UTF-8 code page (#2)

Unicode UTF-8 - characters 1000 (U+03E8) to 1999 (U+07CF)

UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8. UTF-8 is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters, one UTF-8 character uses 1 to 4 bytes.

This website lists the first 100,000 characters on 100 pages. Your browser and the fonts this website uses will not be able to display all characters properly. Hover over a character to enlarge.

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Dec Hex UTF-8 Hex Char Unicode description
1000U+03E8CF A8ϨCoptic Capital Letter Hori
1001U+03E9CF A9ϩCoptic Small Letter Hori
1002U+03EACF AAϪCoptic Capital Letter Gangia
1003U+03EBCF ABϫCoptic Small Letter Gangia
1004U+03ECCF ACϬCoptic Capital Letter Shima
1005U+03EDCF ADϭCoptic Small Letter Shima
1006U+03EECF AEϮCoptic Capital Letter Dei
1007U+03EFCF AFϯCoptic Small Letter Dei
1008U+03F0CF B0ϰGreek Kappa Symbol
1009U+03F1CF B1ϱGreek Rho Symbol
1010U+03F2CF B2ϲGreek Lunate Sigma Symbol
1011U+03F3CF B3ϳGreek Letter Yot
1012U+03F4CF B4ϴGreek Capital Theta Symbol
1013U+03F5CF B5ϵGreek Lunate Epsilon Symbol
1014U+03F6CF B6϶Greek Reversed Lunate Epsilon Symbol
1015U+03F7CF B7ϷGreek Capital Letter Sho
1016U+03F8CF B8ϸGreek Small Letter Sho
1017U+03F9CF B9ϹGreek Capital Lunate Sigma Symbol
1018U+03FACF BAϺGreek Capital Letter San
1019U+03FBCF BBϻGreek Small Letter San
1020U+03FCCF BCϼGreek Rho With Stroke Symbol
1021U+03FDCF BDϽGreek Capital Reversed Lunate Sigma Symbol
1022U+03FECF BEϾGreek Capital Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol
1023U+03FFCF BFϿGreek Capital Reversed Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol
1024U+0400D0 80ЀCyrillic Capital Letter Ie With Grave
1025U+0401D0 81ЁCyrillic Capital Letter Io
1026U+0402D0 82ЂCyrillic Capital Letter Dje
1027U+0403D0 83ЃCyrillic Capital Letter Gje
1028U+0404D0 84ЄCyrillic Capital Letter Ukrainian Ie
1029U+0405D0 85ЅCyrillic Capital Letter Dze
1030U+0406D0 86ІCyrillic Capital Letter Byelorussian-ukrainian I
1031U+0407D0 87ЇCyrillic Capital Letter Yi
1032U+0408D0 88ЈCyrillic Capital Letter Je
1033U+0409D0 89ЉCyrillic Capital Letter Lje
1034U+040AD0 8AЊCyrillic Capital Letter Nje
1035U+040BD0 8BЋCyrillic Capital Letter Tshe
1036U+040CD0 8CЌCyrillic Capital Letter Kje
1037U+040DD0 8DЍCyrillic Capital Letter I With Grave
1038U+040ED0 8EЎCyrillic Capital Letter Short U
1039U+040FD0 8FЏCyrillic Capital Letter Dzhe
1040U+0410D0 90АCyrillic Capital Letter A
1041U+0411D0 91БCyrillic Capital Letter Be
1042U+0412D0 92ВCyrillic Capital Letter Ve
1043U+0413D0 93ГCyrillic Capital Letter Ghe
1044U+0414D0 94ДCyrillic Capital Letter De
1045U+0415D0 95ЕCyrillic Capital Letter Ie
1046U+0416D0 96ЖCyrillic Capital Letter Zhe
1047U+0417D0 97ЗCyrillic Capital Letter Ze
1048U+0418D0 98ИCyrillic Capital Letter I
1049U+0419D0 99ЙCyrillic Capital Letter Short I
1050U+041AD0 9AКCyrillic Capital Letter Ka
1051U+041BD0 9BЛCyrillic Capital Letter El
1052U+041CD0 9CМCyrillic Capital Letter Em
1053U+041DD0 9DНCyrillic Capital Letter En
1054U+041ED0 9EОCyrillic Capital Letter O
1055U+041FD0 9FПCyrillic Capital Letter Pe
1056U+0420D0 A0РCyrillic Capital Letter Er
1057U+0421D0 A1СCyrillic Capital Letter Es
1058U+0422D0 A2ТCyrillic Capital Letter Te
1059U+0423D0 A3УCyrillic Capital Letter U
1060U+0424D0 A4ФCyrillic Capital Letter Ef
1061U+0425D0 A5ХCyrillic Capital Letter Ha
1062U+0426D0 A6ЦCyrillic Capital Letter Tse
1063U+0427D0 A7ЧCyrillic Capital Letter Che
1064U+0428D0 A8ШCyrillic Capital Letter Sha
1065U+0429D0 A9ЩCyrillic Capital Letter Shcha
1066U+042AD0 AAЪCyrillic Capital Letter Hard Sign
1067U+042BD0 ABЫCyrillic Capital Letter Yeru
1068U+042CD0 ACЬCyrillic Capital Letter Soft Sign
1069U+042DD0 ADЭCyrillic Capital Letter E
1070U+042ED0 AEЮCyrillic Capital Letter Yu
1071U+042FD0 AFЯCyrillic Capital Letter Ya
1072U+0430D0 B0аCyrillic Small Letter A
1073U+0431D0 B1бCyrillic Small Letter Be
1074U+0432D0 B2вCyrillic Small Letter Ve
1075U+0433D0 B3гCyrillic Small Letter Ghe
1076U+0434D0 B4дCyrillic Small Letter De
1077U+0435D0 B5еCyrillic Small Letter Ie
1078U+0436D0 B6жCyrillic Small Letter Zhe
1079U+0437D0 B7зCyrillic Small Letter Ze
1080U+0438D0 B8иCyrillic Small Letter I
1081U+0439D0 B9йCyrillic Small Letter Short I
1082U+043AD0 BAкCyrillic Small Letter Ka
1083U+043BD0 BBлCyrillic Small Letter El
1084U+043CD0 BCмCyrillic Small Letter Em
1085U+043DD0 BDнCyrillic Small Letter En
1086U+043ED0 BEоCyrillic Small Letter O
1087U+043FD0 BFпCyrillic Small Letter Pe
1088U+0440D1 80рCyrillic Small Letter Er
1089U+0441D1 81сCyrillic Small Letter Es
1090U+0442D1 82тCyrillic Small Letter Te
1091U+0443D1 83уCyrillic Small Letter U
1092U+0444D1 84фCyrillic Small Letter Ef
1093U+0445D1 85хCyrillic Small Letter Ha
1094U+0446D1 86цCyrillic Small Letter Tse
1095U+0447D1 87чCyrillic Small Letter Che
1096U+0448D1 88шCyrillic Small Letter Sha
1097U+0449D1 89щCyrillic Small Letter Shcha
1098U+044AD1 8AъCyrillic Small Letter Hard Sign
1099U+044BD1 8BыCyrillic Small Letter Yeru
1100U+044CD1 8CьCyrillic Small Letter Soft Sign
1101U+044DD1 8DэCyrillic Small Letter E
1102U+044ED1 8EюCyrillic Small Letter Yu
1103U+044FD1 8FяCyrillic Small Letter Ya
1104U+0450D1 90ѐCyrillic Small Letter Ie With Grave
1105U+0451D1 91ёCyrillic Small Letter Io
1106U+0452D1 92ђCyrillic Small Letter Dje
1107U+0453D1 93ѓCyrillic Small Letter Gje
1108U+0454D1 94єCyrillic Small Letter Ukrainian Ie
1109U+0455D1 95ѕCyrillic Small Letter Dze
1110U+0456D1 96іCyrillic Small Letter Byelorussian-ukrainian I
1111U+0457D1 97їCyrillic Small Letter Yi
1112U+0458D1 98јCyrillic Small Letter Je
1113U+0459D1 99љCyrillic Small Letter Lje
1114U+045AD1 9AњCyrillic Small Letter Nje
1115U+045BD1 9BћCyrillic Small Letter Tshe
1116U+045CD1 9CќCyrillic Small Letter Kje
1117U+045DD1 9DѝCyrillic Small Letter I With Grave
1118U+045ED1 9EўCyrillic Small Letter Short U
1119U+045FD1 9FџCyrillic Small Letter Dzhe
1120U+0460D1 A0ѠCyrillic Capital Letter Omega
1121U+0461D1 A1ѡCyrillic Small Letter Omega
1122U+0462D1 A2ѢCyrillic Capital Letter Yat
1123U+0463D1 A3ѣCyrillic Small Letter Yat
1124U+0464D1 A4ѤCyrillic Capital Letter Iotified E
1125U+0465D1 A5ѥCyrillic Small Letter Iotified E
1126U+0466D1 A6ѦCyrillic Capital Letter Little Yus
1127U+0467D1 A7ѧCyrillic Small Letter Little Yus
1128U+0468D1 A8ѨCyrillic Capital Letter Iotified Little Yus
1129U+0469D1 A9ѩCyrillic Small Letter Iotified Little Yus
1130U+046AD1 AAѪCyrillic Capital Letter Big Yus
1131U+046BD1 ABѫCyrillic Small Letter Big Yus
1132U+046CD1 ACѬCyrillic Capital Letter Iotified Big Yus
1133U+046DD1 ADѭCyrillic Small Letter Iotified Big Yus
1134U+046ED1 AEѮCyrillic Capital Letter Ksi
1135U+046FD1 AFѯCyrillic Small Letter Ksi
1136U+0470D1 B0ѰCyrillic Capital Letter Psi
1137U+0471D1 B1ѱCyrillic Small Letter Psi
1138U+0472D1 B2ѲCyrillic Capital Letter Fita
1139U+0473D1 B3ѳCyrillic Small Letter Fita
1140U+0474D1 B4ѴCyrillic Capital Letter Izhitsa
1141U+0475D1 B5ѵCyrillic Small Letter Izhitsa
1142U+0476D1 B6ѶCyrillic Capital Letter Izhitsa With Double Grave Accent
1143U+0477D1 B7ѷCyrillic Small Letter Izhitsa With Double Grave Accent
1144U+0478D1 B8ѸCyrillic Capital Letter Uk
1145U+0479D1 B9ѹCyrillic Small Letter Uk
1146U+047AD1 BAѺCyrillic Capital Letter Round Omega
1147U+047BD1 BBѻCyrillic Small Letter Round Omega
1148U+047CD1 BCѼCyrillic Capital Letter Omega With Titlo
1149U+047DD1 BDѽCyrillic Small Letter Omega With Titlo
1150U+047ED1 BEѾCyrillic Capital Letter Ot
1151U+047FD1 BFѿCyrillic Small Letter Ot
1152U+0480D2 80ҀCyrillic Capital Letter Koppa
1153U+0481D2 81ҁCyrillic Small Letter Koppa
1154U+0482D2 82҂Cyrillic Thousands Sign
1155U+0483D2 83҃Combining Cyrillic Titlo
1156U+0484D2 84҄Combining Cyrillic Palatalization
1157U+0485D2 85҅Combining Cyrillic Dasia Pneumata
1158U+0486D2 86҆Combining Cyrillic Psili Pneumata
1159U+0487D2 87҇Combining Cyrillic Pokrytie
1160U+0488D2 88҈Combining Cyrillic Hundred Thousands Sign
1161U+0489D2 89҉Combining Cyrillic Millions Sign
1162U+048AD2 8AҊCyrillic Capital Letter Short I With Tail
1163U+048BD2 8BҋCyrillic Small Letter Short I With Tail
1164U+048CD2 8CҌCyrillic Capital Letter Semisoft Sign
1165U+048DD2 8DҍCyrillic Small Letter Semisoft Sign
1166U+048ED2 8EҎCyrillic Capital Letter Er With Tick
1167U+048FD2 8FҏCyrillic Small Letter Er With Tick
1168U+0490D2 90ҐCyrillic Capital Letter Ghe With Upturn
1169U+0491D2 91ґCyrillic Small Letter Ghe With Upturn
1170U+0492D2 92ҒCyrillic Capital Letter Ghe With Stroke
1171U+0493D2 93ғCyrillic Small Letter Ghe With Stroke
1172U+0494D2 94ҔCyrillic Capital Letter Ghe With Middle Hook
1173U+0495D2 95ҕCyrillic Small Letter Ghe With Middle Hook
1174U+0496D2 96ҖCyrillic Capital Letter Zhe With Descender
1175U+0497D2 97җCyrillic Small Letter Zhe With Descender
1176U+0498D2 98ҘCyrillic Capital Letter Ze With Descender
1177U+0499D2 99ҙCyrillic Small Letter Ze With Descender
1178U+049AD2 9AҚCyrillic Capital Letter Ka With Descender
1179U+049BD2 9BқCyrillic Small Letter Ka With Descender
1180U+049CD2 9CҜCyrillic Capital Letter Ka With Vertical Stroke
1181U+049DD2 9DҝCyrillic Small Letter Ka With Vertical Stroke
1182U+049ED2 9EҞCyrillic Capital Letter Ka With Stroke
1183U+049FD2 9FҟCyrillic Small Letter Ka With Stroke
1184U+04A0D2 A0ҠCyrillic Capital Letter Bashkir Ka
1185U+04A1D2 A1ҡCyrillic Small Letter Bashkir Ka
1186U+04A2D2 A2ҢCyrillic Capital Letter En With Descender
1187U+04A3D2 A3ңCyrillic Small Letter En With Descender
1188U+04A4D2 A4ҤCyrillic Capital Ligature En Ghe
1189U+04A5D2 A5ҥCyrillic Small Ligature En Ghe
1190U+04A6D2 A6ҦCyrillic Capital Letter Pe With Middle Hook
1191U+04A7D2 A7ҧCyrillic Small Letter Pe With Middle Hook
1192U+04A8D2 A8ҨCyrillic Capital Letter Abkhasian Ha
1193U+04A9D2 A9ҩCyrillic Small Letter Abkhasian Ha
1194U+04AAD2 AAҪCyrillic Capital Letter Es With Descender
1195U+04ABD2 ABҫCyrillic Small Letter Es With Descender
1196U+04ACD2 ACҬCyrillic Capital Letter Te With Descender
1197U+04ADD2 ADҭCyrillic Small Letter Te With Descender
1198U+04AED2 AEҮCyrillic Capital Letter Straight U
1199U+04AFD2 AFүCyrillic Small Letter Straight U
1200U+04B0D2 B0ҰCyrillic Capital Letter Straight U With Stroke
1201U+04B1D2 B1ұCyrillic Small Letter Straight U With Stroke
1202U+04B2D2 B2ҲCyrillic Capital Letter Ha With Descender
1203U+04B3D2 B3ҳCyrillic Small Letter Ha With Descender
1204U+04B4D2 B4ҴCyrillic Capital Ligature Te Tse
1205U+04B5D2 B5ҵCyrillic Small Ligature Te Tse
1206U+04B6D2 B6ҶCyrillic Capital Letter Che With Descender
1207U+04B7D2 B7ҷCyrillic Small Letter Che With Descender
1208U+04B8D2 B8ҸCyrillic Capital Letter Che With Vertical Stroke
1209U+04B9D2 B9ҹCyrillic Small Letter Che With Vertical Stroke
1210U+04BAD2 BAҺCyrillic Capital Letter Shha
1211U+04BBD2 BBһCyrillic Small Letter Shha
1212U+04BCD2 BCҼCyrillic Capital Letter Abkhasian Che
1213U+04BDD2 BDҽCyrillic Small Letter Abkhasian Che
1214U+04BED2 BEҾCyrillic Capital Letter Abkhasian Che With Descender
1215U+04BFD2 BFҿCyrillic Small Letter Abkhasian Che With Descender
1216U+04C0D3 80ӀCyrillic Letter Palochka
1217U+04C1D3 81ӁCyrillic Capital Letter Zhe With Breve
1218U+04C2D3 82ӂCyrillic Small Letter Zhe With Breve
1219U+04C3D3 83ӃCyrillic Capital Letter Ka With Hook
1220U+04C4D3 84ӄCyrillic Small Letter Ka With Hook
1221U+04C5D3 85ӅCyrillic Capital Letter El With Tail
1222U+04C6D3 86ӆCyrillic Small Letter El With Tail
1223U+04C7D3 87ӇCyrillic Capital Letter En With Hook
1224U+04C8D3 88ӈCyrillic Small Letter En With Hook
1225U+04C9D3 89ӉCyrillic Capital Letter En With Tail
1226U+04CAD3 8AӊCyrillic Small Letter En With Tail
1227U+04CBD3 8BӋCyrillic Capital Letter Khakassian Che
1228U+04CCD3 8CӌCyrillic Small Letter Khakassian Che
1229U+04CDD3 8DӍCyrillic Capital Letter Em With Tail
1230U+04CED3 8EӎCyrillic Small Letter Em With Tail
1231U+04CFD3 8FӏCyrillic Small Letter Palochka
1232U+04D0D3 90ӐCyrillic Capital Letter A With Breve
1233U+04D1D3 91ӑCyrillic Small Letter A With Breve
1234U+04D2D3 92ӒCyrillic Capital Letter A With Diaeresis
1235U+04D3D3 93ӓCyrillic Small Letter A With Diaeresis
1236U+04D4D3 94ӔCyrillic Capital Ligature A Ie
1237U+04D5D3 95ӕCyrillic Small Ligature A Ie
1238U+04D6D3 96ӖCyrillic Capital Letter Ie With Breve
1239U+04D7D3 97ӗCyrillic Small Letter Ie With Breve
1240U+04D8D3 98ӘCyrillic Capital Letter Schwa
1241U+04D9D3 99әCyrillic Small Letter Schwa
1242U+04DAD3 9AӚCyrillic Capital Letter Schwa With Diaeresis
1243U+04DBD3 9BӛCyrillic Small Letter Schwa With Diaeresis
1244U+04DCD3 9CӜCyrillic Capital Letter Zhe With Diaeresis
1245U+04DDD3 9DӝCyrillic Small Letter Zhe With Diaeresis
1246U+04DED3 9EӞCyrillic Capital Letter Ze With Diaeresis
1247U+04DFD3 9FӟCyrillic Small Letter Ze With Diaeresis
1248U+04E0D3 A0ӠCyrillic Capital Letter Abkhasian Dze
1249U+04E1D3 A1ӡCyrillic Small Letter Abkhasian Dze
1250U+04E2D3 A2ӢCyrillic Capital Letter I With Macron
1251U+04E3D3 A3ӣCyrillic Small Letter I With Macron
1252U+04E4D3 A4ӤCyrillic Capital Letter I With Diaeresis
1253U+04E5D3 A5ӥCyrillic Small Letter I With Diaeresis
1254U+04E6D3 A6ӦCyrillic Capital Letter O With Diaeresis
1255U+04E7D3 A7ӧCyrillic Small Letter O With Diaeresis
1256U+04E8D3 A8ӨCyrillic Capital Letter Barred O
1257U+04E9D3 A9өCyrillic Small Letter Barred O
1258U+04EAD3 AAӪCyrillic Capital Letter Barred O With Diaeresis
1259U+04EBD3 ABӫCyrillic Small Letter Barred O With Diaeresis
1260U+04ECD3 ACӬCyrillic Capital Letter E With Diaeresis
1261U+04EDD3 ADӭCyrillic Small Letter E With Diaeresis
1262U+04EED3 AEӮCyrillic Capital Letter U With Macron
1263U+04EFD3 AFӯCyrillic Small Letter U With Macron
1264U+04F0D3 B0ӰCyrillic Capital Letter U With Diaeresis
1265U+04F1D3 B1ӱCyrillic Small Letter U With Diaeresis
1266U+04F2D3 B2ӲCyrillic Capital Letter U With Double Acute
1267U+04F3D3 B3ӳCyrillic Small Letter U With Double Acute
1268U+04F4D3 B4ӴCyrillic Capital Letter Che With Diaeresis
1269U+04F5D3 B5ӵCyrillic Small Letter Che With Diaeresis
1270U+04F6D3 B6ӶCyrillic Capital Letter Ghe With Descender
1271U+04F7D3 B7ӷCyrillic Small Letter Ghe With Descender
1272U+04F8D3 B8ӸCyrillic Capital Letter Yeru With Diaeresis
1273U+04F9D3 B9ӹCyrillic Small Letter Yeru With Diaeresis
1274U+04FAD3 BAӺCyrillic Capital Letter Ghe With Stroke And Hook
1275U+04FBD3 BBӻCyrillic Small Letter Ghe With Stroke And Hook
1276U+04FCD3 BCӼCyrillic Capital Letter Ha With Hook
1277U+04FDD3 BDӽCyrillic Small Letter Ha With Hook
1278U+04FED3 BEӾCyrillic Capital Letter Ha With Stroke
1279U+04FFD3 BFӿCyrillic Small Letter Ha With Stroke
1280U+0500D4 80ԀCyrillic Capital Letter Komi De
1281U+0501D4 81ԁCyrillic Small Letter Komi De
1282U+0502D4 82ԂCyrillic Capital Letter Komi Dje
1283U+0503D4 83ԃCyrillic Small Letter Komi Dje
1284U+0504D4 84ԄCyrillic Capital Letter Komi Zje
1285U+0505D4 85ԅCyrillic Small Letter Komi Zje
1286U+0506D4 86ԆCyrillic Capital Letter Komi Dzje
1287U+0507D4 87ԇCyrillic Small Letter Komi Dzje
1288U+0508D4 88ԈCyrillic Capital Letter Komi Lje
1289U+0509D4 89ԉCyrillic Small Letter Komi Lje
1290U+050AD4 8AԊCyrillic Capital Letter Komi Nje
1291U+050BD4 8BԋCyrillic Small Letter Komi Nje
1292U+050CD4 8CԌCyrillic Capital Letter Komi Sje
1293U+050DD4 8DԍCyrillic Small Letter Komi Sje
1294U+050ED4 8EԎCyrillic Capital Letter Komi Tje
1295U+050FD4 8FԏCyrillic Small Letter Komi Tje
1296U+0510D4 90ԐCyrillic Capital Letter Reversed Ze
1297U+0511D4 91ԑCyrillic Small Letter Reversed Ze
1298U+0512D4 92ԒCyrillic Capital Letter El With Hook
1299U+0513D4 93ԓCyrillic Small Letter El With Hook
1300U+0514D4 94ԔCyrillic Capital Letter Lha
1301U+0515D4 95ԕCyrillic Small Letter Lha
1302U+0516D4 96ԖCyrillic Capital Letter Rha
1303U+0517D4 97ԗCyrillic Small Letter Rha
1304U+0518D4 98ԘCyrillic Capital Letter Yae
1305U+0519D4 99ԙCyrillic Small Letter Yae
1306U+051AD4 9AԚCyrillic Capital Letter Qa
1307U+051BD4 9BԛCyrillic Small Letter Qa
1308U+051CD4 9CԜCyrillic Capital Letter We
1309U+051DD4 9DԝCyrillic Small Letter We
1310U+051ED4 9EԞCyrillic Capital Letter Aleut Ka
1311U+051FD4 9FԟCyrillic Small Letter Aleut Ka
1312U+0520D4 A0ԠCyrillic Capital Letter El With Middle Hook
1313U+0521D4 A1ԡCyrillic Small Letter El With Middle Hook
1314U+0522D4 A2ԢCyrillic Capital Letter En With Middle Hook
1315U+0523D4 A3ԣCyrillic Small Letter En With Middle Hook
1316U+0524D4 A4ԤCyrillic Capital Letter Pe With Descender
1317U+0525D4 A5ԥCyrillic Small Letter Pe With Descender
1318U+0526D4 A6ԦCyrillic Capital Letter Shha With Descender
1319U+0527D4 A7ԧCyrillic Small Letter Shha With Descender
1320U+0528D4 A8ԨCyrillic Capital Letter En With Left Hook
1321U+0529D4 A9ԩCyrillic Small Letter En With Left Hook
1322U+052AD4 AAԪCyrillic Capital Letter Dzzhe
1323U+052BD4 ABԫCyrillic Small Letter Dzzhe
1324U+052CD4 ACԬCyrillic Capital Letter Dche
1325U+052DD4 ADԭCyrillic Small Letter Dche
1326U+052ED4 AEԮCyrillic Capital Letter El With Descender
1327U+052FD4 AFԯCyrillic Small Letter El With Descender
1328U+0530D4 B0԰
1329U+0531D4 B1ԱArmenian Capital Letter Ayb
1330U+0532D4 B2ԲArmenian Capital Letter Ben
1331U+0533D4 B3ԳArmenian Capital Letter Gim
1332U+0534D4 B4ԴArmenian Capital Letter Da
1333U+0535D4 B5ԵArmenian Capital Letter Ech
1334U+0536D4 B6ԶArmenian Capital Letter Za
1335U+0537D4 B7ԷArmenian Capital Letter Eh
1336U+0538D4 B8ԸArmenian Capital Letter Et
1337U+0539D4 B9ԹArmenian Capital Letter To
1338U+053AD4 BAԺArmenian Capital Letter Zhe
1339U+053BD4 BBԻArmenian Capital Letter Ini
1340U+053CD4 BCԼArmenian Capital Letter Liwn
1341U+053DD4 BDԽArmenian Capital Letter Xeh
1342U+053ED4 BEԾArmenian Capital Letter Ca
1343U+053FD4 BFԿArmenian Capital Letter Ken
1344U+0540D5 80ՀArmenian Capital Letter Ho
1345U+0541D5 81ՁArmenian Capital Letter Ja
1346U+0542D5 82ՂArmenian Capital Letter Ghad
1347U+0543D5 83ՃArmenian Capital Letter Cheh
1348U+0544D5 84ՄArmenian Capital Letter Men
1349U+0545D5 85ՅArmenian Capital Letter Yi
1350U+0546D5 86ՆArmenian Capital Letter Now
1351U+0547D5 87ՇArmenian Capital Letter Sha
1352U+0548D5 88ՈArmenian Capital Letter Vo
1353U+0549D5 89ՉArmenian Capital Letter Cha
1354U+054AD5 8AՊArmenian Capital Letter Peh
1355U+054BD5 8BՋArmenian Capital Letter Jheh
1356U+054CD5 8CՌArmenian Capital Letter Ra
1357U+054DD5 8DՍArmenian Capital Letter Seh
1358U+054ED5 8EՎArmenian Capital Letter Vew
1359U+054FD5 8FՏArmenian Capital Letter Tiwn
1360U+0550D5 90ՐArmenian Capital Letter Reh
1361U+0551D5 91ՑArmenian Capital Letter Co
1362U+0552D5 92ՒArmenian Capital Letter Yiwn
1363U+0553D5 93ՓArmenian Capital Letter Piwr
1364U+0554D5 94ՔArmenian Capital Letter Keh
1365U+0555D5 95ՕArmenian Capital Letter Oh
1366U+0556D5 96ՖArmenian Capital Letter Feh
1367U+0557D5 97՗
1368U+0558D5 98՘
1369U+0559D5 99ՙArmenian Modifier Letter Left Half Ring
1370U+055AD5 9A՚Armenian Apostrophe
1371U+055BD5 9B՛Armenian Emphasis Mark
1372U+055CD5 9C՜Armenian Exclamation Mark
1373U+055DD5 9D՝Armenian Comma
1374U+055ED5 9E՞Armenian Question Mark
1375U+055FD5 9F՟Armenian Abbreviation Mark
1376U+0560D5 A0ՠ
1377U+0561D5 A1աArmenian Small Letter Ayb
1378U+0562D5 A2բArmenian Small Letter Ben
1379U+0563D5 A3գArmenian Small Letter Gim
1380U+0564D5 A4դArmenian Small Letter Da
1381U+0565D5 A5եArmenian Small Letter Ech
1382U+0566D5 A6զArmenian Small Letter Za
1383U+0567D5 A7էArmenian Small Letter Eh
1384U+0568D5 A8ըArmenian Small Letter Et
1385U+0569D5 A9թArmenian Small Letter To
1386U+056AD5 AAժArmenian Small Letter Zhe
1387U+056BD5 ABիArmenian Small Letter Ini
1388U+056CD5 ACլArmenian Small Letter Liwn
1389U+056DD5 ADխArmenian Small Letter Xeh
1390U+056ED5 AEծArmenian Small Letter Ca
1391U+056FD5 AFկArmenian Small Letter Ken
1392U+0570D5 B0հArmenian Small Letter Ho
1393U+0571D5 B1ձArmenian Small Letter Ja
1394U+0572D5 B2ղArmenian Small Letter Ghad
1395U+0573D5 B3ճArmenian Small Letter Cheh
1396U+0574D5 B4մArmenian Small Letter Men
1397U+0575D5 B5յArmenian Small Letter Yi
1398U+0576D5 B6նArmenian Small Letter Now
1399U+0577D5 B7շArmenian Small Letter Sha
1400U+0578D5 B8ոArmenian Small Letter Vo
1401U+0579D5 B9չArmenian Small Letter Cha
1402U+057AD5 BAպArmenian Small Letter Peh
1403U+057BD5 BBջArmenian Small Letter Jheh
1404U+057CD5 BCռArmenian Small Letter Ra
1405U+057DD5 BDսArmenian Small Letter Seh
1406U+057ED5 BEվArmenian Small Letter Vew
1407U+057FD5 BFտArmenian Small Letter Tiwn
1408U+0580D6 80րArmenian Small Letter Reh
1409U+0581D6 81ցArmenian Small Letter Co
1410U+0582D6 82ւArmenian Small Letter Yiwn
1411U+0583D6 83փArmenian Small Letter Piwr
1412U+0584D6 84քArmenian Small Letter Keh
1413U+0585D6 85օArmenian Small Letter Oh
1414U+0586D6 86ֆArmenian Small Letter Feh
1415U+0587D6 87ևArmenian Small Ligature Ech Yiwn
1416U+0588D6 88ֈ
1417U+0589D6 89։Armenian Full Stop
1418U+058AD6 8A֊Armenian Hyphen
1419U+058BD6 8B֋
1420U+058CD6 8C֌
1421U+058DD6 8D֍Right-facing Armenian Eternity Sign
1422U+058ED6 8E֎Left-facing Armenian Eternity Sign
1423U+058FD6 8F֏Armenian Dram Sign
1424U+0590D6 90֐
1425U+0591D6 91֑Hebrew Accent Etnahta
1426U+0592D6 92֒Hebrew Accent Segol
1427U+0593D6 93֓Hebrew Accent Shalshelet
1428U+0594D6 94֔Hebrew Accent Zaqef Qatan
1429U+0595D6 95֕Hebrew Accent Zaqef Gadol
1430U+0596D6 96֖Hebrew Accent Tipeha
1431U+0597D6 97֗Hebrew Accent Revia
1432U+0598D6 98֘Hebrew Accent Zarqa
1433U+0599D6 99֙Hebrew Accent Pashta
1434U+059AD6 9A֚Hebrew Accent Yetiv
1435U+059BD6 9B֛Hebrew Accent Tevir
1436U+059CD6 9C֜Hebrew Accent Geresh
1437U+059DD6 9D֝Hebrew Accent Geresh Muqdam
1438U+059ED6 9E֞Hebrew Accent Gershayim
1439U+059FD6 9F֟Hebrew Accent Qarney Para
1440U+05A0D6 A0֠Hebrew Accent Telisha Gedola
1441U+05A1D6 A1֡Hebrew Accent Pazer
1442U+05A2D6 A2֢Hebrew Accent Atnah Hafukh
1443U+05A3D6 A3֣Hebrew Accent Munah
1444U+05A4D6 A4֤Hebrew Accent Mahapakh
1445U+05A5D6 A5֥Hebrew Accent Merkha
1446U+05A6D6 A6֦Hebrew Accent Merkha Kefula
1447U+05A7D6 A7֧Hebrew Accent Darga
1448U+05A8D6 A8֨Hebrew Accent Qadma
1449U+05A9D6 A9֩Hebrew Accent Telisha Qetana
1450U+05AAD6 AA֪Hebrew Accent Yerah Ben Yomo
1451U+05ABD6 AB֫Hebrew Accent Ole
1452U+05ACD6 AC֬Hebrew Accent Iluy
1453U+05ADD6 AD֭Hebrew Accent Dehi
1454U+05AED6 AE֮Hebrew Accent Zinor
1455U+05AFD6 AF֯Hebrew Mark Masora Circle
1456U+05B0D6 B0ְHebrew Point Sheva
1457U+05B1D6 B1ֱHebrew Point Hataf Segol
1458U+05B2D6 B2ֲHebrew Point Hataf Patah
1459U+05B3D6 B3ֳHebrew Point Hataf Qamats
1460U+05B4D6 B4ִHebrew Point Hiriq
1461U+05B5D6 B5ֵHebrew Point Tsere
1462U+05B6D6 B6ֶHebrew Point Segol
1463U+05B7D6 B7ַHebrew Point Patah
1464U+05B8D6 B8ָHebrew Point Qamats
1465U+05B9D6 B9ֹHebrew Point Holam
1466U+05BAD6 BAֺHebrew Point Holam Haser For Vav
1467U+05BBD6 BBֻHebrew Point Qubuts
1468U+05BCD6 BCּHebrew Point Dagesh Or Mapiq
1469U+05BDD6 BDֽHebrew Point Meteg
1470U+05BED6 BE־Hebrew Punctuation Maqaf
1471U+05BFD6 BFֿHebrew Point Rafe
1472U+05C0D7 80׀Hebrew Punctuation Paseq
1473U+05C1D7 81ׁHebrew Point Shin Dot
1474U+05C2D7 82ׂHebrew Point Sin Dot
1475U+05C3D7 83׃Hebrew Punctuation Sof Pasuq
1476U+05C4D7 84ׄHebrew Mark Upper Dot
1477U+05C5D7 85ׅHebrew Mark Lower Dot
1478U+05C6D7 86׆Hebrew Punctuation Nun Hafukha
1479U+05C7D7 87ׇHebrew Point Qamats Qatan
1480U+05C8D7 88׈
1481U+05C9D7 89׉
1482U+05CAD7 8A׊
1483U+05CBD7 8B׋
1484U+05CCD7 8C׌
1485U+05CDD7 8D׍
1486U+05CED7 8E׎
1487U+05CFD7 8F׏
1488U+05D0D7 90אHebrew Letter Alef
1489U+05D1D7 91בHebrew Letter Bet
1490U+05D2D7 92גHebrew Letter Gimel
1491U+05D3D7 93דHebrew Letter Dalet
1492U+05D4D7 94הHebrew Letter He
1493U+05D5D7 95וHebrew Letter Vav
1494U+05D6D7 96זHebrew Letter Zayin
1495U+05D7D7 97חHebrew Letter Het
1496U+05D8D7 98טHebrew Letter Tet
1497U+05D9D7 99יHebrew Letter Yod
1498U+05DAD7 9AךHebrew Letter Final Kaf
1499U+05DBD7 9BכHebrew Letter Kaf
1500U+05DCD7 9CלHebrew Letter Lamed
1501U+05DDD7 9DםHebrew Letter Final Mem
1502U+05DED7 9EמHebrew Letter Mem
1503U+05DFD7 9FןHebrew Letter Final Nun
1504U+05E0D7 A0נHebrew Letter Nun
1505U+05E1D7 A1סHebrew Letter Samekh
1506U+05E2D7 A2עHebrew Letter Ayin
1507U+05E3D7 A3ףHebrew Letter Final Pe
1508U+05E4D7 A4פHebrew Letter Pe
1509U+05E5D7 A5ץHebrew Letter Final Tsadi
1510U+05E6D7 A6צHebrew Letter Tsadi
1511U+05E7D7 A7קHebrew Letter Qof
1512U+05E8D7 A8רHebrew Letter Resh
1513U+05E9D7 A9שHebrew Letter Shin
1514U+05EAD7 AAתHebrew Letter Tav
1515U+05EBD7 AB׫
1516U+05ECD7 AC׬
1517U+05EDD7 AD׭
1518U+05EED7 AE׮
1519U+05EFD7 AFׯ
1520U+05F0D7 B0װHebrew Ligature Yiddish Double Vav
1521U+05F1D7 B1ױHebrew Ligature Yiddish Vav Yod
1522U+05F2D7 B2ײHebrew Ligature Yiddish Double Yod
1523U+05F3D7 B3׳Hebrew Punctuation Geresh
1524U+05F4D7 B4״Hebrew Punctuation Gershayim
1525U+05F5D7 B5׵
1526U+05F6D7 B6׶
1527U+05F7D7 B7׷
1528U+05F8D7 B8׸
1529U+05F9D7 B9׹
1530U+05FAD7 BA׺
1531U+05FBD7 BB׻
1532U+05FCD7 BC׼
1533U+05FDD7 BD׽
1534U+05FED7 BE׾
1535U+05FFD7 BF׿
1536U+0600D8 80؀Arabic Number Sign
1537U+0601D8 81؁Arabic Sign Sanah
1538U+0602D8 82؂Arabic Footnote Marker
1539U+0603D8 83؃Arabic Sign Safha
1540U+0604D8 84؄Arabic Sign Samvat
1541U+0605D8 85؅Arabic Number Mark Above
1542U+0606D8 86؆Arabic-indic Cube Root
1543U+0607D8 87؇Arabic-indic Fourth Root
1544U+0608D8 88؈Arabic Ray
1545U+0609D8 89؉Arabic-indic Per Mille Sign
1546U+060AD8 8A؊Arabic-indic Per Ten Thousand Sign
1547U+060BD8 8B؋Afghani Sign
1548U+060CD8 8C،Arabic Comma
1549U+060DD8 8D؍Arabic Date Separator
1550U+060ED8 8E؎Arabic Poetic Verse Sign
1551U+060FD8 8F؏Arabic Sign Misra
1552U+0610D8 90ؐArabic Sign Sallallahou Alayhe Wassallam
1553U+0611D8 91ؑArabic Sign Alayhe Assallam
1554U+0612D8 92ؒArabic Sign Rahmatullah Alayhe
1555U+0613D8 93ؓArabic Sign Radi Allahou Anhu
1556U+0614D8 94ؔArabic Sign Takhallus
1557U+0615D8 95ؕArabic Small High Tah
1558U+0616D8 96ؖArabic Small High Ligature Alef With Lam With Yeh
1559U+0617D8 97ؗArabic Small High Zain
1560U+0618D8 98ؘArabic Small Fatha
1561U+0619D8 99ؙArabic Small Damma
1562U+061AD8 9AؚArabic Small Kasra
1563U+061BD8 9B؛Arabic Semicolon
1564U+061CD8 9C؜Arabic Letter Mark
1565U+061DD8 9D؝
1566U+061ED8 9E؞Arabic Triple Dot Punctuation Mark
1567U+061FD8 9F؟Arabic Question Mark
1568U+0620D8 A0ؠArabic Letter Kashmiri Yeh
1569U+0621D8 A1ءArabic Letter Hamza
1570U+0622D8 A2آArabic Letter Alef With Madda Above
1571U+0623D8 A3أArabic Letter Alef With Hamza Above
1572U+0624D8 A4ؤArabic Letter Waw With Hamza Above
1573U+0625D8 A5إArabic Letter Alef With Hamza Below
1574U+0626D8 A6ئArabic Letter Yeh With Hamza Above
1575U+0627D8 A7اArabic Letter Alef
1576U+0628D8 A8بArabic Letter Beh
1577U+0629D8 A9ةArabic Letter Teh Marbuta
1578U+062AD8 AAتArabic Letter Teh
1579U+062BD8 ABثArabic Letter Theh
1580U+062CD8 ACجArabic Letter Jeem
1581U+062DD8 ADحArabic Letter Hah
1582U+062ED8 AEخArabic Letter Khah
1583U+062FD8 AFدArabic Letter Dal
1584U+0630D8 B0ذArabic Letter Thal
1585U+0631D8 B1رArabic Letter Reh
1586U+0632D8 B2زArabic Letter Zain
1587U+0633D8 B3سArabic Letter Seen
1588U+0634D8 B4شArabic Letter Sheen
1589U+0635D8 B5صArabic Letter Sad
1590U+0636D8 B6ضArabic Letter Dad
1591U+0637D8 B7طArabic Letter Tah
1592U+0638D8 B8ظArabic Letter Zah
1593U+0639D8 B9عArabic Letter Ain
1594U+063AD8 BAغArabic Letter Ghain
1595U+063BD8 BBػArabic Letter Keheh With Two Dots Above
1596U+063CD8 BCؼArabic Letter Keheh With Three Dots Below
1597U+063DD8 BDؽArabic Letter Farsi Yeh With Inverted V
1598U+063ED8 BEؾArabic Letter Farsi Yeh With Two Dots Above
1599U+063FD8 BFؿArabic Letter Farsi Yeh With Three Dots Above
1600U+0640D9 80ـArabic Tatweel
1601U+0641D9 81فArabic Letter Feh
1602U+0642D9 82قArabic Letter Qaf
1603U+0643D9 83كArabic Letter Kaf
1604U+0644D9 84لArabic Letter Lam
1605U+0645D9 85مArabic Letter Meem
1606U+0646D9 86نArabic Letter Noon
1607U+0647D9 87هArabic Letter Heh
1608U+0648D9 88وArabic Letter Waw
1609U+0649D9 89ىArabic Letter Alef Maksura
1610U+064AD9 8AيArabic Letter Yeh
1611U+064BD9 8BًArabic Fathatan
1612U+064CD9 8CٌArabic Dammatan
1613U+064DD9 8DٍArabic Kasratan
1614U+064ED9 8EَArabic Fatha
1615U+064FD9 8FُArabic Damma
1616U+0650D9 90ِArabic Kasra
1617U+0651D9 91ّArabic Shadda
1618U+0652D9 92ْArabic Sukun
1619U+0653D9 93ٓArabic Maddah Above
1620U+0654D9 94ٔArabic Hamza Above
1621U+0655D9 95ٕArabic Hamza Below
1622U+0656D9 96ٖArabic Subscript Alef
1623U+0657D9 97ٗArabic Inverted Damma
1624U+0658D9 98٘Arabic Mark Noon Ghunna
1625U+0659D9 99ٙArabic Zwarakay
1626U+065AD9 9AٚArabic Vowel Sign Small V Above
1627U+065BD9 9BٛArabic Vowel Sign Inverted Small V Above
1628U+065CD9 9CٜArabic Vowel Sign Dot Below
1629U+065DD9 9DٝArabic Reversed Damma
1630U+065ED9 9EٞArabic Fatha With Two Dots
1631U+065FD9 9FٟArabic Wavy Hamza Below
1632U+0660D9 A0٠Arabic-indic Digit Zero
1633U+0661D9 A1١Arabic-indic Digit One
1634U+0662D9 A2٢Arabic-indic Digit Two
1635U+0663D9 A3٣Arabic-indic Digit Three
1636U+0664D9 A4٤Arabic-indic Digit Four
1637U+0665D9 A5٥Arabic-indic Digit Five
1638U+0666D9 A6٦Arabic-indic Digit Six
1639U+0667D9 A7٧Arabic-indic Digit Seven
1640U+0668D9 A8٨Arabic-indic Digit Eight
1641U+0669D9 A9٩Arabic-indic Digit Nine
1642U+066AD9 AA٪Arabic Percent Sign
1643U+066BD9 AB٫Arabic Decimal Separator
1644U+066CD9 AC٬Arabic Thousands Separator
1645U+066DD9 AD٭Arabic Five Pointed Star
1646U+066ED9 AEٮArabic Letter Dotless Beh
1647U+066FD9 AFٯArabic Letter Dotless Qaf
1648U+0670D9 B0ٰArabic Letter Superscript Alef
1649U+0671D9 B1ٱArabic Letter Alef Wasla
1650U+0672D9 B2ٲArabic Letter Alef With Wavy Hamza Above
1651U+0673D9 B3ٳArabic Letter Alef With Wavy Hamza Below
1652U+0674D9 B4ٴArabic Letter High Hamza
1653U+0675D9 B5ٵArabic Letter High Hamza Alef
1654U+0676D9 B6ٶArabic Letter High Hamza Waw
1655U+0677D9 B7ٷArabic Letter U With Hamza Above
1656U+0678D9 B8ٸArabic Letter High Hamza Yeh
1657U+0679D9 B9ٹArabic Letter Tteh
1658U+067AD9 BAٺArabic Letter Tteheh
1659U+067BD9 BBٻArabic Letter Beeh
1660U+067CD9 BCټArabic Letter Teh With Ring
1661U+067DD9 BDٽArabic Letter Teh With Three Dots Above Downwards
1662U+067ED9 BEپArabic Letter Peh
1663U+067FD9 BFٿArabic Letter Teheh
1664U+0680DA 80ڀArabic Letter Beheh
1665U+0681DA 81ځArabic Letter Hah With Hamza Above
1666U+0682DA 82ڂArabic Letter Hah With Two Dots Vertical Above
1667U+0683DA 83ڃArabic Letter Nyeh
1668U+0684DA 84ڄArabic Letter Dyeh
1669U+0685DA 85څArabic Letter Hah With Three Dots Above
1670U+0686DA 86چArabic Letter Tcheh
1671U+0687DA 87ڇArabic Letter Tcheheh
1672U+0688DA 88ڈArabic Letter Ddal
1673U+0689DA 89ډArabic Letter Dal With Ring
1674U+068ADA 8AڊArabic Letter Dal With Dot Below
1675U+068BDA 8BڋArabic Letter Dal With Dot Below And Small Tah
1676U+068CDA 8CڌArabic Letter Dahal
1677U+068DDA 8DڍArabic Letter Ddahal
1678U+068EDA 8EڎArabic Letter Dul
1679U+068FDA 8FڏArabic Letter Dal With Three Dots Above Downwards
1680U+0690DA 90ڐArabic Letter Dal With Four Dots Above
1681U+0691DA 91ڑArabic Letter Rreh
1682U+0692DA 92ڒArabic Letter Reh With Small V
1683U+0693DA 93ړArabic Letter Reh With Ring
1684U+0694DA 94ڔArabic Letter Reh With Dot Below
1685U+0695DA 95ڕArabic Letter Reh With Small V Below
1686U+0696DA 96ږArabic Letter Reh With Dot Below And Dot Above
1687U+0697DA 97ڗArabic Letter Reh With Two Dots Above
1688U+0698DA 98ژArabic Letter Jeh
1689U+0699DA 99ڙArabic Letter Reh With Four Dots Above
1690U+069ADA 9AښArabic Letter Seen With Dot Below And Dot Above
1691U+069BDA 9BڛArabic Letter Seen With Three Dots Below
1692U+069CDA 9CڜArabic Letter Seen With Three Dots Below And Three Dots Above
1693U+069DDA 9DڝArabic Letter Sad With Two Dots Below
1694U+069EDA 9EڞArabic Letter Sad With Three Dots Above
1695U+069FDA 9FڟArabic Letter Tah With Three Dots Above
1696U+06A0DA A0ڠArabic Letter Ain With Three Dots Above
1697U+06A1DA A1ڡArabic Letter Dotless Feh
1698U+06A2DA A2ڢArabic Letter Feh With Dot Moved Below
1699U+06A3DA A3ڣArabic Letter Feh With Dot Below
1700U+06A4DA A4ڤArabic Letter Veh
1701U+06A5DA A5ڥArabic Letter Feh With Three Dots Below
1702U+06A6DA A6ڦArabic Letter Peheh
1703U+06A7DA A7ڧArabic Letter Qaf With Dot Above
1704U+06A8DA A8ڨArabic Letter Qaf With Three Dots Above
1705U+06A9DA A9کArabic Letter Keheh
1706U+06AADA AAڪArabic Letter Swash Kaf
1707U+06ABDA ABګArabic Letter Kaf With Ring
1708U+06ACDA ACڬArabic Letter Kaf With Dot Above
1709U+06ADDA ADڭArabic Letter Ng
1710U+06AEDA AEڮArabic Letter Kaf With Three Dots Below
1711U+06AFDA AFگArabic Letter Gaf
1712U+06B0DA B0ڰArabic Letter Gaf With Ring
1713U+06B1DA B1ڱArabic Letter Ngoeh
1714U+06B2DA B2ڲArabic Letter Gaf With Two Dots Below
1715U+06B3DA B3ڳArabic Letter Gueh
1716U+06B4DA B4ڴArabic Letter Gaf With Three Dots Above
1717U+06B5DA B5ڵArabic Letter Lam With Small V
1718U+06B6DA B6ڶArabic Letter Lam With Dot Above
1719U+06B7DA B7ڷArabic Letter Lam With Three Dots Above
1720U+06B8DA B8ڸArabic Letter Lam With Three Dots Below
1721U+06B9DA B9ڹArabic Letter Noon With Dot Below
1722U+06BADA BAںArabic Letter Noon Ghunna
1723U+06BBDA BBڻArabic Letter Rnoon
1724U+06BCDA BCڼArabic Letter Noon With Ring
1725U+06BDDA BDڽArabic Letter Noon With Three Dots Above
1726U+06BEDA BEھArabic Letter Heh Doachashmee
1727U+06BFDA BFڿArabic Letter Tcheh With Dot Above
1728U+06C0DB 80ۀArabic Letter Heh With Yeh Above
1729U+06C1DB 81ہArabic Letter Heh Goal
1730U+06C2DB 82ۂArabic Letter Heh Goal With Hamza Above
1731U+06C3DB 83ۃArabic Letter Teh Marbuta Goal
1732U+06C4DB 84ۄArabic Letter Waw With Ring
1733U+06C5DB 85ۅArabic Letter Kirghiz Oe
1734U+06C6DB 86ۆArabic Letter Oe
1735U+06C7DB 87ۇArabic Letter U
1736U+06C8DB 88ۈArabic Letter Yu
1737U+06C9DB 89ۉArabic Letter Kirghiz Yu
1738U+06CADB 8AۊArabic Letter Waw With Two Dots Above
1739U+06CBDB 8BۋArabic Letter Ve
1740U+06CCDB 8CیArabic Letter Farsi Yeh
1741U+06CDDB 8DۍArabic Letter Yeh With Tail
1742U+06CEDB 8EێArabic Letter Yeh With Small V
1743U+06CFDB 8FۏArabic Letter Waw With Dot Above
1744U+06D0DB 90ېArabic Letter E
1745U+06D1DB 91ۑArabic Letter Yeh With Three Dots Below
1746U+06D2DB 92ےArabic Letter Yeh Barree
1747U+06D3DB 93ۓArabic Letter Yeh Barree With Hamza Above
1748U+06D4DB 94۔Arabic Full Stop
1749U+06D5DB 95ەArabic Letter Ae
1750U+06D6DB 96ۖArabic Small High Ligature Sad With Lam With Alef Maksura
1751U+06D7DB 97ۗArabic Small High Ligature Qaf With Lam With Alef Maksura
1752U+06D8DB 98ۘArabic Small High Meem Initial Form
1753U+06D9DB 99ۙArabic Small High Lam Alef
1754U+06DADB 9AۚArabic Small High Jeem
1755U+06DBDB 9BۛArabic Small High Three Dots
1756U+06DCDB 9CۜArabic Small High Seen
1757U+06DDDB 9D۝Arabic End Of Ayah
1758U+06DEDB 9E۞Arabic Start Of Rub El Hizb
1759U+06DFDB 9F۟Arabic Small High Rounded Zero
1760U+06E0DB A0۠Arabic Small High Upright Rectangular Zero
1761U+06E1DB A1ۡArabic Small High Dotless Head Of Khah
1762U+06E2DB A2ۢArabic Small High Meem Isolated Form
1763U+06E3DB A3ۣArabic Small Low Seen
1764U+06E4DB A4ۤArabic Small High Madda
1765U+06E5DB A5ۥArabic Small Waw
1766U+06E6DB A6ۦArabic Small Yeh
1767U+06E7DB A7ۧArabic Small High Yeh
1768U+06E8DB A8ۨArabic Small High Noon
1769U+06E9DB A9۩Arabic Place Of Sajdah
1770U+06EADB AA۪Arabic Empty Centre Low Stop
1771U+06EBDB AB۫Arabic Empty Centre High Stop
1772U+06ECDB AC۬Arabic Rounded High Stop With Filled Centre
1773U+06EDDB ADۭArabic Small Low Meem
1774U+06EEDB AEۮArabic Letter Dal With Inverted V
1775U+06EFDB AFۯArabic Letter Reh With Inverted V
1776U+06F0DB B0۰Extended Arabic-indic Digit Zero
1777U+06F1DB B1۱Extended Arabic-indic Digit One
1778U+06F2DB B2۲Extended Arabic-indic Digit Two
1779U+06F3DB B3۳Extended Arabic-indic Digit Three
1780U+06F4DB B4۴Extended Arabic-indic Digit Four
1781U+06F5DB B5۵Extended Arabic-indic Digit Five
1782U+06F6DB B6۶Extended Arabic-indic Digit Six
1783U+06F7DB B7۷Extended Arabic-indic Digit Seven
1784U+06F8DB B8۸Extended Arabic-indic Digit Eight
1785U+06F9DB B9۹Extended Arabic-indic Digit Nine
1786U+06FADB BAۺArabic Letter Sheen With Dot Below
1787U+06FBDB BBۻArabic Letter Dad With Dot Below
1788U+06FCDB BCۼArabic Letter Ghain With Dot Below
1789U+06FDDB BD۽Arabic Sign Sindhi Ampersand
1790U+06FEDB BE۾Arabic Sign Sindhi Postposition Men
1791U+06FFDB BFۿArabic Letter Heh With Inverted V
1792U+0700DC 80܀Syriac End Of Paragraph
1793U+0701DC 81܁Syriac Supralinear Full Stop
1794U+0702DC 82܂Syriac Sublinear Full Stop
1795U+0703DC 83܃Syriac Supralinear Colon
1796U+0704DC 84܄Syriac Sublinear Colon
1797U+0705DC 85܅Syriac Horizontal Colon
1798U+0706DC 86܆Syriac Colon Skewed Left
1799U+0707DC 87܇Syriac Colon Skewed Right
1800U+0708DC 88܈Syriac Supralinear Colon Skewed Left
1801U+0709DC 89܉Syriac Sublinear Colon Skewed Right
1802U+070ADC 8A܊Syriac Contraction
1803U+070BDC 8B܋Syriac Harklean Obelus
1804U+070CDC 8C܌Syriac Harklean Metobelus
1805U+070DDC 8D܍Syriac Harklean Asteriscus
1806U+070EDC 8E܎
1807U+070FDC 8F܏Syriac Abbreviation Mark
1808U+0710DC 90ܐSyriac Letter Alaph
1809U+0711DC 91ܑSyriac Letter Superscript Alaph
1810U+0712DC 92ܒSyriac Letter Beth
1811U+0713DC 93ܓSyriac Letter Gamal
1812U+0714DC 94ܔSyriac Letter Gamal Garshuni
1813U+0715DC 95ܕSyriac Letter Dalath
1814U+0716DC 96ܖSyriac Letter Dotless Dalath Rish
1815U+0717DC 97ܗSyriac Letter He
1816U+0718DC 98ܘSyriac Letter Waw
1817U+0719DC 99ܙSyriac Letter Zain
1818U+071ADC 9AܚSyriac Letter Heth
1819U+071BDC 9BܛSyriac Letter Teth
1820U+071CDC 9CܜSyriac Letter Teth Garshuni
1821U+071DDC 9DܝSyriac Letter Yudh
1822U+071EDC 9EܞSyriac Letter Yudh He
1823U+071FDC 9FܟSyriac Letter Kaph
1824U+0720DC A0ܠSyriac Letter Lamadh
1825U+0721DC A1ܡSyriac Letter Mim
1826U+0722DC A2ܢSyriac Letter Nun
1827U+0723DC A3ܣSyriac Letter Semkath
1828U+0724DC A4ܤSyriac Letter Final Semkath
1829U+0725DC A5ܥSyriac Letter E
1830U+0726DC A6ܦSyriac Letter Pe
1831U+0727DC A7ܧSyriac Letter Reversed Pe
1832U+0728DC A8ܨSyriac Letter Sadhe
1833U+0729DC A9ܩSyriac Letter Qaph
1834U+072ADC AAܪSyriac Letter Rish
1835U+072BDC ABܫSyriac Letter Shin
1836U+072CDC ACܬSyriac Letter Taw
1837U+072DDC ADܭSyriac Letter Persian Bheth
1838U+072EDC AEܮSyriac Letter Persian Ghamal
1839U+072FDC AFܯSyriac Letter Persian Dhalath
1840U+0730DC B0ܰSyriac Pthaha Above
1841U+0731DC B1ܱSyriac Pthaha Below
1842U+0732DC B2ܲSyriac Pthaha Dotted
1843U+0733DC B3ܳSyriac Zqapha Above
1844U+0734DC B4ܴSyriac Zqapha Below
1845U+0735DC B5ܵSyriac Zqapha Dotted
1846U+0736DC B6ܶSyriac Rbasa Above
1847U+0737DC B7ܷSyriac Rbasa Below
1848U+0738DC B8ܸSyriac Dotted Zlama Horizontal
1849U+0739DC B9ܹSyriac Dotted Zlama Angular
1850U+073ADC BAܺSyriac Hbasa Above
1851U+073BDC BBܻSyriac Hbasa Below
1852U+073CDC BCܼSyriac Hbasa-esasa Dotted
1853U+073DDC BDܽSyriac Esasa Above
1854U+073EDC BEܾSyriac Esasa Below
1855U+073FDC BFܿSyriac Rwaha
1856U+0740DD 80݀Syriac Feminine Dot
1857U+0741DD 81݁Syriac Qushshaya
1858U+0742DD 82݂Syriac Rukkakha
1859U+0743DD 83݃Syriac Two Vertical Dots Above
1860U+0744DD 84݄Syriac Two Vertical Dots Below
1861U+0745DD 85݅Syriac Three Dots Above
1862U+0746DD 86݆Syriac Three Dots Below
1863U+0747DD 87݇Syriac Oblique Line Above
1864U+0748DD 88݈Syriac Oblique Line Below
1865U+0749DD 89݉Syriac Music
1866U+074ADD 8A݊Syriac Barrekh
1867U+074BDD 8B݋
1868U+074CDD 8C݌
1869U+074DDD 8DݍSyriac Letter Sogdian Zhain
1870U+074EDD 8EݎSyriac Letter Sogdian Khaph
1871U+074FDD 8FݏSyriac Letter Sogdian Fe
1872U+0750DD 90ݐArabic Letter Beh With Three Dots Horizontally Below
1873U+0751DD 91ݑArabic Letter Beh With Dot Below And Three Dots Above
1874U+0752DD 92ݒArabic Letter Beh With Three Dots Pointing Upwards Below
1875U+0753DD 93ݓArabic Letter Beh With Three Dots Pointing Upwards Below And Two Dots Above
1876U+0754DD 94ݔArabic Letter Beh With Two Dots Below And Dot Above
1877U+0755DD 95ݕArabic Letter Beh With Inverted Small V Below
1878U+0756DD 96ݖArabic Letter Beh With Small V
1879U+0757DD 97ݗArabic Letter Hah With Two Dots Above
1880U+0758DD 98ݘArabic Letter Hah With Three Dots Pointing Upwards Below
1881U+0759DD 99ݙArabic Letter Dal With Two Dots Vertically Below And Small Tah
1882U+075ADD 9AݚArabic Letter Dal With Inverted Small V Below
1883U+075BDD 9BݛArabic Letter Reh With Stroke
1884U+075CDD 9CݜArabic Letter Seen With Four Dots Above
1885U+075DDD 9DݝArabic Letter Ain With Two Dots Above
1886U+075EDD 9EݞArabic Letter Ain With Three Dots Pointing Downwards Above
1887U+075FDD 9FݟArabic Letter Ain With Two Dots Vertically Above
1888U+0760DD A0ݠArabic Letter Feh With Two Dots Below
1889U+0761DD A1ݡArabic Letter Feh With Three Dots Pointing Upwards Below
1890U+0762DD A2ݢArabic Letter Keheh With Dot Above
1891U+0763DD A3ݣArabic Letter Keheh With Three Dots Above
1892U+0764DD A4ݤArabic Letter Keheh With Three Dots Pointing Upwards Below
1893U+0765DD A5ݥArabic Letter Meem With Dot Above
1894U+0766DD A6ݦArabic Letter Meem With Dot Below
1895U+0767DD A7ݧArabic Letter Noon With Two Dots Below
1896U+0768DD A8ݨArabic Letter Noon With Small Tah
1897U+0769DD A9ݩArabic Letter Noon With Small V
1898U+076ADD AAݪArabic Letter Lam With Bar
1899U+076BDD ABݫArabic Letter Reh With Two Dots Vertically Above
1900U+076CDD ACݬArabic Letter Reh With Hamza Above
1901U+076DDD ADݭArabic Letter Seen With Two Dots Vertically Above
1902U+076EDD AEݮArabic Letter Hah With Small Arabic Letter Tah Below
1903U+076FDD AFݯArabic Letter Hah With Small Arabic Letter Tah And Two Dots
1904U+0770DD B0ݰArabic Letter Seen With Small Arabic Letter Tah And Two Dots
1905U+0771DD B1ݱArabic Letter Reh With Small Arabic Letter Tah And Two Dots
1906U+0772DD B2ݲArabic Letter Hah With Small Arabic Letter Tah Above
1907U+0773DD B3ݳArabic Letter Alef With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Two Above
1908U+0774DD B4ݴArabic Letter Alef With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Three Above
1909U+0775DD B5ݵArabic Letter Farsi Yeh With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Two Above
1910U+0776DD B6ݶArabic Letter Farsi Yeh With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Three Above
1911U+0777DD B7ݷArabic Letter Farsi Yeh With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Four Below
1912U+0778DD B8ݸArabic Letter Waw With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Two Above
1913U+0779DD B9ݹArabic Letter Waw With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Three Above
1914U+077ADD BAݺArabic Letter Yeh Barree With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Two Above
1915U+077BDD BBݻArabic Letter Yeh Barree With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Three Above
1916U+077CDD BCݼArabic Letter Hah With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Four Below
1917U+077DDD BDݽArabic Letter Seen With Extended Arabic-indic Digit Four Above
1918U+077EDD BEݾArabic Letter Seen With Inverted V
1919U+077FDD BFݿArabic Letter Kaf With Two Dots Above
1920U+0780DE 80ހThaana Letter Haa
1921U+0781DE 81ށThaana Letter Shaviyani
1922U+0782DE 82ނThaana Letter Noonu
1923U+0783DE 83ރThaana Letter Raa
1924U+0784DE 84ބThaana Letter Baa
1925U+0785DE 85ޅThaana Letter Lhaviyani
1926U+0786DE 86ކThaana Letter Kaafu
1927U+0787DE 87އThaana Letter Alifu
1928U+0788DE 88ވThaana Letter Vaavu
1929U+0789DE 89މThaana Letter Meemu
1930U+078ADE 8AފThaana Letter Faafu
1931U+078BDE 8BދThaana Letter Dhaalu
1932U+078CDE 8CތThaana Letter Thaa
1933U+078DDE 8DލThaana Letter Laamu
1934U+078EDE 8EގThaana Letter Gaafu
1935U+078FDE 8FޏThaana Letter Gnaviyani
1936U+0790DE 90ސThaana Letter Seenu
1937U+0791DE 91ޑThaana Letter Daviyani
1938U+0792DE 92ޒThaana Letter Zaviyani
1939U+0793DE 93ޓThaana Letter Taviyani
1940U+0794DE 94ޔThaana Letter Yaa
1941U+0795DE 95ޕThaana Letter Paviyani
1942U+0796DE 96ޖThaana Letter Javiyani
1943U+0797DE 97ޗThaana Letter Chaviyani
1944U+0798DE 98ޘThaana Letter Ttaa
1945U+0799DE 99ޙThaana Letter Hhaa
1946U+079ADE 9AޚThaana Letter Khaa
1947U+079BDE 9BޛThaana Letter Thaalu
1948U+079CDE 9CޜThaana Letter Zaa
1949U+079DDE 9DޝThaana Letter Sheenu
1950U+079EDE 9EޞThaana Letter Saadhu
1951U+079FDE 9FޟThaana Letter Daadhu
1952U+07A0DE A0ޠThaana Letter To
1953U+07A1DE A1ޡThaana Letter Zo
1954U+07A2DE A2ޢThaana Letter Ainu
1955U+07A3DE A3ޣThaana Letter Ghainu
1956U+07A4DE A4ޤThaana Letter Qaafu
1957U+07A5DE A5ޥThaana Letter Waavu
1958U+07A6DE A6ަThaana Abafili
1959U+07A7DE A7ާThaana Aabaafili
1960U+07A8DE A8ިThaana Ibifili
1961U+07A9DE A9ީThaana Eebeefili
1962U+07AADE AAުThaana Ubufili
1963U+07ABDE ABޫThaana Ooboofili
1964U+07ACDE ACެThaana Ebefili
1965U+07ADDE ADޭThaana Eybeyfili
1966U+07AEDE AEޮThaana Obofili
1967U+07AFDE AFޯThaana Oaboafili
1968U+07B0DE B0ްThaana Sukun
1969U+07B1DE B1ޱThaana Letter Naa
1970U+07B2DE B2޲
1971U+07B3DE B3޳
1972U+07B4DE B4޴
1973U+07B5DE B5޵
1974U+07B6DE B6޶
1975U+07B7DE B7޷
1976U+07B8DE B8޸
1977U+07B9DE B9޹
1978U+07BADE BA޺
1979U+07BBDE BB޻
1980U+07BCDE BC޼
1981U+07BDDE BD޽
1982U+07BEDE BE޾
1983U+07BFDE BF޿
1984U+07C0DF 80߀Nko Digit Zero
1985U+07C1DF 81߁Nko Digit One
1986U+07C2DF 82߂Nko Digit Two
1987U+07C3DF 83߃Nko Digit Three
1988U+07C4DF 84߄Nko Digit Four
1989U+07C5DF 85߅Nko Digit Five
1990U+07C6DF 86߆Nko Digit Six
1991U+07C7DF 87߇Nko Digit Seven
1992U+07C8DF 88߈Nko Digit Eight
1993U+07C9DF 89߉Nko Digit Nine
1994U+07CADF 8AߊNko Letter A
1995U+07CBDF 8BߋNko Letter Ee
1996U+07CCDF 8CߌNko Letter I
1997U+07CDDF 8DߍNko Letter E
1998U+07CEDF 8EߎNko Letter U
1999U+07CFDF 8FߏNko Letter Oo

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