UTF-8 code page

Unicode UTF-8 - characters 0 (U+0000) to 999 (U+03E7)

UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8. UTF-8 is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters, one UTF-8 character uses 1 to 4 bytes.

This website lists the first 100,000 characters on 100 pages. Your browser and the fonts this website uses will not be able to display all characters properly. Hover over a character to enlarge.

Note 1: Some of the control characters in the 128-159 range are no longer in use and have been replaced in many fonts with characters from the Windows-1252 code page for better compatibility (for example the €-sign at U+0080).


HTML encoding

Use the decimal column if you would like to encode characters in HTML (&#[decnumber];).
Example: φ in your HTML source shows φ on the screen. Use the HTML special character converter to convert texts.

URL encoding

Use the hexadecimal column, and add a percent sign, for example: %40 corresponds to: @.

First 1,000 characters

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Dec Hex UTF-8 Hex Char Unicode description
0U+000000Control character: Null
1U+000101Control character: Start Of Heading
2U+000202Control character: Start Of Text
3U+000303Control character: End Of Text
4U+000404Control character: End Of Transmission
5U+000505Control character: Enquiry
6U+000606Control character: Acknowledge
7U+000707Control character: Bell
8U+000808Control character: Backspace
9U+000909Control character: Character Tabulation
10U+000A0AControl character: Line Feed (lf)
11U+000B0BControl character: Line Tabulation
12U+000C0CControl character: Form Feed (ff)
13U+000D0DControl character: Carriage Return (cr)
14U+000E0EControl character: Shift Out
15U+000F0FControl character: Shift In
16U+001010Control character: Data Link Escape
17U+001111Control character: Device Control One
18U+001212Control character: Device Control Two
19U+001313Control character: Device Control Three
20U+001414Control character: Device Control Four
21U+001515Control character: Negative Acknowledge
22U+001616Control character: Synchronous Idle
23U+001717Control character: End Of Transmission Block
24U+001818Control character: Cancel
25U+001919Control character: End Of Medium
26U+001A1AControl character: Substitute
27U+001B1BControl character: Escape
28U+001C1CControl character: Information Separator Four
29U+001D1DControl character: Information Separator Three
30U+001E1EControl character: Information Separator Two
31U+001F1FControl character: Information Separator One
32U+002020 Space
33U+002121!Exclamation Mark
34U+002222"Quotation Mark
35U+002323#Number Sign
36U+002424$Dollar Sign
37U+002525%Percent Sign
40U+002828(Left Parenthesis
41U+002929)Right Parenthesis
43U+002B2B+Plus Sign
46U+002E2E.Full Stop
48U+0030300Digit Zero
49U+0031311Digit One
50U+0032322Digit Two
51U+0033333Digit Three
52U+0034344Digit Four
53U+0035355Digit Five
54U+0036366Digit Six
55U+0037377Digit Seven
56U+0038388Digit Eight
57U+0039399Digit Nine
60U+003C3C<Less-than Sign
61U+003D3D=Equals Sign
62U+003E3E>Greater-than Sign
63U+003F3F?Question Mark
64U+004040@Commercial At
65U+004141ALatin Capital Letter A
66U+004242BLatin Capital Letter B
67U+004343CLatin Capital Letter C
68U+004444DLatin Capital Letter D
69U+004545ELatin Capital Letter E
70U+004646FLatin Capital Letter F
71U+004747GLatin Capital Letter G
72U+004848HLatin Capital Letter H
73U+004949ILatin Capital Letter I
74U+004A4AJLatin Capital Letter J
75U+004B4BKLatin Capital Letter K
76U+004C4CLLatin Capital Letter L
77U+004D4DMLatin Capital Letter M
78U+004E4ENLatin Capital Letter N
79U+004F4FOLatin Capital Letter O
80U+005050PLatin Capital Letter P
81U+005151QLatin Capital Letter Q
82U+005252RLatin Capital Letter R
83U+005353SLatin Capital Letter S
84U+005454TLatin Capital Letter T
85U+005555ULatin Capital Letter U
86U+005656VLatin Capital Letter V
87U+005757WLatin Capital Letter W
88U+005858XLatin Capital Letter X
89U+005959YLatin Capital Letter Y
90U+005A5AZLatin Capital Letter Z
91U+005B5B[Left Square Bracket
92U+005C5C\Reverse Solidus
93U+005D5D]Right Square Bracket
94U+005E5E^Circumflex Accent
95U+005F5F_Low Line
96U+006060`Grave Accent
97U+006161aLatin Small Letter A
98U+006262bLatin Small Letter B
99U+006363cLatin Small Letter C
100U+006464dLatin Small Letter D
101U+006565eLatin Small Letter E
102U+006666fLatin Small Letter F
103U+006767gLatin Small Letter G
104U+006868hLatin Small Letter H
105U+006969iLatin Small Letter I
106U+006A6AjLatin Small Letter J
107U+006B6BkLatin Small Letter K
108U+006C6ClLatin Small Letter L
109U+006D6DmLatin Small Letter M
110U+006E6EnLatin Small Letter N
111U+006F6FoLatin Small Letter O
112U+007070pLatin Small Letter P
113U+007171qLatin Small Letter Q
114U+007272rLatin Small Letter R
115U+007373sLatin Small Letter S
116U+007474tLatin Small Letter T
117U+007575uLatin Small Letter U
118U+007676vLatin Small Letter V
119U+007777wLatin Small Letter W
120U+007878xLatin Small Letter X
121U+007979yLatin Small Letter Y
122U+007A7AzLatin Small Letter Z
123U+007B7B{Left Curly Bracket
124U+007C7C|Vertical Line
125U+007D7D}Right Curly Bracket
127U+007F7FControl character: Delete
128U+0080C2 80Control Character or Euro Sign, See Note 1
129U+0081C2 81Control character: Unknown
130U+0082C2 82Control character: Break Permitted Here
131U+0083C2 83ƒControl character: No Break Here
132U+0084C2 84Control character: Unknown
133U+0085C2 85Control character: Next Line (nel)
134U+0086C2 86Control character: Start Of Selected Area
135U+0087C2 87Control character: End Of Selected Area
136U+0088C2 88ˆControl character: Character Tabulation Set
137U+0089C2 89Control character: Character Tabulation With Justification
138U+008AC2 8AŠControl character: Line Tabulation Set
139U+008BC2 8BControl character: Partial Line Forward
140U+008CC2 8CŒControl character: Partial Line Backward
141U+008DC2 8DControl character: Reverse Line Feed
142U+008EC2 8EŽControl character: Single Shift Two
143U+008FC2 8FControl character: Single Shift Three
144U+0090C2 90Control character: Device Control String
145U+0091C2 91Control character: Private Use One
146U+0092C2 92Control character: Private Use Two
147U+0093C2 93Control character: Set Transmit State
148U+0094C2 94Control character: Cancel Character
149U+0095C2 95Control character: Message Waiting
150U+0096C2 96Control character: Start Of Guarded Area
151U+0097C2 97Control character: End Of Guarded Area
152U+0098C2 98˜Control character: Start Of String
153U+0099C2 99Control character: Unknown
154U+009AC2 9AšControl character: Single Character Introducer
155U+009BC2 9BControl character: Control Sequence Introducer
156U+009CC2 9CœControl character: String Terminator
157U+009DC2 9DControl character: Operating System Command
158U+009EC2 9EžControl character: Privacy Message
159U+009FC2 9FŸControl character: Application Program Command
160U+00A0C2 A0 No-break Space
161U+00A1C2 A1¡Inverted Exclamation Mark
162U+00A2C2 A2¢Cent Sign
163U+00A3C2 A3£Pound Sign
164U+00A4C2 A4¤Currency Sign
165U+00A5C2 A5¥Yen Sign
166U+00A6C2 A6¦Broken Bar
167U+00A7C2 A7§Section Sign
168U+00A8C2 A8¨Diaeresis
169U+00A9C2 A9©Copyright Sign
170U+00AAC2 AAªFeminine Ordinal Indicator
171U+00ABC2 AB«Left-pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark
172U+00ACC2 AC¬Not Sign
173U+00ADC2 AD­Soft Hyphen
174U+00AEC2 AE®Registered Sign
175U+00AFC2 AF¯Macron
176U+00B0C2 B0°Degree Sign
177U+00B1C2 B1±Plus-minus Sign
178U+00B2C2 B2²Superscript Two
179U+00B3C2 B3³Superscript Three
180U+00B4C2 B4´Acute Accent
181U+00B5C2 B5µMicro Sign
182U+00B6C2 B6Pilcrow Sign
183U+00B7C2 B7·Middle Dot
184U+00B8C2 B8¸Cedilla
185U+00B9C2 B9¹Superscript One
186U+00BAC2 BAºMasculine Ordinal Indicator
187U+00BBC2 BB»Right-pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark
188U+00BCC2 BC¼Vulgar Fraction One Quarter
189U+00BDC2 BD½Vulgar Fraction One Half
190U+00BEC2 BE¾Vulgar Fraction Three Quarters
191U+00BFC2 BF¿Inverted Question Mark
192U+00C0C3 80ÀLatin Capital Letter A With Grave
193U+00C1C3 81ÁLatin Capital Letter A With Acute
194U+00C2C3 82ÂLatin Capital Letter A With Circumflex
195U+00C3C3 83ÃLatin Capital Letter A With Tilde
196U+00C4C3 84ÄLatin Capital Letter A With Diaeresis
197U+00C5C3 85ÅLatin Capital Letter A With Ring Above
198U+00C6C3 86ÆLatin Capital Letter Ae
199U+00C7C3 87ÇLatin Capital Letter C With Cedilla
200U+00C8C3 88ÈLatin Capital Letter E With Grave
201U+00C9C3 89ÉLatin Capital Letter E With Acute
202U+00CAC3 8AÊLatin Capital Letter E With Circumflex
203U+00CBC3 8BËLatin Capital Letter E With Diaeresis
204U+00CCC3 8CÌLatin Capital Letter I With Grave
205U+00CDC3 8DÍLatin Capital Letter I With Acute
206U+00CEC3 8EÎLatin Capital Letter I With Circumflex
207U+00CFC3 8FÏLatin Capital Letter I With Diaeresis
208U+00D0C3 90ÐLatin Capital Letter Eth
209U+00D1C3 91ÑLatin Capital Letter N With Tilde
210U+00D2C3 92ÒLatin Capital Letter O With Grave
211U+00D3C3 93ÓLatin Capital Letter O With Acute
212U+00D4C3 94ÔLatin Capital Letter O With Circumflex
213U+00D5C3 95ÕLatin Capital Letter O With Tilde
214U+00D6C3 96ÖLatin Capital Letter O With Diaeresis
215U+00D7C3 97×Multiplication Sign
216U+00D8C3 98ØLatin Capital Letter O With Stroke
217U+00D9C3 99ÙLatin Capital Letter U With Grave
218U+00DAC3 9AÚLatin Capital Letter U With Acute
219U+00DBC3 9BÛLatin Capital Letter U With Circumflex
220U+00DCC3 9CÜLatin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis
221U+00DDC3 9DÝLatin Capital Letter Y With Acute
222U+00DEC3 9EÞLatin Capital Letter Thorn
223U+00DFC3 9FßLatin Small Letter Sharp S
224U+00E0C3 A0àLatin Small Letter A With Grave
225U+00E1C3 A1áLatin Small Letter A With Acute
226U+00E2C3 A2âLatin Small Letter A With Circumflex
227U+00E3C3 A3ãLatin Small Letter A With Tilde
228U+00E4C3 A4äLatin Small Letter A With Diaeresis
229U+00E5C3 A5åLatin Small Letter A With Ring Above
230U+00E6C3 A6æLatin Small Letter Ae
231U+00E7C3 A7çLatin Small Letter C With Cedilla
232U+00E8C3 A8èLatin Small Letter E With Grave
233U+00E9C3 A9éLatin Small Letter E With Acute
234U+00EAC3 AAêLatin Small Letter E With Circumflex
235U+00EBC3 ABëLatin Small Letter E With Diaeresis
236U+00ECC3 ACìLatin Small Letter I With Grave
237U+00EDC3 ADíLatin Small Letter I With Acute
238U+00EEC3 AEîLatin Small Letter I With Circumflex
239U+00EFC3 AFïLatin Small Letter I With Diaeresis
240U+00F0C3 B0ðLatin Small Letter Eth
241U+00F1C3 B1ñLatin Small Letter N With Tilde
242U+00F2C3 B2òLatin Small Letter O With Grave
243U+00F3C3 B3óLatin Small Letter O With Acute
244U+00F4C3 B4ôLatin Small Letter O With Circumflex
245U+00F5C3 B5õLatin Small Letter O With Tilde
246U+00F6C3 B6öLatin Small Letter O With Diaeresis
247U+00F7C3 B7÷Division Sign
248U+00F8C3 B8øLatin Small Letter O With Stroke
249U+00F9C3 B9ùLatin Small Letter U With Grave
250U+00FAC3 BAúLatin Small Letter U With Acute
251U+00FBC3 BBûLatin Small Letter U With Circumflex
252U+00FCC3 BCüLatin Small Letter U With Diaeresis
253U+00FDC3 BDýLatin Small Letter Y With Acute
254U+00FEC3 BEþLatin Small Letter Thorn
255U+00FFC3 BFÿLatin Small Letter Y With Diaeresis
256U+0100C4 80ĀLatin Capital Letter A With Macron
257U+0101C4 81āLatin Small Letter A With Macron
258U+0102C4 82ĂLatin Capital Letter A With Breve
259U+0103C4 83ăLatin Small Letter A With Breve
260U+0104C4 84ĄLatin Capital Letter A With Ogonek
261U+0105C4 85ąLatin Small Letter A With Ogonek
262U+0106C4 86ĆLatin Capital Letter C With Acute
263U+0107C4 87ćLatin Small Letter C With Acute
264U+0108C4 88ĈLatin Capital Letter C With Circumflex
265U+0109C4 89ĉLatin Small Letter C With Circumflex
266U+010AC4 8AĊLatin Capital Letter C With Dot Above
267U+010BC4 8BċLatin Small Letter C With Dot Above
268U+010CC4 8CČLatin Capital Letter C With Caron
269U+010DC4 8DčLatin Small Letter C With Caron
270U+010EC4 8EĎLatin Capital Letter D With Caron
271U+010FC4 8FďLatin Small Letter D With Caron
272U+0110C4 90ĐLatin Capital Letter D With Stroke
273U+0111C4 91đLatin Small Letter D With Stroke
274U+0112C4 92ĒLatin Capital Letter E With Macron
275U+0113C4 93ēLatin Small Letter E With Macron
276U+0114C4 94ĔLatin Capital Letter E With Breve
277U+0115C4 95ĕLatin Small Letter E With Breve
278U+0116C4 96ĖLatin Capital Letter E With Dot Above
279U+0117C4 97ėLatin Small Letter E With Dot Above
280U+0118C4 98ĘLatin Capital Letter E With Ogonek
281U+0119C4 99ęLatin Small Letter E With Ogonek
282U+011AC4 9AĚLatin Capital Letter E With Caron
283U+011BC4 9BěLatin Small Letter E With Caron
284U+011CC4 9CĜLatin Capital Letter G With Circumflex
285U+011DC4 9DĝLatin Small Letter G With Circumflex
286U+011EC4 9EĞLatin Capital Letter G With Breve
287U+011FC4 9FğLatin Small Letter G With Breve
288U+0120C4 A0ĠLatin Capital Letter G With Dot Above
289U+0121C4 A1ġLatin Small Letter G With Dot Above
290U+0122C4 A2ĢLatin Capital Letter G With Cedilla
291U+0123C4 A3ģLatin Small Letter G With Cedilla
292U+0124C4 A4ĤLatin Capital Letter H With Circumflex
293U+0125C4 A5ĥLatin Small Letter H With Circumflex
294U+0126C4 A6ĦLatin Capital Letter H With Stroke
295U+0127C4 A7ħLatin Small Letter H With Stroke
296U+0128C4 A8ĨLatin Capital Letter I With Tilde
297U+0129C4 A9ĩLatin Small Letter I With Tilde
298U+012AC4 AAĪLatin Capital Letter I With Macron
299U+012BC4 ABīLatin Small Letter I With Macron
300U+012CC4 ACĬLatin Capital Letter I With Breve
301U+012DC4 ADĭLatin Small Letter I With Breve
302U+012EC4 AEĮLatin Capital Letter I With Ogonek
303U+012FC4 AFįLatin Small Letter I With Ogonek
304U+0130C4 B0İLatin Capital Letter I With Dot Above
305U+0131C4 B1ıLatin Small Letter Dotless I
306U+0132C4 B2IJLatin Capital Ligature Ij
307U+0133C4 B3ijLatin Small Ligature Ij
308U+0134C4 B4ĴLatin Capital Letter J With Circumflex
309U+0135C4 B5ĵLatin Small Letter J With Circumflex
310U+0136C4 B6ĶLatin Capital Letter K With Cedilla
311U+0137C4 B7ķLatin Small Letter K With Cedilla
312U+0138C4 B8ĸLatin Small Letter Kra
313U+0139C4 B9ĹLatin Capital Letter L With Acute
314U+013AC4 BAĺLatin Small Letter L With Acute
315U+013BC4 BBĻLatin Capital Letter L With Cedilla
316U+013CC4 BCļLatin Small Letter L With Cedilla
317U+013DC4 BDĽLatin Capital Letter L With Caron
318U+013EC4 BEľLatin Small Letter L With Caron
319U+013FC4 BFĿLatin Capital Letter L With Middle Dot
320U+0140C5 80ŀLatin Small Letter L With Middle Dot
321U+0141C5 81ŁLatin Capital Letter L With Stroke
322U+0142C5 82łLatin Small Letter L With Stroke
323U+0143C5 83ŃLatin Capital Letter N With Acute
324U+0144C5 84ńLatin Small Letter N With Acute
325U+0145C5 85ŅLatin Capital Letter N With Cedilla
326U+0146C5 86ņLatin Small Letter N With Cedilla
327U+0147C5 87ŇLatin Capital Letter N With Caron
328U+0148C5 88ňLatin Small Letter N With Caron
329U+0149C5 89ʼnLatin Small Letter N Preceded By Apostrophe
330U+014AC5 8AŊLatin Capital Letter Eng
331U+014BC5 8BŋLatin Small Letter Eng
332U+014CC5 8CŌLatin Capital Letter O With Macron
333U+014DC5 8DōLatin Small Letter O With Macron
334U+014EC5 8EŎLatin Capital Letter O With Breve
335U+014FC5 8FŏLatin Small Letter O With Breve
336U+0150C5 90ŐLatin Capital Letter O With Double Acute
337U+0151C5 91őLatin Small Letter O With Double Acute
338U+0152C5 92ŒLatin Capital Ligature Oe
339U+0153C5 93œLatin Small Ligature Oe
340U+0154C5 94ŔLatin Capital Letter R With Acute
341U+0155C5 95ŕLatin Small Letter R With Acute
342U+0156C5 96ŖLatin Capital Letter R With Cedilla
343U+0157C5 97ŗLatin Small Letter R With Cedilla
344U+0158C5 98ŘLatin Capital Letter R With Caron
345U+0159C5 99řLatin Small Letter R With Caron
346U+015AC5 9AŚLatin Capital Letter S With Acute
347U+015BC5 9BśLatin Small Letter S With Acute
348U+015CC5 9CŜLatin Capital Letter S With Circumflex
349U+015DC5 9DŝLatin Small Letter S With Circumflex
350U+015EC5 9EŞLatin Capital Letter S With Cedilla
351U+015FC5 9FşLatin Small Letter S With Cedilla
352U+0160C5 A0ŠLatin Capital Letter S With Caron
353U+0161C5 A1šLatin Small Letter S With Caron
354U+0162C5 A2ŢLatin Capital Letter T With Cedilla
355U+0163C5 A3ţLatin Small Letter T With Cedilla
356U+0164C5 A4ŤLatin Capital Letter T With Caron
357U+0165C5 A5ťLatin Small Letter T With Caron
358U+0166C5 A6ŦLatin Capital Letter T With Stroke
359U+0167C5 A7ŧLatin Small Letter T With Stroke
360U+0168C5 A8ŨLatin Capital Letter U With Tilde
361U+0169C5 A9ũLatin Small Letter U With Tilde
362U+016AC5 AAŪLatin Capital Letter U With Macron
363U+016BC5 ABūLatin Small Letter U With Macron
364U+016CC5 ACŬLatin Capital Letter U With Breve
365U+016DC5 ADŭLatin Small Letter U With Breve
366U+016EC5 AEŮLatin Capital Letter U With Ring Above
367U+016FC5 AFůLatin Small Letter U With Ring Above
368U+0170C5 B0ŰLatin Capital Letter U With Double Acute
369U+0171C5 B1űLatin Small Letter U With Double Acute
370U+0172C5 B2ŲLatin Capital Letter U With Ogonek
371U+0173C5 B3ųLatin Small Letter U With Ogonek
372U+0174C5 B4ŴLatin Capital Letter W With Circumflex
373U+0175C5 B5ŵLatin Small Letter W With Circumflex
374U+0176C5 B6ŶLatin Capital Letter Y With Circumflex
375U+0177C5 B7ŷLatin Small Letter Y With Circumflex
376U+0178C5 B8ŸLatin Capital Letter Y With Diaeresis
377U+0179C5 B9ŹLatin Capital Letter Z With Acute
378U+017AC5 BAźLatin Small Letter Z With Acute
379U+017BC5 BBŻLatin Capital Letter Z With Dot Above
380U+017CC5 BCżLatin Small Letter Z With Dot Above
381U+017DC5 BDŽLatin Capital Letter Z With Caron
382U+017EC5 BEžLatin Small Letter Z With Caron
383U+017FC5 BFſLatin Small Letter Long S
384U+0180C6 80ƀLatin Small Letter B With Stroke
385U+0181C6 81ƁLatin Capital Letter B With Hook
386U+0182C6 82ƂLatin Capital Letter B With Topbar
387U+0183C6 83ƃLatin Small Letter B With Topbar
388U+0184C6 84ƄLatin Capital Letter Tone Six
389U+0185C6 85ƅLatin Small Letter Tone Six
390U+0186C6 86ƆLatin Capital Letter Open O
391U+0187C6 87ƇLatin Capital Letter C With Hook
392U+0188C6 88ƈLatin Small Letter C With Hook
393U+0189C6 89ƉLatin Capital Letter African D
394U+018AC6 8AƊLatin Capital Letter D With Hook
395U+018BC6 8BƋLatin Capital Letter D With Topbar
396U+018CC6 8CƌLatin Small Letter D With Topbar
397U+018DC6 8DƍLatin Small Letter Turned Delta
398U+018EC6 8EƎLatin Capital Letter Reversed E
399U+018FC6 8FƏLatin Capital Letter Schwa
400U+0190C6 90ƐLatin Capital Letter Open E
401U+0191C6 91ƑLatin Capital Letter F With Hook
402U+0192C6 92ƒLatin Small Letter F With Hook
403U+0193C6 93ƓLatin Capital Letter G With Hook
404U+0194C6 94ƔLatin Capital Letter Gamma
405U+0195C6 95ƕLatin Small Letter Hv
406U+0196C6 96ƖLatin Capital Letter Iota
407U+0197C6 97ƗLatin Capital Letter I With Stroke
408U+0198C6 98ƘLatin Capital Letter K With Hook
409U+0199C6 99ƙLatin Small Letter K With Hook
410U+019AC6 9AƚLatin Small Letter L With Bar
411U+019BC6 9BƛLatin Small Letter Lambda With Stroke
412U+019CC6 9CƜLatin Capital Letter Turned M
413U+019DC6 9DƝLatin Capital Letter N With Left Hook
414U+019EC6 9EƞLatin Small Letter N With Long Right Leg
415U+019FC6 9FƟLatin Capital Letter O With Middle Tilde
416U+01A0C6 A0ƠLatin Capital Letter O With Horn
417U+01A1C6 A1ơLatin Small Letter O With Horn
418U+01A2C6 A2ƢLatin Capital Letter Oi
419U+01A3C6 A3ƣLatin Small Letter Oi
420U+01A4C6 A4ƤLatin Capital Letter P With Hook
421U+01A5C6 A5ƥLatin Small Letter P With Hook
422U+01A6C6 A6ƦLatin Letter Yr
423U+01A7C6 A7ƧLatin Capital Letter Tone Two
424U+01A8C6 A8ƨLatin Small Letter Tone Two
425U+01A9C6 A9ƩLatin Capital Letter Esh
426U+01AAC6 AAƪLatin Letter Reversed Esh Loop
427U+01ABC6 ABƫLatin Small Letter T With Palatal Hook
428U+01ACC6 ACƬLatin Capital Letter T With Hook
429U+01ADC6 ADƭLatin Small Letter T With Hook
430U+01AEC6 AEƮLatin Capital Letter T With Retroflex Hook
431U+01AFC6 AFƯLatin Capital Letter U With Horn
432U+01B0C6 B0ưLatin Small Letter U With Horn
433U+01B1C6 B1ƱLatin Capital Letter Upsilon
434U+01B2C6 B2ƲLatin Capital Letter V With Hook
435U+01B3C6 B3ƳLatin Capital Letter Y With Hook
436U+01B4C6 B4ƴLatin Small Letter Y With Hook
437U+01B5C6 B5ƵLatin Capital Letter Z With Stroke
438U+01B6C6 B6ƶLatin Small Letter Z With Stroke
439U+01B7C6 B7ƷLatin Capital Letter Ezh
440U+01B8C6 B8ƸLatin Capital Letter Ezh Reversed
441U+01B9C6 B9ƹLatin Small Letter Ezh Reversed
442U+01BAC6 BAƺLatin Small Letter Ezh With Tail
443U+01BBC6 BBƻLatin Letter Two With Stroke
444U+01BCC6 BCƼLatin Capital Letter Tone Five
445U+01BDC6 BDƽLatin Small Letter Tone Five
446U+01BEC6 BEƾLatin Letter Inverted Glottal Stop With Stroke
447U+01BFC6 BFƿLatin Letter Wynn
448U+01C0C7 80ǀLatin Letter Dental Click
449U+01C1C7 81ǁLatin Letter Lateral Click
450U+01C2C7 82ǂLatin Letter Alveolar Click
451U+01C3C7 83ǃLatin Letter Retroflex Click
452U+01C4C7 84DŽLatin Capital Letter Dz With Caron
453U+01C5C7 85DžLatin Capital Letter D With Small Letter Z With Caron
454U+01C6C7 86džLatin Small Letter Dz With Caron
455U+01C7C7 87LJLatin Capital Letter Lj
456U+01C8C7 88LjLatin Capital Letter L With Small Letter J
457U+01C9C7 89ljLatin Small Letter Lj
458U+01CAC7 8ANJLatin Capital Letter Nj
459U+01CBC7 8BNjLatin Capital Letter N With Small Letter J
460U+01CCC7 8CnjLatin Small Letter Nj
461U+01CDC7 8DǍLatin Capital Letter A With Caron
462U+01CEC7 8EǎLatin Small Letter A With Caron
463U+01CFC7 8FǏLatin Capital Letter I With Caron
464U+01D0C7 90ǐLatin Small Letter I With Caron
465U+01D1C7 91ǑLatin Capital Letter O With Caron
466U+01D2C7 92ǒLatin Small Letter O With Caron
467U+01D3C7 93ǓLatin Capital Letter U With Caron
468U+01D4C7 94ǔLatin Small Letter U With Caron
469U+01D5C7 95ǕLatin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis And Macron
470U+01D6C7 96ǖLatin Small Letter U With Diaeresis And Macron
471U+01D7C7 97ǗLatin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis And Acute
472U+01D8C7 98ǘLatin Small Letter U With Diaeresis And Acute
473U+01D9C7 99ǙLatin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis And Caron
474U+01DAC7 9AǚLatin Small Letter U With Diaeresis And Caron
475U+01DBC7 9BǛLatin Capital Letter U With Diaeresis And Grave
476U+01DCC7 9CǜLatin Small Letter U With Diaeresis And Grave
477U+01DDC7 9DǝLatin Small Letter Turned E
478U+01DEC7 9EǞLatin Capital Letter A With Diaeresis And Macron
479U+01DFC7 9FǟLatin Small Letter A With Diaeresis And Macron
480U+01E0C7 A0ǠLatin Capital Letter A With Dot Above And Macron
481U+01E1C7 A1ǡLatin Small Letter A With Dot Above And Macron
482U+01E2C7 A2ǢLatin Capital Letter Ae With Macron
483U+01E3C7 A3ǣLatin Small Letter Ae With Macron
484U+01E4C7 A4ǤLatin Capital Letter G With Stroke
485U+01E5C7 A5ǥLatin Small Letter G With Stroke
486U+01E6C7 A6ǦLatin Capital Letter G With Caron
487U+01E7C7 A7ǧLatin Small Letter G With Caron
488U+01E8C7 A8ǨLatin Capital Letter K With Caron
489U+01E9C7 A9ǩLatin Small Letter K With Caron
490U+01EAC7 AAǪLatin Capital Letter O With Ogonek
491U+01EBC7 ABǫLatin Small Letter O With Ogonek
492U+01ECC7 ACǬLatin Capital Letter O With Ogonek And Macron
493U+01EDC7 ADǭLatin Small Letter O With Ogonek And Macron
494U+01EEC7 AEǮLatin Capital Letter Ezh With Caron
495U+01EFC7 AFǯLatin Small Letter Ezh With Caron
496U+01F0C7 B0ǰLatin Small Letter J With Caron
497U+01F1C7 B1DZLatin Capital Letter Dz
498U+01F2C7 B2DzLatin Capital Letter D With Small Letter Z
499U+01F3C7 B3dzLatin Small Letter Dz
500U+01F4C7 B4ǴLatin Capital Letter G With Acute
501U+01F5C7 B5ǵLatin Small Letter G With Acute
502U+01F6C7 B6ǶLatin Capital Letter Hwair
503U+01F7C7 B7ǷLatin Capital Letter Wynn
504U+01F8C7 B8ǸLatin Capital Letter N With Grave
505U+01F9C7 B9ǹLatin Small Letter N With Grave
506U+01FAC7 BAǺLatin Capital Letter A With Ring Above And Acute
507U+01FBC7 BBǻLatin Small Letter A With Ring Above And Acute
508U+01FCC7 BCǼLatin Capital Letter Ae With Acute
509U+01FDC7 BDǽLatin Small Letter Ae With Acute
510U+01FEC7 BEǾLatin Capital Letter O With Stroke And Acute
511U+01FFC7 BFǿLatin Small Letter O With Stroke And Acute
512U+0200C8 80ȀLatin Capital Letter A With Double Grave
513U+0201C8 81ȁLatin Small Letter A With Double Grave
514U+0202C8 82ȂLatin Capital Letter A With Inverted Breve
515U+0203C8 83ȃLatin Small Letter A With Inverted Breve
516U+0204C8 84ȄLatin Capital Letter E With Double Grave
517U+0205C8 85ȅLatin Small Letter E With Double Grave
518U+0206C8 86ȆLatin Capital Letter E With Inverted Breve
519U+0207C8 87ȇLatin Small Letter E With Inverted Breve
520U+0208C8 88ȈLatin Capital Letter I With Double Grave
521U+0209C8 89ȉLatin Small Letter I With Double Grave
522U+020AC8 8AȊLatin Capital Letter I With Inverted Breve
523U+020BC8 8BȋLatin Small Letter I With Inverted Breve
524U+020CC8 8CȌLatin Capital Letter O With Double Grave
525U+020DC8 8DȍLatin Small Letter O With Double Grave
526U+020EC8 8EȎLatin Capital Letter O With Inverted Breve
527U+020FC8 8FȏLatin Small Letter O With Inverted Breve
528U+0210C8 90ȐLatin Capital Letter R With Double Grave
529U+0211C8 91ȑLatin Small Letter R With Double Grave
530U+0212C8 92ȒLatin Capital Letter R With Inverted Breve
531U+0213C8 93ȓLatin Small Letter R With Inverted Breve
532U+0214C8 94ȔLatin Capital Letter U With Double Grave
533U+0215C8 95ȕLatin Small Letter U With Double Grave
534U+0216C8 96ȖLatin Capital Letter U With Inverted Breve
535U+0217C8 97ȗLatin Small Letter U With Inverted Breve
536U+0218C8 98ȘLatin Capital Letter S With Comma Below
537U+0219C8 99șLatin Small Letter S With Comma Below
538U+021AC8 9AȚLatin Capital Letter T With Comma Below
539U+021BC8 9BțLatin Small Letter T With Comma Below
540U+021CC8 9CȜLatin Capital Letter Yogh
541U+021DC8 9DȝLatin Small Letter Yogh
542U+021EC8 9EȞLatin Capital Letter H With Caron
543U+021FC8 9FȟLatin Small Letter H With Caron
544U+0220C8 A0ȠLatin Capital Letter N With Long Right Leg
545U+0221C8 A1ȡLatin Small Letter D With Curl
546U+0222C8 A2ȢLatin Capital Letter Ou
547U+0223C8 A3ȣLatin Small Letter Ou
548U+0224C8 A4ȤLatin Capital Letter Z With Hook
549U+0225C8 A5ȥLatin Small Letter Z With Hook
550U+0226C8 A6ȦLatin Capital Letter A With Dot Above
551U+0227C8 A7ȧLatin Small Letter A With Dot Above
552U+0228C8 A8ȨLatin Capital Letter E With Cedilla
553U+0229C8 A9ȩLatin Small Letter E With Cedilla
554U+022AC8 AAȪLatin Capital Letter O With Diaeresis And Macron
555U+022BC8 ABȫLatin Small Letter O With Diaeresis And Macron
556U+022CC8 ACȬLatin Capital Letter O With Tilde And Macron
557U+022DC8 ADȭLatin Small Letter O With Tilde And Macron
558U+022EC8 AEȮLatin Capital Letter O With Dot Above
559U+022FC8 AFȯLatin Small Letter O With Dot Above
560U+0230C8 B0ȰLatin Capital Letter O With Dot Above And Macron
561U+0231C8 B1ȱLatin Small Letter O With Dot Above And Macron
562U+0232C8 B2ȲLatin Capital Letter Y With Macron
563U+0233C8 B3ȳLatin Small Letter Y With Macron
564U+0234C8 B4ȴLatin Small Letter L With Curl
565U+0235C8 B5ȵLatin Small Letter N With Curl
566U+0236C8 B6ȶLatin Small Letter T With Curl
567U+0237C8 B7ȷLatin Small Letter Dotless J
568U+0238C8 B8ȸLatin Small Letter Db Digraph
569U+0239C8 B9ȹLatin Small Letter Qp Digraph
570U+023AC8 BAȺLatin Capital Letter A With Stroke
571U+023BC8 BBȻLatin Capital Letter C With Stroke
572U+023CC8 BCȼLatin Small Letter C With Stroke
573U+023DC8 BDȽLatin Capital Letter L With Bar
574U+023EC8 BEȾLatin Capital Letter T With Diagonal Stroke
575U+023FC8 BFȿLatin Small Letter S With Swash Tail
576U+0240C9 80ɀLatin Small Letter Z With Swash Tail
577U+0241C9 81ɁLatin Capital Letter Glottal Stop
578U+0242C9 82ɂLatin Small Letter Glottal Stop
579U+0243C9 83ɃLatin Capital Letter B With Stroke
580U+0244C9 84ɄLatin Capital Letter U Bar
581U+0245C9 85ɅLatin Capital Letter Turned V
582U+0246C9 86ɆLatin Capital Letter E With Stroke
583U+0247C9 87ɇLatin Small Letter E With Stroke
584U+0248C9 88ɈLatin Capital Letter J With Stroke
585U+0249C9 89ɉLatin Small Letter J With Stroke
586U+024AC9 8AɊLatin Capital Letter Small Q With Hook Tail
587U+024BC9 8BɋLatin Small Letter Q With Hook Tail
588U+024CC9 8CɌLatin Capital Letter R With Stroke
589U+024DC9 8DɍLatin Small Letter R With Stroke
590U+024EC9 8EɎLatin Capital Letter Y With Stroke
591U+024FC9 8FɏLatin Small Letter Y With Stroke
592U+0250C9 90ɐLatin Small Letter Turned A
593U+0251C9 91ɑLatin Small Letter Alpha
594U+0252C9 92ɒLatin Small Letter Turned Alpha
595U+0253C9 93ɓLatin Small Letter B With Hook
596U+0254C9 94ɔLatin Small Letter Open O
597U+0255C9 95ɕLatin Small Letter C With Curl
598U+0256C9 96ɖLatin Small Letter D With Tail
599U+0257C9 97ɗLatin Small Letter D With Hook
600U+0258C9 98ɘLatin Small Letter Reversed E
601U+0259C9 99əLatin Small Letter Schwa
602U+025AC9 9AɚLatin Small Letter Schwa With Hook
603U+025BC9 9BɛLatin Small Letter Open E
604U+025CC9 9CɜLatin Small Letter Reversed Open E
605U+025DC9 9DɝLatin Small Letter Reversed Open E With Hook
606U+025EC9 9EɞLatin Small Letter Closed Reversed Open E
607U+025FC9 9FɟLatin Small Letter Dotless J With Stroke
608U+0260C9 A0ɠLatin Small Letter G With Hook
609U+0261C9 A1ɡLatin Small Letter Script G
610U+0262C9 A2ɢLatin Letter Small Capital G
611U+0263C9 A3ɣLatin Small Letter Gamma
612U+0264C9 A4ɤLatin Small Letter Rams Horn
613U+0265C9 A5ɥLatin Small Letter Turned H
614U+0266C9 A6ɦLatin Small Letter H With Hook
615U+0267C9 A7ɧLatin Small Letter Heng With Hook
616U+0268C9 A8ɨLatin Small Letter I With Stroke
617U+0269C9 A9ɩLatin Small Letter Iota
618U+026AC9 AAɪLatin Letter Small Capital I
619U+026BC9 ABɫLatin Small Letter L With Middle Tilde
620U+026CC9 ACɬLatin Small Letter L With Belt
621U+026DC9 ADɭLatin Small Letter L With Retroflex Hook
622U+026EC9 AEɮLatin Small Letter Lezh
623U+026FC9 AFɯLatin Small Letter Turned M
624U+0270C9 B0ɰLatin Small Letter Turned M With Long Leg
625U+0271C9 B1ɱLatin Small Letter M With Hook
626U+0272C9 B2ɲLatin Small Letter N With Left Hook
627U+0273C9 B3ɳLatin Small Letter N With Retroflex Hook
628U+0274C9 B4ɴLatin Letter Small Capital N
629U+0275C9 B5ɵLatin Small Letter Barred O
630U+0276C9 B6ɶLatin Letter Small Capital Oe
631U+0277C9 B7ɷLatin Small Letter Closed Omega
632U+0278C9 B8ɸLatin Small Letter Phi
633U+0279C9 B9ɹLatin Small Letter Turned R
634U+027AC9 BAɺLatin Small Letter Turned R With Long Leg
635U+027BC9 BBɻLatin Small Letter Turned R With Hook
636U+027CC9 BCɼLatin Small Letter R With Long Leg
637U+027DC9 BDɽLatin Small Letter R With Tail
638U+027EC9 BEɾLatin Small Letter R With Fishhook
639U+027FC9 BFɿLatin Small Letter Reversed R With Fishhook
640U+0280CA 80ʀLatin Letter Small Capital R
641U+0281CA 81ʁLatin Letter Small Capital Inverted R
642U+0282CA 82ʂLatin Small Letter S With Hook
643U+0283CA 83ʃLatin Small Letter Esh
644U+0284CA 84ʄLatin Small Letter Dotless J With Stroke And Hook
645U+0285CA 85ʅLatin Small Letter Squat Reversed Esh
646U+0286CA 86ʆLatin Small Letter Esh With Curl
647U+0287CA 87ʇLatin Small Letter Turned T
648U+0288CA 88ʈLatin Small Letter T With Retroflex Hook
649U+0289CA 89ʉLatin Small Letter U Bar
650U+028ACA 8AʊLatin Small Letter Upsilon
651U+028BCA 8BʋLatin Small Letter V With Hook
652U+028CCA 8CʌLatin Small Letter Turned V
653U+028DCA 8DʍLatin Small Letter Turned W
654U+028ECA 8EʎLatin Small Letter Turned Y
655U+028FCA 8FʏLatin Letter Small Capital Y
656U+0290CA 90ʐLatin Small Letter Z With Retroflex Hook
657U+0291CA 91ʑLatin Small Letter Z With Curl
658U+0292CA 92ʒLatin Small Letter Ezh
659U+0293CA 93ʓLatin Small Letter Ezh With Curl
660U+0294CA 94ʔLatin Letter Glottal Stop
661U+0295CA 95ʕLatin Letter Pharyngeal Voiced Fricative
662U+0296CA 96ʖLatin Letter Inverted Glottal Stop
663U+0297CA 97ʗLatin Letter Stretched C
664U+0298CA 98ʘLatin Letter Bilabial Click
665U+0299CA 99ʙLatin Letter Small Capital B
666U+029ACA 9AʚLatin Small Letter Closed Open E
667U+029BCA 9BʛLatin Letter Small Capital G With Hook
668U+029CCA 9CʜLatin Letter Small Capital H
669U+029DCA 9DʝLatin Small Letter J With Crossed-tail
670U+029ECA 9EʞLatin Small Letter Turned K
671U+029FCA 9FʟLatin Letter Small Capital L
672U+02A0CA A0ʠLatin Small Letter Q With Hook
673U+02A1CA A1ʡLatin Letter Glottal Stop With Stroke
674U+02A2CA A2ʢLatin Letter Reversed Glottal Stop With Stroke
675U+02A3CA A3ʣLatin Small Letter Dz Digraph
676U+02A4CA A4ʤLatin Small Letter Dezh Digraph
677U+02A5CA A5ʥLatin Small Letter Dz Digraph With Curl
678U+02A6CA A6ʦLatin Small Letter Ts Digraph
679U+02A7CA A7ʧLatin Small Letter Tesh Digraph
680U+02A8CA A8ʨLatin Small Letter Tc Digraph With Curl
681U+02A9CA A9ʩLatin Small Letter Feng Digraph
682U+02AACA AAʪLatin Small Letter Ls Digraph
683U+02ABCA ABʫLatin Small Letter Lz Digraph
684U+02ACCA ACʬLatin Letter Bilabial Percussive
685U+02ADCA ADʭLatin Letter Bidental Percussive
686U+02AECA AEʮLatin Small Letter Turned H With Fishhook
687U+02AFCA AFʯLatin Small Letter Turned H With Fishhook And Tail
688U+02B0CA B0ʰModifier Letter Small H
689U+02B1CA B1ʱModifier Letter Small H With Hook
690U+02B2CA B2ʲModifier Letter Small J
691U+02B3CA B3ʳModifier Letter Small R
692U+02B4CA B4ʴModifier Letter Small Turned R
693U+02B5CA B5ʵModifier Letter Small Turned R With Hook
694U+02B6CA B6ʶModifier Letter Small Capital Inverted R
695U+02B7CA B7ʷModifier Letter Small W
696U+02B8CA B8ʸModifier Letter Small Y
697U+02B9CA B9ʹModifier Letter Prime
698U+02BACA BAʺModifier Letter Double Prime
699U+02BBCA BBʻModifier Letter Turned Comma
700U+02BCCA BCʼModifier Letter Apostrophe
701U+02BDCA BDʽModifier Letter Reversed Comma
702U+02BECA BEʾModifier Letter Right Half Ring
703U+02BFCA BFʿModifier Letter Left Half Ring
704U+02C0CB 80ˀModifier Letter Glottal Stop
705U+02C1CB 81ˁModifier Letter Reversed Glottal Stop
706U+02C2CB 82˂Modifier Letter Left Arrowhead
707U+02C3CB 83˃Modifier Letter Right Arrowhead
708U+02C4CB 84˄Modifier Letter Up Arrowhead
709U+02C5CB 85˅Modifier Letter Down Arrowhead
710U+02C6CB 86ˆModifier Letter Circumflex Accent
711U+02C7CB 87ˇCaron
712U+02C8CB 88ˈModifier Letter Vertical Line
713U+02C9CB 89ˉModifier Letter Macron
714U+02CACB 8AˊModifier Letter Acute Accent
715U+02CBCB 8BˋModifier Letter Grave Accent
716U+02CCCB 8CˌModifier Letter Low Vertical Line
717U+02CDCB 8DˍModifier Letter Low Macron
718U+02CECB 8EˎModifier Letter Low Grave Accent
719U+02CFCB 8FˏModifier Letter Low Acute Accent
720U+02D0CB 90ːModifier Letter Triangular Colon
721U+02D1CB 91ˑModifier Letter Half Triangular Colon
722U+02D2CB 92˒Modifier Letter Centred Right Half Ring
723U+02D3CB 93˓Modifier Letter Centred Left Half Ring
724U+02D4CB 94˔Modifier Letter Up Tack
725U+02D5CB 95˕Modifier Letter Down Tack
726U+02D6CB 96˖Modifier Letter Plus Sign
727U+02D7CB 97˗Modifier Letter Minus Sign
728U+02D8CB 98˘Breve
729U+02D9CB 99˙Dot Above
730U+02DACB 9A˚Ring Above
731U+02DBCB 9B˛Ogonek
732U+02DCCB 9C˜Small Tilde
733U+02DDCB 9D˝Double Acute Accent
734U+02DECB 9E˞Modifier Letter Rhotic Hook
735U+02DFCB 9F˟Modifier Letter Cross Accent
736U+02E0CB A0ˠModifier Letter Small Gamma
737U+02E1CB A1ˡModifier Letter Small L
738U+02E2CB A2ˢModifier Letter Small S
739U+02E3CB A3ˣModifier Letter Small X
740U+02E4CB A4ˤModifier Letter Small Reversed Glottal Stop
741U+02E5CB A5˥Modifier Letter Extra-high Tone Bar
742U+02E6CB A6˦Modifier Letter High Tone Bar
743U+02E7CB A7˧Modifier Letter Mid Tone Bar
744U+02E8CB A8˨Modifier Letter Low Tone Bar
745U+02E9CB A9˩Modifier Letter Extra-low Tone Bar
746U+02EACB AA˪Modifier Letter Yin Departing Tone Mark
747U+02EBCB AB˫Modifier Letter Yang Departing Tone Mark
748U+02ECCB ACˬModifier Letter Voicing
749U+02EDCB AD˭Modifier Letter Unaspirated
750U+02EECB AEˮModifier Letter Double Apostrophe
751U+02EFCB AF˯Modifier Letter Low Down Arrowhead
752U+02F0CB B0˰Modifier Letter Low Up Arrowhead
753U+02F1CB B1˱Modifier Letter Low Left Arrowhead
754U+02F2CB B2˲Modifier Letter Low Right Arrowhead
755U+02F3CB B3˳Modifier Letter Low Ring
756U+02F4CB B4˴Modifier Letter Middle Grave Accent
757U+02F5CB B5˵Modifier Letter Middle Double Grave Accent
758U+02F6CB B6˶Modifier Letter Middle Double Acute Accent
759U+02F7CB B7˷Modifier Letter Low Tilde
760U+02F8CB B8˸Modifier Letter Raised Colon
761U+02F9CB B9˹Modifier Letter Begin High Tone
762U+02FACB BA˺Modifier Letter End High Tone
763U+02FBCB BB˻Modifier Letter Begin Low Tone
764U+02FCCB BC˼Modifier Letter End Low Tone
765U+02FDCB BD˽Modifier Letter Shelf
766U+02FECB BE˾Modifier Letter Open Shelf
767U+02FFCB BF˿Modifier Letter Low Left Arrow
768U+0300CC 80̀Combining Grave Accent
769U+0301CC 81́Combining Acute Accent
770U+0302CC 82̂Combining Circumflex Accent
771U+0303CC 83̃Combining Tilde
772U+0304CC 84̄Combining Macron
773U+0305CC 85̅Combining Overline
774U+0306CC 86̆Combining Breve
775U+0307CC 87̇Combining Dot Above
776U+0308CC 88̈Combining Diaeresis
777U+0309CC 89̉Combining Hook Above
778U+030ACC 8ÅCombining Ring Above
779U+030BCC 8B̋Combining Double Acute Accent
780U+030CCC 8ČCombining Caron
781U+030DCC 8D̍Combining Vertical Line Above
782U+030ECC 8E̎Combining Double Vertical Line Above
783U+030FCC 8F̏Combining Double Grave Accent
784U+0310CC 90̐Combining Candrabindu
785U+0311CC 91̑Combining Inverted Breve
786U+0312CC 92̒Combining Turned Comma Above
787U+0313CC 93̓Combining Comma Above
788U+0314CC 94̔Combining Reversed Comma Above
789U+0315CC 95̕Combining Comma Above Right
790U+0316CC 96̖Combining Grave Accent Below
791U+0317CC 97̗Combining Acute Accent Below
792U+0318CC 98̘Combining Left Tack Below
793U+0319CC 99̙Combining Right Tack Below
794U+031ACC 9A̚Combining Left Angle Above
795U+031BCC 9B̛Combining Horn
796U+031CCC 9C̜Combining Left Half Ring Below
797U+031DCC 9D̝Combining Up Tack Below
798U+031ECC 9E̞Combining Down Tack Below
799U+031FCC 9F̟Combining Plus Sign Below
800U+0320CC A0̠Combining Minus Sign Below
801U+0321CC A1̡Combining Palatalized Hook Below
802U+0322CC A2̢Combining Retroflex Hook Below
803U+0323CC A3̣Combining Dot Below
804U+0324CC A4̤Combining Diaeresis Below
805U+0325CC A5̥Combining Ring Below
806U+0326CC A6̦Combining Comma Below
807U+0327CC A7̧Combining Cedilla
808U+0328CC A8̨Combining Ogonek
809U+0329CC A9̩Combining Vertical Line Below
810U+032ACC AA̪Combining Bridge Below
811U+032BCC AB̫Combining Inverted Double Arch Below
812U+032CCC AC̬Combining Caron Below
813U+032DCC AḒCombining Circumflex Accent Below
814U+032ECC AE̮Combining Breve Below
815U+032FCC AF̯Combining Inverted Breve Below
816U+0330CC B0̰Combining Tilde Below
817U+0331CC B1̱Combining Macron Below
818U+0332CC B2̲Combining Low Line
819U+0333CC B3̳Combining Double Low Line
820U+0334CC B4̴Combining Tilde Overlay
821U+0335CC B5̵Combining Short Stroke Overlay
822U+0336CC B6̶Combining Long Stroke Overlay
823U+0337CC B7̷Combining Short Solidus Overlay
824U+0338CC B8̸Combining Long Solidus Overlay
825U+0339CC B9̹Combining Right Half Ring Below
826U+033ACC BA̺Combining Inverted Bridge Below
827U+033BCC BB̻Combining Square Below
828U+033CCC BC̼Combining Seagull Below
829U+033DCC BD̽Combining X Above
830U+033ECC BE̾Combining Vertical Tilde
831U+033FCC BF̿Combining Double Overline
832U+0340CD 80̀Combining Grave Tone Mark
833U+0341CD 81́Combining Acute Tone Mark
834U+0342CD 82͂Combining Greek Perispomeni
835U+0343CD 83̓Combining Greek Koronis
836U+0344CD 84̈́Combining Greek Dialytika Tonos
837U+0345CD 85ͅCombining Greek Ypogegrammeni
838U+0346CD 86͆Combining Bridge Above
839U+0347CD 87͇Combining Equals Sign Below
840U+0348CD 88͈Combining Double Vertical Line Below
841U+0349CD 89͉Combining Left Angle Below
842U+034ACD 8A͊Combining Not Tilde Above
843U+034BCD 8B͋Combining Homothetic Above
844U+034CCD 8C͌Combining Almost Equal To Above
845U+034DCD 8D͍Combining Left Right Arrow Below
846U+034ECD 8E͎Combining Upwards Arrow Below
847U+034FCD 8F͏Combining Grapheme Joiner
848U+0350CD 90͐Combining Right Arrowhead Above
849U+0351CD 91͑Combining Left Half Ring Above
850U+0352CD 92͒Combining Fermata
851U+0353CD 93͓Combining X Below
852U+0354CD 94͔Combining Left Arrowhead Below
853U+0355CD 95͕Combining Right Arrowhead Below
854U+0356CD 96͖Combining Right Arrowhead And Up Arrowhead Below
855U+0357CD 97͗Combining Right Half Ring Above
856U+0358CD 98͘Combining Dot Above Right
857U+0359CD 99͙Combining Asterisk Below
858U+035ACD 9A͚Combining Double Ring Below
859U+035BCD 9B͛Combining Zigzag Above
860U+035CCD 9C͜Combining Double Breve Below
861U+035DCD 9D͝Combining Double Breve
862U+035ECD 9E͞Combining Double Macron
863U+035FCD 9F͟Combining Double Macron Below
864U+0360CD A0͠Combining Double Tilde
865U+0361CD A1͡Combining Double Inverted Breve
866U+0362CD A2͢Combining Double Rightwards Arrow Below
867U+0363CD A3ͣCombining Latin Small Letter A
868U+0364CD A4ͤCombining Latin Small Letter E
869U+0365CD A5ͥCombining Latin Small Letter I
870U+0366CD A6ͦCombining Latin Small Letter O
871U+0367CD A7ͧCombining Latin Small Letter U
872U+0368CD A8ͨCombining Latin Small Letter C
873U+0369CD A9ͩCombining Latin Small Letter D
874U+036ACD AAͪCombining Latin Small Letter H
875U+036BCD ABͫCombining Latin Small Letter M
876U+036CCD ACͬCombining Latin Small Letter R
877U+036DCD ADͭCombining Latin Small Letter T
878U+036ECD AEͮCombining Latin Small Letter V
879U+036FCD AFͯCombining Latin Small Letter X
880U+0370CD B0ͰGreek Capital Letter Heta
881U+0371CD B1ͱGreek Small Letter Heta
882U+0372CD B2ͲGreek Capital Letter Archaic Sampi
883U+0373CD B3ͳGreek Small Letter Archaic Sampi
884U+0374CD B4ʹGreek Numeral Sign
885U+0375CD B5͵Greek Lower Numeral Sign
886U+0376CD B6ͶGreek Capital Letter Pamphylian Digamma
887U+0377CD B7ͷGreek Small Letter Pamphylian Digamma
888U+0378CD B8͸
889U+0379CD B9͹
890U+037ACD BAͺGreek Ypogegrammeni
891U+037BCD BBͻGreek Small Reversed Lunate Sigma Symbol
892U+037CCD BCͼGreek Small Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol
893U+037DCD BDͽGreek Small Reversed Dotted Lunate Sigma Symbol
894U+037ECD BE;Greek Question Mark
895U+037FCD BFͿGreek Capital Letter Yot
896U+0380CE 80΀
897U+0381CE 81΁
898U+0382CE 82΂
899U+0383CE 83΃
900U+0384CE 84΄Greek Tonos
901U+0385CE 85΅Greek Dialytika Tonos
902U+0386CE 86ΆGreek Capital Letter Alpha With Tonos
903U+0387CE 87·Greek Ano Teleia
904U+0388CE 88ΈGreek Capital Letter Epsilon With Tonos
905U+0389CE 89ΉGreek Capital Letter Eta With Tonos
906U+038ACE 8AΊGreek Capital Letter Iota With Tonos
907U+038BCE 8B΋
908U+038CCE 8CΌGreek Capital Letter Omicron With Tonos
909U+038DCE 8D΍
910U+038ECE 8EΎGreek Capital Letter Upsilon With Tonos
911U+038FCE 8FΏGreek Capital Letter Omega With Tonos
912U+0390CE 90ΐGreek Small Letter Iota With Dialytika And Tonos
913U+0391CE 91ΑGreek Capital Letter Alpha
914U+0392CE 92ΒGreek Capital Letter Beta
915U+0393CE 93ΓGreek Capital Letter Gamma
916U+0394CE 94ΔGreek Capital Letter Delta
917U+0395CE 95ΕGreek Capital Letter Epsilon
918U+0396CE 96ΖGreek Capital Letter Zeta
919U+0397CE 97ΗGreek Capital Letter Eta
920U+0398CE 98ΘGreek Capital Letter Theta
921U+0399CE 99ΙGreek Capital Letter Iota
922U+039ACE 9AΚGreek Capital Letter Kappa
923U+039BCE 9BΛGreek Capital Letter Lamda
924U+039CCE 9CΜGreek Capital Letter Mu
925U+039DCE 9DΝGreek Capital Letter Nu
926U+039ECE 9EΞGreek Capital Letter Xi
927U+039FCE 9FΟGreek Capital Letter Omicron
928U+03A0CE A0ΠGreek Capital Letter Pi
929U+03A1CE A1ΡGreek Capital Letter Rho
930U+03A2CE A2΢
931U+03A3CE A3ΣGreek Capital Letter Sigma
932U+03A4CE A4ΤGreek Capital Letter Tau
933U+03A5CE A5ΥGreek Capital Letter Upsilon
934U+03A6CE A6ΦGreek Capital Letter Phi
935U+03A7CE A7ΧGreek Capital Letter Chi
936U+03A8CE A8ΨGreek Capital Letter Psi
937U+03A9CE A9ΩGreek Capital Letter Omega
938U+03AACE AAΪGreek Capital Letter Iota With Dialytika
939U+03ABCE ABΫGreek Capital Letter Upsilon With Dialytika
940U+03ACCE ACάGreek Small Letter Alpha With Tonos
941U+03ADCE ADέGreek Small Letter Epsilon With Tonos
942U+03AECE AEήGreek Small Letter Eta With Tonos
943U+03AFCE AFίGreek Small Letter Iota With Tonos
944U+03B0CE B0ΰGreek Small Letter Upsilon With Dialytika And Tonos
945U+03B1CE B1αGreek Small Letter Alpha
946U+03B2CE B2βGreek Small Letter Beta
947U+03B3CE B3γGreek Small Letter Gamma
948U+03B4CE B4δGreek Small Letter Delta
949U+03B5CE B5εGreek Small Letter Epsilon
950U+03B6CE B6ζGreek Small Letter Zeta
951U+03B7CE B7ηGreek Small Letter Eta
952U+03B8CE B8θGreek Small Letter Theta
953U+03B9CE B9ιGreek Small Letter Iota
954U+03BACE BAκGreek Small Letter Kappa
955U+03BBCE BBλGreek Small Letter Lamda
956U+03BCCE BCμGreek Small Letter Mu
957U+03BDCE BDνGreek Small Letter Nu
958U+03BECE BEξGreek Small Letter Xi
959U+03BFCE BFοGreek Small Letter Omicron
960U+03C0CF 80πGreek Small Letter Pi
961U+03C1CF 81ρGreek Small Letter Rho
962U+03C2CF 82ςGreek Small Letter Final Sigma
963U+03C3CF 83σGreek Small Letter Sigma
964U+03C4CF 84τGreek Small Letter Tau
965U+03C5CF 85υGreek Small Letter Upsilon
966U+03C6CF 86φGreek Small Letter Phi
967U+03C7CF 87χGreek Small Letter Chi
968U+03C8CF 88ψGreek Small Letter Psi
969U+03C9CF 89ωGreek Small Letter Omega
970U+03CACF 8AϊGreek Small Letter Iota With Dialytika
971U+03CBCF 8BϋGreek Small Letter Upsilon With Dialytika
972U+03CCCF 8CόGreek Small Letter Omicron With Tonos
973U+03CDCF 8DύGreek Small Letter Upsilon With Tonos
974U+03CECF 8EώGreek Small Letter Omega With Tonos
975U+03CFCF 8FϏGreek Capital Kai Symbol
976U+03D0CF 90ϐGreek Beta Symbol
977U+03D1CF 91ϑGreek Theta Symbol
978U+03D2CF 92ϒGreek Upsilon With Hook Symbol
979U+03D3CF 93ϓGreek Upsilon With Acute And Hook Symbol
980U+03D4CF 94ϔGreek Upsilon With Diaeresis And Hook Symbol
981U+03D5CF 95ϕGreek Phi Symbol
982U+03D6CF 96ϖGreek Pi Symbol
983U+03D7CF 97ϗGreek Kai Symbol
984U+03D8CF 98ϘGreek Letter Archaic Koppa
985U+03D9CF 99ϙGreek Small Letter Archaic Koppa
986U+03DACF 9AϚGreek Letter Stigma
987U+03DBCF 9BϛGreek Small Letter Stigma
988U+03DCCF 9CϜGreek Letter Digamma
989U+03DDCF 9DϝGreek Small Letter Digamma
990U+03DECF 9EϞGreek Letter Koppa
991U+03DFCF 9FϟGreek Small Letter Koppa
992U+03E0CF A0ϠGreek Letter Sampi
993U+03E1CF A1ϡGreek Small Letter Sampi
994U+03E2CF A2ϢCoptic Capital Letter Shei
995U+03E3CF A3ϣCoptic Small Letter Shei
996U+03E4CF A4ϤCoptic Capital Letter Fei
997U+03E5CF A5ϥCoptic Small Letter Fei
998U+03E6CF A6ϦCoptic Capital Letter Khei
999U+03E7CF A7ϧCoptic Small Letter Khei

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