UTF-8 code page (#42)

Unicode UTF-8 - characters 41000 (U+A028) to 41999 (U+A40F)

UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8. UTF-8 is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters, one UTF-8 character uses 1 to 4 bytes.

This website lists the first 100,000 characters on 100 pages. Your browser and the fonts this website uses will not be able to display all characters properly. Hover over a character to enlarge.

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Dec Hex UTF-8 Hex Char Unicode description
41000U+A028EA 80 A8Yi Syllable Bop
41001U+A029EA 80 A9Yi Syllable Bex
41002U+A02AEA 80 AAYi Syllable Be
41003U+A02BEA 80 ABYi Syllable Bep
41004U+A02CEA 80 ACYi Syllable But
41005U+A02DEA 80 ADYi Syllable Bux
41006U+A02EEA 80 AEYi Syllable Bu
41007U+A02FEA 80 AFYi Syllable Bup
41008U+A030EA 80 B0Yi Syllable Burx
41009U+A031EA 80 B1Yi Syllable Bur
41010U+A032EA 80 B2Yi Syllable Byt
41011U+A033EA 80 B3Yi Syllable Byx
41012U+A034EA 80 B4Yi Syllable By
41013U+A035EA 80 B5Yi Syllable Byp
41014U+A036EA 80 B6Yi Syllable Byrx
41015U+A037EA 80 B7Yi Syllable Byr
41016U+A038EA 80 B8Yi Syllable Pit
41017U+A039EA 80 B9Yi Syllable Pix
41018U+A03AEA 80 BAYi Syllable Pi
41019U+A03BEA 80 BBYi Syllable Pip
41020U+A03CEA 80 BCYi Syllable Piex
41021U+A03DEA 80 BDYi Syllable Pie
41022U+A03EEA 80 BEYi Syllable Piep
41023U+A03FEA 80 BFYi Syllable Pat
41024U+A040EA 81 80Yi Syllable Pax
41025U+A041EA 81 81Yi Syllable Pa
41026U+A042EA 81 82Yi Syllable Pap
41027U+A043EA 81 83Yi Syllable Puox
41028U+A044EA 81 84Yi Syllable Puo
41029U+A045EA 81 85Yi Syllable Puop
41030U+A046EA 81 86Yi Syllable Pot
41031U+A047EA 81 87Yi Syllable Pox
41032U+A048EA 81 88Yi Syllable Po
41033U+A049EA 81 89Yi Syllable Pop
41034U+A04AEA 81 8AYi Syllable Put
41035U+A04BEA 81 8BYi Syllable Pux
41036U+A04CEA 81 8CYi Syllable Pu
41037U+A04DEA 81 8DYi Syllable Pup
41038U+A04EEA 81 8EYi Syllable Purx
41039U+A04FEA 81 8FYi Syllable Pur
41040U+A050EA 81 90Yi Syllable Pyt
41041U+A051EA 81 91Yi Syllable Pyx
41042U+A052EA 81 92Yi Syllable Py
41043U+A053EA 81 93Yi Syllable Pyp
41044U+A054EA 81 94Yi Syllable Pyrx
41045U+A055EA 81 95Yi Syllable Pyr
41046U+A056EA 81 96Yi Syllable Bbit
41047U+A057EA 81 97Yi Syllable Bbix
41048U+A058EA 81 98Yi Syllable Bbi
41049U+A059EA 81 99Yi Syllable Bbip
41050U+A05AEA 81 9AYi Syllable Bbiet
41051U+A05BEA 81 9BYi Syllable Bbiex
41052U+A05CEA 81 9CYi Syllable Bbie
41053U+A05DEA 81 9DYi Syllable Bbiep
41054U+A05EEA 81 9EYi Syllable Bbat
41055U+A05FEA 81 9FYi Syllable Bbax
41056U+A060EA 81 A0Yi Syllable Bba
41057U+A061EA 81 A1Yi Syllable Bbap
41058U+A062EA 81 A2Yi Syllable Bbuox
41059U+A063EA 81 A3Yi Syllable Bbuo
41060U+A064EA 81 A4Yi Syllable Bbuop
41061U+A065EA 81 A5Yi Syllable Bbot
41062U+A066EA 81 A6Yi Syllable Bbox
41063U+A067EA 81 A7Yi Syllable Bbo
41064U+A068EA 81 A8Yi Syllable Bbop
41065U+A069EA 81 A9Yi Syllable Bbex
41066U+A06AEA 81 AAYi Syllable Bbe
41067U+A06BEA 81 ABYi Syllable Bbep
41068U+A06CEA 81 ACYi Syllable Bbut
41069U+A06DEA 81 ADYi Syllable Bbux
41070U+A06EEA 81 AEYi Syllable Bbu
41071U+A06FEA 81 AFYi Syllable Bbup
41072U+A070EA 81 B0Yi Syllable Bburx
41073U+A071EA 81 B1Yi Syllable Bbur
41074U+A072EA 81 B2Yi Syllable Bbyt
41075U+A073EA 81 B3Yi Syllable Bbyx
41076U+A074EA 81 B4Yi Syllable Bby
41077U+A075EA 81 B5Yi Syllable Bbyp
41078U+A076EA 81 B6Yi Syllable Nbit
41079U+A077EA 81 B7Yi Syllable Nbix
41080U+A078EA 81 B8Yi Syllable Nbi
41081U+A079EA 81 B9Yi Syllable Nbip
41082U+A07AEA 81 BAYi Syllable Nbiex
41083U+A07BEA 81 BBYi Syllable Nbie
41084U+A07CEA 81 BCYi Syllable Nbiep
41085U+A07DEA 81 BDYi Syllable Nbat
41086U+A07EEA 81 BEYi Syllable Nbax
41087U+A07FEA 81 BFYi Syllable Nba
41088U+A080EA 82 80Yi Syllable Nbap
41089U+A081EA 82 81Yi Syllable Nbot
41090U+A082EA 82 82Yi Syllable Nbox
41091U+A083EA 82 83Yi Syllable Nbo
41092U+A084EA 82 84Yi Syllable Nbop
41093U+A085EA 82 85Yi Syllable Nbut
41094U+A086EA 82 86Yi Syllable Nbux
41095U+A087EA 82 87Yi Syllable Nbu
41096U+A088EA 82 88Yi Syllable Nbup
41097U+A089EA 82 89Yi Syllable Nburx
41098U+A08AEA 82 8AYi Syllable Nbur
41099U+A08BEA 82 8BYi Syllable Nbyt
41100U+A08CEA 82 8CYi Syllable Nbyx
41101U+A08DEA 82 8DYi Syllable Nby
41102U+A08EEA 82 8EYi Syllable Nbyp
41103U+A08FEA 82 8FYi Syllable Nbyrx
41104U+A090EA 82 90Yi Syllable Nbyr
41105U+A091EA 82 91Yi Syllable Hmit
41106U+A092EA 82 92Yi Syllable Hmix
41107U+A093EA 82 93Yi Syllable Hmi
41108U+A094EA 82 94Yi Syllable Hmip
41109U+A095EA 82 95Yi Syllable Hmiex
41110U+A096EA 82 96Yi Syllable Hmie
41111U+A097EA 82 97Yi Syllable Hmiep
41112U+A098EA 82 98Yi Syllable Hmat
41113U+A099EA 82 99Yi Syllable Hmax
41114U+A09AEA 82 9AYi Syllable Hma
41115U+A09BEA 82 9BYi Syllable Hmap
41116U+A09CEA 82 9CYi Syllable Hmuox
41117U+A09DEA 82 9DYi Syllable Hmuo
41118U+A09EEA 82 9EYi Syllable Hmuop
41119U+A09FEA 82 9FYi Syllable Hmot
41120U+A0A0EA 82 A0Yi Syllable Hmox
41121U+A0A1EA 82 A1Yi Syllable Hmo
41122U+A0A2EA 82 A2Yi Syllable Hmop
41123U+A0A3EA 82 A3Yi Syllable Hmut
41124U+A0A4EA 82 A4Yi Syllable Hmux
41125U+A0A5EA 82 A5Yi Syllable Hmu
41126U+A0A6EA 82 A6Yi Syllable Hmup
41127U+A0A7EA 82 A7Yi Syllable Hmurx
41128U+A0A8EA 82 A8Yi Syllable Hmur
41129U+A0A9EA 82 A9Yi Syllable Hmyx
41130U+A0AAEA 82 AAYi Syllable Hmy
41131U+A0ABEA 82 ABYi Syllable Hmyp
41132U+A0ACEA 82 ACYi Syllable Hmyrx
41133U+A0ADEA 82 ADYi Syllable Hmyr
41134U+A0AEEA 82 AEYi Syllable Mit
41135U+A0AFEA 82 AFYi Syllable Mix
41136U+A0B0EA 82 B0Yi Syllable Mi
41137U+A0B1EA 82 B1Yi Syllable Mip
41138U+A0B2EA 82 B2Yi Syllable Miex
41139U+A0B3EA 82 B3Yi Syllable Mie
41140U+A0B4EA 82 B4Yi Syllable Miep
41141U+A0B5EA 82 B5Yi Syllable Mat
41142U+A0B6EA 82 B6Yi Syllable Max
41143U+A0B7EA 82 B7Yi Syllable Ma
41144U+A0B8EA 82 B8Yi Syllable Map
41145U+A0B9EA 82 B9Yi Syllable Muot
41146U+A0BAEA 82 BAYi Syllable Muox
41147U+A0BBEA 82 BBYi Syllable Muo
41148U+A0BCEA 82 BCYi Syllable Muop
41149U+A0BDEA 82 BDYi Syllable Mot
41150U+A0BEEA 82 BEYi Syllable Mox
41151U+A0BFEA 82 BFYi Syllable Mo
41152U+A0C0EA 83 80Yi Syllable Mop
41153U+A0C1EA 83 81Yi Syllable Mex
41154U+A0C2EA 83 82Yi Syllable Me
41155U+A0C3EA 83 83Yi Syllable Mut
41156U+A0C4EA 83 84Yi Syllable Mux
41157U+A0C5EA 83 85Yi Syllable Mu
41158U+A0C6EA 83 86Yi Syllable Mup
41159U+A0C7EA 83 87Yi Syllable Murx
41160U+A0C8EA 83 88Yi Syllable Mur
41161U+A0C9EA 83 89Yi Syllable Myt
41162U+A0CAEA 83 8AYi Syllable Myx
41163U+A0CBEA 83 8BYi Syllable My
41164U+A0CCEA 83 8CYi Syllable Myp
41165U+A0CDEA 83 8DYi Syllable Fit
41166U+A0CEEA 83 8EYi Syllable Fix
41167U+A0CFEA 83 8FYi Syllable Fi
41168U+A0D0EA 83 90Yi Syllable Fip
41169U+A0D1EA 83 91Yi Syllable Fat
41170U+A0D2EA 83 92Yi Syllable Fax
41171U+A0D3EA 83 93Yi Syllable Fa
41172U+A0D4EA 83 94Yi Syllable Fap
41173U+A0D5EA 83 95Yi Syllable Fox
41174U+A0D6EA 83 96Yi Syllable Fo
41175U+A0D7EA 83 97Yi Syllable Fop
41176U+A0D8EA 83 98Yi Syllable Fut
41177U+A0D9EA 83 99Yi Syllable Fux
41178U+A0DAEA 83 9AYi Syllable Fu
41179U+A0DBEA 83 9BYi Syllable Fup
41180U+A0DCEA 83 9CYi Syllable Furx
41181U+A0DDEA 83 9DYi Syllable Fur
41182U+A0DEEA 83 9EYi Syllable Fyt
41183U+A0DFEA 83 9FYi Syllable Fyx
41184U+A0E0EA 83 A0Yi Syllable Fy
41185U+A0E1EA 83 A1Yi Syllable Fyp
41186U+A0E2EA 83 A2Yi Syllable Vit
41187U+A0E3EA 83 A3Yi Syllable Vix
41188U+A0E4EA 83 A4Yi Syllable Vi
41189U+A0E5EA 83 A5Yi Syllable Vip
41190U+A0E6EA 83 A6Yi Syllable Viet
41191U+A0E7EA 83 A7Yi Syllable Viex
41192U+A0E8EA 83 A8Yi Syllable Vie
41193U+A0E9EA 83 A9Yi Syllable Viep
41194U+A0EAEA 83 AAYi Syllable Vat
41195U+A0EBEA 83 ABYi Syllable Vax
41196U+A0ECEA 83 ACYi Syllable Va
41197U+A0EDEA 83 ADYi Syllable Vap
41198U+A0EEEA 83 AEYi Syllable Vot
41199U+A0EFEA 83 AFYi Syllable Vox
41200U+A0F0EA 83 B0Yi Syllable Vo
41201U+A0F1EA 83 B1Yi Syllable Vop
41202U+A0F2EA 83 B2Yi Syllable Vex
41203U+A0F3EA 83 B3Yi Syllable Vep
41204U+A0F4EA 83 B4Yi Syllable Vut
41205U+A0F5EA 83 B5Yi Syllable Vux
41206U+A0F6EA 83 B6Yi Syllable Vu
41207U+A0F7EA 83 B7Yi Syllable Vup
41208U+A0F8EA 83 B8Yi Syllable Vurx
41209U+A0F9EA 83 B9Yi Syllable Vur
41210U+A0FAEA 83 BAYi Syllable Vyt
41211U+A0FBEA 83 BBYi Syllable Vyx
41212U+A0FCEA 83 BCYi Syllable Vy
41213U+A0FDEA 83 BDYi Syllable Vyp
41214U+A0FEEA 83 BEYi Syllable Vyrx
41215U+A0FFEA 83 BFYi Syllable Vyr
41216U+A100EA 84 80Yi Syllable Dit
41217U+A101EA 84 81Yi Syllable Dix
41218U+A102EA 84 82Yi Syllable Di
41219U+A103EA 84 83Yi Syllable Dip
41220U+A104EA 84 84Yi Syllable Diex
41221U+A105EA 84 85Yi Syllable Die
41222U+A106EA 84 86Yi Syllable Diep
41223U+A107EA 84 87Yi Syllable Dat
41224U+A108EA 84 88Yi Syllable Dax
41225U+A109EA 84 89Yi Syllable Da
41226U+A10AEA 84 8AYi Syllable Dap
41227U+A10BEA 84 8BYi Syllable Duox
41228U+A10CEA 84 8CYi Syllable Duo
41229U+A10DEA 84 8DYi Syllable Dot
41230U+A10EEA 84 8EYi Syllable Dox
41231U+A10FEA 84 8FYi Syllable Do
41232U+A110EA 84 90Yi Syllable Dop
41233U+A111EA 84 91Yi Syllable Dex
41234U+A112EA 84 92Yi Syllable De
41235U+A113EA 84 93Yi Syllable Dep
41236U+A114EA 84 94Yi Syllable Dut
41237U+A115EA 84 95Yi Syllable Dux
41238U+A116EA 84 96Yi Syllable Du
41239U+A117EA 84 97Yi Syllable Dup
41240U+A118EA 84 98Yi Syllable Durx
41241U+A119EA 84 99Yi Syllable Dur
41242U+A11AEA 84 9AYi Syllable Tit
41243U+A11BEA 84 9BYi Syllable Tix
41244U+A11CEA 84 9CYi Syllable Ti
41245U+A11DEA 84 9DYi Syllable Tip
41246U+A11EEA 84 9EYi Syllable Tiex
41247U+A11FEA 84 9FYi Syllable Tie
41248U+A120EA 84 A0Yi Syllable Tiep
41249U+A121EA 84 A1Yi Syllable Tat
41250U+A122EA 84 A2Yi Syllable Tax
41251U+A123EA 84 A3Yi Syllable Ta
41252U+A124EA 84 A4Yi Syllable Tap
41253U+A125EA 84 A5Yi Syllable Tuot
41254U+A126EA 84 A6Yi Syllable Tuox
41255U+A127EA 84 A7Yi Syllable Tuo
41256U+A128EA 84 A8Yi Syllable Tuop
41257U+A129EA 84 A9Yi Syllable Tot
41258U+A12AEA 84 AAYi Syllable Tox
41259U+A12BEA 84 ABYi Syllable To
41260U+A12CEA 84 ACYi Syllable Top
41261U+A12DEA 84 ADYi Syllable Tex
41262U+A12EEA 84 AEYi Syllable Te
41263U+A12FEA 84 AFYi Syllable Tep
41264U+A130EA 84 B0Yi Syllable Tut
41265U+A131EA 84 B1Yi Syllable Tux
41266U+A132EA 84 B2Yi Syllable Tu
41267U+A133EA 84 B3Yi Syllable Tup
41268U+A134EA 84 B4Yi Syllable Turx
41269U+A135EA 84 B5Yi Syllable Tur
41270U+A136EA 84 B6Yi Syllable Ddit
41271U+A137EA 84 B7Yi Syllable Ddix
41272U+A138EA 84 B8Yi Syllable Ddi
41273U+A139EA 84 B9Yi Syllable Ddip
41274U+A13AEA 84 BAYi Syllable Ddiex
41275U+A13BEA 84 BBYi Syllable Ddie
41276U+A13CEA 84 BCYi Syllable Ddiep
41277U+A13DEA 84 BDYi Syllable Ddat
41278U+A13EEA 84 BEYi Syllable Ddax
41279U+A13FEA 84 BFYi Syllable Dda
41280U+A140EA 85 80Yi Syllable Ddap
41281U+A141EA 85 81Yi Syllable Dduox
41282U+A142EA 85 82Yi Syllable Dduo
41283U+A143EA 85 83Yi Syllable Dduop
41284U+A144EA 85 84Yi Syllable Ddot
41285U+A145EA 85 85Yi Syllable Ddox
41286U+A146EA 85 86Yi Syllable Ddo
41287U+A147EA 85 87Yi Syllable Ddop
41288U+A148EA 85 88Yi Syllable Ddex
41289U+A149EA 85 89Yi Syllable Dde
41290U+A14AEA 85 8AYi Syllable Ddep
41291U+A14BEA 85 8BYi Syllable Ddut
41292U+A14CEA 85 8CYi Syllable Ddux
41293U+A14DEA 85 8DYi Syllable Ddu
41294U+A14EEA 85 8EYi Syllable Ddup
41295U+A14FEA 85 8FYi Syllable Ddurx
41296U+A150EA 85 90Yi Syllable Ddur
41297U+A151EA 85 91Yi Syllable Ndit
41298U+A152EA 85 92Yi Syllable Ndix
41299U+A153EA 85 93Yi Syllable Ndi
41300U+A154EA 85 94Yi Syllable Ndip
41301U+A155EA 85 95Yi Syllable Ndiex
41302U+A156EA 85 96Yi Syllable Ndie
41303U+A157EA 85 97Yi Syllable Ndat
41304U+A158EA 85 98Yi Syllable Ndax
41305U+A159EA 85 99Yi Syllable Nda
41306U+A15AEA 85 9AYi Syllable Ndap
41307U+A15BEA 85 9BYi Syllable Ndot
41308U+A15CEA 85 9CYi Syllable Ndox
41309U+A15DEA 85 9DYi Syllable Ndo
41310U+A15EEA 85 9EYi Syllable Ndop
41311U+A15FEA 85 9FYi Syllable Ndex
41312U+A160EA 85 A0Yi Syllable Nde
41313U+A161EA 85 A1Yi Syllable Ndep
41314U+A162EA 85 A2Yi Syllable Ndut
41315U+A163EA 85 A3Yi Syllable Ndux
41316U+A164EA 85 A4Yi Syllable Ndu
41317U+A165EA 85 A5Yi Syllable Ndup
41318U+A166EA 85 A6Yi Syllable Ndurx
41319U+A167EA 85 A7Yi Syllable Ndur
41320U+A168EA 85 A8Yi Syllable Hnit
41321U+A169EA 85 A9Yi Syllable Hnix
41322U+A16AEA 85 AAYi Syllable Hni
41323U+A16BEA 85 ABYi Syllable Hnip
41324U+A16CEA 85 ACYi Syllable Hniet
41325U+A16DEA 85 ADYi Syllable Hniex
41326U+A16EEA 85 AEYi Syllable Hnie
41327U+A16FEA 85 AFYi Syllable Hniep
41328U+A170EA 85 B0Yi Syllable Hnat
41329U+A171EA 85 B1Yi Syllable Hnax
41330U+A172EA 85 B2Yi Syllable Hna
41331U+A173EA 85 B3Yi Syllable Hnap
41332U+A174EA 85 B4Yi Syllable Hnuox
41333U+A175EA 85 B5Yi Syllable Hnuo
41334U+A176EA 85 B6Yi Syllable Hnot
41335U+A177EA 85 B7Yi Syllable Hnox
41336U+A178EA 85 B8Yi Syllable Hnop
41337U+A179EA 85 B9Yi Syllable Hnex
41338U+A17AEA 85 BAYi Syllable Hne
41339U+A17BEA 85 BBYi Syllable Hnep
41340U+A17CEA 85 BCYi Syllable Hnut
41341U+A17DEA 85 BDYi Syllable Nit
41342U+A17EEA 85 BEYi Syllable Nix
41343U+A17FEA 85 BFYi Syllable Ni
41344U+A180EA 86 80Yi Syllable Nip
41345U+A181EA 86 81Yi Syllable Niex
41346U+A182EA 86 82Yi Syllable Nie
41347U+A183EA 86 83Yi Syllable Niep
41348U+A184EA 86 84Yi Syllable Nax
41349U+A185EA 86 85Yi Syllable Na
41350U+A186EA 86 86Yi Syllable Nap
41351U+A187EA 86 87Yi Syllable Nuox
41352U+A188EA 86 88Yi Syllable Nuo
41353U+A189EA 86 89Yi Syllable Nuop
41354U+A18AEA 86 8AYi Syllable Not
41355U+A18BEA 86 8BYi Syllable Nox
41356U+A18CEA 86 8CYi Syllable No
41357U+A18DEA 86 8DYi Syllable Nop
41358U+A18EEA 86 8EYi Syllable Nex
41359U+A18FEA 86 8FYi Syllable Ne
41360U+A190EA 86 90Yi Syllable Nep
41361U+A191EA 86 91Yi Syllable Nut
41362U+A192EA 86 92Yi Syllable Nux
41363U+A193EA 86 93Yi Syllable Nu
41364U+A194EA 86 94Yi Syllable Nup
41365U+A195EA 86 95Yi Syllable Nurx
41366U+A196EA 86 96Yi Syllable Nur
41367U+A197EA 86 97Yi Syllable Hlit
41368U+A198EA 86 98Yi Syllable Hlix
41369U+A199EA 86 99Yi Syllable Hli
41370U+A19AEA 86 9AYi Syllable Hlip
41371U+A19BEA 86 9BYi Syllable Hliex
41372U+A19CEA 86 9CYi Syllable Hlie
41373U+A19DEA 86 9DYi Syllable Hliep
41374U+A19EEA 86 9EYi Syllable Hlat
41375U+A19FEA 86 9FYi Syllable Hlax
41376U+A1A0EA 86 A0Yi Syllable Hla
41377U+A1A1EA 86 A1Yi Syllable Hlap
41378U+A1A2EA 86 A2Yi Syllable Hluox
41379U+A1A3EA 86 A3Yi Syllable Hluo
41380U+A1A4EA 86 A4Yi Syllable Hluop
41381U+A1A5EA 86 A5Yi Syllable Hlox
41382U+A1A6EA 86 A6Yi Syllable Hlo
41383U+A1A7EA 86 A7Yi Syllable Hlop
41384U+A1A8EA 86 A8Yi Syllable Hlex
41385U+A1A9EA 86 A9Yi Syllable Hle
41386U+A1AAEA 86 AAYi Syllable Hlep
41387U+A1ABEA 86 ABYi Syllable Hlut
41388U+A1ACEA 86 ACYi Syllable Hlux
41389U+A1ADEA 86 ADYi Syllable Hlu
41390U+A1AEEA 86 AEYi Syllable Hlup
41391U+A1AFEA 86 AFYi Syllable Hlurx
41392U+A1B0EA 86 B0Yi Syllable Hlur
41393U+A1B1EA 86 B1Yi Syllable Hlyt
41394U+A1B2EA 86 B2Yi Syllable Hlyx
41395U+A1B3EA 86 B3Yi Syllable Hly
41396U+A1B4EA 86 B4Yi Syllable Hlyp
41397U+A1B5EA 86 B5Yi Syllable Hlyrx
41398U+A1B6EA 86 B6Yi Syllable Hlyr
41399U+A1B7EA 86 B7Yi Syllable Lit
41400U+A1B8EA 86 B8Yi Syllable Lix
41401U+A1B9EA 86 B9Yi Syllable Li
41402U+A1BAEA 86 BAYi Syllable Lip
41403U+A1BBEA 86 BBYi Syllable Liet
41404U+A1BCEA 86 BCYi Syllable Liex
41405U+A1BDEA 86 BDYi Syllable Lie
41406U+A1BEEA 86 BEYi Syllable Liep
41407U+A1BFEA 86 BFYi Syllable Lat
41408U+A1C0EA 87 80Yi Syllable Lax
41409U+A1C1EA 87 81Yi Syllable La
41410U+A1C2EA 87 82Yi Syllable Lap
41411U+A1C3EA 87 83Yi Syllable Luot
41412U+A1C4EA 87 84Yi Syllable Luox
41413U+A1C5EA 87 85Yi Syllable Luo
41414U+A1C6EA 87 86Yi Syllable Luop
41415U+A1C7EA 87 87Yi Syllable Lot
41416U+A1C8EA 87 88Yi Syllable Lox
41417U+A1C9EA 87 89Yi Syllable Lo
41418U+A1CAEA 87 8AYi Syllable Lop
41419U+A1CBEA 87 8BYi Syllable Lex
41420U+A1CCEA 87 8CYi Syllable Le
41421U+A1CDEA 87 8DYi Syllable Lep
41422U+A1CEEA 87 8EYi Syllable Lut
41423U+A1CFEA 87 8FYi Syllable Lux
41424U+A1D0EA 87 90Yi Syllable Lu
41425U+A1D1EA 87 91Yi Syllable Lup
41426U+A1D2EA 87 92Yi Syllable Lurx
41427U+A1D3EA 87 93Yi Syllable Lur
41428U+A1D4EA 87 94Yi Syllable Lyt
41429U+A1D5EA 87 95Yi Syllable Lyx
41430U+A1D6EA 87 96Yi Syllable Ly
41431U+A1D7EA 87 97Yi Syllable Lyp
41432U+A1D8EA 87 98Yi Syllable Lyrx
41433U+A1D9EA 87 99Yi Syllable Lyr
41434U+A1DAEA 87 9AYi Syllable Git
41435U+A1DBEA 87 9BYi Syllable Gix
41436U+A1DCEA 87 9CYi Syllable Gi
41437U+A1DDEA 87 9DYi Syllable Gip
41438U+A1DEEA 87 9EYi Syllable Giet
41439U+A1DFEA 87 9FYi Syllable Giex
41440U+A1E0EA 87 A0Yi Syllable Gie
41441U+A1E1EA 87 A1Yi Syllable Giep
41442U+A1E2EA 87 A2Yi Syllable Gat
41443U+A1E3EA 87 A3Yi Syllable Gax
41444U+A1E4EA 87 A4Yi Syllable Ga
41445U+A1E5EA 87 A5Yi Syllable Gap
41446U+A1E6EA 87 A6Yi Syllable Guot
41447U+A1E7EA 87 A7Yi Syllable Guox
41448U+A1E8EA 87 A8Yi Syllable Guo
41449U+A1E9EA 87 A9Yi Syllable Guop
41450U+A1EAEA 87 AAYi Syllable Got
41451U+A1EBEA 87 ABYi Syllable Gox
41452U+A1ECEA 87 ACYi Syllable Go
41453U+A1EDEA 87 ADYi Syllable Gop
41454U+A1EEEA 87 AEYi Syllable Get
41455U+A1EFEA 87 AFYi Syllable Gex
41456U+A1F0EA 87 B0Yi Syllable Ge
41457U+A1F1EA 87 B1Yi Syllable Gep
41458U+A1F2EA 87 B2Yi Syllable Gut
41459U+A1F3EA 87 B3Yi Syllable Gux
41460U+A1F4EA 87 B4Yi Syllable Gu
41461U+A1F5EA 87 B5Yi Syllable Gup
41462U+A1F6EA 87 B6Yi Syllable Gurx
41463U+A1F7EA 87 B7Yi Syllable Gur
41464U+A1F8EA 87 B8Yi Syllable Kit
41465U+A1F9EA 87 B9Yi Syllable Kix
41466U+A1FAEA 87 BAYi Syllable Ki
41467U+A1FBEA 87 BBYi Syllable Kip
41468U+A1FCEA 87 BCYi Syllable Kiex
41469U+A1FDEA 87 BDYi Syllable Kie
41470U+A1FEEA 87 BEYi Syllable Kiep
41471U+A1FFEA 87 BFYi Syllable Kat
41472U+A200EA 88 80Yi Syllable Kax
41473U+A201EA 88 81Yi Syllable Ka
41474U+A202EA 88 82Yi Syllable Kap
41475U+A203EA 88 83Yi Syllable Kuox
41476U+A204EA 88 84Yi Syllable Kuo
41477U+A205EA 88 85Yi Syllable Kuop
41478U+A206EA 88 86Yi Syllable Kot
41479U+A207EA 88 87Yi Syllable Kox
41480U+A208EA 88 88Yi Syllable Ko
41481U+A209EA 88 89Yi Syllable Kop
41482U+A20AEA 88 8AYi Syllable Ket
41483U+A20BEA 88 8BYi Syllable Kex
41484U+A20CEA 88 8CYi Syllable Ke
41485U+A20DEA 88 8DYi Syllable Kep
41486U+A20EEA 88 8EYi Syllable Kut
41487U+A20FEA 88 8FYi Syllable Kux
41488U+A210EA 88 90Yi Syllable Ku
41489U+A211EA 88 91Yi Syllable Kup
41490U+A212EA 88 92Yi Syllable Kurx
41491U+A213EA 88 93Yi Syllable Kur
41492U+A214EA 88 94Yi Syllable Ggit
41493U+A215EA 88 95Yi Syllable Ggix
41494U+A216EA 88 96Yi Syllable Ggi
41495U+A217EA 88 97Yi Syllable Ggiex
41496U+A218EA 88 98Yi Syllable Ggie
41497U+A219EA 88 99Yi Syllable Ggiep
41498U+A21AEA 88 9AYi Syllable Ggat
41499U+A21BEA 88 9BYi Syllable Ggax
41500U+A21CEA 88 9CYi Syllable Gga
41501U+A21DEA 88 9DYi Syllable Ggap
41502U+A21EEA 88 9EYi Syllable Gguot
41503U+A21FEA 88 9FYi Syllable Gguox
41504U+A220EA 88 A0Yi Syllable Gguo
41505U+A221EA 88 A1Yi Syllable Gguop
41506U+A222EA 88 A2Yi Syllable Ggot
41507U+A223EA 88 A3Yi Syllable Ggox
41508U+A224EA 88 A4Yi Syllable Ggo
41509U+A225EA 88 A5Yi Syllable Ggop
41510U+A226EA 88 A6Yi Syllable Gget
41511U+A227EA 88 A7Yi Syllable Ggex
41512U+A228EA 88 A8Yi Syllable Gge
41513U+A229EA 88 A9Yi Syllable Ggep
41514U+A22AEA 88 AAYi Syllable Ggut
41515U+A22BEA 88 ABYi Syllable Ggux
41516U+A22CEA 88 ACYi Syllable Ggu
41517U+A22DEA 88 ADYi Syllable Ggup
41518U+A22EEA 88 AEYi Syllable Ggurx
41519U+A22FEA 88 AFYi Syllable Ggur
41520U+A230EA 88 B0Yi Syllable Mgiex
41521U+A231EA 88 B1Yi Syllable Mgie
41522U+A232EA 88 B2Yi Syllable Mgat
41523U+A233EA 88 B3Yi Syllable Mgax
41524U+A234EA 88 B4Yi Syllable Mga
41525U+A235EA 88 B5Yi Syllable Mgap
41526U+A236EA 88 B6Yi Syllable Mguox
41527U+A237EA 88 B7Yi Syllable Mguo
41528U+A238EA 88 B8Yi Syllable Mguop
41529U+A239EA 88 B9Yi Syllable Mgot
41530U+A23AEA 88 BAYi Syllable Mgox
41531U+A23BEA 88 BBYi Syllable Mgo
41532U+A23CEA 88 BCYi Syllable Mgop
41533U+A23DEA 88 BDYi Syllable Mgex
41534U+A23EEA 88 BEYi Syllable Mge
41535U+A23FEA 88 BFYi Syllable Mgep
41536U+A240EA 89 80Yi Syllable Mgut
41537U+A241EA 89 81Yi Syllable Mgux
41538U+A242EA 89 82Yi Syllable Mgu
41539U+A243EA 89 83Yi Syllable Mgup
41540U+A244EA 89 84Yi Syllable Mgurx
41541U+A245EA 89 85Yi Syllable Mgur
41542U+A246EA 89 86Yi Syllable Hxit
41543U+A247EA 89 87Yi Syllable Hxix
41544U+A248EA 89 88Yi Syllable Hxi
41545U+A249EA 89 89Yi Syllable Hxip
41546U+A24AEA 89 8AYi Syllable Hxiet
41547U+A24BEA 89 8BYi Syllable Hxiex
41548U+A24CEA 89 8CYi Syllable Hxie
41549U+A24DEA 89 8DYi Syllable Hxiep
41550U+A24EEA 89 8EYi Syllable Hxat
41551U+A24FEA 89 8FYi Syllable Hxax
41552U+A250EA 89 90Yi Syllable Hxa
41553U+A251EA 89 91Yi Syllable Hxap
41554U+A252EA 89 92Yi Syllable Hxuot
41555U+A253EA 89 93Yi Syllable Hxuox
41556U+A254EA 89 94Yi Syllable Hxuo
41557U+A255EA 89 95Yi Syllable Hxuop
41558U+A256EA 89 96Yi Syllable Hxot
41559U+A257EA 89 97Yi Syllable Hxox
41560U+A258EA 89 98Yi Syllable Hxo
41561U+A259EA 89 99Yi Syllable Hxop
41562U+A25AEA 89 9AYi Syllable Hxex
41563U+A25BEA 89 9BYi Syllable Hxe
41564U+A25CEA 89 9CYi Syllable Hxep
41565U+A25DEA 89 9DYi Syllable Ngiex
41566U+A25EEA 89 9EYi Syllable Ngie
41567U+A25FEA 89 9FYi Syllable Ngiep
41568U+A260EA 89 A0Yi Syllable Ngat
41569U+A261EA 89 A1Yi Syllable Ngax
41570U+A262EA 89 A2Yi Syllable Nga
41571U+A263EA 89 A3Yi Syllable Ngap
41572U+A264EA 89 A4Yi Syllable Nguot
41573U+A265EA 89 A5Yi Syllable Nguox
41574U+A266EA 89 A6Yi Syllable Nguo
41575U+A267EA 89 A7Yi Syllable Ngot
41576U+A268EA 89 A8Yi Syllable Ngox
41577U+A269EA 89 A9Yi Syllable Ngo
41578U+A26AEA 89 AAYi Syllable Ngop
41579U+A26BEA 89 ABYi Syllable Ngex
41580U+A26CEA 89 ACYi Syllable Nge
41581U+A26DEA 89 ADYi Syllable Ngep
41582U+A26EEA 89 AEYi Syllable Hit
41583U+A26FEA 89 AFYi Syllable Hiex
41584U+A270EA 89 B0Yi Syllable Hie
41585U+A271EA 89 B1Yi Syllable Hat
41586U+A272EA 89 B2Yi Syllable Hax
41587U+A273EA 89 B3Yi Syllable Ha
41588U+A274EA 89 B4Yi Syllable Hap
41589U+A275EA 89 B5Yi Syllable Huot
41590U+A276EA 89 B6Yi Syllable Huox
41591U+A277EA 89 B7Yi Syllable Huo
41592U+A278EA 89 B8Yi Syllable Huop
41593U+A279EA 89 B9Yi Syllable Hot
41594U+A27AEA 89 BAYi Syllable Hox
41595U+A27BEA 89 BBYi Syllable Ho
41596U+A27CEA 89 BCYi Syllable Hop
41597U+A27DEA 89 BDYi Syllable Hex
41598U+A27EEA 89 BEYi Syllable He
41599U+A27FEA 89 BFYi Syllable Hep
41600U+A280EA 8A 80Yi Syllable Wat
41601U+A281EA 8A 81Yi Syllable Wax
41602U+A282EA 8A 82Yi Syllable Wa
41603U+A283EA 8A 83Yi Syllable Wap
41604U+A284EA 8A 84Yi Syllable Wuox
41605U+A285EA 8A 85Yi Syllable Wuo
41606U+A286EA 8A 86Yi Syllable Wuop
41607U+A287EA 8A 87Yi Syllable Wox
41608U+A288EA 8A 88Yi Syllable Wo
41609U+A289EA 8A 89Yi Syllable Wop
41610U+A28AEA 8A 8AYi Syllable Wex
41611U+A28BEA 8A 8BYi Syllable We
41612U+A28CEA 8A 8CYi Syllable Wep
41613U+A28DEA 8A 8DYi Syllable Zit
41614U+A28EEA 8A 8EYi Syllable Zix
41615U+A28FEA 8A 8FYi Syllable Zi
41616U+A290EA 8A 90Yi Syllable Zip
41617U+A291EA 8A 91Yi Syllable Ziex
41618U+A292EA 8A 92Yi Syllable Zie
41619U+A293EA 8A 93Yi Syllable Ziep
41620U+A294EA 8A 94Yi Syllable Zat
41621U+A295EA 8A 95Yi Syllable Zax
41622U+A296EA 8A 96Yi Syllable Za
41623U+A297EA 8A 97Yi Syllable Zap
41624U+A298EA 8A 98Yi Syllable Zuox
41625U+A299EA 8A 99Yi Syllable Zuo
41626U+A29AEA 8A 9AYi Syllable Zuop
41627U+A29BEA 8A 9BYi Syllable Zot
41628U+A29CEA 8A 9CYi Syllable Zox
41629U+A29DEA 8A 9DYi Syllable Zo
41630U+A29EEA 8A 9EYi Syllable Zop
41631U+A29FEA 8A 9FYi Syllable Zex
41632U+A2A0EA 8A A0Yi Syllable Ze
41633U+A2A1EA 8A A1Yi Syllable Zep
41634U+A2A2EA 8A A2Yi Syllable Zut
41635U+A2A3EA 8A A3Yi Syllable Zux
41636U+A2A4EA 8A A4Yi Syllable Zu
41637U+A2A5EA 8A A5Yi Syllable Zup
41638U+A2A6EA 8A A6Yi Syllable Zurx
41639U+A2A7EA 8A A7Yi Syllable Zur
41640U+A2A8EA 8A A8Yi Syllable Zyt
41641U+A2A9EA 8A A9Yi Syllable Zyx
41642U+A2AAEA 8A AAYi Syllable Zy
41643U+A2ABEA 8A ABYi Syllable Zyp
41644U+A2ACEA 8A ACYi Syllable Zyrx
41645U+A2ADEA 8A ADYi Syllable Zyr
41646U+A2AEEA 8A AEYi Syllable Cit
41647U+A2AFEA 8A AFYi Syllable Cix
41648U+A2B0EA 8A B0Yi Syllable Ci
41649U+A2B1EA 8A B1Yi Syllable Cip
41650U+A2B2EA 8A B2Yi Syllable Ciet
41651U+A2B3EA 8A B3Yi Syllable Ciex
41652U+A2B4EA 8A B4Yi Syllable Cie
41653U+A2B5EA 8A B5Yi Syllable Ciep
41654U+A2B6EA 8A B6Yi Syllable Cat
41655U+A2B7EA 8A B7Yi Syllable Cax
41656U+A2B8EA 8A B8Yi Syllable Ca
41657U+A2B9EA 8A B9Yi Syllable Cap
41658U+A2BAEA 8A BAYi Syllable Cuox
41659U+A2BBEA 8A BBYi Syllable Cuo
41660U+A2BCEA 8A BCYi Syllable Cuop
41661U+A2BDEA 8A BDYi Syllable Cot
41662U+A2BEEA 8A BEYi Syllable Cox
41663U+A2BFEA 8A BFYi Syllable Co
41664U+A2C0EA 8B 80Yi Syllable Cop
41665U+A2C1EA 8B 81Yi Syllable Cex
41666U+A2C2EA 8B 82Yi Syllable Ce
41667U+A2C3EA 8B 83Yi Syllable Cep
41668U+A2C4EA 8B 84Yi Syllable Cut
41669U+A2C5EA 8B 85Yi Syllable Cux
41670U+A2C6EA 8B 86Yi Syllable Cu
41671U+A2C7EA 8B 87Yi Syllable Cup
41672U+A2C8EA 8B 88Yi Syllable Curx
41673U+A2C9EA 8B 89Yi Syllable Cur
41674U+A2CAEA 8B 8AYi Syllable Cyt
41675U+A2CBEA 8B 8BYi Syllable Cyx
41676U+A2CCEA 8B 8CYi Syllable Cy
41677U+A2CDEA 8B 8DYi Syllable Cyp
41678U+A2CEEA 8B 8EYi Syllable Cyrx
41679U+A2CFEA 8B 8FYi Syllable Cyr
41680U+A2D0EA 8B 90Yi Syllable Zzit
41681U+A2D1EA 8B 91Yi Syllable Zzix
41682U+A2D2EA 8B 92Yi Syllable Zzi
41683U+A2D3EA 8B 93Yi Syllable Zzip
41684U+A2D4EA 8B 94Yi Syllable Zziet
41685U+A2D5EA 8B 95Yi Syllable Zziex
41686U+A2D6EA 8B 96Yi Syllable Zzie
41687U+A2D7EA 8B 97Yi Syllable Zziep
41688U+A2D8EA 8B 98Yi Syllable Zzat
41689U+A2D9EA 8B 99Yi Syllable Zzax
41690U+A2DAEA 8B 9AYi Syllable Zza
41691U+A2DBEA 8B 9BYi Syllable Zzap
41692U+A2DCEA 8B 9CYi Syllable Zzox
41693U+A2DDEA 8B 9DYi Syllable Zzo
41694U+A2DEEA 8B 9EYi Syllable Zzop
41695U+A2DFEA 8B 9FYi Syllable Zzex
41696U+A2E0EA 8B A0Yi Syllable Zze
41697U+A2E1EA 8B A1Yi Syllable Zzep
41698U+A2E2EA 8B A2Yi Syllable Zzux
41699U+A2E3EA 8B A3Yi Syllable Zzu
41700U+A2E4EA 8B A4Yi Syllable Zzup
41701U+A2E5EA 8B A5Yi Syllable Zzurx
41702U+A2E6EA 8B A6Yi Syllable Zzur
41703U+A2E7EA 8B A7Yi Syllable Zzyt
41704U+A2E8EA 8B A8Yi Syllable Zzyx
41705U+A2E9EA 8B A9Yi Syllable Zzy
41706U+A2EAEA 8B AAYi Syllable Zzyp
41707U+A2EBEA 8B ABYi Syllable Zzyrx
41708U+A2ECEA 8B ACYi Syllable Zzyr
41709U+A2EDEA 8B ADYi Syllable Nzit
41710U+A2EEEA 8B AEYi Syllable Nzix
41711U+A2EFEA 8B AFYi Syllable Nzi
41712U+A2F0EA 8B B0Yi Syllable Nzip
41713U+A2F1EA 8B B1Yi Syllable Nziex
41714U+A2F2EA 8B B2Yi Syllable Nzie
41715U+A2F3EA 8B B3Yi Syllable Nziep
41716U+A2F4EA 8B B4Yi Syllable Nzat
41717U+A2F5EA 8B B5Yi Syllable Nzax
41718U+A2F6EA 8B B6Yi Syllable Nza
41719U+A2F7EA 8B B7Yi Syllable Nzap
41720U+A2F8EA 8B B8Yi Syllable Nzuox
41721U+A2F9EA 8B B9Yi Syllable Nzuo
41722U+A2FAEA 8B BAYi Syllable Nzox
41723U+A2FBEA 8B BBYi Syllable Nzop
41724U+A2FCEA 8B BCYi Syllable Nzex
41725U+A2FDEA 8B BDYi Syllable Nze
41726U+A2FEEA 8B BEYi Syllable Nzux
41727U+A2FFEA 8B BFYi Syllable Nzu
41728U+A300EA 8C 80Yi Syllable Nzup
41729U+A301EA 8C 81Yi Syllable Nzurx
41730U+A302EA 8C 82Yi Syllable Nzur
41731U+A303EA 8C 83Yi Syllable Nzyt
41732U+A304EA 8C 84Yi Syllable Nzyx
41733U+A305EA 8C 85Yi Syllable Nzy
41734U+A306EA 8C 86Yi Syllable Nzyp
41735U+A307EA 8C 87Yi Syllable Nzyrx
41736U+A308EA 8C 88Yi Syllable Nzyr
41737U+A309EA 8C 89Yi Syllable Sit
41738U+A30AEA 8C 8AYi Syllable Six
41739U+A30BEA 8C 8BYi Syllable Si
41740U+A30CEA 8C 8CYi Syllable Sip
41741U+A30DEA 8C 8DYi Syllable Siex
41742U+A30EEA 8C 8EYi Syllable Sie
41743U+A30FEA 8C 8FYi Syllable Siep
41744U+A310EA 8C 90Yi Syllable Sat
41745U+A311EA 8C 91Yi Syllable Sax
41746U+A312EA 8C 92Yi Syllable Sa
41747U+A313EA 8C 93Yi Syllable Sap
41748U+A314EA 8C 94Yi Syllable Suox
41749U+A315EA 8C 95Yi Syllable Suo
41750U+A316EA 8C 96Yi Syllable Suop
41751U+A317EA 8C 97Yi Syllable Sot
41752U+A318EA 8C 98Yi Syllable Sox
41753U+A319EA 8C 99Yi Syllable So
41754U+A31AEA 8C 9AYi Syllable Sop
41755U+A31BEA 8C 9BYi Syllable Sex
41756U+A31CEA 8C 9CYi Syllable Se
41757U+A31DEA 8C 9DYi Syllable Sep
41758U+A31EEA 8C 9EYi Syllable Sut
41759U+A31FEA 8C 9FYi Syllable Sux
41760U+A320EA 8C A0Yi Syllable Su
41761U+A321EA 8C A1Yi Syllable Sup
41762U+A322EA 8C A2Yi Syllable Surx
41763U+A323EA 8C A3Yi Syllable Sur
41764U+A324EA 8C A4Yi Syllable Syt
41765U+A325EA 8C A5Yi Syllable Syx
41766U+A326EA 8C A6Yi Syllable Sy
41767U+A327EA 8C A7Yi Syllable Syp
41768U+A328EA 8C A8Yi Syllable Syrx
41769U+A329EA 8C A9Yi Syllable Syr
41770U+A32AEA 8C AAYi Syllable Ssit
41771U+A32BEA 8C ABYi Syllable Ssix
41772U+A32CEA 8C ACYi Syllable Ssi
41773U+A32DEA 8C ADYi Syllable Ssip
41774U+A32EEA 8C AEYi Syllable Ssiex
41775U+A32FEA 8C AFYi Syllable Ssie
41776U+A330EA 8C B0Yi Syllable Ssiep
41777U+A331EA 8C B1Yi Syllable Ssat
41778U+A332EA 8C B2Yi Syllable Ssax
41779U+A333EA 8C B3Yi Syllable Ssa
41780U+A334EA 8C B4Yi Syllable Ssap
41781U+A335EA 8C B5Yi Syllable Ssot
41782U+A336EA 8C B6Yi Syllable Ssox
41783U+A337EA 8C B7Yi Syllable Sso
41784U+A338EA 8C B8Yi Syllable Ssop
41785U+A339EA 8C B9Yi Syllable Ssex
41786U+A33AEA 8C BAYi Syllable Sse
41787U+A33BEA 8C BBYi Syllable Ssep
41788U+A33CEA 8C BCYi Syllable Ssut
41789U+A33DEA 8C BDYi Syllable Ssux
41790U+A33EEA 8C BEYi Syllable Ssu
41791U+A33FEA 8C BFYi Syllable Ssup
41792U+A340EA 8D 80Yi Syllable Ssyt
41793U+A341EA 8D 81Yi Syllable Ssyx
41794U+A342EA 8D 82Yi Syllable Ssy
41795U+A343EA 8D 83Yi Syllable Ssyp
41796U+A344EA 8D 84Yi Syllable Ssyrx
41797U+A345EA 8D 85Yi Syllable Ssyr
41798U+A346EA 8D 86Yi Syllable Zhat
41799U+A347EA 8D 87Yi Syllable Zhax
41800U+A348EA 8D 88Yi Syllable Zha
41801U+A349EA 8D 89Yi Syllable Zhap
41802U+A34AEA 8D 8AYi Syllable Zhuox
41803U+A34BEA 8D 8BYi Syllable Zhuo
41804U+A34CEA 8D 8CYi Syllable Zhuop
41805U+A34DEA 8D 8DYi Syllable Zhot
41806U+A34EEA 8D 8EYi Syllable Zhox
41807U+A34FEA 8D 8FYi Syllable Zho
41808U+A350EA 8D 90Yi Syllable Zhop
41809U+A351EA 8D 91Yi Syllable Zhet
41810U+A352EA 8D 92Yi Syllable Zhex
41811U+A353EA 8D 93Yi Syllable Zhe
41812U+A354EA 8D 94Yi Syllable Zhep
41813U+A355EA 8D 95Yi Syllable Zhut
41814U+A356EA 8D 96Yi Syllable Zhux
41815U+A357EA 8D 97Yi Syllable Zhu
41816U+A358EA 8D 98Yi Syllable Zhup
41817U+A359EA 8D 99Yi Syllable Zhurx
41818U+A35AEA 8D 9AYi Syllable Zhur
41819U+A35BEA 8D 9BYi Syllable Zhyt
41820U+A35CEA 8D 9CYi Syllable Zhyx
41821U+A35DEA 8D 9DYi Syllable Zhy
41822U+A35EEA 8D 9EYi Syllable Zhyp
41823U+A35FEA 8D 9FYi Syllable Zhyrx
41824U+A360EA 8D A0Yi Syllable Zhyr
41825U+A361EA 8D A1Yi Syllable Chat
41826U+A362EA 8D A2Yi Syllable Chax
41827U+A363EA 8D A3Yi Syllable Cha
41828U+A364EA 8D A4Yi Syllable Chap
41829U+A365EA 8D A5Yi Syllable Chuot
41830U+A366EA 8D A6Yi Syllable Chuox
41831U+A367EA 8D A7Yi Syllable Chuo
41832U+A368EA 8D A8Yi Syllable Chuop
41833U+A369EA 8D A9Yi Syllable Chot
41834U+A36AEA 8D AAYi Syllable Chox
41835U+A36BEA 8D ABYi Syllable Cho
41836U+A36CEA 8D ACYi Syllable Chop
41837U+A36DEA 8D ADYi Syllable Chet
41838U+A36EEA 8D AEYi Syllable Chex
41839U+A36FEA 8D AFYi Syllable Che
41840U+A370EA 8D B0Yi Syllable Chep
41841U+A371EA 8D B1Yi Syllable Chux
41842U+A372EA 8D B2Yi Syllable Chu
41843U+A373EA 8D B3Yi Syllable Chup
41844U+A374EA 8D B4Yi Syllable Churx
41845U+A375EA 8D B5Yi Syllable Chur
41846U+A376EA 8D B6Yi Syllable Chyt
41847U+A377EA 8D B7Yi Syllable Chyx
41848U+A378EA 8D B8Yi Syllable Chy
41849U+A379EA 8D B9Yi Syllable Chyp
41850U+A37AEA 8D BAYi Syllable Chyrx
41851U+A37BEA 8D BBYi Syllable Chyr
41852U+A37CEA 8D BCYi Syllable Rrax
41853U+A37DEA 8D BDYi Syllable Rra
41854U+A37EEA 8D BEYi Syllable Rruox
41855U+A37FEA 8D BFYi Syllable Rruo
41856U+A380EA 8E 80Yi Syllable Rrot
41857U+A381EA 8E 81Yi Syllable Rrox
41858U+A382EA 8E 82Yi Syllable Rro
41859U+A383EA 8E 83Yi Syllable Rrop
41860U+A384EA 8E 84Yi Syllable Rret
41861U+A385EA 8E 85Yi Syllable Rrex
41862U+A386EA 8E 86Yi Syllable Rre
41863U+A387EA 8E 87Yi Syllable Rrep
41864U+A388EA 8E 88Yi Syllable Rrut
41865U+A389EA 8E 89Yi Syllable Rrux
41866U+A38AEA 8E 8AYi Syllable Rru
41867U+A38BEA 8E 8BYi Syllable Rrup
41868U+A38CEA 8E 8CYi Syllable Rrurx
41869U+A38DEA 8E 8DYi Syllable Rrur
41870U+A38EEA 8E 8EYi Syllable Rryt
41871U+A38FEA 8E 8FYi Syllable Rryx
41872U+A390EA 8E 90Yi Syllable Rry
41873U+A391EA 8E 91Yi Syllable Rryp
41874U+A392EA 8E 92Yi Syllable Rryrx
41875U+A393EA 8E 93Yi Syllable Rryr
41876U+A394EA 8E 94Yi Syllable Nrat
41877U+A395EA 8E 95Yi Syllable Nrax
41878U+A396EA 8E 96Yi Syllable Nra
41879U+A397EA 8E 97Yi Syllable Nrap
41880U+A398EA 8E 98Yi Syllable Nrox
41881U+A399EA 8E 99Yi Syllable Nro
41882U+A39AEA 8E 9AYi Syllable Nrop
41883U+A39BEA 8E 9BYi Syllable Nret
41884U+A39CEA 8E 9CYi Syllable Nrex
41885U+A39DEA 8E 9DYi Syllable Nre
41886U+A39EEA 8E 9EYi Syllable Nrep
41887U+A39FEA 8E 9FYi Syllable Nrut
41888U+A3A0EA 8E A0Yi Syllable Nrux
41889U+A3A1EA 8E A1Yi Syllable Nru
41890U+A3A2EA 8E A2Yi Syllable Nrup
41891U+A3A3EA 8E A3Yi Syllable Nrurx
41892U+A3A4EA 8E A4Yi Syllable Nrur
41893U+A3A5EA 8E A5Yi Syllable Nryt
41894U+A3A6EA 8E A6Yi Syllable Nryx
41895U+A3A7EA 8E A7Yi Syllable Nry
41896U+A3A8EA 8E A8Yi Syllable Nryp
41897U+A3A9EA 8E A9Yi Syllable Nryrx
41898U+A3AAEA 8E AAYi Syllable Nryr
41899U+A3ABEA 8E ABYi Syllable Shat
41900U+A3ACEA 8E ACYi Syllable Shax
41901U+A3ADEA 8E ADYi Syllable Sha
41902U+A3AEEA 8E AEYi Syllable Shap
41903U+A3AFEA 8E AFYi Syllable Shuox
41904U+A3B0EA 8E B0Yi Syllable Shuo
41905U+A3B1EA 8E B1Yi Syllable Shuop
41906U+A3B2EA 8E B2Yi Syllable Shot
41907U+A3B3EA 8E B3Yi Syllable Shox
41908U+A3B4EA 8E B4Yi Syllable Sho
41909U+A3B5EA 8E B5Yi Syllable Shop
41910U+A3B6EA 8E B6Yi Syllable Shet
41911U+A3B7EA 8E B7Yi Syllable Shex
41912U+A3B8EA 8E B8Yi Syllable She
41913U+A3B9EA 8E B9Yi Syllable Shep
41914U+A3BAEA 8E BAYi Syllable Shut
41915U+A3BBEA 8E BBYi Syllable Shux
41916U+A3BCEA 8E BCYi Syllable Shu
41917U+A3BDEA 8E BDYi Syllable Shup
41918U+A3BEEA 8E BEYi Syllable Shurx
41919U+A3BFEA 8E BFYi Syllable Shur
41920U+A3C0EA 8F 80Yi Syllable Shyt
41921U+A3C1EA 8F 81Yi Syllable Shyx
41922U+A3C2EA 8F 82Yi Syllable Shy
41923U+A3C3EA 8F 83Yi Syllable Shyp
41924U+A3C4EA 8F 84Yi Syllable Shyrx
41925U+A3C5EA 8F 85Yi Syllable Shyr
41926U+A3C6EA 8F 86Yi Syllable Rat
41927U+A3C7EA 8F 87Yi Syllable Rax
41928U+A3C8EA 8F 88Yi Syllable Ra
41929U+A3C9EA 8F 89Yi Syllable Rap
41930U+A3CAEA 8F 8AYi Syllable Ruox
41931U+A3CBEA 8F 8BYi Syllable Ruo
41932U+A3CCEA 8F 8CYi Syllable Ruop
41933U+A3CDEA 8F 8DYi Syllable Rot
41934U+A3CEEA 8F 8EYi Syllable Rox
41935U+A3CFEA 8F 8FYi Syllable Ro
41936U+A3D0EA 8F 90Yi Syllable Rop
41937U+A3D1EA 8F 91Yi Syllable Rex
41938U+A3D2EA 8F 92Yi Syllable Re
41939U+A3D3EA 8F 93Yi Syllable Rep
41940U+A3D4EA 8F 94Yi Syllable Rut
41941U+A3D5EA 8F 95Yi Syllable Rux
41942U+A3D6EA 8F 96Yi Syllable Ru
41943U+A3D7EA 8F 97Yi Syllable Rup
41944U+A3D8EA 8F 98Yi Syllable Rurx
41945U+A3D9EA 8F 99Yi Syllable Rur
41946U+A3DAEA 8F 9AYi Syllable Ryt
41947U+A3DBEA 8F 9BYi Syllable Ryx
41948U+A3DCEA 8F 9CYi Syllable Ry
41949U+A3DDEA 8F 9DYi Syllable Ryp
41950U+A3DEEA 8F 9EYi Syllable Ryrx
41951U+A3DFEA 8F 9FYi Syllable Ryr
41952U+A3E0EA 8F A0Yi Syllable Jit
41953U+A3E1EA 8F A1Yi Syllable Jix
41954U+A3E2EA 8F A2Yi Syllable Ji
41955U+A3E3EA 8F A3Yi Syllable Jip
41956U+A3E4EA 8F A4Yi Syllable Jiet
41957U+A3E5EA 8F A5Yi Syllable Jiex
41958U+A3E6EA 8F A6Yi Syllable Jie
41959U+A3E7EA 8F A7Yi Syllable Jiep
41960U+A3E8EA 8F A8Yi Syllable Juot
41961U+A3E9EA 8F A9Yi Syllable Juox
41962U+A3EAEA 8F AAYi Syllable Juo
41963U+A3EBEA 8F ABYi Syllable Juop
41964U+A3ECEA 8F ACYi Syllable Jot
41965U+A3EDEA 8F ADYi Syllable Jox
41966U+A3EEEA 8F AEYi Syllable Jo
41967U+A3EFEA 8F AFYi Syllable Jop
41968U+A3F0EA 8F B0Yi Syllable Jut
41969U+A3F1EA 8F B1Yi Syllable Jux
41970U+A3F2EA 8F B2Yi Syllable Ju
41971U+A3F3EA 8F B3Yi Syllable Jup
41972U+A3F4EA 8F B4Yi Syllable Jurx
41973U+A3F5EA 8F B5Yi Syllable Jur
41974U+A3F6EA 8F B6Yi Syllable Jyt
41975U+A3F7EA 8F B7Yi Syllable Jyx
41976U+A3F8EA 8F B8Yi Syllable Jy
41977U+A3F9EA 8F B9Yi Syllable Jyp
41978U+A3FAEA 8F BAYi Syllable Jyrx
41979U+A3FBEA 8F BBYi Syllable Jyr
41980U+A3FCEA 8F BCYi Syllable Qit
41981U+A3FDEA 8F BDYi Syllable Qix
41982U+A3FEEA 8F BEYi Syllable Qi
41983U+A3FFEA 8F BFYi Syllable Qip
41984U+A400EA 90 80Yi Syllable Qiet
41985U+A401EA 90 81Yi Syllable Qiex
41986U+A402EA 90 82Yi Syllable Qie
41987U+A403EA 90 83Yi Syllable Qiep
41988U+A404EA 90 84Yi Syllable Quot
41989U+A405EA 90 85Yi Syllable Quox
41990U+A406EA 90 86Yi Syllable Quo
41991U+A407EA 90 87Yi Syllable Quop
41992U+A408EA 90 88Yi Syllable Qot
41993U+A409EA 90 89Yi Syllable Qox
41994U+A40AEA 90 8AYi Syllable Qo
41995U+A40BEA 90 8BYi Syllable Qop
41996U+A40CEA 90 8CYi Syllable Qut
41997U+A40DEA 90 8DYi Syllable Qux
41998U+A40EEA 90 8EYi Syllable Qu
41999U+A40FEA 90 8FYi Syllable Qup

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