum Letter Phase-d Teeee
92457U+16929F0 96 A4 A9𖤩Bamum Letter Phase-d Ngkeuaeq
92458U+1692AF0 96 A4 AA𖤪Bamum Letter Phase-d Mfeuae
92459U+1692BF0 96 A4 AB𖤫Bamum Letter Phase-d Nsieet
92460U+1692CF0 96 A4 AC𖤬Bamum Letter Phase-d Keup
92461U+1692DF0 96 A4 AD𖤭Bamum Letter Phase-d Pip
92462U+1692EF0 96 A4 AE𖤮Bamum Letter Phase-d Peutae
92463U+1692FF0 96 A4 AF𖤯Bamum Letter Phase-d Nyue
92464U+16930F0 96 A4 B0𖤰Bamum Letter Phase-d Let
92465U+16931F0 96 A4 B1𖤱Bamum Letter Phase-d Nggaam
92466U+16932F0 96 A4 B2𖤲Bamum Letter Phase-d Mfiee
92467U+16933F0 96 A4 B3𖤳Bamum Letter Phase-d Nggwaen
92468U+16934F0 96 A4 B4𖤴Bamum Letter Phase-d Yuom
92469U+16935F0 96 A4 B5𖤵Bamum Letter Phase-d Pap
92470U+16936F0 96 A4 B6𖤶Bamum Letter Phase-d Yuop
92471U+16937F0 96 A4 B7𖤷Bamum Letter Phase-d Ndam
92472U+16938F0 96 A4 B8𖤸Bamum Letter Phase-d Nteum
92473U+16939F0 96 A4 B9𖤹Bamum Letter Phase-d Suae
92474U+1693AF0 96 A4 BA𖤺Bamum Letter Phase-d Kun
92475U+1693BF0 96 A4 BB𖤻Bamum Letter Phase-d Nggeux
92476U+1693CF0 96 A4 BC𖤼Bamum Letter Phase-d Ngkiee
92477U+1693DF0 96 A4 BD𖤽Bamum Letter Phase-d Tuot
92478U+1693EF0 96 A4 BE𖤾Bamum Letter Phase-d Meun
92479U+1693FF0 96 A4 BF𖤿Bamum Letter Phase-d Kuq
92480U+16940F0 96 A5 80𖥀Bamum Letter Phase-d Nsum
92481U+16941F0 96 A5 81𖥁Bamum Letter Phase-d Teun
92482U+16942F0 96 A5 82𖥂Bamum Letter Phase-d Maenjet
92483U+16943F0 96 A5 83𖥃Bamum Letter Phase-d Nggap
92484U+16944F0 96 A5 84𖥄Bamum Letter Phase-d Leum
92485U+16945F0 96 A5 85𖥅Bamum Letter Phase-d Ngguom
92486U+16946F0 96 A5 86𖥆Bamum Letter Phase-d Nshut
92487U+16947F0 96 A5 87𖥇Bamum Letter Phase-d Njueq
92488U+16948F0 96 A5 88𖥈Bamum Letter Phase-d Gheuae
92489U+16949F0 96 A5 89𖥉Bamum Letter Phase-d Ku
92490U+1694AF0 96 A5 8A𖥊Bamum Letter Phase-d Ren Old
92491U+1694BF0 96 A5 8B𖥋Bamum Letter Phase-d Tae
92492U+1694CF0 96 A5 8C𖥌Bamum Letter Phase-d Toq
92493U+1694DF0 96 A5 8D𖥍Bamum Letter Phase-d Nyi
92494U+1694EF0 96 A5 8E𖥎Bamum Letter Phase-d Rii
92495U+1694FF0 96 A5 8F𖥏Bamum Letter Phase-d Leeee
92496U+16950F0 96 A5 90𖥐Bamum Letter Phase-d Meeee
92497U+16951F0 96 A5 91𖥑Bamum Letter Phase-d M
92498U+16952F0 96 A5 92𖥒Bamum Letter Phase-d Suu
92499U+16953F0 96 A5 93𖥓Bamum Letter Phase-d Mu
92500U+16954F0 96 A5 94𖥔Bamum Letter Phase-d Shii
92501U+16955F0 96 A5 95𖥕Bamum Letter Phase-d Sheux
92502U+16956F0 96 A5 96𖥖Bamum Letter Phase-d Kyee
92503U+16957F0 96 A5 97𖥗Bamum Letter Phase-d Nu
92504U+16958F0 96 A5 98𖥘Bamum Letter Phase-d Shu
92505U+16959F0 96 A5 99𖥙Bamum Letter Phase-d Ntee
92506U+1695AF0 96 A5 9A𖥚Bamum Letter Phase-d Pee
92507U+1695BF0 96 A5 9B𖥛Bamum Letter Phase-d Ni
92508U+1695CF0 96 A5 9C𖥜Bamum Letter Phase-d Shoq
92509U+1695DF0 96 A5 9D𖥝Bamum Letter Phase-d Puq
92510U+1695EF0 96 A5 9E𖥞Bamum Letter Phase-d Mvop
92511U+1695FF0 96 A5 9F𖥟Bamum Letter Phase-d Loq
92512U+16960F0 96 A5 A0𖥠Bamum Letter Phase-d Ren Much
92513U+16961F0 96 A5 A1𖥡Bamum Letter Phase-d Ti
92514U+16962F0 96 A5 A2𖥢Bamum Letter Phase-d Ntuu
92515U+16963F0 96 A5 A3𖥣Bamum Letter Phase-d Mbaa Seven
92516U+16964F0 96 A5 A4𖥤Bamum Letter Phase-d Saq
92517U+16965F0 96 A5 A5𖥥Bamum Letter Phase-d Faa
92518U+16966F0 96 A5 A6𖥦Bamum Letter Phase-e Ndap
92519U+16967F0 96 A5 A7𖥧Bamum Letter Phase-e Toon
92520U+16968F0 96 A5 A8𖥨Bamum Letter Phase-e Mbeum
92521U+16969F0 96 A5 A9𖥩Bamum Letter Phase-e Lap
92522U+1696AF0 96 A5 AA𖥪Bamum Letter Phase-e Vom
92523U+1696BF0 96 A5 AB𖥫Bamum Letter Phase-e Loon
92524U+1696CF0 96 A5 AC𖥬Bamum Letter Phase-e Paa
92525U+1696DF0 96 A5 AD𖥭Bamum Letter Phase-e Som
92526U+1696EF0 96 A5 AE𖥮Bamum Letter Phase-e Raq
92527U+1696FF0 96 A5 AF𖥯Bamum Letter Phase-e Nshuop
92528U+16970F0 96 A5 B0𖥰Bamum Letter Phase-e Ndun
92529U+16971F0 96 A5 B1𖥱Bamum Letter Phase-e Puae
92530U+16972F0 96 A5 B2𖥲Bamum Letter Phase-e Tam
92531U+16973F0 96 A5 B3𖥳Bamum Letter Phase-e Ngka
92532U+16974F0 96 A5 B4𖥴Bamum Letter Phase-e Kpeux
92533U+16975F0 96 A5 B5𖥵Bamum Letter Phase-e Wuo
92534U+16976F0 96 A5 B6𖥶Bamum Letter Phase-e See
92535U+16977F0 96 A5 B7𖥷Bamum Letter Phase-e Nggeuaet
92536U+16978F0 96 A5 B8𖥸Bamum Letter Phase-e Paam
92537U+16979F0 96 A5 B9𖥹Bamum Letter Phase-e Too
92538U+1697AF0 96 A5 BA𖥺Bamum Letter Phase-e Kuop
92539U+1697BF0 96 A5 BB𖥻Bamum Letter Phase-e Lom
92540U+1697CF0 96 A5 BC𖥼Bamum Letter Phase-e Nshiee
92541U+1697DF0 96 A5 BD𖥽Bamum Letter Phase-e Ngop
92542U+1697EF0 96 A5 BE𖥾Bamum Letter Phase-e Maem
92543U+1697FF0 96 A5 BF𖥿Bamum Letter Phase-e Ngkeux
92544U+16980F0 96 A6 80𖦀Bamum Letter Phase-e Ngoq
92545U+16981F0 96 A6 81𖦁Bamum Letter Phase-e Nshue
92546U+16982F0 96 A6 82𖦂Bamum Letter Phase-e Rimgba
92547U+16983F0 96 A6 83𖦃Bamum Letter Phase-e Njeux
92548U+16984F0 96 A6 84𖦄Bamum Letter Phase-e Peem
92549U+16985F0 96 A6 85𖦅Bamum Letter Phase-e Saa
92550U+16986F0 96 A6 86𖦆Bamum Letter Phase-e Nggurae
92551U+16987F0 96 A6 87𖦇Bamum Letter Phase-e Mgba
92552U+16988F0 96 A6 88𖦈Bamum Letter Phase-e Gheux
92553U+16989F0 96 A6 89𖦉Bamum Letter Phase-e Ngkeuaem
92554U+1698AF0 96 A6 8A𖦊Bamum Letter Phase-e Njaemli
92555U+1698BF0 96 A6 8B𖦋Bamum Letter Phase-e Map
92556U+1698CF0 96 A6 8C𖦌Bamum Letter Phase-e Loot
92557U+1698DF0 96 A6 8D𖦍Bamum Letter Phase-e Nggeeee
92558U+1698EF0 96 A6 8E𖦎Bamum Letter Phase-e Ndiq
92559U+1698FF0 96 A6 8F𖦏Bamum Letter Phase-e Taen Nteum
92560U+16990F0 96 A6 90𖦐Bamum Letter Phase-e Set
92561U+16991F0 96 A6 91𖦑Bamum Letter Phase-e Pum
92562U+16992F0 96 A6 92𖦒Bamum Letter Phase-e Ndaa Softness
92563U+16993F0 96 A6 93𖦓Bamum Letter Phase-e Ngguaeshae Nyam
92564U+16994F0 96 A6 94𖦔Bamum Letter Phase-e Yiee
92565U+16995F0 96 A6 95𖦕Bamum Letter Phase-e Gheun
92566U+16996F0 96 A6 96𖦖Bamum Letter Phase-e Tuae
92567U+16997F0 96 A6 97𖦗Bamum Letter Phase-e Yeuae
92568U+16998F0 96 A6 98𖦘Bamum Letter Phase-e Po
92569U+16999F0 96 A6 99𖦙Bamum Letter Phase-e Tumae
92570U+1699AF0 96 A6 9A𖦚Bamum Letter Phase-e Keuae
92571U+1699BF0 96 A6 9B𖦛Bamum Letter Phase-e Suaen
92572U+1699CF0 96 A6 9C𖦜Bamum Letter Phase-e Teuaeq
92573U+1699DF0 96 A6 9D𖦝Bamum Letter Phase-e Veuae
92574U+1699EF0 96 A6 9E𖦞Bamum Letter Phase-e Weux
92575U+1699FF0 96 A6 9F𖦟Bamum Letter Phase-e Laam
92576U+169A0F0 96 A6 A0𖦠Bamum Letter Phase-e Pu
92577U+169A1F0 96 A6 A1𖦡Bamum Letter Phase-e Taaq
92578U+169A2F0 96 A6 A2𖦢Bamum Letter Phase-e Ghaamae
92579U+169A3F0 96 A6 A3𖦣Bamum Letter Phase-e Ngeureut
92580U+169A4F0 96 A6 A4𖦤Bamum Letter Phase-e Sheuaeq
92581U+169A5F0 96 A6 A5𖦥Bamum Letter Phase-e Mgben
92582U+169A6F0 96 A6 A6𖦦Bamum Letter Phase-e Mbee
92583U+169A7F0 96 A6 A7𖦧Bamum Letter Phase-e Nzaq
92584U+169A8F0 96 A6 A8𖦨Bamum Letter Phase-e Nkom
92585U+169A9F0 96 A6 A9𖦩Bamum Letter Phase-e Gbet
92586U+169AAF0 96 A6 AA𖦪Bamum Letter Phase-e Tum
92587U+169ABF0 96 A6 AB𖦫Bamum Letter Phase-e Kuet
92588U+169ACF0 96 A6 AC𖦬Bamum Letter Phase-e Yap
92589U+169ADF0 96 A6 AD𖦭Bamum Letter Phase-e Nyi Cleaver
92590U+169AEF0 96 A6 AE𖦮Bamum Letter Phase-e Yit
92591U+169AFF0 96 A6 AF𖦯Bamum Letter Phase-e Mfeuq
92592U+169B0F0 96 A6 B0𖦰Bamum Letter Phase-e Ndiaq
92593U+169B1F0 96 A6 B1𖦱Bamum Letter Phase-e Pieeq
92594U+169B2F0 96 A6 B2𖦲Bamum Letter Phase-e Yueq
92595U+169B3F0 96 A6 B3𖦳Bamum Letter Phase-e Leuaem
92596U+169B4F0 96 A6 B4𖦴Bamum Letter Phase-e Fue
92597U+169B5F0 96 A6 B5𖦵Bamum Letter Phase-e Gbeux
92598U+169B6F0 96 A6 B6𖦶Bamum Letter Phase-e Ngkup
92599U+169B7F0 96 A6 B7𖦷Bamum Letter Phase-e Ket
92600U+169B8F0 96 A6 B8𖦸Bamum Letter Phase-e Mae
92601U+169B9F0 96 A6 B9𖦹Bamum Letter Phase-e Ngkaami
92602U+169BAF0 96 A6 BA𖦺Bamum Letter Phase-e Ghet
92603U+169BBF0 96 A6 BB𖦻Bamum Letter Phase-e Fa
92604U+169BCF0 96 A6 BC𖦼Bamum Letter Phase-e Ntum
92605U+169BDF0 96 A6 BD𖦽Bamum Letter Phase-e Peut
92606U+169BEF0 96 A6 BE𖦾Bamum Letter Phase-e Yeum
92607U+169BFF0 96 A6 BF𖦿Bamum Letter Phase-e Nggeuae
92608U+169C0F0 96 A7 80𖧀Bamum Letter Phase-e Nyi Between
92609U+169C1F0 96 A7 81𖧁Bamum Letter Phase-e Nzuq
92610U+169C2F0 96 A7 82𖧂Bamum Letter Phase-e Poon
92611U+169C3F0 96 A7 83𖧃Bamum Letter Phase-e Miee
92612U+169C4F0 96 A7 84𖧄Bamum Letter Phase-e Fuet
92613U+169C5F0 96 A7 85𖧅Bamum Letter Phase-e Nae
92614U+169C6F0 96 A7 86𖧆Bamum Letter Phase-e Muae
92615U+169C7F0 96 A7 87𖧇Bamum Letter Phase-e Gheuae
92616U+169C8F0 96 A7 88𖧈Bamum Letter Phase-e Fu I
92617U+169C9F0 96 A7 89𖧉Bamum Letter Phase-e Mvi
92618U+169CAF0 96 A7 8A𖧊Bamum Letter Phase-e Puaq
92619U+169CBF0 96 A7 8B𖧋Bamum Letter Phase-e Ngkum
92620U+169CCF0 96 A7 8C𖧌Bamum Letter Phase-e Kut
92621U+169CDF0 96 A7 8D𖧍Bamum Letter Phase-e Piet
92622U+169CEF0 96 A7 8E𖧎Bamum Letter Phase-e Ntap
92623U+169CFF0 96 A7 8F𖧏Bamum Letter Phase-e Yeuaet
92624U+169D0F0 96 A7 90𖧐Bamum Letter Phase-e Nggup
92625U+169D1F0 96 A7 91𖧑Bamum Letter Phase-e Pa People
92626U+169D2F0 96 A7 92𖧒Bamum Letter Phase-e Fu Call
92627U+169D3F0 96 A7 93𖧓Bamum Letter Phase-e Fom
92628U+169D4F0 96 A7 94𖧔Bamum Letter Phase-e Njee
92629U+169D5F0 96 A7 95𖧕Bamum Letter Phase-e A
92630U+169D6F0 96 A7 96𖧖Bamum Letter Phase-e Toq
92631U+169D7F0 96 A7 97𖧗Bamum Letter Phase-e O
92632U+169D8F0 96 A7 98𖧘Bamum Letter Phase-e I
92633U+169D9F0 96 A7 99𖧙Bamum Letter Phase-e Laq
92634U+169DAF0 96 A7 9A𖧚Bamum Letter Phase-e Pa Plural
92635U+169DBF0 96 A7 9B𖧛Bamum Letter Phase-e Taa
92636U+169DCF0 96 A7 9C𖧜Bamum Letter Phase-e Taq
92637U+169DDF0 96 A7 9D𖧝Bamum Letter Phase-e Ndaa My House
92638U+169DEF0 96 A7 9E𖧞Bamum Letter Phase-e Shiq
92639U+169DFF0 96 A7 9F𖧟Bamum Letter Phase-e Yeux
92640U+169E0F0 96 A7 A0𖧠Bamum Letter Phase-e Nguae
92641U+169E1F0 96 A7 A1𖧡Bamum Letter Phase-e Yuaen
92642U+169E2F0 96 A7 A2𖧢Bamum Letter Phase-e Yoq Swimming
92643U+169E3F0 96 A7 A3𖧣Bamum Letter Phase-e Yoq Cover
92644U+169E4F0 96 A7 A4𖧤Bamum Letter Phase-e Yuq
92645U+169E5F0 96 A7 A5𖧥Bamum Letter Phase-e Yun
92646U+169E6F0 96 A7 A6𖧦Bamum Letter Phase-e Keux
92647U+169E7F0 96 A7 A7𖧧Bamum Letter Phase-e Peux
92648U+169E8F0 96 A7 A8𖧨Bamum Letter Phase-e Njee Epoch
92649U+169E9F0 96 A7 A9𖧩Bamum Letter Phase-e Pue
92650U+169EAF0 96 A7 AA𖧪Bamum Letter Phase-e Wue
92651U+169EBF0 96 A7 AB𖧫Bamum Letter Phase-e Fee
92652U+169ECF0 96 A7 AC𖧬Bamum Letter Phase-e Vee
92653U+169EDF0 96 A7 AD𖧭Bamum Letter Phase-e Lu
92654U+169EEF0 96 A7 AE𖧮Bamum Letter Phase-e Mi
92655U+169EFF0 96 A7 AF𖧯Bamum Letter Phase-e Reux
92656U+169F0F0 96 A7 B0𖧰Bamum Letter Phase-e Rae
92657U+169F1F0 96 A7 B1𖧱Bamum Letter Phase-e Nguaet
92658U+169F2F0 96 A7 B2𖧲Bamum Letter Phase-e Nga
92659U+169F3F0 96 A7 B3𖧳Bamum Letter Phase-e Sho
92660U+169F4F0 96 A7 B4𖧴Bamum Letter Phase-e Shoq
92661U+169F5F0 96 A7 B5𖧵Bamum Letter Phase-e Fu Remedy
92662U+169F6F0 96 A7 B6𖧶Bamum Letter Phase-e Na
92663U+169F7F0 96 A7 B7𖧷Bamum Letter Phase-e Pi
92664U+169F8F0 96 A7 B8𖧸Bamum Letter Phase-e Loq
92665U+169F9F0 96 A7 B9𖧹Bamum Letter Phase-e Ko
92666U+169FAF0 96 A7 BA𖧺Bamum Letter Phase-e Men
92667U+169FBF0 96 A7 BB𖧻Bamum Letter Phase-e Ma
92668U+169FCF0 96 A7 BC𖧼Bamum Letter Phase-e Maq
92669U+169FDF0 96 A7 BD𖧽Bamum Letter Phase-e Teu
92670U+169FEF0 96 A7 BE𖧾Bamum Letter Phase-e Ki
92671U+169FFF0 96 A7 BF𖧿Bamum Letter Phase-e Mon
92672U+16A00F0 96 A8 80𖨀Bamum Letter Phase-e Ten
92673U+16A01F0 96 A8 81𖨁Bamum Letter Phase-e Faq
92674U+16A02F0 96 A8 82𖨂Bamum Letter Phase-e Ghom
92675U+16A03F0 96 A8 83𖨃Bamum Letter Phase-f Ka
92676U+16A04F0 96 A8 84𖨄Bamum Letter Phase-f U
92677U+16A05F0 96 A8 85𖨅Bamum Letter Phase-f Ku
92678U+16A06F0 96 A8 86𖨆Bamum Letter Phase-f Ee
92679U+16A07F0 96 A8 87𖨇Bamum Letter Phase-f Ree
92680U+16A08F0 96 A8 88𖨈Bamum Letter Phase-f Tae
92681U+16A09F0 96 A8 89𖨉Bamum Letter Phase-f Nyi
92682U+16A0AF0 96 A8 8A𖨊Bamum Letter Phase-f La
92683U+16A0BF0 96 A8 8B𖨋Bamum Letter Phase-f Rii
92684U+16A0CF0 96 A8 8C𖨌Bamum Letter Phase-f Riee
92685U+16A0DF0 96 A8 8D𖨍Bamum Letter Phase-f Meeee
92686U+16A0EF0 96 A8 8E𖨎Bamum Letter Phase-f Taa
92687U+16A0FF0 96 A8 8F𖨏Bamum Letter Phase-f Ndaa
92688U+16A10F0 96 A8 90𖨐Bamum Letter Phase-f Njaem
92689U+16A11F0 96 A8 91𖨑Bamum Letter Phase-f M
92690U+16A12F0 96 A8 92𖨒Bamum Letter Phase-f Suu
92691U+16A13F0 96 A8 93𖨓Bamum Letter Phase-f Shii
92692U+16A14F0 96 A8 94𖨔Bamum Letter Phase-f Si
92693U+16A15F0 96 A8 95𖨕Bamum Letter Phase-f Seux
92694U+16A16F0 96 A8 96𖨖Bamum Letter Phase-f Kyee
92695U+16A17F0 96 A8 97𖨗Bamum Letter Phase-f Ket
92696U+16A18F0 96 A8 98𖨘Bamum Letter Phase-f Nuae
92697U+16A19F0 96 A8 99𖨙Bamum Letter Phase-f Nu
92698U+16A1AF0 96 A8 9A𖨚Bamum Letter Phase-f Njuae
92699U+16A1BF0 96 A8 9B𖨛Bamum Letter Phase-f Yoq
92700U+16A1CF0 96 A8 9C𖨜Bamum Letter Phase-f Shu
92701U+16A1DF0 96 A8 9D𖨝Bamum Letter Phase-f Ya
92702U+16A1EF0 96 A8 9E𖨞Bamum Letter Phase-f Nsha
92703U+16A1FF0 96 A8 9F𖨟Bamum Letter Phase-f Peux
92704U+16A20F0 96 A8 A0𖨠Bamum Letter Phase-f Ntee
92705U+16A21F0 96 A8 A1𖨡Bamum Letter Phase-f Wue
92706U+16A22F0 96 A8 A2𖨢Bamum Letter Phase-f Pee
92707U+16A23F0 96 A8 A3𖨣Bamum Letter Phase-f Ru
92708U+16A24F0 96 A8 A4𖨤Bamum Letter Phase-f Ni
92709U+16A25F0 96 A8 A5𖨥Bamum Letter Phase-f Reux
92710U+16A26F0 96 A8 A6𖨦Bamum Letter Phase-f Ken
92711U+16A27F0 96 A8 A7𖨧Bamum Letter Phase-f Ngkwaen
92712U+16A28F0 96 A8 A8𖨨Bamum Letter Phase-f Ngga
92713U+16A29F0 96 A8 A9𖨩Bamum Letter Phase-f Sho
92714U+16A2AF0 96 A8 AA𖨪Bamum Letter Phase-f Puae
92715U+16A2BF0 96 A8 AB𖨫Bamum Letter Phase-f Fom
92716U+16A2CF0 96 A8 AC𖨬Bamum Letter Phase-f Wa
92717U+16A2DF0 96 A8 AD𖨭Bamum Letter Phase-f Li
92718U+16A2EF0 96 A8 AE𖨮Bamum Letter Phase-f Loq
92719U+16A2FF0 96 A8 AF𖨯Bamum Letter Phase-f Ko
92720U+16A30F0 96 A8 B0𖨰Bamum Letter Phase-f Mben
92721U+16A31F0 96 A8 B1𖨱Bamum Letter Phase-f Ren
92722U+16A32F0 96 A8 B2𖨲Bamum Letter Phase-f Ma
92723U+16A33F0 96 A8 B3𖨳Bamum Letter Phase-f Mo
92724U+16A34F0 96 A8 B4𖨴Bamum Letter Phase-f Mbaa
92725U+16A35F0 96 A8 B5𖨵Bamum Letter Phase-f Tet
92726U+16A36F0 96 A8 B6𖨶Bamum Letter Phase-f Kpa
92727U+16A37F0 96 A8 B7𖨷Bamum Letter Phase-f Samba
92728U+16A38F0 96 A8 B8𖨸Bamum Letter Phase-f Vueq
92729U+16A39F0 96 A8 B9𖨹
92730U+16A3AF0 96 A8 BA𖨺
92731U+16A3BF0 96 A8 BB𖨻
92732U+16A3CF0 96 A8 BC𖨼
92733U+16A3DF0 96 A8 BD𖨽
92734U+16A3EF0 96 A8 BE𖨾
92735U+16A3FF0 96 A8 BF𖨿
92736U+16A40F0 96 A9 80𖩀Mro Letter Ta
92737U+16A41F0 96 A9 81𖩁Mro Letter Ngi
92738U+16A42F0 96 A9 82𖩂Mro Letter Yo
92739U+16A43F0 96 A9 83𖩃Mro Letter Mim
92740U+16A44F0 96 A9 84𖩄Mro Letter Ba
92741U+16A45F0 96 A9 85𖩅Mro Letter Da
92742U+16A46F0 96 A9 86𖩆Mro Letter A
92743U+16A47F0 96 A9 87𖩇Mro Letter Phi
92744U+16A48F0 96 A9 88𖩈Mro Letter Khai
92745U+16A49F0 96 A9 89𖩉Mro Letter Hao
92746U+16A4AF0 96 A9 8A𖩊Mro Letter Dai
92747U+16A4BF0 96 A9 8B𖩋Mro Letter Chu
92748U+16A4CF0 96 A9 8C𖩌Mro Letter Keaae
92749U+16A4DF0 96 A9 8D𖩍Mro Letter Ol
92750U+16A4EF0 96 A9 8E𖩎Mro Letter Maem
92751U+16A4FF0 96 A9 8F𖩏Mro Letter Nin
92752U+16A50F0 96 A9 90𖩐Mro Letter Pa
92753U+16A51F0 96 A9 91𖩑Mro Letter Oo
92754U+16A52F0 96 A9 92𖩒Mro Letter O
92755U+16A53F0 96 A9 93𖩓Mro Letter Ro
92756U+16A54F0 96 A9 94𖩔Mro Letter Shi
92757U+16A55F0 96 A9 95𖩕Mro Letter Thea
92758U+16A56F0 96 A9 96𖩖Mro Letter Ea
92759U+16A57F0 96 A9 97𖩗Mro Letter Wa
92760U+16A58F0 96 A9 98𖩘Mro Letter E
92761U+16A59F0 96 A9 99𖩙Mro Letter Ko
92762U+16A5AF0 96 A9 9A𖩚Mro Letter Lan
92763U+16A5BF0 96 A9 9B𖩛Mro Letter La
92764U+16A5CF0 96 A9 9C𖩜Mro Letter Hai
92765U+16A5DF0 96 A9 9D𖩝Mro Letter Ri
92766U+16A5EF0 96 A9 9E𖩞Mro Letter Tek
92767U+16A5FF0 96 A9 9F𖩟
92768U+16A60F0 96 A9 A0𖩠Mro Digit Zero
92769U+16A61F0 96 A9 A1𖩡Mro Digit One
92770U+16A62F0 96 A9 A2𖩢Mro Digit Two
92771U+16A63F0 96 A9 A3𖩣Mro Digit Three
92772U+16A64F0 96 A9 A4𖩤Mro Digit Four
92773U+16A65F0 96 A9 A5𖩥Mro Digit Five
92774U+16A66F0 96 A9 A6𖩦Mro Digit Six
92775U+16A67F0 96 A9 A7𖩧Mro Digit Seven
92776U+16A68F0 96 A9 A8𖩨Mro Digit Eight
92777U+16A69F0 96 A9 A9𖩩Mro Digit Nine
92778U+16A6AF0 96 A9 AA𖩪
92779U+16A6BF0 96 A9 AB𖩫
92780U+16A6CF0 96 A9 AC𖩬
92781U+16A6DF0 96 A9 AD𖩭
92782U+16A6EF0 96 A9 AE𖩮Mro Danda
92783U+16A6FF0 96 A9 AF𖩯Mro Double Danda
92784U+16A70F0 96 A9 B0𖩰
92785U+16A71F0 96 A9 B1𖩱
92786U+16A72F0 96 A9 B2𖩲
92787U+16A73F0 96 A9 B3𖩳
92788U+16A74F0 96 A9 B4𖩴
92789U+16A75F0 96 A9 B5𖩵
92790U+16A76F0 96 A9 B6𖩶
92791U+16A77F0 96 A9 B7𖩷
92792U+16A78F0 96 A9 B8𖩸
92793U+16A79F0 96 A9 B9𖩹
92794U+16A7AF0 96 A9 BA𖩺
92795U+16A7BF0 96 A9 BB𖩻
92796U+16A7CF0 96 A9 BC𖩼
92797U+16A7DF0 96 A9 BD𖩽
92798U+16A7EF0 96 A9 BE𖩾
92799U+16A7FF0 96 A9 BF𖩿
92800U+16A80F0 96 AA 80𖪀
92801U+16A81F0 96 AA 81𖪁
92802U+16A82F0 96 AA 82𖪂
92803U+16A83F0 96 AA 83𖪃
92804U+16A84F0 96 AA 84𖪄
92805U+16A85F0 96 AA 85𖪅
92806U+16A86F0 96 AA 86𖪆
92807U+16A87F0 96 AA 87𖪇
92808U+16A88F0 96 AA 88𖪈
92809U+16A89F0 96 AA 89𖪉
92810U+16A8AF0 96 AA 8A𖪊
92811U+16A8BF0 96 AA 8B𖪋
92812U+16A8CF0 96 AA 8C𖪌
92813U+16A8DF0 96 AA 8D𖪍
92814U+16A8EF0 96 AA 8E𖪎
92815U+16A8FF0 96 AA 8F𖪏
92816U+16A90F0 96 AA 90𖪐
92817U+16A91F0 96 AA 91𖪑
92818U+16A92F0 96 AA 92𖪒
92819U+16A93F0 96 AA 93𖪓
92820U+16A94F0 96 AA 94𖪔
92821U+16A95F0 96 AA 95𖪕
92822U+16A96F0 96 AA 96𖪖
92823U+16A97F0 96 AA 97𖪗
92824U+16A98F0 96 AA 98𖪘
92825U+16A99F0 96 AA 99𖪙
92826U+16A9AF0 96 AA 9A𖪚
92827U+16A9BF0 96 AA 9B𖪛
92828U+16A9CF0 96 AA 9C𖪜
92829U+16A9DF0 96 AA 9D𖪝
92830U+16A9EF0 96 AA 9E𖪞
92831U+16A9FF0 96 AA 9F𖪟
92832U+16AA0F0 96 AA A0𖪠
92833U+16AA1F0 96 AA A1𖪡
92834U+16AA2F0 96 AA A2𖪢
92835U+16AA3F0 96 AA A3𖪣
92836U+16AA4F0 96 AA A4𖪤
92837U+16AA5F0 96 AA A5𖪥
92838U+16AA6F0 96 AA A6𖪦
92839U+16AA7F0 96 AA A7𖪧
92840U+16AA8F0 96 AA A8𖪨
92841U+16AA9F0 96 AA A9𖪩
92842U+16AAAF0 96 AA AA𖪪
92843U+16AABF0 96 AA AB𖪫
92844U+16AACF0 96 AA AC𖪬
92845U+16AADF0 96 AA AD𖪭
92846U+16AAEF0 96 AA AE𖪮
92847U+16AAFF0 96 AA AF𖪯
92848U+16AB0F0 96 AA B0𖪰
92849U+16AB1F0 96 AA B1𖪱
92850U+16AB2F0 96 AA B2𖪲
92851U+16AB3F0 96 AA B3𖪳
92852U+16AB4F0 96 AA B4𖪴
92853U+16AB5F0 96 AA B5𖪵
92854U+16AB6F0 96 AA B6𖪶
92855U+16AB7F0 96 AA B7𖪷
92856U+16AB8F0 96 AA B8𖪸
92857U+16AB9F0 96 AA B9𖪹
92858U+16ABAF0 96 AA BA𖪺
92859U+16ABBF0 96 AA BB𖪻
92860U+16ABCF0 96 AA BC𖪼
92861U+16ABDF0 96 AA BD𖪽
92862U+16ABEF0 96 AA BE𖪾
92863U+16ABFF0 96 AA BF𖪿
92864U+16AC0F0 96 AB 80𖫀
92865U+16AC1F0 96 AB 81𖫁
92866U+16AC2F0 96 AB 82𖫂
92867U+16AC3F0 96 AB 83𖫃
92868U+16AC4F0 96 AB 84𖫄
92869U+16AC5F0 96 AB 85𖫅
92870U+16AC6F0 96 AB 86𖫆
92871U+16AC7F0 96 AB 87𖫇
92872U+16AC8F0 96 AB 88𖫈
92873U+16AC9F0 96 AB 89𖫉
92874U+16ACAF0 96 AB 8A𖫊
92875U+16ACBF0 96 AB 8B𖫋
92876U+16ACCF0 96 AB 8C𖫌
92877U+16ACDF0 96 AB 8D𖫍
92878U+16ACEF0 96 AB 8E𖫎
92879U+16ACFF0 96 AB 8F𖫏
92880U+16AD0F0 96 AB 90𖫐Bassa Vah Letter Enni
92881U+16AD1F0 96 AB 91𖫑Bassa Vah Letter Ka
92882U+16AD2F0 96 AB 92𖫒Bassa Vah Letter Se
92883U+16AD3F0 96 AB 93𖫓Bassa Vah Letter Fa
92884U+16AD4F0 96 AB 94𖫔Bassa Vah Letter Mbe
92885U+16AD5F0 96 AB 95𖫕Bassa Vah Letter Yie
92886U+16AD6F0 96 AB 96𖫖Bassa Vah Letter Gah
92887U+16AD7F0 96 AB 97𖫗Bassa Vah Letter Dhii
92888U+16AD8F0 96 AB 98𖫘Bassa Vah Letter Kpah
92889U+16AD9F0 96 AB 99𖫙Bassa Vah Letter Jo
92890U+16ADAF0 96 AB 9A𖫚Bassa Vah Letter Hwah
92891U+16ADBF0 96 AB 9B𖫛Bassa Vah Letter Wa
92892U+16ADCF0 96 AB 9C𖫜Bassa Vah Letter Zo
92893U+16ADDF0 96 AB 9D𖫝Bassa Vah Letter Gbu
92894U+16ADEF0 96 AB 9E𖫞Bassa Vah Letter Do
92895U+16ADFF0 96 AB 9F𖫟Bassa Vah Letter Ce
92896U+16AE0F0 96 AB A0𖫠Bassa Vah Letter Uwu
92897U+16AE1F0 96 AB A1𖫡Bassa Vah Letter To
92898U+16AE2F0 96 AB A2𖫢Bassa Vah Letter Ba
92899U+16AE3F0 96 AB A3𖫣Bassa Vah Letter Vu
92900U+16AE4F0 96 AB A4𖫤Bassa Vah Letter Yein
92901U+16AE5F0 96 AB A5𖫥Bassa Vah Letter Pa
92902U+16AE6F0 96 AB A6𖫦Bassa Vah Letter Wadda
92903U+16AE7F0 96 AB A7𖫧Bassa Vah Letter A
92904U+16AE8F0 96 AB A8𖫨Bassa Vah Letter O
92905U+16AE9F0 96 AB A9𖫩Bassa Vah Letter Oo
92906U+16AEAF0 96 AB AA𖫪Bassa Vah Letter U
92907U+16AEBF0 96 AB AB𖫫Bassa Vah Letter Ee
92908U+16AECF0 96 AB AC𖫬Bassa Vah Letter E
92909U+16AEDF0 96 AB AD𖫭Bassa Vah Letter I
92910U+16AEEF0 96 AB AE𖫮
92911U+16AEFF0 96 AB AF𖫯
92912U+16AF0F0 96 AB B0𖫰Bassa Vah Combining High Tone
92913U+16AF1F0 96 AB B1𖫱Bassa Vah Combining Low Tone
92914U+16AF2F0 96 AB B2𖫲Bassa Vah Combining Mid Tone
92915U+16AF3F0 96 AB B3𖫳Bassa Vah Combining Low-mid Tone
92916U+16AF4F0 96 AB B4𖫴Bassa Vah Combining High-low Tone
92917U+16AF5F0 96 AB B5𖫵Bassa Vah Full Stop
92918U+16AF6F0 96 AB B6𖫶
92919U+16AF7F0 96 AB B7𖫷
92920U+16AF8F0 96 AB B8𖫸
92921U+16AF9F0 96 AB B9𖫹
92922U+16AFAF0 96 AB BA𖫺
92923U+16AFBF0 96 AB BB𖫻
92924U+16AFCF0 96 AB BC𖫼
92925U+16AFDF0 96 AB BD𖫽
92926U+16AFEF0 96 AB BE𖫾
92927U+16AFFF0 96 AB BF𖫿
92928U+16B00F0 96 AC 80𖬀Pahawh Hmong Vowel Keeb
92929U+16B01F0 96 AC 81𖬁Pahawh Hmong Vowel Keev
92930U+16B02F0 96 AC 82𖬂Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kib
92931U+16B03F0 96 AC 83𖬃Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kiv
92932U+16B04F0 96 AC 84𖬄Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaub
92933U+16B05F0 96 AC 85𖬅Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kauv
92934U+16B06F0 96 AC 86𖬆Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kub
92935U+16B07F0 96 AC 87𖬇Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kuv
92936U+16B08F0 96 AC 88𖬈Pahawh Hmong Vowel Keb
92937U+16B09F0 96 AC 89𖬉Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kev
92938U+16B0AF0 96 AC 8A𖬊Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaib
92939U+16B0BF0 96 AC 8B𖬋Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaiv
92940U+16B0CF0 96 AC 8C𖬌Pahawh Hmong Vowel Koob
92941U+16B0DF0 96 AC 8D𖬍Pahawh Hmong Vowel Koov
92942U+16B0EF0 96 AC 8E𖬎Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kawb
92943U+16B0FF0 96 AC 8F𖬏Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kawv
92944U+16B10F0 96 AC 90𖬐Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kuab
92945U+16B11F0 96 AC 91𖬑Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kuav
92946U+16B12F0 96 AC 92𖬒Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kob
92947U+16B13F0 96 AC 93𖬓Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kov
92948U+16B14F0 96 AC 94𖬔Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kiab
92949U+16B15F0 96 AC 95𖬕Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kiav
92950U+16B16F0 96 AC 96𖬖Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kab
92951U+16B17F0 96 AC 97𖬗Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kav
92952U+16B18F0 96 AC 98𖬘Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kwb
92953U+16B19F0 96 AC 99𖬙Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kwv
92954U+16B1AF0 96 AC 9A𖬚Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaab
92955U+16B1BF0 96 AC 9B𖬛Pahawh Hmong Vowel Kaav
92956U+16B1CF0 96 AC 9C𖬜Pahawh Hmong Consonant Vau
92957U+16B1DF0 96 AC 9D𖬝Pahawh Hmong Consonant Ntsau
92958U+16B1EF0 96 AC 9E𖬞Pahawh Hmong Consonant Lau
92959U+16B1FF0 96 AC 9F𖬟Pahawh Hmong Consonant Hau
92960U+16B20F0 96 AC A0𖬠Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nlau
92961U+16B21F0 96 AC A1𖬡Pahawh Hmong Consonant Rau
92962U+16B22F0 96 AC A2𖬢Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nkau
92963U+16B23F0 96 AC A3𖬣Pahawh Hmong Consonant Qhau
92964U+16B24F0 96 AC A4𖬤Pahawh Hmong Consonant Yau
92965U+16B25F0 96 AC A5𖬥Pahawh Hmong Consonant Hlau
92966U+16B26F0 96 AC A6𖬦Pahawh Hmong Consonant Mau
92967U+16B27F0 96 AC A7𖬧Pahawh Hmong Consonant Chau
92968U+16B28F0 96 AC A8𖬨Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nchau
92969U+16B29F0 96 AC A9𖬩Pahawh Hmong Consonant Hnau
92970U+16B2AF0 96 AC AA𖬪Pahawh Hmong Consonant Plhau
92971U+16B2BF0 96 AC AB𖬫Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nthau
92972U+16B2CF0 96 AC AC𖬬Pahawh Hmong Consonant Nau
92973U+16B2DF0 96 AC AD𖬭Pahawh Hmong Consonant Au
92974U+16B2EF0 96 AC AE𖬮Pahawh Hmong Consonant Xau
92975U+16B2FF0 96 AC AF𖬯Pahawh Hmong Consonant Cau
92976U+16B30F0 96 AC B0𖬰Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Tub
92977U+16B31F0 96 AC B1𖬱Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim So
92978U+16B32F0 96 AC B2𖬲Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Kes
92979U+16B33F0 96 AC B3𖬳Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Khav
92980U+16B34F0 96 AC B4𖬴Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Suam
92981U+16B35F0 96 AC B5𖬵Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Hom
92982U+16B36F0 96 AC B6𖬶Pahawh Hmong Mark Cim Taum
92983U+16B37F0 96 AC B7𖬷Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Thom
92984U+16B38F0 96 AC B8𖬸Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Tshab Ceeb
92985U+16B39F0 96 AC B9𖬹Pahawh Hmong Sign Cim Cheem
92986U+16B3AF0 96 AC BA𖬺Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Thiab
92987U+16B3BF0 96 AC BB𖬻Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Feem
92988U+16B3CF0 96 AC BC𖬼Pahawh Hmong Sign Xyeem Ntxiv
92989U+16B3DF0 96 AC BD𖬽Pahawh Hmong Sign Xyeem Rho
92990U+16B3EF0 96 AC BE𖬾Pahawh Hmong Sign Xyeem Tov
92991U+16B3FF0 96 AC BF𖬿Pahawh Hmong Sign Xyeem Faib
92992U+16B40F0 96 AD 80𖭀Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Seev
92993U+16B41F0 96 AD 81𖭁Pahawh Hmong Sign Meej Suab
92994U+16B42F0 96 AD 82𖭂Pahawh Hmong Sign Vos Nrua
92995U+16B43F0 96 AD 83𖭃Pahawh Hmong Sign Ib Yam
92996U+16B44F0 96 AD 84𖭄Pahawh Hmong Sign Xaus
92997U+16B45F0 96 AD 85𖭅Pahawh Hmong Sign Cim Tsov Rog
92998U+16B46F0 96 AD 86𖭆
92999U+16B47F0 96 AD 87𖭇

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