UTF-8 code page (#66)

Unicode UTF-8 - characters 65000 (U+FDE8) to 65999 (U+101CF)

UTF-8 stands for Unicode Transformation Format-8. UTF-8 is an octet (8-bit) lossless encoding of Unicode characters, one UTF-8 character uses 1 to 4 bytes.

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Dec Hex UTF-8 Hex Char Unicode description
65000U+FDE8EF B7 A8
65001U+FDE9EF B7 A9
65008U+FDF0EF B7 B0Arabic Ligature Salla Used As Koranic Stop Sign Isolated Form
65009U+FDF1EF B7 B1Arabic Ligature Qala Used As Koranic Stop Sign Isolated Form
65010U+FDF2EF B7 B2Arabic Ligature Allah Isolated Form
65011U+FDF3EF B7 B3Arabic Ligature Akbar Isolated Form
65012U+FDF4EF B7 B4Arabic Ligature Mohammad Isolated Form
65013U+FDF5EF B7 B5Arabic Ligature Salam Isolated Form
65014U+FDF6EF B7 B6Arabic Ligature Rasoul Isolated Form
65015U+FDF7EF B7 B7Arabic Ligature Alayhe Isolated Form
65016U+FDF8EF B7 B8Arabic Ligature Wasallam Isolated Form
65017U+FDF9EF B7 B9Arabic Ligature Salla Isolated Form
65018U+FDFAEF B7 BAArabic Ligature Sallallahou Alayhe Wasallam
65019U+FDFBEF B7 BBArabic Ligature Jallajalalouhou
65020U+FDFCEF B7 BCRial Sign
65021U+FDFDEF B7 BDArabic Ligature Bismillah Ar-rahman Ar-raheem
65023U+FDFFEF B7 BF﷿
65024U+FE00EF B8 80Variation Selector-1
65025U+FE01EF B8 81Variation Selector-2
65026U+FE02EF B8 82Variation Selector-3
65027U+FE03EF B8 83Variation Selector-4
65028U+FE04EF B8 84Variation Selector-5
65029U+FE05EF B8 85Variation Selector-6
65030U+FE06EF B8 86Variation Selector-7
65031U+FE07EF B8 87Variation Selector-8
65032U+FE08EF B8 88Variation Selector-9
65033U+FE09EF B8 89Variation Selector-10
65034U+FE0AEF B8 8AVariation Selector-11
65035U+FE0BEF B8 8BVariation Selector-12
65036U+FE0CEF B8 8CVariation Selector-13
65037U+FE0DEF B8 8DVariation Selector-14
65038U+FE0EEF B8 8EVariation Selector-15
65039U+FE0FEF B8 8FVariation Selector-16
65040U+FE10EF B8 90Presentation Form For Vertical Comma
65041U+FE11EF B8 91Presentation Form For Vertical Ideographic Comma
65042U+FE12EF B8 92Presentation Form For Vertical Ideographic Full Stop
65043U+FE13EF B8 93Presentation Form For Vertical Colon
65044U+FE14EF B8 94Presentation Form For Vertical Semicolon
65045U+FE15EF B8 95Presentation Form For Vertical Exclamation Mark
65046U+FE16EF B8 96Presentation Form For Vertical Question Mark
65047U+FE17EF B8 97Presentation Form For Vertical Left White Lenticular Bracket
65048U+FE18EF B8 98Presentation Form For Vertical Right White Lenticular Brakcet
65049U+FE19EF B8 99Presentation Form For Vertical Horizontal Ellipsis
65050U+FE1AEF B8 9A
65051U+FE1BEF B8 9B
65052U+FE1CEF B8 9C
65053U+FE1DEF B8 9D
65054U+FE1EEF B8 9E
65055U+FE1FEF B8 9F
65056U+FE20EF B8 A0Combining Ligature Left Half
65057U+FE21EF B8 A1Combining Ligature Right Half
65058U+FE22EF B8 A2Combining Double Tilde Left Half
65059U+FE23EF B8 A3Combining Double Tilde Right Half
65060U+FE24EF B8 A4Combining Macron Left Half
65061U+FE25EF B8 A5Combining Macron Right Half
65062U+FE26EF B8 A6Combining Conjoining Macron
65063U+FE27EF B8 A7Combining Ligature Left Half Below
65064U+FE28EF B8 A8Combining Ligature Right Half Below
65065U+FE29EF B8 A9Combining Tilde Left Half Below
65066U+FE2AEF B8 AACombining Tilde Right Half Below
65067U+FE2BEF B8 ABCombining Macron Left Half Below
65068U+FE2CEF B8 ACCombining Macron Right Half Below
65069U+FE2DEF B8 ADCombining Conjoining Macron Below
65070U+FE2EEF B8 AECombining Cyrillic Titlo Left Half
65071U+FE2FEF B8 AFCombining Cyrillic Titlo Right Half
65072U+FE30EF B8 B0Presentation Form For Vertical Two Dot Leader
65073U+FE31EF B8 B1Presentation Form For Vertical Em Dash
65074U+FE32EF B8 B2Presentation Form For Vertical En Dash
65075U+FE33EF B8 B3Presentation Form For Vertical Low Line
65076U+FE34EF B8 B4Presentation Form For Vertical Wavy Low Line
65077U+FE35EF B8 B5Presentation Form For Vertical Left Parenthesis
65078U+FE36EF B8 B6Presentation Form For Vertical Right Parenthesis
65079U+FE37EF B8 B7Presentation Form For Vertical Left Curly Bracket
65080U+FE38EF B8 B8Presentation Form For Vertical Right Curly Bracket
65081U+FE39EF B8 B9Presentation Form For Vertical Left Tortoise Shell Bracket
65082U+FE3AEF B8 BAPresentation Form For Vertical Right Tortoise Shell Bracket
65083U+FE3BEF B8 BBPresentation Form For Vertical Left Black Lenticular Bracket
65084U+FE3CEF B8 BCPresentation Form For Vertical Right Black Lenticular Bracket
65085U+FE3DEF B8 BDPresentation Form For Vertical Left Double Angle Bracket
65086U+FE3EEF B8 BEPresentation Form For Vertical Right Double Angle Bracket
65087U+FE3FEF B8 BF︿Presentation Form For Vertical Left Angle Bracket
65088U+FE40EF B9 80Presentation Form For Vertical Right Angle Bracket
65089U+FE41EF B9 81Presentation Form For Vertical Left Corner Bracket
65090U+FE42EF B9 82Presentation Form For Vertical Right Corner Bracket
65091U+FE43EF B9 83Presentation Form For Vertical Left White Corner Bracket
65092U+FE44EF B9 84Presentation Form For Vertical Right White Corner Bracket
65093U+FE45EF B9 85Sesame Dot
65094U+FE46EF B9 86White Sesame Dot
65095U+FE47EF B9 87Presentation Form For Vertical Left Square Bracket
65096U+FE48EF B9 88Presentation Form For Vertical Right Square Bracket
65097U+FE49EF B9 89Dashed Overline
65098U+FE4AEF B9 8ACentreline Overline
65099U+FE4BEF B9 8BWavy Overline
65100U+FE4CEF B9 8CDouble Wavy Overline
65101U+FE4DEF B9 8DDashed Low Line
65102U+FE4EEF B9 8ECentreline Low Line
65103U+FE4FEF B9 8FWavy Low Line
65104U+FE50EF B9 90Small Comma
65105U+FE51EF B9 91Small Ideographic Comma
65106U+FE52EF B9 92Small Full Stop
65107U+FE53EF B9 93
65108U+FE54EF B9 94Small Semicolon
65109U+FE55EF B9 95Small Colon
65110U+FE56EF B9 96Small Question Mark
65111U+FE57EF B9 97Small Exclamation Mark
65112U+FE58EF B9 98Small Em Dash
65113U+FE59EF B9 99Small Left Parenthesis
65114U+FE5AEF B9 9ASmall Right Parenthesis
65115U+FE5BEF B9 9BSmall Left Curly Bracket
65116U+FE5CEF B9 9CSmall Right Curly Bracket
65117U+FE5DEF B9 9DSmall Left Tortoise Shell Bracket
65118U+FE5EEF B9 9ESmall Right Tortoise Shell Bracket
65119U+FE5FEF B9 9FSmall Number Sign
65120U+FE60EF B9 A0Small Ampersand
65121U+FE61EF B9 A1Small Asterisk
65122U+FE62EF B9 A2Small Plus Sign
65123U+FE63EF B9 A3Small Hyphen-minus
65124U+FE64EF B9 A4Small Less-than Sign
65125U+FE65EF B9 A5Small Greater-than Sign
65126U+FE66EF B9 A6Small Equals Sign
65127U+FE67EF B9 A7
65128U+FE68EF B9 A8Small Reverse Solidus
65129U+FE69EF B9 A9Small Dollar Sign
65130U+FE6AEF B9 AASmall Percent Sign
65131U+FE6BEF B9 ABSmall Commercial At
65132U+FE6CEF B9 AC
65133U+FE6DEF B9 AD
65134U+FE6EEF B9 AE
65135U+FE6FEF B9 AF
65136U+FE70EF B9 B0Arabic Fathatan Isolated Form
65137U+FE71EF B9 B1Arabic Tatweel With Fathatan Above
65138U+FE72EF B9 B2Arabic Dammatan Isolated Form
65139U+FE73EF B9 B3Arabic Tail Fragment
65140U+FE74EF B9 B4Arabic Kasratan Isolated Form
65141U+FE75EF B9 B5
65142U+FE76EF B9 B6Arabic Fatha Isolated Form
65143U+FE77EF B9 B7Arabic Fatha Medial Form
65144U+FE78EF B9 B8Arabic Damma Isolated Form
65145U+FE79EF B9 B9Arabic Damma Medial Form
65146U+FE7AEF B9 BAArabic Kasra Isolated Form
65147U+FE7BEF B9 BBArabic Kasra Medial Form
65148U+FE7CEF B9 BCArabic Shadda Isolated Form
65149U+FE7DEF B9 BDArabic Shadda Medial Form
65150U+FE7EEF B9 BEArabic Sukun Isolated Form
65151U+FE7FEF B9 BFﹿArabic Sukun Medial Form
65152U+FE80EF BA 80Arabic Letter Hamza Isolated Form
65153U+FE81EF BA 81Arabic Letter Alef With Madda Above Isolated Form
65154U+FE82EF BA 82Arabic Letter Alef With Madda Above Final Form
65155U+FE83EF BA 83Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza Above Isolated Form
65156U+FE84EF BA 84Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza Above Final Form
65157U+FE85EF BA 85Arabic Letter Waw With Hamza Above Isolated Form
65158U+FE86EF BA 86Arabic Letter Waw With Hamza Above Final Form
65159U+FE87EF BA 87Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza Below Isolated Form
65160U+FE88EF BA 88Arabic Letter Alef With Hamza Below Final Form
65161U+FE89EF BA 89Arabic Letter Yeh With Hamza Above Isolated Form
65162U+FE8AEF BA 8AArabic Letter Yeh With Hamza Above Final Form
65163U+FE8BEF BA 8BArabic Letter Yeh With Hamza Above Initial Form
65164U+FE8CEF BA 8CArabic Letter Yeh With Hamza Above Medial Form
65165U+FE8DEF BA 8DArabic Letter Alef Isolated Form
65166U+FE8EEF BA 8EArabic Letter Alef Final Form
65167U+FE8FEF BA 8FArabic Letter Beh Isolated Form
65168U+FE90EF BA 90Arabic Letter Beh Final Form
65169U+FE91EF BA 91Arabic Letter Beh Initial Form
65170U+FE92EF BA 92Arabic Letter Beh Medial Form
65171U+FE93EF BA 93Arabic Letter Teh Marbuta Isolated Form
65172U+FE94EF BA 94Arabic Letter Teh Marbuta Final Form
65173U+FE95EF BA 95Arabic Letter Teh Isolated Form
65174U+FE96EF BA 96Arabic Letter Teh Final Form
65175U+FE97EF BA 97Arabic Letter Teh Initial Form
65176U+FE98EF BA 98Arabic Letter Teh Medial Form
65177U+FE99EF BA 99Arabic Letter Theh Isolated Form
65178U+FE9AEF BA 9AArabic Letter Theh Final Form
65179U+FE9BEF BA 9BArabic Letter Theh Initial Form
65180U+FE9CEF BA 9CArabic Letter Theh Medial Form
65181U+FE9DEF BA 9DArabic Letter Jeem Isolated Form
65182U+FE9EEF BA 9EArabic Letter Jeem Final Form
65183U+FE9FEF BA 9FArabic Letter Jeem Initial Form
65184U+FEA0EF BA A0Arabic Letter Jeem Medial Form
65185U+FEA1EF BA A1Arabic Letter Hah Isolated Form
65186U+FEA2EF BA A2Arabic Letter Hah Final Form
65187U+FEA3EF BA A3Arabic Letter Hah Initial Form
65188U+FEA4EF BA A4Arabic Letter Hah Medial Form
65189U+FEA5EF BA A5Arabic Letter Khah Isolated Form
65190U+FEA6EF BA A6Arabic Letter Khah Final Form
65191U+FEA7EF BA A7Arabic Letter Khah Initial Form
65192U+FEA8EF BA A8Arabic Letter Khah Medial Form
65193U+FEA9EF BA A9Arabic Letter Dal Isolated Form
65194U+FEAAEF BA AAArabic Letter Dal Final Form
65195U+FEABEF BA ABArabic Letter Thal Isolated Form
65196U+FEACEF BA ACArabic Letter Thal Final Form
65197U+FEADEF BA ADArabic Letter Reh Isolated Form
65198U+FEAEEF BA AEArabic Letter Reh Final Form
65199U+FEAFEF BA AFArabic Letter Zain Isolated Form
65200U+FEB0EF BA B0Arabic Letter Zain Final Form
65201U+FEB1EF BA B1Arabic Letter Seen Isolated Form
65202U+FEB2EF BA B2Arabic Letter Seen Final Form
65203U+FEB3EF BA B3Arabic Letter Seen Initial Form
65204U+FEB4EF BA B4Arabic Letter Seen Medial Form
65205U+FEB5EF BA B5Arabic Letter Sheen Isolated Form
65206U+FEB6EF BA B6Arabic Letter Sheen Final Form
65207U+FEB7EF BA B7Arabic Letter Sheen Initial Form
65208U+FEB8EF BA B8Arabic Letter Sheen Medial Form
65209U+FEB9EF BA B9Arabic Letter Sad Isolated Form
65210U+FEBAEF BA BAArabic Letter Sad Final Form
65211U+FEBBEF BA BBArabic Letter Sad Initial Form
65212U+FEBCEF BA BCArabic Letter Sad Medial Form
65213U+FEBDEF BA BDArabic Letter Dad Isolated Form
65214U+FEBEEF BA BEArabic Letter Dad Final Form
65215U+FEBFEF BA BFﺿArabic Letter Dad Initial Form
65216U+FEC0EF BB 80Arabic Letter Dad Medial Form
65217U+FEC1EF BB 81Arabic Letter Tah Isolated Form
65218U+FEC2EF BB 82Arabic Letter Tah Final Form
65219U+FEC3EF BB 83Arabic Letter Tah Initial Form
65220U+FEC4EF BB 84Arabic Letter Tah Medial Form
65221U+FEC5EF BB 85Arabic Letter Zah Isolated Form
65222U+FEC6EF BB 86Arabic Letter Zah Final Form
65223U+FEC7EF BB 87Arabic Letter Zah Initial Form
65224U+FEC8EF BB 88Arabic Letter Zah Medial Form
65225U+FEC9EF BB 89Arabic Letter Ain Isolated Form
65226U+FECAEF BB 8AArabic Letter Ain Final Form
65227U+FECBEF BB 8BArabic Letter Ain Initial Form
65228U+FECCEF BB 8CArabic Letter Ain Medial Form
65229U+FECDEF BB 8DArabic Letter Ghain Isolated Form
65230U+FECEEF BB 8EArabic Letter Ghain Final Form
65231U+FECFEF BB 8FArabic Letter Ghain Initial Form
65232U+FED0EF BB 90Arabic Letter Ghain Medial Form
65233U+FED1EF BB 91Arabic Letter Feh Isolated Form
65234U+FED2EF BB 92Arabic Letter Feh Final Form
65235U+FED3EF BB 93Arabic Letter Feh Initial Form
65236U+FED4EF BB 94Arabic Letter Feh Medial Form
65237U+FED5EF BB 95Arabic Letter Qaf Isolated Form
65238U+FED6EF BB 96Arabic Letter Qaf Final Form
65239U+FED7EF BB 97Arabic Letter Qaf Initial Form
65240U+FED8EF BB 98Arabic Letter Qaf Medial Form
65241U+FED9EF BB 99Arabic Letter Kaf Isolated Form
65242U+FEDAEF BB 9AArabic Letter Kaf Final Form
65243U+FEDBEF BB 9BArabic Letter Kaf Initial Form
65244U+FEDCEF BB 9CArabic Letter Kaf Medial Form
65245U+FEDDEF BB 9DArabic Letter Lam Isolated Form
65246U+FEDEEF BB 9EArabic Letter Lam Final Form
65247U+FEDFEF BB 9FArabic Letter Lam Initial Form
65248U+FEE0EF BB A0Arabic Letter Lam Medial Form
65249U+FEE1EF BB A1Arabic Letter Meem Isolated Form
65250U+FEE2EF BB A2Arabic Letter Meem Final Form
65251U+FEE3EF BB A3Arabic Letter Meem Initial Form
65252U+FEE4EF BB A4Arabic Letter Meem Medial Form
65253U+FEE5EF BB A5Arabic Letter Noon Isolated Form
65254U+FEE6EF BB A6Arabic Letter Noon Final Form
65255U+FEE7EF BB A7Arabic Letter Noon Initial Form
65256U+FEE8EF BB A8Arabic Letter Noon Medial Form
65257U+FEE9EF BB A9Arabic Letter Heh Isolated Form
65258U+FEEAEF BB AAArabic Letter Heh Final Form
65259U+FEEBEF BB ABArabic Letter Heh Initial Form
65260U+FEECEF BB ACArabic Letter Heh Medial Form
65261U+FEEDEF BB ADArabic Letter Waw Isolated Form
65262U+FEEEEF BB AEArabic Letter Waw Final Form
65263U+FEEFEF BB AFArabic Letter Alef Maksura Isolated Form
65264U+FEF0EF BB B0Arabic Letter Alef Maksura Final Form
65265U+FEF1EF BB B1Arabic Letter Yeh Isolated Form
65266U+FEF2EF BB B2Arabic Letter Yeh Final Form
65267U+FEF3EF BB B3Arabic Letter Yeh Initial Form
65268U+FEF4EF BB B4Arabic Letter Yeh Medial Form
65269U+FEF5EF BB B5Arabic Ligature Lam With Alef With Madda Above Isolated Form
65270U+FEF6EF BB B6Arabic Ligature Lam With Alef With Madda Above Final Form
65271U+FEF7EF BB B7Arabic Ligature Lam With Alef With Hamza Above Isolated Form
65272U+FEF8EF BB B8Arabic Ligature Lam With Alef With Hamza Above Final Form
65273U+FEF9EF BB B9Arabic Ligature Lam With Alef With Hamza Below Isolated Form
65274U+FEFAEF BB BAArabic Ligature Lam With Alef With Hamza Below Final Form
65275U+FEFBEF BB BBArabic Ligature Lam With Alef Isolated Form
65276U+FEFCEF BB BCArabic Ligature Lam With Alef Final Form
65279U+FEFFEF BB BFZero Width No-break Space
65280U+FF00EF BC 80
65281U+FF01EF BC 81Fullwidth Exclamation Mark
65282U+FF02EF BC 82Fullwidth Quotation Mark
65283U+FF03EF BC 83Fullwidth Number Sign
65284U+FF04EF BC 84Fullwidth Dollar Sign
65285U+FF05EF BC 85Fullwidth Percent Sign
65286U+FF06EF BC 86Fullwidth Ampersand
65287U+FF07EF BC 87Fullwidth Apostrophe
65288U+FF08EF BC 88Fullwidth Left Parenthesis
65289U+FF09EF BC 89Fullwidth Right Parenthesis
65290U+FF0AEF BC 8AFullwidth Asterisk
65291U+FF0BEF BC 8BFullwidth Plus Sign
65292U+FF0CEF BC 8CFullwidth Comma
65293U+FF0DEF BC 8DFullwidth Hyphen-minus
65294U+FF0EEF BC 8EFullwidth Full Stop
65295U+FF0FEF BC 8FFullwidth Solidus
65296U+FF10EF BC 90Fullwidth Digit Zero
65297U+FF11EF BC 91Fullwidth Digit One
65298U+FF12EF BC 92Fullwidth Digit Two
65299U+FF13EF BC 93Fullwidth Digit Three
65300U+FF14EF BC 94Fullwidth Digit Four
65301U+FF15EF BC 95Fullwidth Digit Five
65302U+FF16EF BC 96Fullwidth Digit Six
65303U+FF17EF BC 97Fullwidth Digit Seven
65304U+FF18EF BC 98Fullwidth Digit Eight
65305U+FF19EF BC 99Fullwidth Digit Nine
65306U+FF1AEF BC 9AFullwidth Colon
65307U+FF1BEF BC 9BFullwidth Semicolon
65308U+FF1CEF BC 9CFullwidth Less-than Sign
65309U+FF1DEF BC 9DFullwidth Equals Sign
65310U+FF1EEF BC 9EFullwidth Greater-than Sign
65311U+FF1FEF BC 9FFullwidth Question Mark
65312U+FF20EF BC A0Fullwidth Commercial At
65313U+FF21EF BC A1Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter A
65314U+FF22EF BC A2Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter B
65315U+FF23EF BC A3Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter C
65316U+FF24EF BC A4Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter D
65317U+FF25EF BC A5Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter E
65318U+FF26EF BC A6Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter F
65319U+FF27EF BC A7Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter G
65320U+FF28EF BC A8Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter H
65321U+FF29EF BC A9Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter I
65322U+FF2AEF BC AAFullwidth Latin Capital Letter J
65323U+FF2BEF BC ABFullwidth Latin Capital Letter K
65324U+FF2CEF BC ACFullwidth Latin Capital Letter L
65325U+FF2DEF BC ADFullwidth Latin Capital Letter M
65326U+FF2EEF BC AEFullwidth Latin Capital Letter N
65327U+FF2FEF BC AFFullwidth Latin Capital Letter O
65328U+FF30EF BC B0Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter P
65329U+FF31EF BC B1Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter Q
65330U+FF32EF BC B2Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter R
65331U+FF33EF BC B3Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter S
65332U+FF34EF BC B4Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter T
65333U+FF35EF BC B5Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter U
65334U+FF36EF BC B6Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter V
65335U+FF37EF BC B7Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter W
65336U+FF38EF BC B8Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter X
65337U+FF39EF BC B9Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter Y
65338U+FF3AEF BC BAFullwidth Latin Capital Letter Z
65339U+FF3BEF BC BBFullwidth Left Square Bracket
65340U+FF3CEF BC BCFullwidth Reverse Solidus
65341U+FF3DEF BC BDFullwidth Right Square Bracket
65342U+FF3EEF BC BEFullwidth Circumflex Accent
65343U+FF3FEF BC BF_Fullwidth Low Line
65344U+FF40EF BD 80Fullwidth Grave Accent
65345U+FF41EF BD 81Fullwidth Latin Small Letter A
65346U+FF42EF BD 82Fullwidth Latin Small Letter B
65347U+FF43EF BD 83Fullwidth Latin Small Letter C
65348U+FF44EF BD 84Fullwidth Latin Small Letter D
65349U+FF45EF BD 85Fullwidth Latin Small Letter E
65350U+FF46EF BD 86Fullwidth Latin Small Letter F
65351U+FF47EF BD 87Fullwidth Latin Small Letter G
65352U+FF48EF BD 88Fullwidth Latin Small Letter H
65353U+FF49EF BD 89Fullwidth Latin Small Letter I
65354U+FF4AEF BD 8AFullwidth Latin Small Letter J
65355U+FF4BEF BD 8BFullwidth Latin Small Letter K
65356U+FF4CEF BD 8CFullwidth Latin Small Letter L
65357U+FF4DEF BD 8DFullwidth Latin Small Letter M
65358U+FF4EEF BD 8EFullwidth Latin Small Letter N
65359U+FF4FEF BD 8FFullwidth Latin Small Letter O
65360U+FF50EF BD 90Fullwidth Latin Small Letter P
65361U+FF51EF BD 91Fullwidth Latin Small Letter Q
65362U+FF52EF BD 92Fullwidth Latin Small Letter R
65363U+FF53EF BD 93Fullwidth Latin Small Letter S
65364U+FF54EF BD 94Fullwidth Latin Small Letter T
65365U+FF55EF BD 95Fullwidth Latin Small Letter U
65366U+FF56EF BD 96Fullwidth Latin Small Letter V
65367U+FF57EF BD 97Fullwidth Latin Small Letter W
65368U+FF58EF BD 98Fullwidth Latin Small Letter X
65369U+FF59EF BD 99Fullwidth Latin Small Letter Y
65370U+FF5AEF BD 9AFullwidth Latin Small Letter Z
65371U+FF5BEF BD 9BFullwidth Left Curly Bracket
65372U+FF5CEF BD 9CFullwidth Vertical Line
65373U+FF5DEF BD 9DFullwidth Right Curly Bracket
65374U+FF5EEF BD 9EFullwidth Tilde
65375U+FF5FEF BD 9FFullwidth Left White Parenthesis
65376U+FF60EF BD A0Fullwidth Right White Parenthesis
65377U+FF61EF BD A1Halfwidth Ideographic Full Stop
65378U+FF62EF BD A2Halfwidth Left Corner Bracket
65379U+FF63EF BD A3Halfwidth Right Corner Bracket
65380U+FF64EF BD A4Halfwidth Ideographic Comma
65381U+FF65EF BD A5Halfwidth Katakana Middle Dot
65382U+FF66EF BD A6Halfwidth Katakana Letter Wo
65383U+FF67EF BD A7Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small A
65384U+FF68EF BD A8Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small I
65385U+FF69EF BD A9Halfwidth Katakana Letter Small U
65386U+FF6AEF BD AAHalfwidth Katakana Letter Small E
65387U+FF6BEF BD ABHalfwidth Katakana Letter Small O
65388U+FF6CEF BD ACHalfwidth Katakana Letter Small Ya
65389U+FF6DEF BD ADHalfwidth Katakana Letter Small Yu
65390U+FF6EEF BD AEHalfwidth Katakana Letter Small Yo
65391U+FF6FEF BD AFHalfwidth Katakana Letter Small Tu
65392U+FF70EF BD B0Halfwidth Katakana-hiragana Prolonged Sound Mark
65393U+FF71EF BD B1Halfwidth Katakana Letter A
65394U+FF72EF BD B2Halfwidth Katakana Letter I
65395U+FF73EF BD B3Halfwidth Katakana Letter U
65396U+FF74EF BD B4Halfwidth Katakana Letter E
65397U+FF75EF BD B5Halfwidth Katakana Letter O
65398U+FF76EF BD B6Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ka
65399U+FF77EF BD B7Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ki
65400U+FF78EF BD B8Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ku
65401U+FF79EF BD B9Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ke
65402U+FF7AEF BD BAHalfwidth Katakana Letter Ko
65403U+FF7BEF BD BBHalfwidth Katakana Letter Sa
65404U+FF7CEF BD BCHalfwidth Katakana Letter Si
65405U+FF7DEF BD BDHalfwidth Katakana Letter Su
65406U+FF7EEF BD BEHalfwidth Katakana Letter Se
65407U+FF7FEF BD BFソHalfwidth Katakana Letter So
65408U+FF80EF BE 80Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ta
65409U+FF81EF BE 81Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ti
65410U+FF82EF BE 82Halfwidth Katakana Letter Tu
65411U+FF83EF BE 83Halfwidth Katakana Letter Te
65412U+FF84EF BE 84Halfwidth Katakana Letter To
65413U+FF85EF BE 85Halfwidth Katakana Letter Na
65414U+FF86EF BE 86Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ni
65415U+FF87EF BE 87Halfwidth Katakana Letter Nu
65416U+FF88EF BE 88Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ne
65417U+FF89EF BE 89Halfwidth Katakana Letter No
65418U+FF8AEF BE 8AHalfwidth Katakana Letter Ha
65419U+FF8BEF BE 8BHalfwidth Katakana Letter Hi
65420U+FF8CEF BE 8CHalfwidth Katakana Letter Hu
65421U+FF8DEF BE 8DHalfwidth Katakana Letter He
65422U+FF8EEF BE 8EHalfwidth Katakana Letter Ho
65423U+FF8FEF BE 8FHalfwidth Katakana Letter Ma
65424U+FF90EF BE 90Halfwidth Katakana Letter Mi
65425U+FF91EF BE 91Halfwidth Katakana Letter Mu
65426U+FF92EF BE 92Halfwidth Katakana Letter Me
65427U+FF93EF BE 93Halfwidth Katakana Letter Mo
65428U+FF94EF BE 94Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ya
65429U+FF95EF BE 95Halfwidth Katakana Letter Yu
65430U+FF96EF BE 96Halfwidth Katakana Letter Yo
65431U+FF97EF BE 97Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ra
65432U+FF98EF BE 98Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ri
65433U+FF99EF BE 99Halfwidth Katakana Letter Ru
65434U+FF9AEF BE 9AHalfwidth Katakana Letter Re
65435U+FF9BEF BE 9BHalfwidth Katakana Letter Ro
65436U+FF9CEF BE 9CHalfwidth Katakana Letter Wa
65437U+FF9DEF BE 9DHalfwidth Katakana Letter N
65438U+FF9EEF BE 9EHalfwidth Katakana Voiced Sound Mark
65439U+FF9FEF BE 9FHalfwidth Katakana Semi-voiced Sound Mark
65440U+FFA0EF BE A0Halfwidth Hangul Filler
65441U+FFA1EF BE A1Halfwidth Hangul Letter Kiyeok
65442U+FFA2EF BE A2Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ssangkiyeok
65443U+FFA3EF BE A3Halfwidth Hangul Letter Kiyeok-sios
65444U+FFA4EF BE A4Halfwidth Hangul Letter Nieun
65445U+FFA5EF BE A5Halfwidth Hangul Letter Nieun-cieuc
65446U+FFA6EF BE A6Halfwidth Hangul Letter Nieun-hieuh
65447U+FFA7EF BE A7Halfwidth Hangul Letter Tikeut
65448U+FFA8EF BE A8Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ssangtikeut
65449U+FFA9EF BE A9Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul
65450U+FFAAEF BE AAHalfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-kiyeok
65451U+FFABEF BE ABHalfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-mieum
65452U+FFACEF BE ACHalfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-pieup
65453U+FFADEF BE ADHalfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-sios
65454U+FFAEEF BE AEHalfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-thieuth
65455U+FFAFEF BE AFHalfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-phieuph
65456U+FFB0EF BE B0Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-hieuh
65457U+FFB1EF BE B1Halfwidth Hangul Letter Mieum
65458U+FFB2EF BE B2Halfwidth Hangul Letter Pieup
65459U+FFB3EF BE B3Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ssangpieup
65460U+FFB4EF BE B4Halfwidth Hangul Letter Pieup-sios
65461U+FFB5EF BE B5Halfwidth Hangul Letter Sios
65462U+FFB6EF BE B6Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ssangsios
65463U+FFB7EF BE B7Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ieung
65464U+FFB8EF BE B8Halfwidth Hangul Letter Cieuc
65465U+FFB9EF BE B9Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ssangcieuc
65466U+FFBAEF BE BAHalfwidth Hangul Letter Chieuch
65467U+FFBBEF BE BBHalfwidth Hangul Letter Khieukh
65468U+FFBCEF BE BCHalfwidth Hangul Letter Thieuth
65469U+FFBDEF BE BDHalfwidth Hangul Letter Phieuph
65470U+FFBEEF BE BEHalfwidth Hangul Letter Hieuh
65472U+FFC0EF BF 80
65473U+FFC1EF BF 81
65474U+FFC2EF BF 82Halfwidth Hangul Letter A
65475U+FFC3EF BF 83Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ae
65476U+FFC4EF BF 84Halfwidth Hangul Letter Ya
65477U+FFC5EF BF 85Halfwidth Hangul Letter Yae
65478U+FFC6EF BF 86Halfwidth Hangul Letter Eo
65479U+FFC7EF BF 87Halfwidth Hangul Letter E
65480U+FFC8EF BF 88
65481U+FFC9EF BF 89
65482U+FFCAEF BF 8AHalfwidth Hangul Letter Yeo
65483U+FFCBEF BF 8BHalfwidth Hangul Letter Ye
65484U+FFCCEF BF 8CHalfwidth Hangul Letter O
65485U+FFCDEF BF 8DHalfwidth Hangul Letter Wa
65486U+FFCEEF BF 8EHalfwidth Hangul Letter Wae
65487U+FFCFEF BF 8FHalfwidth Hangul Letter Oe
65488U+FFD0EF BF 90
65489U+FFD1EF BF 91
65490U+FFD2EF BF 92Halfwidth Hangul Letter Yo
65491U+FFD3EF BF 93Halfwidth Hangul Letter U
65492U+FFD4EF BF 94Halfwidth Hangul Letter Weo
65493U+FFD5EF BF 95Halfwidth Hangul Letter We
65494U+FFD6EF BF 96Halfwidth Hangul Letter Wi
65495U+FFD7EF BF 97Halfwidth Hangul Letter Yu
65496U+FFD8EF BF 98
65497U+FFD9EF BF 99
65498U+FFDAEF BF 9AHalfwidth Hangul Letter Eu
65499U+FFDBEF BF 9BHalfwidth Hangul Letter Yi
65500U+FFDCEF BF 9CHalfwidth Hangul Letter I
65504U+FFE0EF BF A0Fullwidth Cent Sign
65505U+FFE1EF BF A1Fullwidth Pound Sign
65506U+FFE2EF BF A2Fullwidth Not Sign
65507U+FFE3EF BF A3Fullwidth Macron
65508U+FFE4EF BF A4Fullwidth Broken Bar
65509U+FFE5EF BF A5Fullwidth Yen Sign
65510U+FFE6EF BF A6Fullwidth Won Sign
65511U+FFE7EF BF A7
65512U+FFE8EF BF A8Halfwidth Forms Light Vertical
65513U+FFE9EF BF A9Halfwidth Leftwards Arrow
65514U+FFEAEF BF AAHalfwidth Upwards Arrow
65515U+FFEBEF BF ABHalfwidth Rightwards Arrow
65516U+FFECEF BF ACHalfwidth Downwards Arrow
65517U+FFEDEF BF ADHalfwidth Black Square
65518U+FFEEEF BF AEHalfwidth White Circle
65520U+FFF0EF BF B0
65521U+FFF1EF BF B1
65522U+FFF2EF BF B2
65523U+FFF3EF BF B3
65524U+FFF4EF BF B4
65525U+FFF5EF BF B5
65526U+FFF6EF BF B6
65527U+FFF7EF BF B7
65528U+FFF8EF BF B8
65529U+FFF9EF BF B9Interlinear Annotation Anchor
65530U+FFFAEF BF BAInterlinear Annotation Separator
65531U+FFFBEF BF BBInterlinear Annotation Terminator
65532U+FFFCEF BF BCObject Replacement Character
65533U+FFFDEF BF BDReplacement Character
65536U+10000F0 90 80 80𐀀Linear B Syllable B008 A
65537U+10001F0 90 80 81𐀁Linear B Syllable B038 E
65538U+10002F0 90 80 82𐀂Linear B Syllable B028 I
65539U+10003F0 90 80 83𐀃Linear B Syllable B061 O
65540U+10004F0 90 80 84𐀄Linear B Syllable B010 U
65541U+10005F0 90 80 85𐀅Linear B Syllable B001 Da
65542U+10006F0 90 80 86𐀆Linear B Syllable B045 De
65543U+10007F0 90 80 87𐀇Linear B Syllable B007 Di
65544U+10008F0 90 80 88𐀈Linear B Syllable B014 Do
65545U+10009F0 90 80 89𐀉Linear B Syllable B051 Du
65546U+1000AF0 90 80 8A𐀊Linear B Syllable B057 Ja
65547U+1000BF0 90 80 8B𐀋Linear B Syllable B046 Je
65548U+1000CF0 90 80 8C𐀌
65549U+1000DF0 90 80 8D𐀍Linear B Syllable B036 Jo
65550U+1000EF0 90 80 8E𐀎Linear B Syllable B065 Ju
65551U+1000FF0 90 80 8F𐀏Linear B Syllable B077 Ka
65552U+10010F0 90 80 90𐀐Linear B Syllable B044 Ke
65553U+10011F0 90 80 91𐀑Linear B Syllable B067 Ki
65554U+10012F0 90 80 92𐀒Linear B Syllable B070 Ko
65555U+10013F0 90 80 93𐀓Linear B Syllable B081 Ku
65556U+10014F0 90 80 94𐀔Linear B Syllable B080 Ma
65557U+10015F0 90 80 95𐀕Linear B Syllable B013 Me
65558U+10016F0 90 80 96𐀖Linear B Syllable B073 Mi
65559U+10017F0 90 80 97𐀗Linear B Syllable B015 Mo
65560U+10018F0 90 80 98𐀘Linear B Syllable B023 Mu
65561U+10019F0 90 80 99𐀙Linear B Syllable B006 Na
65562U+1001AF0 90 80 9A𐀚Linear B Syllable B024 Ne
65563U+1001BF0 90 80 9B𐀛Linear B Syllable B030 Ni
65564U+1001CF0 90 80 9C𐀜Linear B Syllable B052 No
65565U+1001DF0 90 80 9D𐀝Linear B Syllable B055 Nu
65566U+1001EF0 90 80 9E𐀞Linear B Syllable B003 Pa
65567U+1001FF0 90 80 9F𐀟Linear B Syllable B072 Pe
65568U+10020F0 90 80 A0𐀠Linear B Syllable B039 Pi
65569U+10021F0 90 80 A1𐀡Linear B Syllable B011 Po
65570U+10022F0 90 80 A2𐀢Linear B Syllable B050 Pu
65571U+10023F0 90 80 A3𐀣Linear B Syllable B016 Qa
65572U+10024F0 90 80 A4𐀤Linear B Syllable B078 Qe
65573U+10025F0 90 80 A5𐀥Linear B Syllable B021 Qi
65574U+10026F0 90 80 A6𐀦Linear B Syllable B032 Qo
65575U+10027F0 90 80 A7𐀧
65576U+10028F0 90 80 A8𐀨Linear B Syllable B060 Ra
65577U+10029F0 90 80 A9𐀩Linear B Syllable B027 Re
65578U+1002AF0 90 80 AA𐀪Linear B Syllable B053 Ri
65579U+1002BF0 90 80 AB𐀫Linear B Syllable B002 Ro
65580U+1002CF0 90 80 AC𐀬Linear B Syllable B026 Ru
65581U+1002DF0 90 80 AD𐀭Linear B Syllable B031 Sa
65582U+1002EF0 90 80 AE𐀮Linear B Syllable B009 Se
65583U+1002FF0 90 80 AF𐀯Linear B Syllable B041 Si
65584U+10030F0 90 80 B0𐀰Linear B Syllable B012 So
65585U+10031F0 90 80 B1𐀱Linear B Syllable B058 Su
65586U+10032F0 90 80 B2𐀲Linear B Syllable B059 Ta
65587U+10033F0 90 80 B3𐀳Linear B Syllable B004 Te
65588U+10034F0 90 80 B4𐀴Linear B Syllable B037 Ti
65589U+10035F0 90 80 B5𐀵Linear B Syllable B005 To
65590U+10036F0 90 80 B6𐀶Linear B Syllable B069 Tu
65591U+10037F0 90 80 B7𐀷Linear B Syllable B054 Wa
65592U+10038F0 90 80 B8𐀸Linear B Syllable B075 We
65593U+10039F0 90 80 B9𐀹Linear B Syllable B040 Wi
65594U+1003AF0 90 80 BA𐀺Linear B Syllable B042 Wo
65595U+1003BF0 90 80 BB𐀻
65596U+1003CF0 90 80 BC𐀼Linear B Syllable B017 Za
65597U+1003DF0 90 80 BD𐀽Linear B Syllable B074 Ze
65598U+1003EF0 90 80 BE𐀾
65599U+1003FF0 90 80 BF𐀿Linear B Syllable B020 Zo
65600U+10040F0 90 81 80𐁀Linear B Syllable B025 A2
65601U+10041F0 90 81 81𐁁Linear B Syllable B043 A3
65602U+10042F0 90 81 82𐁂Linear B Syllable B085 Au
65603U+10043F0 90 81 83𐁃Linear B Syllable B071 Dwe
65604U+10044F0 90 81 84𐁄Linear B Syllable B090 Dwo
65605U+10045F0 90 81 85𐁅Linear B Syllable B048 Nwa
65606U+10046F0 90 81 86𐁆Linear B Syllable B029 Pu2
65607U+10047F0 90 81 87𐁇Linear B Syllable B062 Pte
65608U+10048F0 90 81 88𐁈Linear B Syllable B076 Ra2
65609U+10049F0 90 81 89𐁉Linear B Syllable B033 Ra3
65610U+1004AF0 90 81 8A𐁊Linear B Syllable B068 Ro2
65611U+1004BF0 90 81 8B𐁋Linear B Syllable B066 Ta2
65612U+1004CF0 90 81 8C𐁌Linear B Syllable B087 Twe
65613U+1004DF0 90 81 8D𐁍Linear B Syllable B091 Two
65614U+1004EF0 90 81 8E𐁎
65615U+1004FF0 90 81 8F𐁏
65616U+10050F0 90 81 90𐁐Linear B Symbol B018
65617U+10051F0 90 81 91𐁑Linear B Symbol B019
65618U+10052F0 90 81 92𐁒Linear B Symbol B022
65619U+10053F0 90 81 93𐁓Linear B Symbol B034
65620U+10054F0 90 81 94𐁔Linear B Symbol B047
65621U+10055F0 90 81 95𐁕Linear B Symbol B049
65622U+10056F0 90 81 96𐁖Linear B Symbol B056
65623U+10057F0 90 81 97𐁗Linear B Symbol B063
65624U+10058F0 90 81 98𐁘Linear B Symbol B064
65625U+10059F0 90 81 99𐁙Linear B Symbol B079
65626U+1005AF0 90 81 9A𐁚Linear B Symbol B082
65627U+1005BF0 90 81 9B𐁛Linear B Symbol B083
65628U+1005CF0 90 81 9C𐁜Linear B Symbol B086
65629U+1005DF0 90 81 9D𐁝Linear B Symbol B089
65630U+1005EF0 90 81 9E𐁞
65631U+1005FF0 90 81 9F𐁟
65632U+10060F0 90 81 A0𐁠
65633U+10061F0 90 81 A1𐁡
65634U+10062F0 90 81 A2𐁢
65635U+10063F0 90 81 A3𐁣
65636U+10064F0 90 81 A4𐁤
65637U+10065F0 90 81 A5𐁥
65638U+10066F0 90 81 A6𐁦
65639U+10067F0 90 81 A7𐁧
65640U+10068F0 90 81 A8𐁨
65641U+10069F0 90 81 A9𐁩
65642U+1006AF0 90 81 AA𐁪
65643U+1006BF0 90 81 AB𐁫
65644U+1006CF0 90 81 AC𐁬
65645U+1006DF0 90 81 AD𐁭
65646U+1006EF0 90 81 AE𐁮
65647U+1006FF0 90 81 AF𐁯
65648U+10070F0 90 81 B0𐁰
65649U+10071F0 90 81 B1𐁱
65650U+10072F0 90 81 B2𐁲
65651U+10073F0 90 81 B3𐁳
65652U+10074F0 90 81 B4𐁴
65653U+10075F0 90 81 B5𐁵
65654U+10076F0 90 81 B6𐁶
65655U+10077F0 90 81 B7𐁷
65656U+10078F0 90 81 B8𐁸
65657U+10079F0 90 81 B9𐁹
65658U+1007AF0 90 81 BA𐁺
65659U+1007BF0 90 81 BB𐁻
65660U+1007CF0 90 81 BC𐁼
65661U+1007DF0 90 81 BD𐁽
65662U+1007EF0 90 81 BE𐁾
65663U+1007FF0 90 81 BF𐁿
65664U+10080F0 90 82 80𐂀Linear B Ideogram B100 Man
65665U+10081F0 90 82 81𐂁Linear B Ideogram B102 Woman
65666U+10082F0 90 82 82𐂂Linear B Ideogram B104 Deer
65667U+10083F0 90 82 83𐂃Linear B Ideogram B105 Equid
65668U+10084F0 90 82 84𐂄Linear B Ideogram B105f Mare
65669U+10085F0 90 82 85𐂅Linear B Ideogram B105m Stallion
65670U+10086F0 90 82 86𐂆Linear B Ideogram B106f Ewe
65671U+10087F0 90 82 87𐂇Linear B Ideogram B106m Ram
65672U+10088F0 90 82 88𐂈Linear B Ideogram B107f She-goat
65673U+10089F0 90 82 89𐂉Linear B Ideogram B107m He-goat
65674U+1008AF0 90 82 8A𐂊Linear B Ideogram B108f Sow
65675U+1008BF0 90 82 8B𐂋Linear B Ideogram B108m Boar
65676U+1008CF0 90 82 8C𐂌Linear B Ideogram B109f Cow
65677U+1008DF0 90 82 8D𐂍Linear B Ideogram B109m Bull
65678U+1008EF0 90 82 8E𐂎Linear B Ideogram B120 Wheat
65679U+1008FF0 90 82 8F𐂏Linear B Ideogram B121 Barley
65680U+10090F0 90 82 90𐂐Linear B Ideogram B122 Olive
65681U+10091F0 90 82 91𐂑Linear B Ideogram B123 Spice
65682U+10092F0 90 82 92𐂒Linear B Ideogram B125 Cyperus
65683U+10093F0 90 82 93𐂓Linear B Monogram B127 Kapo
65684U+10094F0 90 82 94𐂔Linear B Monogram B128 Kanako
65685U+10095F0 90 82 95𐂕Linear B Ideogram B130 Oil
65686U+10096F0 90 82 96𐂖Linear B Ideogram B131 Wine
65687U+10097F0 90 82 97𐂗Linear B Ideogram B132
65688U+10098F0 90 82 98𐂘Linear B Monogram B133 Arepa
65689U+10099F0 90 82 99𐂙Linear B Monogram B135 Meri
65690U+1009AF0 90 82 9A𐂚Linear B Ideogram B140 Bronze
65691U+1009BF0 90 82 9B𐂛Linear B Ideogram B141 Gold
65692U+1009CF0 90 82 9C𐂜Linear B Ideogram B142
65693U+1009DF0 90 82 9D𐂝Linear B Ideogram B145 Wool
65694U+1009EF0 90 82 9E𐂞Linear B Ideogram B146
65695U+1009FF0 90 82 9F𐂟Linear B Ideogram B150
65696U+100A0F0 90 82 A0𐂠Linear B Ideogram B151 Horn
65697U+100A1F0 90 82 A1𐂡Linear B Ideogram B152
65698U+100A2F0 90 82 A2𐂢Linear B Ideogram B153
65699U+100A3F0 90 82 A3𐂣Linear B Ideogram B154
65700U+100A4F0 90 82 A4𐂤Linear B Monogram B156 Turo2
65701U+100A5F0 90 82 A5𐂥Linear B Ideogram B157
65702U+100A6F0 90 82 A6𐂦Linear B Ideogram B158
65703U+100A7F0 90 82 A7𐂧Linear B Ideogram B159 Cloth
65704U+100A8F0 90 82 A8𐂨Linear B Ideogram B160
65705U+100A9F0 90 82 A9𐂩Linear B Ideogram B161
65706U+100AAF0 90 82 AA𐂪Linear B Ideogram B162 Garment
65707U+100ABF0 90 82 AB𐂫Linear B Ideogram B163 Armour
65708U+100ACF0 90 82 AC𐂬Linear B Ideogram B164
65709U+100ADF0 90 82 AD𐂭Linear B Ideogram B165
65710U+100AEF0 90 82 AE𐂮Linear B Ideogram B166
65711U+100AFF0 90 82 AF𐂯Linear B Ideogram B167
65712U+100B0F0 90 82 B0𐂰Linear B Ideogram B168
65713U+100B1F0 90 82 B1𐂱Linear B Ideogram B169
65714U+100B2F0 90 82 B2𐂲Linear B Ideogram B170
65715U+100B3F0 90 82 B3𐂳Linear B Ideogram B171
65716U+100B4F0 90 82 B4𐂴Linear B Ideogram B172
65717U+100B5F0 90 82 B5𐂵Linear B Ideogram B173 Month
65718U+100B6F0 90 82 B6𐂶Linear B Ideogram B174
65719U+100B7F0 90 82 B7𐂷Linear B Ideogram B176 Tree
65720U+100B8F0 90 82 B8𐂸Linear B Ideogram B177
65721U+100B9F0 90 82 B9𐂹Linear B Ideogram B178
65722U+100BAF0 90 82 BA𐂺Linear B Ideogram B179
65723U+100BBF0 90 82 BB𐂻Linear B Ideogram B180
65724U+100BCF0 90 82 BC𐂼Linear B Ideogram B181
65725U+100BDF0 90 82 BD𐂽Linear B Ideogram B182
65726U+100BEF0 90 82 BE𐂾Linear B Ideogram B183
65727U+100BFF0 90 82 BF𐂿Linear B Ideogram B184
65728U+100C0F0 90 83 80𐃀Linear B Ideogram B185
65729U+100C1F0 90 83 81𐃁Linear B Ideogram B189
65730U+100C2F0 90 83 82𐃂Linear B Ideogram B190
65731U+100C3F0 90 83 83𐃃Linear B Ideogram B191 Helmet
65732U+100C4F0 90 83 84𐃄Linear B Ideogram B220 Footstool
65733U+100C5F0 90 83 85𐃅Linear B Ideogram B225 Bathtub
65734U+100C6F0 90 83 86𐃆Linear B Ideogram B230 Spear
65735U+100C7F0 90 83 87𐃇Linear B Ideogram B231 Arrow
65736U+100C8F0 90 83 88𐃈Linear B Ideogram B232
65737U+100C9F0 90 83 89𐃉Linear B Ideogram B233 Sword
65738U+100CAF0 90 83 8A𐃊Linear B Ideogram B234
65739U+100CBF0 90 83 8B𐃋Linear B Ideogram B236
65740U+100CCF0 90 83 8C𐃌Linear B Ideogram B240 Wheeled Chariot
65741U+100CDF0 90 83 8D𐃍Linear B Ideogram B241 Chariot
65742U+100CEF0 90 83 8E𐃎Linear B Ideogram B242 Chariot Frame
65743U+100CFF0 90 83 8F𐃏Linear B Ideogram B243 Wheel
65744U+100D0F0 90 83 90𐃐Linear B Ideogram B245
65745U+100D1F0 90 83 91𐃑Linear B Ideogram B246
65746U+100D2F0 90 83 92𐃒Linear B Monogram B247 Dipte
65747U+100D3F0 90 83 93𐃓Linear B Ideogram B248
65748U+100D4F0 90 83 94𐃔Linear B Ideogram B249
65749U+100D5F0 90 83 95𐃕Linear B Ideogram B251
65750U+100D6F0 90 83 96𐃖Linear B Ideogram B252
65751U+100D7F0 90 83 97𐃗Linear B Ideogram B253
65752U+100D8F0 90 83 98𐃘Linear B Ideogram B254 Dart
65753U+100D9F0 90 83 99𐃙Linear B Ideogram B255
65754U+100DAF0 90 83 9A𐃚Linear B Ideogram B256
65755U+100DBF0 90 83 9B𐃛Linear B Ideogram B257
65756U+100DCF0 90 83 9C𐃜Linear B Ideogram B258
65757U+100DDF0 90 83 9D𐃝Linear B Ideogram B259
65758U+100DEF0 90 83 9E𐃞Linear B Ideogram Vessel B155
65759U+100DFF0 90 83 9F𐃟Linear B Ideogram Vessel B200
65760U+100E0F0 90 83 A0𐃠Linear B Ideogram Vessel B201
65761U+100E1F0 90 83 A1𐃡Linear B Ideogram Vessel B202
65762U+100E2F0 90 83 A2𐃢Linear B Ideogram Vessel B203
65763U+100E3F0 90 83 A3𐃣Linear B Ideogram Vessel B204
65764U+100E4F0 90 83 A4𐃤Linear B Ideogram Vessel B205
65765U+100E5F0 90 83 A5𐃥Linear B Ideogram Vessel B206
65766U+100E6F0 90 83 A6𐃦Linear B Ideogram Vessel B207
65767U+100E7F0 90 83 A7𐃧Linear B Ideogram Vessel B208
65768U+100E8F0 90 83 A8𐃨Linear B Ideogram Vessel B209
65769U+100E9F0 90 83 A9𐃩Linear B Ideogram Vessel B210
65770U+100EAF0 90 83 AA𐃪Linear B Ideogram Vessel B211
65771U+100EBF0 90 83 AB𐃫Linear B Ideogram Vessel B212
65772U+100ECF0 90 83 AC𐃬Linear B Ideogram Vessel B213
65773U+100EDF0 90 83 AD𐃭Linear B Ideogram Vessel B214
65774U+100EEF0 90 83 AE𐃮Linear B Ideogram Vessel B215
65775U+100EFF0 90 83 AF𐃯Linear B Ideogram Vessel B216
65776U+100F0F0 90 83 B0𐃰Linear B Ideogram Vessel B217
65777U+100F1F0 90 83 B1𐃱Linear B Ideogram Vessel B218
65778U+100F2F0 90 83 B2𐃲Linear B Ideogram Vessel B219
65779U+100F3F0 90 83 B3𐃳Linear B Ideogram Vessel B221
65780U+100F4F0 90 83 B4𐃴Linear B Ideogram Vessel B222
65781U+100F5F0 90 83 B5𐃵Linear B Ideogram Vessel B226
65782U+100F6F0 90 83 B6𐃶Linear B Ideogram Vessel B227
65783U+100F7F0 90 83 B7𐃷Linear B Ideogram Vessel B228
65784U+100F8F0 90 83 B8𐃸Linear B Ideogram Vessel B229
65785U+100F9F0 90 83 B9𐃹Linear B Ideogram Vessel B250
65786U+100FAF0 90 83 BA𐃺Linear B Ideogram Vessel B305
65787U+100FBF0 90 83 BB𐃻
65788U+100FCF0 90 83 BC𐃼
65789U+100FDF0 90 83 BD𐃽
65790U+100FEF0 90 83 BE𐃾
65791U+100FFF0 90 83 BF𐃿
65792U+10100F0 90 84 80𐄀Aegean Word Separator Line
65793U+10101F0 90 84 81𐄁Aegean Word Separator Dot
65794U+10102F0 90 84 82𐄂Aegean Check Mark
65795U+10103F0 90 84 83𐄃
65796U+10104F0 90 84 84𐄄
65797U+10105F0 90 84 85𐄅
65798U+10106F0 90 84 86𐄆
65799U+10107F0 90 84 87𐄇Aegean Number One
65800U+10108F0 90 84 88𐄈Aegean Number Two
65801U+10109F0 90 84 89𐄉Aegean Number Three
65802U+1010AF0 90 84 8A𐄊Aegean Number Four
65803U+1010BF0 90 84 8B𐄋Aegean Number Five
65804U+1010CF0 90 84 8C𐄌Aegean Number Six
65805U+1010DF0 90 84 8D𐄍Aegean Number Seven
65806U+1010EF0 90 84 8E𐄎Aegean Number Eight
65807U+1010FF0 90 84 8F𐄏Aegean Number Nine
65808U+10110F0 90 84 90𐄐Aegean Number Ten
65809U+10111F0 90 84 91𐄑Aegean Number Twenty
65810U+10112F0 90 84 92𐄒Aegean Number Thirty
65811U+10113F0 90 84 93𐄓Aegean Number Forty
65812U+10114F0 90 84 94𐄔Aegean Number Fifty
65813U+10115F0 90 84 95𐄕Aegean Number Sixty
65814U+10116F0 90 84 96𐄖Aegean Number Seventy
65815U+10117F0 90 84 97𐄗Aegean Number Eighty
65816U+10118F0 90 84 98𐄘Aegean Number Ninety
65817U+10119F0 90 84 99𐄙Aegean Number One Hundred
65818U+1011AF0 90 84 9A𐄚Aegean Number Two Hundred
65819U+1011BF0 90 84 9B𐄛Aegean Number Three Hundred
65820U+1011CF0 90 84 9C𐄜Aegean Number Four Hundred
65821U+1011DF0 90 84 9D𐄝Aegean Number Five Hundred
65822U+1011EF0 90 84 9E𐄞Aegean Number Six Hundred
65823U+1011FF0 90 84 9F𐄟Aegean Number Seven Hundred
65824U+10120F0 90 84 A0𐄠Aegean Number Eight Hundred
65825U+10121F0 90 84 A1𐄡Aegean Number Nine Hundred
65826U+10122F0 90 84 A2𐄢Aegean Number One Thousand
65827U+10123F0 90 84 A3𐄣Aegean Number Two Thousand
65828U+10124F0 90 84 A4𐄤Aegean Number Three Thousand
65829U+10125F0 90 84 A5𐄥Aegean Number Four Thousand
65830U+10126F0 90 84 A6𐄦Aegean Number Five Thousand
65831U+10127F0 90 84 A7𐄧Aegean Number Six Thousand
65832U+10128F0 90 84 A8𐄨Aegean Number Seven Thousand
65833U+10129F0 90 84 A9𐄩Aegean Number Eight Thousand
65834U+1012AF0 90 84 AA𐄪Aegean Number Nine Thousand
65835U+1012BF0 90 84 AB𐄫Aegean Number Ten Thousand
65836U+1012CF0 90 84 AC𐄬Aegean Number Twenty Thousand
65837U+1012DF0 90 84 AD𐄭Aegean Number Thirty Thousand
65838U+1012EF0 90 84 AE𐄮Aegean Number Forty Thousand
65839U+1012FF0 90 84 AF𐄯Aegean Number Fifty Thousand
65840U+10130F0 90 84 B0𐄰Aegean Number Sixty Thousand
65841U+10131F0 90 84 B1𐄱Aegean Number Seventy Thousand
65842U+10132F0 90 84 B2𐄲Aegean Number Eighty Thousand
65843U+10133F0 90 84 B3𐄳Aegean Number Ninety Thousand
65844U+10134F0 90 84 B4𐄴
65845U+10135F0 90 84 B5𐄵
65846U+10136F0 90 84 B6𐄶
65847U+10137F0 90 84 B7𐄷Aegean Weight Base Unit
65848U+10138F0 90 84 B8𐄸Aegean Weight First Subunit
65849U+10139F0 90 84 B9𐄹Aegean Weight Second Subunit
65850U+1013AF0 90 84 BA𐄺Aegean Weight Third Subunit
65851U+1013BF0 90 84 BB𐄻Aegean Weight Fourth Subunit
65852U+1013CF0 90 84 BC𐄼Aegean Dry Measure First Subunit
65853U+1013DF0 90 84 BD𐄽Aegean Liquid Measure First Subunit
65854U+1013EF0 90 84 BE𐄾Aegean Measure Second Subunit
65855U+1013FF0 90 84 BF𐄿Aegean Measure Third Subunit
65856U+10140F0 90 85 80𐅀Greek Acrophonic Attic One Quarter
65857U+10141F0 90 85 81𐅁Greek Acrophonic Attic One Half
65858U+10142F0 90 85 82𐅂Greek Acrophonic Attic One Drachma
65859U+10143F0 90 85 83𐅃Greek Acrophonic Attic Five
65860U+10144F0 90 85 84𐅄Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty
65861U+10145F0 90 85 85𐅅Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Hundred
65862U+10146F0 90 85 86𐅆Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Thousand
65863U+10147F0 90 85 87𐅇Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Thousand
65864U+10148F0 90 85 88𐅈Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Talents
65865U+10149F0 90 85 89𐅉Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Talents
65866U+1014AF0 90 85 8A𐅊Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Talents
65867U+1014BF0 90 85 8B𐅋Greek Acrophonic Attic One Hundred Talents
65868U+1014CF0 90 85 8C𐅌Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Hundred Talents
65869U+1014DF0 90 85 8D𐅍Greek Acrophonic Attic One Thousand Talents
65870U+1014EF0 90 85 8E𐅎Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Thousand Talents
65871U+1014FF0 90 85 8F𐅏Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Staters
65872U+10150F0 90 85 90𐅐Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Staters
65873U+10151F0 90 85 91𐅑Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Staters
65874U+10152F0 90 85 92𐅒Greek Acrophonic Attic One Hundred Staters
65875U+10153F0 90 85 93𐅓Greek Acrophonic Attic Five Hundred Staters
65876U+10154F0 90 85 94𐅔Greek Acrophonic Attic One Thousand Staters
65877U+10155F0 90 85 95𐅕Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Thousand Staters
65878U+10156F0 90 85 96𐅖Greek Acrophonic Attic Fifty Thousand Staters
65879U+10157F0 90 85 97𐅗Greek Acrophonic Attic Ten Mnas
65880U+10158F0 90 85 98𐅘Greek Acrophonic Heraeum One Plethron
65881U+10159F0 90 85 99𐅙Greek Acrophonic Thespian One
65882U+1015AF0 90 85 9A𐅚Greek Acrophonic Hermionian One
65883U+1015BF0 90 85 9B𐅛Greek Acrophonic Epidaurean Two
65884U+1015CF0 90 85 9C𐅜Greek Acrophonic Thespian Two
65885U+1015DF0 90 85 9D𐅝Greek Acrophonic Cyrenaic Two Drachmas
65886U+1015EF0 90 85 9E𐅞Greek Acrophonic Epidaurean Two Drachmas
65887U+1015FF0 90 85 9F𐅟Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Five
65888U+10160F0 90 85 A0𐅠Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Ten
65889U+10161F0 90 85 A1𐅡Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Ten Alternate Form
65890U+10162F0 90 85 A2𐅢Greek Acrophonic Hermionian Ten
65891U+10163F0 90 85 A3𐅣Greek Acrophonic Messenian Ten
65892U+10164F0 90 85 A4𐅤Greek Acrophonic Thespian Ten
65893U+10165F0 90 85 A5𐅥Greek Acrophonic Thespian Thirty
65894U+10166F0 90 85 A6𐅦Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Fifty
65895U+10167F0 90 85 A7𐅧Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Fifty Alternate Form
65896U+10168F0 90 85 A8𐅨Greek Acrophonic Hermionian Fifty
65897U+10169F0 90 85 A9𐅩Greek Acrophonic Thespian Fifty
65898U+1016AF0 90 85 AA𐅪Greek Acrophonic Thespian One Hundred
65899U+1016BF0 90 85 AB𐅫Greek Acrophonic Thespian Three Hundred
65900U+1016CF0 90 85 AC𐅬Greek Acrophonic Epidaurean Five Hundred
65901U+1016DF0 90 85 AD𐅭Greek Acrophonic Troezenian Five Hundred
65902U+1016EF0 90 85 AE𐅮Greek Acrophonic Thespian Five Hundred
65903U+1016FF0 90 85 AF𐅯Greek Acrophonic Carystian Five Hundred
65904U+10170F0 90 85 B0𐅰Greek Acrophonic Naxian Five Hundred
65905U+10171F0 90 85 B1𐅱Greek Acrophonic Thespian One Thousand
65906U+10172F0 90 85 B2𐅲Greek Acrophonic Thespian Five Thousand
65907U+10173F0 90 85 B3𐅳Greek Acrophonic Delphic Five Mnas
65908U+10174F0 90 85 B4𐅴Greek Acrophonic Stratian Fifty Mnas
65909U+10175F0 90 85 B5𐅵Greek One Half Sign
65910U+10176F0 90 85 B6𐅶Greek One Half Sign Alternate Form
65911U+10177F0 90 85 B7𐅷Greek Two Thirds Sign
65912U+10178F0 90 85 B8𐅸Greek Three Quarters Sign
65913U+10179F0 90 85 B9𐅹Greek Year Sign
65914U+1017AF0 90 85 BA𐅺Greek Talent Sign
65915U+1017BF0 90 85 BB𐅻Greek Drachma Sign
65916U+1017CF0 90 85 BC𐅼Greek Obol Sign
65917U+1017DF0 90 85 BD𐅽Greek Two Obols Sign
65918U+1017EF0 90 85 BE𐅾Greek Three Obols Sign
65919U+1017FF0 90 85 BF𐅿Greek Four Obols Sign
65920U+10180F0 90 86 80𐆀Greek Five Obols Sign
65921U+10181F0 90 86 81𐆁Greek Metretes Sign
65922U+10182F0 90 86 82𐆂Greek Kyathos Base Sign
65923U+10183F0 90 86 83𐆃Greek Litra Sign
65924U+10184F0 90 86 84𐆄Greek Ounkia Sign
65925U+10185F0 90 86 85𐆅Greek Xestes Sign
65926U+10186F0 90 86 86𐆆Greek Artabe Sign
65927U+10187F0 90 86 87𐆇Greek Aroura Sign
65928U+10188F0 90 86 88𐆈Greek Gramma Sign
65929U+10189F0 90 86 89𐆉Greek Tryblion Base Sign
65930U+1018AF0 90 86 8A𐆊Greek Zero Sign
65931U+1018BF0 90 86 8B𐆋Greek One Quarter Sign
65932U+1018CF0 90 86 8C𐆌Greek Sinusoid Sign
65933U+1018DF0 90 86 8D𐆍Greek Indiction Sign
65934U+1018EF0 90 86 8E𐆎Nomisma Sign
65935U+1018FF0 90 86 8F𐆏
65936U+10190F0 90 86 90𐆐Roman Sextans Sign
65937U+10191F0 90 86 91𐆑Roman Uncia Sign
65938U+10192F0 90 86 92𐆒Roman Semuncia Sign
65939U+10193F0 90 86 93𐆓Roman Sextula Sign
65940U+10194F0 90 86 94𐆔Roman Dimidia Sextula Sign
65941U+10195F0 90 86 95𐆕Roman Siliqua Sign
65942U+10196F0 90 86 96𐆖Roman Denarius Sign
65943U+10197F0 90 86 97𐆗Roman Quinarius Sign
65944U+10198F0 90 86 98𐆘Roman Sestertius Sign
65945U+10199F0 90 86 99𐆙Roman Dupondius Sign
65946U+1019AF0 90 86 9A𐆚Roman As Sign
65947U+1019BF0 90 86 9B𐆛Roman Centurial Sign
65948U+1019CF0 90 86 9C𐆜
65949U+1019DF0 90 86 9D𐆝
65950U+1019EF0 90 86 9E𐆞
65951U+1019FF0 90 86 9F𐆟
65952U+101A0F0 90 86 A0𐆠Greek Symbol Tau Rho
65953U+101A1F0 90 86 A1𐆡
65954U+101A2F0 90 86 A2𐆢
65955U+101A3F0 90 86 A3𐆣
65956U+101A4F0 90 86 A4𐆤
65957U+101A5F0 90 86 A5𐆥
65958U+101A6F0 90 86 A6𐆦
65959U+101A7F0 90 86 A7𐆧
65960U+101A8F0 90 86 A8𐆨
65961U+101A9F0 90 86 A9𐆩
65962U+101AAF0 90 86 AA𐆪
65963U+101ABF0 90 86 AB𐆫
65964U+101ACF0 90 86 AC𐆬
65965U+101ADF0 90 86 AD𐆭
65966U+101AEF0 90 86 AE𐆮
65967U+101AFF0 90 86 AF𐆯
65968U+101B0F0 90 86 B0𐆰
65969U+101B1F0 90 86 B1𐆱
65970U+101B2F0 90 86 B2𐆲
65971U+101B3F0 90 86 B3𐆳
65972U+101B4F0 90 86 B4𐆴
65973U+101B5F0 90 86 B5𐆵
65974U+101B6F0 90 86 B6𐆶
65975U+101B7F0 90 86 B7𐆷
65976U+101B8F0 90 86 B8𐆸
65977U+101B9F0 90 86 B9𐆹
65978U+101BAF0 90 86 BA𐆺
65979U+101BBF0 90 86 BB𐆻
65980U+101BCF0 90 86 BC𐆼
65981U+101BDF0 90 86 BD𐆽
65982U+101BEF0 90 86 BE𐆾
65983U+101BFF0 90 86 BF𐆿
65984U+101C0F0 90 87 80𐇀
65985U+101C1F0 90 87 81𐇁
65986U+101C2F0 90 87 82𐇂
65987U+101C3F0 90 87 83𐇃
65988U+101C4F0 90 87 84𐇄
65989U+101C5F0 90 87 85𐇅
65990U+101C6F0 90 87 86𐇆
65991U+101C7F0 90 87 87𐇇
65992U+101C8F0 90 87 88𐇈
65993U+101C9F0 90 87 89𐇉
65994U+101CAF0 90 87 8A𐇊
65995U+101CBF0 90 87 8B𐇋
65996U+101CCF0 90 87 8C𐇌
65997U+101CDF0 90 87 8D𐇍
65998U+101CEF0 90 87 8E𐇎
65999U+101CFF0 90 87 8F𐇏

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